Meet The World's Next Central Banker: Mark Zuckerberg

Authored by Simon Black via,

Within the last week, Facebook announced a ban on all advertisements about bitcoin, initial coin offerings and other cryptocurrencies.

Facebook (along with Google) virtually controls Internet advertising. So their policies have enormous influence over consumer behavior.

Banning ICO advertisements on its platform, for example, will certainly have a negative impact on the amount of money flowing into new ICO’s.

Facebook said it instituted this ban to “protect its users” from financial scams in the cryptocurrency sector. At least, that’s the “official” reason.

And in fairness, there is a ridiculous amount of fraud out there — countless scammy ICO’s and appallingly stupid tokens and coins.

But it’s also possible that Facebook’s main driver in this move goes beyond its desire to protect the well-being of its nearly 2 billion users.

It was only a month ago that Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook would study encryption and the blockchain to “see how best to use them in our services.”

And one of the speakers at the crypto conference that one of our team members attended in New York City yesterday confirmed Facebook is investing a ton of capital into blockchain right now.

It stands to reason that Facebook’s decision to ban crypto advertisements may be rooted in eliminating its own competition, i.e. Facebook may be working on its own proprietary blockchain and cryprocurrency to deploy on its own platform.

One possibility is that Facebook could adopt a similar model to Steemit – a decentralized social network that operates on the blockchain.

It’s up to Steemit’s users to police the site, not a central authority. And the platform rewards its users for good content with small amounts of cryptocurrency and penalizes users for spam and “fake news.”

This would solve a huge problem for Facebook, which has already come under fire from governments across the world for not doing enough to moderate user content including “fake news,” “hate speech,” etc.

Facebook has already hired an army of content moderators, but this is barely been able to make a dent in solving the company’s problem.

So adopting a model like Steemit ,which rewards users with specialized crypto could certainly make sense.

This wouldn’t be the company’s first foray into the arena, either.

When social games like Farmville were popular (maybe they still are, who knows), gamers could pay for e-goods with an in-game currency. Then Facebook created its own currency for people to trade in and out of Farmville and other games.

A full-blown Facebook Token is the logical next step.

Given Facebook’s worldwide dominance, its tokens would have the potential to become enormously popular, practically overnight, and used in everyday transactions in the real world.

The big hope with Bitcoin is that it may one day disrupt conventional fiat currencies. Maybe so. But Bitcoin still has a steep adoption curve before it becomes truly disruptive.

Facebook Tokens, on the other hand, would be adopted by hundreds of millions of people right from the start.

You’d be able to buy and sell products in Facebook Tokens, send money and remittances, pay contract employees overseas, and engage in all sorts of cross-border transactions.

This would essentially make Mark Zuckerberg the world’s central banker… the one person with control over the first truly global currency.

Given that he already controls the #1 media source in the world and has substantial influence over consumer behavior, launching a Facebook Token would solidify his position as the most powerful person on the planet.

*  *  *

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D503 pods Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:20 Permalink

 The Facebook token? What is the value based on, the blackmail worth of your private messages? 

Facebook isn't worth anything. Suckerburg doesn't control the means, and everything he knows Ma Bell has a few seconds earlier.  

Why don't you run some fiber before you run your cocksucker 'burg.

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D503 . . . _ _ _ . . . Fri, 02/09/2018 - 17:55 Permalink

 The SI units are no more legitimate than the Imperial units. As long as the standard is consistent and has a direct conversion to other units of MEASURE any system will suffice. 

The issue still remains, you can measure something until you are blue in the face, it doesn't make what you are measuring any more real or substantial. 

As none of us control the means necessary to manage the fancy tally stick that is crypto (dependencies being satellites, the electric grid, the land line internet, the manufacture of the processors etc, the ability to individually inspect the totality of the exchanges on the blockchain, I could go on for days..), none of us can truly depend on the system, independently.  

So why bother with it? It is no less a system of full faith and credit than any other fiat, and it disproportionately benefits the few people who can manage to track the purchasing behavior of the users with even larger AI machines crunching the algos to predict the market and adjust the values of actual material wealth.  

I can't imagine any of you have any programming experience. Decryption is little more than a time constrained brute force barrier, and we've seen with Alphago that machine learning chunking has vastly outpaced human codebreaking, significantly reducing that time barrier. 

Intel backdoored its chipsets about a decade ago, and everyone else has been caught since then (Qualcomm, AMD, Nvidea, and Samsung to name a few). Nothing is private, and nothing is encrypted to a sufficient degree as it has to be entered in some form of human interface that has been worked around before the encryption.  

Crypto is a religion. You just want to believe. Sad. 

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. . . _ _ _ . . . D503 Fri, 02/09/2018 - 23:06 Permalink

You are missing 99% of the story.
DLT technology isn't about making money, although some certainly will.
It is about improving the human condition, solving problems, and personal sovereignty.
Cryptos are nothing more than crowd-funding for the underlying solutions.
Solutions like securing the internet, removing third parties from contracts, identity with total privacy, enabling full economic participation, I could go on, as well.

If you focus on just the speculative aspect of a particular coin, you miss out on the revolutionary technology which underpins the existence of that coin. Crypto is a religion to some, but only to those who do not see past their own greed. Please, do not put us all in that same boat.

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. . . _ _ _ . . . BaBaBouy Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:37 Permalink

A few things:

I didn't mean to imply that Elon Musk was involved directly with the coin (TES) or MuskCoin.
I didn't express myself well at all. Sorry if I misled anyone. I deleted it.
The following article is speculative and I didn't mean for anyone to think that it was confirmed.
I personally don't believe it.
Kinda' funny, is all.

Elon Musk is the Creator of Bitcoin

My comment was terribly constructed.
Thanks for pointing it out.
See my comments above.

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Dsyno exartizo Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:48 Permalink

FB wouldn't partner with Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other coin. FB already has a tremendous pool of programmers that can write their own version of crypto, borrowing all the best ideas from existing crypto.

Plus, instead of increasing the market cap of some other coin, FB would be reaping the rewards of their own coin market cap.

And you can bet that Zuck is going to retain a large portion of those newly minted coins, perhaps eventually making him the world's first trillionaire (that possibility is too much for Zuck's ego to pass up). And FB will no doubt reward investors, employees, etc, with coins as well.

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sessinpo exartizo Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:46 Permalink

Actually, LTC is getting into smart contracts and dapps will follow. You just didn't know it. 

For dapps though, Dan Larimer is the one to go with and the EOS platform he is still building.

And for the other poster, a facebook exec was put found on the board if directors of coinbase, not LTC or the LTC foundation.

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verumcuibono hedgeless_horseman Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:14 Permalink

To better understand Zuckerberg's role in the DS intel underground, it's important to understand the hidden history of intel. Here is a pseudo-transcript from "Thomas Paine" interview w/ Lionel Nation (vid is on his YT page). I don't normally post so much text (total lie) but it's just... juicy. Sometimes interviews are hard to listen to so I hope this entices you to listen to the whole thing:

Paine starts w/ a review of

  • Invented the patent and base code for social networking - patent lawyers, tech geniuses - the site has a timeline of indictable offenses in the D.C. cabal
  • A group called IBM Eclipse Foundation stole A4I’s patent for social networking, who worked with James Chandler (Nat’l Security Counsel and one of the top patent lawyers in the country and teacher of HRC).
  • HRC worked w/ Rose Law Firm in Littleneck, AR and they learned how to control all the patents for all of the big technology developing.
  • After the Bushes had ripped off ht oil and gold and uranium, there was still tech (Uranium 1 deal started with Bush 1 who set up the uranium coming gout of Russia into the US - no one is addressing that).

Big Brother
The lawlessness of the WH since GHWB has led to “big brother” patent, which needs to be understood. Back in ’93 when IBM was ready to sell their computer to the ROW the NSA had to put in a zero chip, back door, remote control so that they could surveil using the device w/out being tracked. The people involved:

  • Podesta
  • Mueller
  • Comey
  • HRC (do people realize she specialized in patent law?)
  • GHWB through Carlysle group
  • Larry Sumner
  • David Kappos - ’09-’13 he served as Head of US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) appointed by Obama, spent 25+ yrs w/ IBM incl Ass’t General Counsel for intellectual property, then created IBM Eclipse Foundation, which controlled ALL of of tech, which now controls the world… it’s the brains behind the silicon valley “social media boy king cut outs” - used to humanize and modernize the tech (Zuckerberg, etc.).

Eric Schmidt
Dec 21, 2017 Trump signed Executive Order, followed by rapid departure of Alphabet (Google parent) CEO Eric Schmidt

Eclipse IBM Foundation took over social networking.

Richard Walker - new silicon valley boy king who was given “internet of things” patent - so broad that it includes microchipping humans and animals using trees as sensors

CureS11 led them into this - via Abel Danger’s Field McConnell conspiracy theory but they found it was true and it led to 4-5 of the largest breaking stories

"Conspiracy theory” is a phrase that originally means the illegal conspiring between two or more confederated people with the goal of something illegal, but back in ‘60s was co-opted and weaponized by CIA to imply a synonym for “false, fictional, lunacy” - as evidenced in a CIA memo outlining its role as a psych warfare tactic to attack and humiliate anyone questioning the Warren Report on JFK’s assignation.

Paul Maifort and Richard Gates charged w/ conspiracy by Mueller investigation. The only two people indicted are Popponopolus and General Flynn - pled guilty to lying to government and FBI. Are they telling the truth now?

The group wants to control a full spectrum panopticon, 2/47 real-time world view grid: everything, everywhere at all times using phones, cars, passports, licenses, credit cards, TVs, subcutaneous RFID chips. Not just tracking but since human body is basically like a human transistor (water, carbon, tissue) like MKUltra  and its progeny- controlling planes, cars, cargo ships, people - turning on, turning off, utilizing the “internet of things”.

The straw that broke the camel’ back of the conspiracy between FBI and DOJ is Devin Nunes’s memo. That memo is going to make that entire conspiracy going on for two years disintegrate into thin air. 2000 pages condensed into a 4-page memo.

The patent was hidden - 170 pages with 660 extra pages (longest patent they’d seen in history) which covers everything listed above (panopticon). Schmidt is a stooge - he’d come through Bell Labs, all the militarized parts of the MIC and MIIC, AT&T, Bell were monopolies owned by gov’t - monopolies continue to today:

Through Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA), the DOD publishes ideas for tech they want developed. Corporations bid for contracts and then go to work, which is how it’s still done. But before, the DOD would just approach universities. The internet was DARPA net to begin with (Payne was around at that time working for NSA and they never thought it would be used by public because it was a weapon—information on that level, unchecked, becomes a weapon because it’s unknown if it is manipulated or controlled propaganda, etc. Only military got on DARPA net at that time. So when it was released through Steven Crocker who controlled the Icann numbers, the ISP address numbers, who was there in ’93 w/ Pedesta, Rod Rosenstein—the same exact players as today.

 So when you say full spectrum control that means patents—the largest amounts of money going into tech companies since the government owned IBM. When Payne got out of NSA, he went to work for the HIGHER branch of NSA - GE, Honeywell, Digital, IBM - that’s who really runs things. THere’s a corporate battle going on and industrial and patent espionage in the corporate world. HRC became an infringement patent lawyer - the #1 way to make money as a lawyer is infringement on patents because you can control the patents, troll for new patents. US government doesn’t control patent office anymore - it’s now controlled by Serco.

Early on, the patent office was controlled by James Chandler (Nat’l Security Counsel who was there in ’63, he was there when IBM wanted to sell computers to the public. The patent office didn’t want them to sell computers to humans - they would allow them to sell the computers to foreign countries as weaponized tools. So they built in zero day off switches, backdoor, remote access mechanisms. Payne has reported for 2 years that Intel has a remote controlled chip in their computers called ME - mechanical engine control for everything on the computer. Every user signs the “User agreement” that mentions this called “aggressive remote control” device and is part of this patent: Point Focal Node Trusted Remote Access Control (PFNTRAC).


And as a point of interest, here is a bit more info on our long history of hijacking patents by the DS:

He then talks about the following topics

QRS11 - a very complicated crystal that is a gyroscope that can tell where you’re at L-R-up-down-forward-backward, speed and altitude. It contains a microchip that can be controlled and turned off, disabling the vehicle - it’s in every moving device (cars, trains, automobiles, bike, bus), it’s in cable cars, everything that flies, every defense missile.

BBG - Global Engagement Center set up by Obama - it’s the one node, the one place, the point focal node (PFNTRAC) called the Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) - everything “on air” is monitored.

Zuckerberg - The people "Thomas Payne" worked with @ NSA created AT&T’s own mail service, which is where it all started-he invented the thing that made social networking bigger than just 200 people in your group work so you could connect through Lenux, Microsoft, other group works. But with this invention, they watched him and his group develop this and started a group with HP (gov’t) AT&T (gov’t), IBM (gov’t). And then the startup companies that thought they could do this (they thought it was ready to go when they first stole it but had to wait 2 yrs because it wasn’t ready).

And you have Zuckerberg, who has settled a few cases because he would lose if they went to court, Payne has targeted him with so much detail  and noticed he’s going down. They know how they did the election, how Schmidt worked w/ HRC, Obama thru Digital Services, they have pictures and he was bragging about it - they have the system and the money and followed the whole thing and then it disappeared. Where did it go?

The node is now (inaudible) Head of Global Engagement Center and 3 top guys left because they knew they were doing the exact same thing Facebook is getting busted for putting up fake Russian memes, using Tor and open source works, and using CI target tools: grab every right-wing Trumper, deplorable, on the fence, Facebook and then you can get targeted.

And then HRC loses.

Internet - was originally DARPA and CIA - the only reason it's now public is because of a feud between NSA and CIA, which Paine discusses. More on that here:

Richard C. Walker - Big Brother. He and others are working on the goal where all of us are “wetwear” - putting a chip inside your neural network so that you can be controlled, your muscles are controlled, you have an off switch - aggressive remote control.
MKUltra-esque - to weaponize humanity.

IBM Eclipse foundation - Eric Schmidt, Thiel, instagram, Palentir, Snapchat, AT&T, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Apple—all were part of Eclipse IBM Foundation and when they got leader tech stuff, they were able to do the “internet of things”. They couldn’t do it before because they couldn’t control so many devices without a central control.

The Trump Effect - 2nd Revolution which was supposed to be a color revolution of George Soros’s 14th successful color Revolution - 7 steps and we’re on step 7. Step 6 was to say the election was a fraud and overturn the election (Ukraine, Slovakaia) - used by CIA to do it against USSR (Soros was created by GHWB).

Second American Revolution -  This is about taking down about 3 dozen people. Evil entity wants to: limit speech, resistance, and deweaponize the people. Trump has stomped on them daily - Payne made a list of 12 things Trump could do to end the overthrow of the Republic, which started in 1871. The following are on the list that Trump has accomplished:And then he gets into Trump's "to do" list, which I've posted excerpts from:

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. . . _ _ _ . . . verumcuibono Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:44 Permalink

I agree that things take time, but that's not how it worked with AD.
They would jump to part two before verifying part one. By the time they got to part sixteen, nobody was asking about part seven anymore. Do you see what I mean?
Like I said, their work on BHUAP was what made them.
It went to their heads a little, and it seemed that after that, they started to go off-track.

xxx[REDACTED]xxx, so I speak from direct experience. When the story they were telling changed, they would move to the new flavour of the day. The power of the team was, much like here, in the comments section where I learned a great deal from the members... moreso than from the broadcasts by main figures. There wasn't a lot of information revealed that wasn't already public; but the researchers in the forum were top-notch.

It just seems like they opened a lot of cases, but never seemed to close any. Nothing ever came of their work. They were active in the community and supported the investigation into Aaron C. Vaughn, they brought Serco into the light, exposed the Soames brothers, did lots of good work on MH-370 & 17... but I don't recall anyone ever having gone before a judge despite all their efforts.

If something happens with an airplane, by all means, it is the place to go; but when speculation fuels not the new leads but the old stories, maybe it's because of the lack of 'there'. Having said that, I still check their site as some of the stories they publish are well-researched and interesting.

They are a pretty religious bunch but always treated me with respect despite my being a known atheist. Like I said, good people; but when your popularity turns into an income stream... well, things tend to go a little sideways.

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verumcuibono . . . _ _ _ . . . Sat, 02/10/2018 - 01:10 Permalink

"I don't recall anyone ever having gone before a judge despite all their efforts."

Nor has or will anyone end up in court for 9/11 or LV or Sandy Hook or any of MANY false flags... until we get about 90% turnover in DC and maybe not even that would do it.  Interestingly, 41 Rs and 16 Ds have resigned and since it's probably for a multitude of reasons depending on how clean or dirty they are (too dangerous to their lives and/or their reputations) and also because nothing is getting done, it's tough to know if it counts as progress.

I appreciate the added detail. You're the only person who has responded to the posts I shared from his interview so it's good to have the feedback. I was hoping to spark some conversation. What you're describing is a similar theme to much of the 9/11 research, which was intentionally hijacked, infiltrated, disrupted and/or derailed by disinfo (DS) components and then went through other organic but negative metamorphoses because they're online and people are people. And the better the quality of the research, the harder hit. Recognizing these clear CIA psyops patterns has helped me tremendously in navigating the noise but it took me awhile.

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DuneCreature . . . _ _ _ . . . Fri, 02/09/2018 - 18:33 Permalink

Field McConnell isn't as crazy as he sounds. (I can hardly bare his rambling. ... He takes forever to get to the point but..............he usually has one somewhere 'out there'.)

Field is the gentleman who outted the Boeing / Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto Pilot right after 911 while he was still a pilot (for North West Airlines, I think) .......... The original patent names the CIA as the ground link for the remote control device. ..Before the patent was pulled and modified a lot of people downloaded copies from The IBM Patent Server. ........... Pretty much a smoking gun on how the planes were commandeered and flown with such precision into the WTC towers (The Pentagram hit was a cruise missile and Flight 73 was full speed ditched mid Atlantic using the BHUAP system. .... Also check into Phillip Marshall's work (ex CIA contract pilot). ... He was about to expose where the Boeing systems were installed at an AF base in Nevada (All aircraft are pre-wired for it now) before they killed him.

If you have a copy of that Boeing patent save it off line. .......... AI AL is combing the webs looking for all of the copies to destroy.

Field's sister is also Kristen Marcy a co-crook with Killary bigly involved with/in the SES (Senior Executive Services - See George Webb's latest work)

Live Hard, The Evil Disease Infected Rats Are Scurrying All About The Deck Of The Badly Listing Ship, ........ Surly Some May Slip And Fall Into The Drink, ...... Will Enough Drown To Save Some Of Slaves Locked In The Holes? ....... Who Knows?. Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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verumcuibono DuneCreature Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:22 Permalink

All good stuff Dune.

I agree with your assessment regarding the planes involved in 9/11... in all the years of research and following the real researchers, that seems to be the consensus. Except I cannot reconcile that very good research with my own experience. At the time I lived just blocks north of WTC right between 6th & 7th aves--along the path of the plane hitting WTC 1. I had my windows open that AM and I did not hear any plane fly overhead. Some people in the neighborhood did, and didn't. Crazy stuff.

But we saw WTC7 free fall. :)

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DuneCreature verumcuibono Fri, 02/09/2018 - 22:13 Permalink

Well, one day it will all come out, I hope.

I was in NYC a week before 911 with a little rangefinder camera taking candid photos on the street very close to WTC towers. .. Shot up a couple of rolls of film (remember Kodack film? .. I do, just barely). .. In the background of one photo are still the towers. I stood under them that day. They were MASSIVE.

BTW, those planes were really booking. .. I couldn’t believe the airspeed when I read it. You wouldn’t have heard them for long. …. It’s possible they weren’t commercial airliners but moded military something (There are ‘the pods’ and don’t appear to be any passenger windows. Hard to tell.). .. But whatever they were, they weren’t flown by humans. …. The guidance packages are really, really good and much, much faster that meat pilots.

In the mean time, my target is 5G and then AI AL. ….. We really need to stop those two quickly. …….I mean, like now quick. ... We can chew on 911 later.

Live Hard, Keep Researching And Spreading The Word, Excellent Work, My Friend, I’m In The Tree Line Behind You, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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. . . _ _ _ . . . DuneCreature Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:51 Permalink

I agree that their work on BHUAP was excellent and engaging.
There are some files on arXiv about the BHUAP research dating from the 50's (sorry my links are on another machine.)
Worth having copies of. Search for Honeywell, though, not Boeing.

The stuff on his sister might come back out, hopefully.
Some sinister things afoot, for sure.
That's where he could be a tremendous help. Do Field and George know each other? You should introduce them.

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DuneCreature . . . _ _ _ . . . Fri, 02/09/2018 - 22:25 Permalink

There is a third UAP or guidance system I know of and it belongs to Raytheon. .. It predates the Boeing and Honeywell by several years.

The Russians are pretty good at guidance too.

I think George has visited Field already. ... He was going to anyway, I think he did.

Live Hard, The Trick Component In A UAP Is The Solid State Precision Gyro, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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pigpen Fri, 02/09/2018 - 15:48 Permalink

I'm puzzled why mouth breathers don't run their social media apps out of brave browser on desktop or mobile (on any O/S).

Brave blocks all ads, tracking and malware rendering zuck's business model useless.

Try brave and screw the goobook monopolies.



Rhetorical pigpen Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:10 Permalink

I hodl no BAT but I use brace for my computer and mobile. It is great on mobile vastly superior to anything else. Very little memory and battery usage it is by far the best browser I've used on my phone. For the computer it still isnt great. Its ok and I use it well enough but it definitely needs some work. Though it hardly ever crashes anymore and it used to pretty often back in the fall when i started using it. 

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