Newsweek In Crisis: Editors Go Nuclear On Exec Over Criminal Probe During Leaked Meeting

Leaked audio of a private meeting between a Newsweek executive and the magazine's editors on Wednesday reveal that the beleaguered news organization is tearing apart at the seams following allegations of financial crimes; including tax evasion, money laundering, and defrauding a federal agency in an ad revenue scheme.

Investigators from the Manhattan DA's office remove servers from Newsweek (source: Newsweek)

Audio of the 90 minute meeting between Newsweek Chief Content Officer Jonathan Davis and editors was obtained by the Daily Beast, in which the editors took Davis to the woodshed...

Last week we reported that the magazine had fired editor-in-chief Bob Roe, executive editor Ken Li, and journalist Celeste Katz - who had written articles covering the active investigation into parent company Newsweek Media Group. Davis blames Katz's reporting for doing "real damage" to Newsweek's business relationships, and that it "ruined a business deal abroad." 

Davis grew increasingly defensive, saying Newsweek’s own journalists had written “hit pieces” which “attacked” the company, adding “if we had integrity we should be defending the company.”

“Why do we need to do this necessarily to ourselves?" Davis asked. "In the name of integrity?" -Daily Beast

Katz also wrote a recent article critical of Newsweek Chief Content Officer Dayan Candappa, who was placed on leave after Katz's article detailing allegations that he sexually harassed women while he was a top official with Reuters.

Following Candappa's suspension, Davis stepped in as interim CCO - however Candappa was reinstated in the role today. 


In an email sent to staffers on Friday, the company said that after a “thorough investigation,” an independent law firm “did not find evidence to substantiate the reported allegations of sexual harassment during his tenure with his previous employer.” -The Wrap

Davis admitted that editors Bob Roe and Ken Li were let go after they ignored management's calls to stop publishing Katz's ongoing coverage of the Manhattan DA's ongoing financial investigation of Newsweek - whose New York offices were raided January 18. Katz reported that authorities were investigating a potential "money trail" between former Newsweek Media Group executives and Olivet University, a California Christian College.

90 Minutes of Gold

During the 90 minute recorded meeting between CCO Jonathan Davis and editors, Davis repeatedly had his wig split by the staff which appears to be on the verge of mutiny.

Via the Daily Beast:

[The raid] led to the BuzzFeed article about the fake clicks, which you orchestrated,” breaking news editor Gersh Kuntzman said. “So you should be honest with everybody in this room: Are we running a money laundering operation? Are we evading taxes? You need to tell us that because we can’t work here if you’re a liar.”

Davis deflected, citing the ongoing investigation by the Manhattan DA. 


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I can not count how many times Yahoo! has a Newsweak link on their front page disparaging some Conservative aspect of life and I'm laughing at every Liberal fool that takes their shit seriously.  It's nearly impossible to break through that fucking Progressive brainwashing to have these people look at Newsweak content objectively and really analyze just how blantantly biased they are - and likely so with all that illegal money coming in from fuckups like Soros, Hilldog, and company.

Keyser Socratic Dog Fri, 02/09/2018 - 20:50 Permalink

“What we know now is the people we’re working for right now are not credible and do not understand journalism at all, and apparently have no plan for going forward,” Silverstein said

In other words, business as usual...

Pretty sad when the National Enquirer has more integrity than Newsweek... They have been exposed as the leftist fucktards they really are... Enjoy your implosion, along with the layoffs... 

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Endgame Napoleon NoDebt Sat, 02/10/2018 - 11:24 Permalink

Hey, this is still an innocent-until-proven-guilty country. The governent could just be greedy here.

Their employees are probably a bunch of freelancers, i.e. Industrial Age-style pieceworkers.

Where a large number of clicks per page are involved, in this New Yellow Journalism Era, it is usually because of covering sex-gossip topics, much like the National Enquirer.

Attention progressives at all publications: It is important for the IRS get its share of any proceeds from national sex gossip.

How, otherwise, will government fund all of your progressive, pay-per-birth programs that make it easy for illegal alien households with a sole, male breadwinner and single-mom households to undercut citizens with earned-only income and rent that chews up more than half of their pay in jobs?

The pay-per-birth crowd “works the system,” staying below the earned-income limit for the free EBT food, the free or reduced-cost rent, the monthly cash assistance, the electricity assistance, the subsidized daycare and, last but not least, the now-doubled child-tax-credit welfare up to $6,444.

All of this pay for sex and reproduction costs money — your money — for writing click-rich sex-gossip pieces. 

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johnnycanuck Dun_Dulind Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:06 Permalink

" disparaging some Conservative aspect of life and I'm laughing at every Liberal fool that takes their shit seriously."


Like this for example?

Now Mattis Admits There Was No Evidence Assad Used Poison Gas On His People '

"Lost in the hyper-politicized hullabaloo surrounding the Nunes Memorandum and the Steele Dossier was the striking statement by Secretary of Defense James Mattis that the U.S. has “no evidence” that the Syrian government used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people.

This assertion flies in the face of the White House (NSC) Memorandum which was rapidly produced and declassified to justify an American Tomahawk missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria.

Mattis offered no temporal qualifications, which means that both the 2017 event in Khan Sheikhoun and the 2013 tragedy in Ghouta are unsolved cases in the eyes of the Defense Department and Defense Intelligence Agency.


This dissonance between the White House and the Department of Defense is especially troubling when viewed against the chorus of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) experts who have been questioning the (Obama and Trump) White House narratives concerning chemical weapons in Syria since practically the moment these “Assad-ordered events” occurred.

Serious, experienced chemical weapons experts and investigators such as Hans Blix, Scott Ritter, Gareth Porter and Theodore Postol have all cast doubt on “official” American narratives regarding President Assad employing Sarin.

These analysts have all focused on the technical aspects of the two attacks and found them not to be consistent with the use of nation-state quality Sarin munitions."…

Personally I don't see anything remotely amusing about the above.

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Sanity Bear Fri, 02/09/2018 - 20:30 Permalink

I simply assume these days that if there are any Indians involved, the whole thing is riddled through with fraud.

There's a reason India is still a shithole and that they all want to come here. They know better than we do why no one wants to live with Indians.

wisehiney Fri, 02/09/2018 - 20:32 Permalink

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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Were these bastard involved with HitLIARry Clitoris/Slick DICK Willie foundation #UraniumOne  conduits for "Money Laundering" ?

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There simply is no market for "Journalistic Integrity".  People don't want objective news reporting, they want bias confirmation.

You've got to sell newspapers, magazines, TV news programs, internet news outlets, whatever.  You need viewers and ad revenues.  

If Donald Trump said, "Listen America, you gotta breathe.  If you don't breathe you'll turn blue and pass out.", Rachael Maddow would be on her show telling America to, "Resist the evil Trump.  Stop breathing!  Show that fucker!"  Fox News would report it as sage wisdom from a great leader.

If Maxine Waters said the same thing about needing to breathe, Fox News would go bananas about "That crazy bitch trying to tell us what to do!  She thinks she knows what's best for us!  Fuck her!"  Rachael Maddow would go on her show and say, "You go girl!  Tell it like it IS!"

Both "News Shows" would get high ratings from their fans who trust them to tell them what to think.

Rex Andrus Fri, 02/09/2018 - 20:56 Permalink

Oh dear, there goes due process. She said you did it, you're fired. They say they are looking at you, you are fired. This is so going to blow up in the smug progtards' faces...

Taras Bulba Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:00 Permalink

It does take much these days to "make my day" but this does it.

For months and months I would see some of the most outrageous headlines from newsweak and invariably kurt eisenwald would be the author of the article.  I saw a short clip whereby Tucker Carlson interviewed him and he came across as the most arrogant a$$hole I have seen lately-tucker pretty much destroyed him.

Now I see this news and also some info that buddy kurt is not even with newsweak; but whatever, he will prob be still the source of some of the most vile propaganda pieces but at least it will not be with newsweak.

ISEEIT Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:10 Permalink

I can't help but wonder if this entire dude's getting taken out for 'sex crimes' campaign is tangentially related to t-rump becoming our new Leader?

Gross behaviour is not cool. Being predatory is however a human characteristic.....

Females also prey on others. Not trying to promote it..I personally have chosen to adopt the NAP.

It works as long as I remain willing to be offended also.

Shitty human behavior isn't going away though...

In the crimes regarding sexual matters I genuinely respect the pain, trauma, the damage. All forms of predatory behavior then MUST become a matter of high visibility scorn and public rejection?

So then..





WorkingPoor Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:41 Permalink

 A start... but not a very good one... Still...


If this Davis creature were publicly canned and his golden parachute destroyed within the next week, then newsweek might have some small shred of decorum and decency to rebuild on.  If not, then this 'leak' was engineered as chaff and camouflage, to allow nw to carry on as before, for as long as they can, until the Manhattan DA comes in with arrest warrants instead of search warrants.

Might could have been not so much journalistic integrity (oh my, an oxymoron) but an argument of how the swag's being divided up...




Utopia Planitia Fri, 02/09/2018 - 22:06 Permalink

"...You need to tell us that because we can’t work here if you’re a liar.”


The funniest part of that is that they were NOT joking!  People at Newsweek claiming that they have the slightest bit of integrity?  Sheesh!  Next they will be on the HRC Why You Made Me Lose The Election tour!