CIA Slams "Fictional" Report Of Payment For Trump Sex Tape, NSA Cyberweapons

The CIA has slammed "fictional" reports in The Intercept and the New York Times alleging that American spies paid a Russian operative $100,000 last September for what they were told were stolen NSA cyberweapons and a videotape of President Trump engaged with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room. 

After allegedly paying the operative, The Times reports US intelligence discovered that much of much of the material had already been made public, and they had effectively been swindled out of the first installment of an agreed upon $1 million payment - whittled down from the Russian's original demand for $10 million.

Shortly after Pulitzer Prize winner James Risen of The Intercept published his report on Friday alleging that the US intelligence community had "opened a secret communications channel with the Russian operatives" which involved the CIA transporting cash "to the CIA's station in Berlin to complete the transaction," Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times published a similar story, adding that the cash was routed through an indirect channel, and delivered in a Berlin hotel room last September. 

Matthew Rosenberg (left), James Risen

In reaction, the CIA called the report "fictional," telling the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The people swindled here were James Risen and Matt Rosenberg," adding "The fictional story that CIA was bilked out of $100,000 is patently false”

Rosenberg responded over twitter, attacking the CIA's statement that the NYT said they were the source of the funds: 

James Risen of The Intercept tells CBS News "It's a very complicated story." 

"First, the CIA and the NSA were trying to recover stolen NSA documents that allow people to do very sophisticated hacks, and they were worried that those documents would allow for really horrible hacks of American systems. So that was their main focus, was to try to buy back documents from the Russians on that. And in this process of conducting a secret channel with the Russians, some of the Russians began to offer documents related to Trump and to the 2016 campaign. And the Americans were very ambivalent about whether they wanted to get these documents, because they know how explosive this whole issue is."

"So there was a lot of back and forth between the Russians and the Americans about whether the Americans would even accept the documents about Trump," said Risen. "And so finally it appears that they accepted some, but their primary goal all along for the CIA and the NSA was to get these documents back from a group called Shadow Brokers."

The Times reported that the NSA cyberweapons were designed to hack into Russian and Chinese computer networks, but wound up in the hands of a hacking collective known as the "Shadow Brokers." Hackers have reportedly used the tools to crack into networks around the world, including businesses, hospitals and factories. 


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Virtue Signalling by the CIA... just like when they accuse Russia of horrendous activity that has been going in the USA by Communist for over 100 years...

- infiltrating... Propaganda... Voting Influence... all the while in the Cold War the USA was trying to do the same in China and Russia... not to mention Latin America, East Europe, Greece, Yugoslavia, Germany, France, Spain, Whatever....

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Love it.  Trump is the loud mouth unfiltered uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner that has everyone at each other’s throats by the end of the meal from all the truth he brings. ‘Jeez Karen, not sure how you are sitting at the same table with Ted considering he slept with your cousin Sally’. 

He’s breaking down all the bullshit and the American public get to see what asshats the people running the show really are. 

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The Times is playing catch up, they're tired of being scooped by "Fake News".

Anyone who peeks behind the curtain will notice "real" News never gets it right anymore, like NEVER.... 

It's always some Cowboy outfit announcing what most already know by common sense, while the "real" news runs hind tit, playing catch up, explaining why we're all nuts for believing our eyes and ears.

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Somebody's lyin'....

This is red meat.

I love it.

Truth being disruptive is at its most fierce....

And hot..

Check out Hope Hicks...

She is a Warrior.

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Which fictional report? Chris "Piss" Steele and his fabricated dossier? All CIA shovel-ready news fed to CNN (Central Neocon Network)? The Shadow Gov keeps kicking the can on the Russian Peegate, because in fact they not only paid for it via the Clinton Crime Syndicate, but they also fed the fairy tales for the Russian "sources" -- which to this day remain unverifiable. Why is that? Just Ask the C-Lie-A.

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You mother fucker DEEP-STATE, are you telling WE THE PEOPLE thatyou could just afford $100,000 of US Tax Payer money for DIRT on #TRUMP, you idiots that what you pay to get some dirt on RUSSIAN PIMPS and RUSSIAN PROSTITUTES, you mother fucker he is not cheap....You bastards need to spend more on #TRUMP to DIG more DIRT, say like $1,000,000,000,000 of US Tax Payer money ( Do you understand math?) that would atleast make WE THE PEOPLE know that you guys are for REAL.

Now you have to come and defend to the AMERICAN PEOPLE on @CNN that ..." that is not TRUE" You guys are PATHETIC LOSERS




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As long as Trump Tweets and Sessions sleeps does anything matter? Sedition apparently is not a crime

so when they pull a JFK on Trump will there even be an investigation?

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Well I knew it was fictional as soon as it was said the CIA that has practically unlimited funds had to talk it down to $100,000. Hell,  I've seen the CIA drop $50,000 just to allow a C130 the privilege to take off. The CIA throws around billions like a walk in the park. I wonder how much of it buys agents luxurious Homes in foreign countries? Probably more than $8.00 per hour Americans want to know. 

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In other words, the Shadow Brokers are likely a CIA puppet used as a pretext to have Clintons Russian friends send some fake dirt on Trump into the system so that Obama could then use it as a weapon. Got it.

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CIA gets caught trying to smear Trump by the NY Times.


NY Times refuses to admit the story they've been using all along is bogus (which is the same story as CIA).


Yep, sounds about right, carry on...