Iran's Revolutionary Guard Vows "Hell To The Zionists" As Putin Warns Netanyahu

Iran has called reports that they sent a UAV into Israeli airspace "ridiculous," while an Iranian commander warns that they could unleash "hell" on the "Zionist regime" by destroying all US bases in the area. 

“The claim about the flight of an Iranian drone and Iran’s involvement in the downing of a Zionist fighter jet is so ridiculous that it does not merit a comment,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi, while claiming that Iranian officials are only advising the Syrians “at the request of the… legitimate and lawful government.”

Moreover, any "aggressive actions" by Israel would trigger a serious response by Iran, creating "hell for the Zionists" according to Brigadier General Hossein Salami, deputy head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. His statement below:

The Zionist regime in the Muslim world was shaped by the will of the United States and Britain, and they built a cemetery from the Islamic world. You have heard the story of the domination of the world of arrogance after World War II, the tragic story of Muslim slaughter in the wars that Britain has launched and know the role of the United States and Britain in the formation of the Zionist regime, or aware of the defeats of the Arab armies of the Zionist regime by American support.

The United States was banning us and wanted to be paralyzed, but we advanced, and today, from this point on, today we can destroy all American bases in the region and create hell for Zionists.

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is more powerful than ever. We trust in God; this was a confession two years ago when we seized the American Marines and the American inability to confront us. -Gen. Hossein Salami via Tasnim News (translated)

Gen Hossein Salami

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu in a Saturday phone call to avoid an escalation of the situation in Syria, reports Reuterswhile Netanyahu asserted Israel's right to "defend against aggression."


They discussed the situation around the actions of the Israeli air force, which carried our missile strikes on targets in Syria,” Interfax quoted the Kremlin as saying.

The phone conversation took place less than two weeks after a face-to-face meeting between the Israeli and Russian leaders in Moscow, the duo's seventh face to face meeting in two years, in which the two leaders who are currently reshaping the middle east in the power vacuum left by the US, were said to have discussed military cooperation on Syria and Iran’s influence in the region. It is unclear whether today's events were part of the talking points.

Netanyahu also spoke with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Saturday where he reiterated Israel's stance. Tillerson is about to embark this weekend on a five-nation tour of the Middle East, visiting Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon.

"Our policy is clear," said Netanyahu. "Israel will defend itself against any aggression and any attempt to violate its sovereignty," adding "Iran undertook such attempt today. It violated our sovereignty, and infiltrated its drone into Israeli airspace from Syria."

As we reported earlier, Anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli F-16 returning from a bombing raid on an Iranian UAV facility early Saturday.



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Interview with Elijah J Magnier about today's downing of Isreali Jet(s):

#Breakingnews Source in Syria suggested Shahren anti sir system was used against the F-16, downing the Israeli jet over Israel sir space. The message said the source is : not even your air space is secure from now on:

Iranian Shahren system installed in Syria but unconfirmed if used against Israel F16 today

#ISIS corpses are littering the frontlines of Abu Dali after a fierce counterattack by the #SAA Tiger Forces

#SAA recovered the ID of a #Saudi within the killed #ISIS terrorists near Abu Dali

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LiteBeeer zorba THE GREEK Sat, 02/10/2018 - 22:22 Permalink

Hossein Salami is lying (taqqiya). Netanyahu speaks in truth.

"The Zionist regime in the Muslim world was shaped by the will of the United States and Britain"

The land Israel was put in the midst of satanic controlled pagans by God. Get used to it. Read the bible ad understand God's plan. Don't base your reality upon Satan's quran.

Persians were raped into submission by islam in 650AD. Since then they do the bidding for Satan allah.

Byzantine's mission was to protect Christians and the bible and to start the Christian awakening in Europe at it's fall. Emperor Constantine called the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, at which the Nicene Creed was adopted by Christians. The Bible as we know it was formed.

UK's mission was to spread the english KJV bible to the world and to establish english as the world language.

US's mission was to protect Israel and to support it.

Israel's mission was to take back Jerusalem.


Here you see where UK and US stand in biblical timeline, Mr Salami.

These are played by God's hand and Iran is on the wrong side.

Love your neighbor. Love your enemy. Do not murder. Do not listen to allah who commands to kill and to get killed for him. God sacrificed His Son for your sin. Choose Jesus as your savior. Jews also must repent and choose Jesus. This is the only way. Else WW3 is coming and ten thousand a-bombs will light up the surface of the world. Then comes the judgement day before the throne of God and you will be thrown in the lake of fire. Choose Jesus, not Satan. Please!

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"Israel will defend itself against any aggression and any attempt to violate its sovereignty."

The jews' most striking attribute is their hypocrisy.  What have they been doing in Syria since they stole the Golan Heights 50 years ago?  Violating the sovereignty of their unfortunate neighbor.  Everywhere and everywhen they go, their loyal diaspora violates the sovereignty of their gullible hosts.  They are the most contemptible beasts in the universe.

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"Israel will defend itself against any aggression and any attempt to violate its sovereignty," adding "Iran undertook such attempt today. It violated our sovereignty, and infiltrated its drone into Israeli airspace from Syria."


If this is the standard, it's a good thing the US only drone bombs dirt poor countries with no air force

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Jews were not around in 70AD, the jew was invented in 1775 as a name for the pharisees, together with the new name 'judaism' to conflate them with the original judah tribe wiped out by the romans.

A 'jew' is merely a pharisee with a catchy name.

'Judaism' is a catchy name for the babylonian religion of the talmud.

The modern jew is not what they pretend to be, they are pharisees and are mentioned in the bible as such many times as the children of satan: That's the people deluded western christians are serving today.

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Jews were not around in 70AD, the jew was invented in 1775 as a name for the pharisees,

The Jew name was not around in 70AD, but the tradition began in 73AD after the Temple fell.  At that time Roman authorities allowed the verbal tradition to be written down.

The former tradition was lost when genealogical tables were burned.  No Levites, no priesthood, no religion.  

New Religion then forms based on new writings.  Whether or not you want to call it Jew in 1775 or not, its beginnings happened much earlier beginning in 73.  It evolved further from 73 on, with Luria, Sevi and others - the utterances of Sages written down.

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mE monkey/// like me munkee...

is 'shock-proof' \'DICK'/

he's seen it all! From fake 'hollowcausts'... to political puppets of all stripes(Poutines/Poutises/PMs)lined up against a wall...wailing away in yarmaluked obedience to an angry god cult of ancient origin which ho's like you still pretend are not

DEAD SET pon the end of the west... and doing what rebbes to best...

robbin, rapin,lyin, stealin other folks stuff... and breakin every damn "mosaic code" type 'commandment they can find... in their quest for a tikun olan paradise what looks a lot like

this! REDEMPTION THROUGH SlN By Gershom Scholem

suck on dat - succubus!

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Gabriel is a Jew hating communist Africa worshipping douschebag but I do like his music. Morrissay too, and he’s way WAY worse. I freaking LOVE Zeppelin and jimmy Page is, actually, like the rumors said, a pedophile & Satanist (although his apparent girlfriend is literally an “old witch.”)

i think the “shut up and sing” axiom can be applied. By and large, actors and other performers are self-loving narcissistic idiots.

You only get in trouble if you expect humanity.

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Supposing that is true, and I suppose it is, what difference does it make?  Whether nation A is sovereign of its religion or not is not cause for country B to invade or overthrow A's lawful government.  In fact, B would, by definition, be violating the very sovereignty it supposedly is killing to restore.

Or perhaps the irony is lost on you.

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J S Bach Dickguzinya Sun, 02/11/2018 - 00:01 Permalink

Actually, my mom just turned 79 the other day and she still acts like she’s 30. (A 30 from a more innocent time... something you wouldn’t understand.)

But anyway, thanks for proving yet again how (((your kind))) can never win an argument with FACTS. When the insults and name-calling ensues, the astute reader immediately knows which advocate has the truth on his side.

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Just for the record, while I don’t buy all your hate for jews, I do have a TRUE and TREMENDOUS respect for your intellect and thoughtful, extraordinary well informed erudition and class.

In my profile I write that I think half you zh guys are whack-jobs and the other half are insane, but I do love you all.

You are a true gentleman and(even with the Jew hate) a real treasure here at fight-club. I look forward to your longer articles in particular.

And God bless your mom too. I just calculated that if she were alive, mine would have turned 91 this month. She was a saint and I miss her dearly. Every day these last 17 years.

Treasure yours, Herr Bach.

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if they are the most disgusting they win the argument(in there minds) remember these people are not sane as they are under a curse brought on by their own Fathers which said when they crucified Christ, "Let his blood be upon us and our children. God promised he was going to drive them insane with jealousy and he truly has. but their time is short and they know that which is why they are screaming so loudly

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And the goats will say “but we baptized in your name and cast out demons! We called you Lord, Lord!” And the Son of Man will tell them, “~I never knew you. Go to the place prepared for you before time with your father, the Devil.~”

note: by ~” I mean that I’m quoting from memory and uncertain of the precise wording, order or even my phrase completeness.”

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Golan Heights can be interpreted as Spoils of War.  As can the West Bank and East Jerusalem, BTW.


The could have (IMHO, should have) kept all the Land won over after being invaded, deport civilians politely afterwards, and let the Invaders Piss and Moan about them for a few more years.

The Rest of the World would mostly say, " You invaded with the intent to eliminate; but you had your Arses kicked.  Now to keep us from getting involved,  leave them alone - you're doing All of Us a favor by doing so."


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Lite beer conflates the old Israel with new Israel, when they are two different things:

The land Israel was put in the midst of satanic controlled pagans by God

Note that Iranians say "Zionist Entity."  

Calling something the same name does not mean they are the same thing.  Fools get sucked in by this trick.  The old Israel was "spit out" and Zionist (who are Satanic) re-installed it.  They re-installed Zion by man's action, even going to the point of killing millions to do it.  There was no miracle, it was the maneuvering of the worst type of humans, funded by usury taking banksters.

Know a tree by its fruit.  Zionist's also created "Christian Zionists" who are also fools.  Bibles have been purposefully altered especially through the footnotes.

When the "people" of Israel where spit out, the promise of biblical god fell to Christians - not Jews.  Today's Jews are Talmudists, who in turn are a direct lineage to Verbal Tradition.  Verbal Tradition is the hidden tradition of Sanhedrin - which was Satanic.

Sanhedrin verbal tradition was adopted in Babylon, and its antecedents are Kabala, and before that Hermeticism. 

Christian Zionists by worshiping today's Israel (Zion) are worshiping Moloch - the god of money.  They are worshiping Kabala and its Satanic God En-Soft, and it's Satanic methods - the hidden verbal tradition.

Zionist Christians are stupid asses, hypnotized by Jewish usury and method, and further Zionist Christianity cannot be defended on any sort of real historical basis.

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lincolnsteffens J S Bach Sun, 02/11/2018 - 11:48 Permalink

@JS Bach

The inhabitants of Israel whether Jew, Muslim or Christian are just as ignorant of truth as are the inhabitants of the US. To tar all Jews as complicit no matter where they live is no different of all members of any class, religion or nationality.

You are just as much a pawn in their game by illustrating your hatred for this group as you would be for any other. You are a participant in divide and conquer mental construct.

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