On The Syria Occupation And The New Face Of Imperialism

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com,

US forces have attacked the Syrian military, reporting over a hundred deaths. The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling the air strike a massacre, a war crime, and a crime against humanity.

The US is an invading, occupying force that is in Syria without the permission of its government, yet it is claiming that the air strike was an act of “self-defense” against an “unprovoked attack” upon the US-backed SDF, a mostly Kurdish militia which had occupied an area of Syrian land. No Americans suffered any injuries or deaths in the attack. The SDF suffered a single reported injury.

It’s a bit like saying you broke into someone’s house and strangled them from behind with a garotte in self-defense.

Believe it or not, it appears very likely that the US military’s latest act of butchery waged upon Middle Easterners on their own land was not about self-defense at all, but about oil. The always insightful Moon of Alabamamakes a compelling case that not only is America’s version of events full of plot holes, but that the whole thing could very well have been “a trap” to sabotage a local deal that had been made for the SDF to turn over an oil and gas field to the Syrian government in the near future.

This would fit in perfectly with comments Professor Joshua Landis made about the attack, saying that America’s plan is to keep Syria weak, poor and divided in order to disadvantage US/Israel/Saudi rivals Iran and Russia. It would also clarify US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s assertion a few weeks ago that thousands of American troops are being kept in Syria to prevent Assad from regaining control of areas that have been liberated from ISIS.

This is what the new imperialism looks like.

When the Russian Federation annexed Crimea in 2014, everyone lost their minds. Countries don’t just annex territory from other countries anymore! It’s so barbaric! It’s so… 20th century.

That’s simply not how we do things in the modern world. We don’t expand our geopolitical power by blatant land grabs, we expand it with treaties, alliances, intelligence/surveillance deals, trade agreements, corporate contracts, secret pacts, and occupations of key strategic locations under the pretense of fighting terrorism. Like civilized people.

In the old days, an empire would expand itself by invading a weaker territory, killing its people until they gave up, and planting its flag there. We’d change the maps so that everyone could see that the region was now under the control of Rome or the British Crown or Napoleon or whomever, and the power structures would align themselves accordingly. It was all relatively simple and transparent.

The new imperialism doesn’t do that.

You will never see Syria made into the 51st state.

Since the end of the second World War it has been increasingly taboo for a government to overtly invade a country and add it to that government’s official territory, and many international laws were locked into place to reflect that. And yet world power has arguably never been more consolidated than it is right now. The US, the UK, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Canada, Australia and many other nations tend to march more or less in lockstep with one another on a vast array of subjects ranging from neoliberalism to surveillance to which “regime” is in need of more crushing sanctions on a given day. The alignment isn’t perfect, but it’s too close to perfect to deny.

Here in Australia we joke about being America’s 51st state, but, like Syria, we never will be. We don’t need to be. We’re already answerable to the same corporatist powers which control the US, so we trot right along into every US war, every US trade deal, and operate as a US intelligence asset just the same as we would if they’d planted the stars and stripes on our capitol buildings and called us Wisconsota. Through military alliance, intelligence alliance, corporatist agreements, and a good old-fashioned coup staged by the CIA and MI6, we transitioned smoothly from subservience under the old form of imperialism to subservience under the new. A whole continent full of McDonald’s-eating sheep.

In the new imperialism, countries keep their borders, keep their names, and on paper keep their own sovereign governments as well. Australia remains Australia, Syria remains Syria. But the power dynamics are all bent to funnel toward the favor of the same vast power conglomerate.

You can’t see the new empire on a map, so people assume that it isn’t there, but the only reason you can’t see it on the maps we were trained to read in school is because the new empire isn’t in any way limited by geography. It is unconcerned with the little lines drawn between the countries on our plastic classroom globes, or the different colors their manufacturers painted the different nations with. The nationless band of plutocrats who use governments as tools and weapons are not limited by those things. They don’t think in those terms. They don’t care about land and governments, they care about money, power, and influence. And none of those things are geographically confined.

So they’re content to control a few strategic locations in Syria to wage a disruption campaign against rivals of the empire. They don’t need to annex Syria in order to do that, or even oust Assad. They’re not interested in the country, they’re interested in the nonlocalized new empire. They’ll control a few oil fields, secure a few shady alliances, unleash a few terrorist armies, all to funnel more and more power into the new empire, one contract at a time. Corporations and banks are not limited by national borders, and neither are the oligarchs who own them.

Nations and governments don’t exist anymore. Not in the sense that they used to, anyway. The notion of meaningfully separate, sovereign governments is at this time a fairy tale told to the masses to keep us from realizing that we’re all being thrown into the gears of an exploitative threshing machine that only exists to feed the avaricious agendas of a few ruling elites.

This has all been made possible by an ongoing war on the societal concept of sovereignty. Our concept of sovereignty is now so weakened that a powerful government can get away with invading another country and claiming “self defense” when it kills the people there, so weakened that constant domestic surveillance by secretive and unaccountable intelligence agencies is now considered normal, so weakened that the public will ferociously defend a police officer that guns down a civilian who reached for his wallet a little too fast.

If society found some way to restore sovereignty to nations, governments, and above all to human beings, the ecocidal, omnicidal new empire which depends upon blurred lines and ignored boundaries would be unable to survive. And that would be great, in my opinion.

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now then lads.... Votan wishes your attention to his altar

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Exactly "our" strength. That which makes an exclusive tribe at war with the entire world to be strong. At war for the past 2000 years. And we know when at war anything is legitimate to gain power. Characterize any criticism racial hatred and neutralize the masses with exaggerated stories of persecution and victimization.  Control finances and control the media and you control the nation. Control everything for one's own ends Kit Daddy Golem. All of this nonsense is simply leading the entire world into destruction. The seeds of the problem are in the idea of being chosen for exclusive tribal ends and dominance of so-called inferior people rather than serving God and realizing that all of us are his children. 

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This is fake news.

The Israeli F16 fighter pilots being shot down yesterday changes the entire dynamic.

Also, the Russian Federation didn't illegally annex the Crimea, as they were already there.

The author is a liar.

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Your authoress ... cannot be a 'liar'... because her pants ain't on fire! So... let's address the issue of a dress which has spontaneously 'combusted' due to the fissile strength of puff-piece analysis bonded to a thermite coating of concocted agitprop fake news...

and go with the rest of what you said!

The Israeli F16 fighter pilots being shot down yesterday changes the entire dynamic.


My preliminary assessment of the past 72 hours.

" Overshadowing everything else, of course, the downed Israeli plane and airstrikes over Syria. Which has been interpreted by some as a successful operation by the Syrian side to repel and discourage further attacks. I see it differently; as I wrote yesterday “Israel now has the pretext it needed.” Without a downed plane – and (what is said to be now)a dead pilot, the call for all out ‘response’ would have remained problematic for tel aviv. With both ‘in the bag,’ the genie can indeed be let fully out of the bottle. Appeals to heartstrings in the USA, the gathering together in solidarity of the international judaic ‘voice’ which so powerfully galvanizes media narratives when required – these are the parts of the script which point to a ‘successful’ Israeli political operation, not a Syrian military one!

Given that this assessment will remain fundamentally at odds with the majority consensus, it’s worth fleshing that out a bit. What does Israel have to gain from the loss of a plane and a pilot?
My starting premise remains the supposition that the bombings, the ‘collateral damage’ and the perception of a ‘failed offensive’ over Syrian skies are all pre-arranged components of a wider reaching ‘operation.’ The goal(s) of said operation can only be interpreted in conjunction with a look at the other developments which occurred within our chosen time frame here."

Move over Caitlin. Big boy pants gonna bring your house down around your t ear s.

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nor a 'journalist' either. \unless/

there were no more journalists!

Then... it would be possible... to not know, what a 'journalist' was supposed to be ... or do!

*she's even stooped to calling herself a  'rogue journalist' in that profile I see... appropriating/like so many thieving \internet media/ scribes... what they cannot earn by merit

Rogue journalist : THIS


is rogue journalism.... fake mews princess!

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The problem is that the people with the power are all absolute shitheads. How did they get their power? How did they get to the top of the shit heap? By climbing over other people's faces and dead bodies. It is not because they or their ancestors were nice people or that they were necessarily gifted. Those on top are the most ruthless of the ruthless and when they start wars they always ensure that they and their families remain safe and wealthy.  They never are accountable. 

What do we do? We keep doing what this article is doing by EXPOSING, EXPOSING, EXPOSING, and we start more effectively OPPOSING, OPPOSING, OPPOSING, and DEPOSING, DEPOSING, DEPOSING until we elect or appoint governments and authorities who are themselves totally subject to the Rule of Law, morality based on fairness, decency and natural law, and to the will of the people - where the peoples of such nations are sovereign over their turf, laws, and resources - and where one nation which subscribes to such sovereignty and rights cannot violate the same in other nations. We need to make a world where cooperation and good will are the main reserve currencies for improvement and happiness, and not, bribery, intimidation, lying, exploitation, murder and military might which are the present currencies giving us nothing but unrest, endless human suffering, and perpetual war.     

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I was in Syria a couple of years before the troubles began. There were no western fast food joints in Syria. I took a service taxi from Damascus to Beruit, and as soon as we crossed the border into Lebannon there was this huge McDonalds right there at the side of the road - as if to say 'welcome to the "free" world'. It was pretty funny.

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That was a relatively good article ...

Similar points are made in this article:


There Is Only One Empire: Finance

"... There is only one global empire: finance. ... Virtually every mercantile nation with access to global markets lives, works and thrives/dies within the Empire of Finance. Every nation that allows capital to flow into its economy is subservient to the Empire of Finance. Every nation with capital and debt markets exposed to (or dependent on) global financial flows is just another fiefdom in the Empire of Finance.  ... The same can be said of all nations that have borrowed heavily from future growth and income to fund consumption/GDP 'growth' today. ... Debt is outracing 'growth' everywhere ..."


Also, another similar article, for background:

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs

Posted on September 4, 2013 by Ellen Brown



I found some of the previous comments annoyingly high-jacked the message with their own favourite knee jerk digressions and misleading abuse of over-simplified labels, such their use of the word "Jew."