UK Police Roll Out Handheld Device To Fingerprint Migrants In Under A Minute

UK police are testing two hundred and fifty handheld devices which can fingerprint unknown persons and compare them to a database of 12 million records in under a minute (instead of an hour). Assuming the initial test goes off without a hitch in West Yorkshire, the devices will then be rolled out across the country by the UK's Home Office. 

The scanners, which cost less than $300 each, can be used to take two fingerprints from a suspect, which are then compared against two national databases called IABS and IDENT1 using a Biometric Services Gateway described as "a common platform for future biometrics services." 

The IABS database is comprised of processed asylum seekers, while IDENT1 - developed and managed by Northrop Grumman, maintains a database of people who have previously been arrested in the UK.

Officers will only resort to fingerprint scanning if they cannot identify an individual by other means, says Clive Poulton, who helped manage the project at the Home Office. The devices might be used in cases where someone has no identifying information on them, or appears to be giving police a fake name. “[Police] can now identify the person in front of them – whether they are known to them or not known to them, and then they can deal with them,” Poulton says.

Hmm, we wonder who this system might be aimed at? 

When the program dubbed "Project MIDAS" (Mobile IDentification At Scene) was announced in 2008, the Home Office estimated the initial phase of the project would cost £30m-£40m ($41 - $55 million USD) - and The Guardian noted that it would only have access to 7.5 million records instead of the 12 million announced with the roll out.

Geoff Whitaker, a senior technology officer with the NPIA, told the Biometrics 2008 conference that Project Midas would save enormous amounts of police time and reduce the number of wrongful arrests.

At present, officers have to take suspects to custody suites if they need to check fingerprints. On average, the agency's research shows, the procedure takes 67 minutes. "If we scaled this [saving] up to the national level that would equate to 366 additional police officers on the beat," Whitaker said. "One of the benefits is that it will reduce the number of errors - and we can reduce the number of arrests significantly.

"There's a huge range of opportunities [for] mobile ID. It could be used on the deceased at the scene of a crime, on suspects for intelligence in the early part of an investigation, [or even] in a mortuary." -The Guardian

When the project was announced, the proposed system would have the capability of sending images of suspects to officers on the streets to help them confirm identities - giving them a "full, mobile national capability." 

"The return of mugshots [to officers]," Whitaker added, "is something we would like to do." As Northrop Grumman told The Guardian in 2008: "A lot of the hand-held [devices] we are considering have cameras so they can support fingerprint and facial images".

Project Midas was preceded by "Project Lantern" in 2006 - with around 200 mobile units having been tested on around 30,000 individuals. The systems were deployed in police cars using automatic number plate recognition technology - stopping vehicles marked as stolen, no insurance, or simply unknown.

"The aim was to deny criminals the use of the roads," said Whitaker. "Around 60% of drivers stopped gave false identification details."

As the Guardian noted, "Fingerprint checks often showed they were carrying falsified documents."

"Thomas Smith, an officer from the Los Angeles police department, also briefed the Biometrics 2008 conference on the success of his force's mobile ID devices which send images and fingerprint matches back to officers on the street. He said they had become so powerful that once the machines were produced some suspects admitted they were lying about their identity."


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"using a Biometric Services Gateway described as "a common platform for future biometrics services." 

The IABS database is comprised of processed asylum seekers, while IDENT1 - developed and managed by Northrop Grumman, maintains a database of people who have previously been arrested in the UK."

All hooked into the global brain in Jerusalem.  Soon to have a backdoor gateway to the anti-semite racist nazi database.


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The idiots are the ones who don't realize what it means when large MIC corporations build gateways for local police to biometric databases.  Gateways to where?

The idiots are the ones who haven't followed Snowden and Wikileaks and don't realize that all US telephone CDR data has been gathered by an Israeli corporation who developed the taps and is sucked up into databases in Israel for decades.

The idiots are the ones who are clueless about what is really going on.

Here is a good example, search for white men with white girl friends on Google, Duckduck or startpage (the results are the same everywhere):…

Why do you think google, facebook, twitter, youtube are so busy distorting information and branding the alt right as "anti-semite" while blocking their ability to conduct free speech?  

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Of course something will happen:

Police to Illegal Immigrant: Gotcha! We think you are in country illegally!

Illegal Immigrant: I claim asylum 

UK Govt: Oh Dear! Have free accommodation and £30 pw and if you stay 5 years you can have a passport as well.

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Just a modern version of ,'papiere,bitte!!

Not that I want to travel that much,recently I went on a 70 mile trip there were about 40 different speed limits along the way from 20mph roadworks to 70mph of course I got a speeding ticket with a speed camera  in some little burgh in the middle of nowhere its obvious your now a cash cow if you travel with toll roads etc etc.

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What took so fucking long? I started saying, three years ago, why the fuck weren't these gimmigrants being fingerprinted, along with Iris scan, blood sample/DNA sample, and head photos: front, side, and angle. Is it too late? Probably.

For all the globalists, fuck you and go to bloody hell. Try showing up in Saudi Arabia with no papers, a bible, and see how far you get. Answer? Not far. Same for Mexico and similar shitholes.

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Haha Britain finger printing migrants is about the same thing as idiots video recording a comet about to strike earth to post it to Facebook. Because they're still going to turn British culture upside down. Ah you probably deserve it.

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Greater London has 500000 surveillance cameras and there is 4200 000 of them in the UK- that's one for every 14 people yet in 2017 there were still 5 terror attacks,the horse has bolted on national security,your right this technology isn't gonna stop with just illegal aliens.

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Well that is after all what civilizations do shortly before they go extinct, they collect everybody's mark on the world. That's why they're trying to finger print everybody, that's why Facebook stores people's information, and that's why the NSA is collecting info on everybody. They think they're being smart but is really because most people are shortly going to be wiped off the face of the earth.

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Oh looky they're finger printing everybody before Britain goes extinct. That's like way way back in time 10,000 plus years the original finger prints were the hand prints in Borneo caves. Yeah that's what they did shortly before they disappeared. Bye bye Britain and all other countries that love to finger print everybody because that's a main indicator you're about to die off, it's as if you know it deep in your subconsciousness you're about to die off, and you want to slap as many hand prints on cave walls as you can. That kind of subconscious social engineering goes way back 10's of 1000's of years, and right before you die off you want to collect everybody's mark on the world. Finger printing is nothing new, there's nothing new under the sun. History doesn't exactly repeat but it rhymes.

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Sometimes I think to myself how terrible it must be to be like the oblivious masses and have no idea why the things are happening. You must feel like scared little dogs in a cage.

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The cops in NZ have had those for quite some time. Most kiwis and all  new arrivals would have their prints on file.  The scarier technology is facial recognition.  The border control people now make everyone arriving look into a camera to capture iris scans as well as facial features.  When i renewed my driving license a couple weeks ago LTSA did the same thing.

Its only a matter of time (a couple of years?) until every time you walk into a shop or business the person behind the counter will address you by name.


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More like you will be finger printed as part of your national ID along with DNA and biometrics in the end.

"You have to know how many sheep you have in the flock and be able to identify them accordingly."

I actually expect them to start chipping people within a few years.

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Spent some time in West Yorkshire . . . shall we say, not the highest migrant density area in the UK.

It would be, however, one of the higher/highest density 'rural' congregations of compliant white people on that increasingly swarthy island.

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"Let's see here Achmed, it says you are a member of al Sham Shammy Sham and that you were recently in Syria."

"Yes, I joined the choir and was very active in their bake sales."

"Well, carry on then."