White House Releases 55-Page, $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Just like Trump promised during his State of the Union address late last month, the White House has released an infrastructure package Monday that hopes to raise $1.5 trillion to help rebuild American roads, bridges and airports.

Since the initial draft was leaked last month, Trump has raised his fundraising goal to $1.5 trillion from $1 trillion.

Most of the 55-page plan's most salient details were leaked overnight.

At its core, the proposal will use the $200 billion, to be disbursed over a decade, as seed money to incentivize states, localities and the private sector to commit to spending the balance of the headline number...

It will also streamline the permitting process and improve training to get qualified workers ready to work on rural infrastructure projects...

However, Democrats have complained the plan relies too heavily on municipalities and states, and doesn't provide enough federal funding to have much of an impact. Some have described it as a "bait-and-switch" since it's unclear if the White House will be able to raise the headline number.

The White House's updated proposal was released Monday ahead of an 11 am meeting between Trump and mayors of cities and other l The $200 billion in federal spending will also be included in the White House's budget map, also to be released Monday, following a bipartisan deal last week that eliminated years-old spending caps, setting the stage for a two-year budget agreement.

And as CBS points out, Trump's plan leaves a little something to be desired...

But there's one major hole in the White House's proposal — Mr. Trump's plan relies almost entirely on funding from entities outside the control of the federal government. Only $200 billion of the $1.5 trillion proposal would come from new federal funding. The White House would offset the new spending with unspecified cuts in other areas of the budget. The rest is expected to come from state and local governments and private investment.

According to the Washington Post, the plan has plenty of details (unlike the early drafts of Trump's tax-reform package) but few guarantees about how it will all be paid for. In one particularly galling section, it even suggests cutting money from existing infrastructure plans and reallocating it to the Trump plan.

For now, the White House is suggesting that lawmakers cut money from elsewhere in the budget, including some existing infrastructure programs. That prospect seems unlikely given that Congress just last week reached a bipartisan deal to spend significantly more funds over the coming two years.

Per Politico, the plan is a statement of principles that Congress will have to translate into legislation, potentially leaving the fate of Trump’s proposal in the hands of 11 House and Senate committees that oversee slices of the policies in play. The kickoff will include a Monday briefing with state and local officials.

While light on federal money the proposal "could inspire a wave of toll roads, ease decades-old regulations and permanently change cities' and states' expectations for assistance from Washington. ...


Some critics have also blasted the plan's lack of funding to rebuild the tunnels beneath the Hudson River used to ferry commuters from New Jersey to New York City's Penn Station.

Several lawmakers said they don't expect the plan to pass in its current form since it would need 60 votes to clear the Senate. Without more commitments of federal funding, the plan is likely "dead on arrival", one lawmaker said.

Read the 55-page plan in its entirety below:


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nuubee Plunge Protection Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:38 Permalink

Only $1.5 trillion ??? what does Trump expect to get for that, a few bridges? To actually modernize U.S. Infrastructure at this point for the population that exists and all the immigrants they want to let in would likely take tens of trillions.

Edit: Trump should put in a clause that no sanctuary cities/states will receive any federal funding for infrastructure from this bill.

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takeaction nuubee Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:48 Permalink

HEY.....I have an idea.  Work DACA into this....You have to build walls, bridges, ditches for 20 years...then we may allow you to become a citizen.  You fucks want to sneak over here and work under the table...Lets do it.  $4.00 an hour (For management) and start making the "To Do" list.  Hell...those idiots at Pegatron (Taiwan iphone maker) .....they get paid $690 per month....and 62% of them work over 100 hours a week.  They are only making $1.75 an hour.  Give em a raise.   We have shit to build...



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clade7 takeaction Mon, 02/12/2018 - 11:22 Permalink



Thats right!  Plus 5k bounties paid on all illegal Mexicans!  We could have this place in order in about a day!  Just catch them and redeem them in to Walmart like an empty beer can?!  They can stuff them all in a container and ship them to China for no recidivism worries!  One way ticket!  Fresh Field to table concept!


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Granted, getting rid of the niggers is a tough sell, even with the macerators, they are pretty damn fast and generally uncompliant......not at all like Mexicans...working on it though...

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takeaction katchum Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

I am so disappointed.  This shallow President was supposed to go all in.

Really...Only $1.5 Trillion.  Sir...you must win.  Obama added $10 Trillion plus...and he is still ahead of you.

Grow some balls...move the decimal point.  Don't do $1.5 Trillion.  MAKE IT $15 TRILLION.....We have no limits, nobody gives a fuck about spending.  If your going to blow this fucker up....run that card to the max.

At least you can say you were #1..................in increasing the debt.



Note: This Trump voter is very irritated at many many things. Wow...we sure missed our chance as a country when Dr. Ron Paul ran and most people marginalized him.  They called him a "Kook"  remember that?  

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American Psycho katchum Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

China?  Nope, they are just extending a loan.  The US Citizens will be paying that debt.  Bastiat would not approve as such economic folly.  We'll see how happy people are when interest rates continue their march higher. 

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Consuelo Mustafa Kemal Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:57 Permalink

Indeed, privatize (nearly) everything, save for what government was originally prescribed to do.

That philosophy doesn't fit so good anymore though does it -- because those who howl 'freedom' and 'America first' the loudest, aren't any different from those who howl their version of unbridled Socialism.  You both want to gorge at the trough of public $Largesse.

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nuerocaster spastic_colon Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:47 Permalink

Hello, knock knock, anybody at home upstairs? This sounds more like a real plan. 10yrs, participation by local, state, private?

What do we have to show for the Obama boondoggle?

In my area we got a hwy rest stop 1 mile from a truck stop and 2 miles from a small town. We got a small park across the street from the park on the river that everyone is actually using.

Of course Diogenes still hasn't found an honest contractor, and I think we know government mandated union labor.

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MK ULTRA Alpha nuerocaster Mon, 02/12/2018 - 13:44 Permalink

They plan to pay for it with the end of social security. The government borrowed from social security for years, now there is $3 trillion of the $20 trillion national debt in social security. The government must pay dividends on that $3 trillion and social security uses that cash stream to pay out to elderly.

So we gave around 3 years of our work life to social security. That's right, at time of retirement we gave over 3 years wages to social security.

Will we get the money back we paid in when social security is ended?

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