Turkish Warships Block Cypriot Drilling Rig In Dispute Over Mediterranean Gas Field

Amid escalating tensions between Cyprus and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, the two countries could be headed towards a resource war.

On Monday, the Cypriot government released a report according to which Turkish warships continue to heavily restrict one of its deepwater drilling rigs from reaching its intended site off the Cyprus coast, where Italian energy company Eni is planning to conduct a drilling operation.

Cyprus officials announced on Monday that Turkey is breaching “international law” by blocking the Italian ship from the drilling site, said the Russian Times. According to the Cyprus News Agency, Italy’s energy giant Eni S.p.A. said that its gas drilling ship was ordered to halt its travels by Turkish warships last Friday, citing “military activities in the destination area” as it sailed through Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone.

Cyprus Government Spokesperson Nicos Christodoulides told state broadcaster RIK that the rig remains moored about 30miles (50 kilometers) from the drill site located off the island’s southeastern coast. Christodoulides further noted that Turkey’s military maneuvers expire Feb. 22. Nevertheless, Cyprus strongly condemns the illegal actions by Turkish warships. According to Marine Traffic, the rig’s status remains in “restricted maneuverability” with two other support vessels.

"We are keeping calm in order to avoid any crisis and taking all diplomatic steps necessary so that finally the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereign rights can be respected,” President Nicos Anastasiades told reporters on Sunday adding that "we are handling the situation by trying to avoid anything that could worsen the situation without ignoring the fact that Turkey’s actions are in breach of international law."

RT explains the Cyprus–Turkey maritime zones dispute which has been ongoing for 45 years:

Turkey, which does not have diplomatic relations with Cyprus, says that some areas of the so-called exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Cyprus are under Turkish jurisdiction. The island was split some 45 years ago between the internationally-recognized, Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus in the south and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey.  

However, Turkey’s foreign ministry in Ankara criticized Cyprus over the “unilateral hydrocarbon-related activities” by the European Union’s most easterly member. “It does so in disregard of the inalienable rights on natural resources of the Turkish Cypriot people, who are the co-owners of the island,” a statement said.

The dispute over resources in the Mediterranean Sea is nothing new between the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus in the south and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This has been an ongoing argument for over four decades. Meanwhile the sea grab for resources has recently included three other regional rivals, Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah, who are similarly fighting over resources not too far away.


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what a Rush for news junkies huh joomanji? The lid is lifting on the fake new medias scams... and

MAJOR REVELATIONS continue to come in!

" what I long suspected has proven to be the case! Factions of the US government - literally at war with each other... the military sincerely seeking a termination of the terrorists... the CIA and State secretly re-inserting them into the conflict.

With this next piece of the puzzle in place, it's easier to take my earlier assertion - that there are elements in the administration tasked with the management of an agenda inimical to that countries' interests... and survival"


Bad hair day... for talmudist sockpuppets, and pimps of the russo-talmudic mafiyas!

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Turkey is surrounded by enemies. Greece and Turkey have fought each other and are preparing to fight each other again. Turkey is the aggressor.

The Cyprus story has been a long drawn out ethnic civil war. Turkey wants in on the natural gas fields because the island is divided between a post British administered section of the island and the Turkish backed section of the island.

Turkey is aggressively using it's military muscle on many fronts. Turkey is an opportunist on no one's side except it's own. Could Turkey's NATO membership end when US troops are killed? Will the US General in Afrin Syria be killed or captured?

There is also Israel's off shore plans and the Golan land grab into Syria for natural gas and crude oil. The added plum from the Balkanization of Syria was access to hydrocarbons under the Golan extending into Syria. Is Israel claiming more Syrian territory? Could Israel and Turkey be working to secure their portion of Syria?

Turkey's Ottoman Empire restoration plan, Iran's Islamic Caliphate extending from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon is being blocked by the US Kurd alliance. Will Turkey's military offensive against the US Kurd alliance harden the alliance or will the US disengage from the alliance?

Turkey had Russian approval to engage the US Kurd alliance. The Russians want the US out of Syria. How long before Russian and Syrian forces engage the US Kurd alliance?

When the threat of ISIS and the many militias/bandits are neutralized the new target will be the US Kurd alliance. This is beginning to be seen, will there be an all out war? Is Syria the Spain of the late 1930's?, Russian and German proxy armies fought with equipment and advisors, it was the prelude to WWII.

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The Kurd's may well be the key to the whole region, far enough away from SA to not entangle them, but a common foe to Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

With Syria and Iraq effectively neutralized the only country holding them back is Turkey.  On one hand Turkey is a strong ally for the US, but only if it acts as an ally, it increasingly is looking as useful as Pakistan.

When that moment comes the Kurd's can be protected in Syria (partially via Israel) and Iraq (atrophied nation) and bite a chunk out of Iran and Turkey.  

If a Kurdistan did arise it would severely diminish the power of both Iran and Turkey, a lot of nations would happily support such a cause.  Russia is a supporter of Syria, but I doubt they would stop Iran and Turkey being torn apart, divide and conquer, it would leave Russia in a much stronger position in the region due to much diminished threats.

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The 2 biggest disputes in the Med gas basin are Turkey trying to grab Cypriot gas deposits and Israel trying to grab Lebanese gas deposits.

Both Turkey and Israel are petty little land grabbers too. Who would have seen that coming!

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In view of the nature of the current Turkish dictatorship the West should now kick out the country of NATO and use force to end the illegal occupation of half of Cyprus. Turkey is no longer an ally of the West, quite the opposite.

Doing this might even provide a fig leaf of legitimacy to the EU's military ambitions...

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Lol. Americans are starting to get more and more nervous that some world power is going to bring death and devastation to the U.S mainland. You are right to be worried. Because the U.S mainland is going to be smoldering ruins because the world will bring world war to the U.S this time. It's just going to happen, and there's not some super natural force protecting the U.S.

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They couldn't go on because the further south they went the more guns were waiting for them.  Its similar to what is going on right now in Syria and the miasma of humanity Turkey trying to wipe out the heroic Kurds.  How long did the Turks say the operation would take?  7 days and they have been there now much longer.  The Turkish commandos are no match for the Kurdish women; the Kurdish house wives are killing the Turkish commandos with ease... even taking down a helicopter!  LOL!!!  

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They also crashed into a Greek Coast Guard ship in the Aegean damaging the port side of the ship.  In addition, Erdogan in his recent speech spoke of slapping America/Trump with the hand of the Ottoman Empire.  When the Turks lose all of the land they have been occupying for the last 4-00 years as tyrants and barbarians to Greeks, Bulgarians, Cypriots, Syrians, Armenians, Georgians and Kurds they will have either a very, very small country or be divided up and assimilated within one of the previous nations mentioned.  Occupation and genocide, of which the miasma of humanity Turkey has committed repeatedly throughout its very short history will be 'repayed' with accumulated interest.  It's the only right thing to do because they, the miasma of humanity Turkey needs to be taught a strict and violent lesson.