Ukraine Expels Former-Georgia President Saakashvili To Poland

Authored by Alexander Mercouris via,

The former Georgian leader, and Odessa governor, was bundled onto a private jet and flown to Poland...

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko has acted to remove former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili from Ukraine, having Saakashvili arrested and bundled onto a private jet which flew him to Poland.

Saakashvili’s unceremonious removal from Ukraine appears to have been made at a time when legal proceedings to decide whether or not he should be removed from Ukraine were still underway. 

If so then Saakashvili’s removal is arguably illegal and shows contempt for the processes of the Ukrainian court.

I doubt however that anyone in Ukraine would either be surprised about that or would much care about it, and – sad to say – I doubt that the vigilant upholders of the law, human rights and due process in the US and EU, who claim to be Ukraine’s friends and who talk about steering Ukraine towards law governed EU-style democracy, would much care about it either.

Saakashvili’s removal from Ukraine removes from the Ukrainian political scene – at least for the moment – a political adventurer who had become something of a thorn in President Poroshenko’s side.

Saakashvili actually has only minimal levels of political support in Ukraine.

The problem for President Poroshenko is that there is not much support for him in Ukraine either – his approval rating has collapsed – so that any challenge to him from any quarter – including it seems from a figure as discredited and as unpopular as Saakashvili – is apparently more than he can tolerate.

The fact that Ukraine is due to hold Presidential elections next year almost certainly gave Poroshenko an extra incentive to get Saakashvili out of the country before the election cycle began, and he has now acted to make that happen.


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They really should. It would also solve a problem for them of having this troublemaker in their own country.

Plus, if Poles know their recent history they would not want a Georgian inside their country.

The 2 people who caused most misery for Poles during and after WW2 were Georgians - Stalin and his henchman Beria.

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Every single government in Ukraine since the Soviet Union has been corrupt.

People are simply resigned to it.  Even the Maidan was only partially organic.

Lots of foreign and oligarch money was pumped into keeping the protest going.

The population is in that state of existence where most really does not want to rock the boat.

They make just enough to survive and if things get just a little worse they could lose what little security they have. However,  things do not need to get much worse to have another revolution. 


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This jerk worked with Cheney, CIA and the Mossad to drive the ethnic Russians out of the Republic of Georgia. The Russian population sits in front of the only mountain pass into Russia. The Russians put that population there for a purpose and it was to secure that mountain pass.

The mountain pass is of great importance, it was fortified by Alexander the Great and it's the only way in and out of the steppes to the coast.

So this jerk put on a show while the Russians army had to protect ethnic Russians from genocide. It was the same Ukraine Crimea genocide plan for the Russian ethnic populations, Crimea is 90% Russian.

So the Cheney era plan was to use airbases in Georgia for an air war against Iran and resupply of Afghanistan. This jerk worked with CIA and Mossad mercenaries, under the cover of being trainers for the Georgian military, in raids against ethnic Russian villages to terrorism them in to leaving. Tried to drive them out by murdering a number of them, but the Russian army came barreling out of the mountain pass to save the day. 

There was a video of the captured mercenaries, some were black Americans.The Russian government released a statement condemning and blaming Cheney for the crisis which was really an attempt to take the mountain pass from the Russians.

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I'm trying to remember why i should care about what happens in Ukraine more than I care about what happens Sacramento.

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Our Government is fucking Corrupt. Until that is Fixed, we have no business elsewhere. Period.

Somalia, Chad, Nigeria. None of my business when the alleged leadership of the Nation of my birth are so crooked.

Let he who is without Sin cast the first stone.. Get your Hot Ukrainian wife right here...

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NRA is not the only thing that the 2nd Amendment. 

Like a little Pomeranian  you can yap all you want but the fact is that wherever you're from, you do not have the right to keep and bear arms as a fundamental law of the land. 

I bet you don't have freedom of speech or many of the other rights that are part of the Bill Of Rights.


Frankly you sound like a eunuch that is jelous of his neighbors because the neighbors still have their balls.

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