Declassified: Comey Had Secret Russia Meeting With Obama Amid "Unmaskings"

An odd email sent moments after the inauguration by former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, apparently to herself, describes a January 5, 2017 meeting between members of the U.S. intelligence community and President Obama, while Rice and the Obama were knee deep in "unmasking" the Trump team. 

We also know from recently released text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that "potus wants to know everything we're doing."


In her email, Rice very deliberately notes that President Obama "stressed his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities "by the book". and that Obama "stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective."

Rice's "CYA" email to herself is so bizarre in light of the fact that we now know the Trump-Russia investigation was anything but "by the book," that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) fired off a letter asking her just what in tarnation she knows. 

It strikes us as odd that, among your activities in the final moments on the final day of the Obama administration, you would feel the need to send yourself such an unusual email purporting to document a conversation involving President Obama and his interactions with the FBI regarding the Trump/Russia investigation,” the two senators told Rice.


In addition to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, VP Joe Biden, Obama and Rice, the fifth participant in the Jan 5, 2017 meeting was none other than former FBI Director James Brien Comey Jr., also known as "Boyscoutish" Jim. 

What's notable about Comey's attendance in the meeting is that it appears he misled Congress about his contact with President Obama. 

Previously, Comey contended he only met with the Obama twice, once in 2015 and another “to say goodbye in late 2016,” according the former FBI director’s June 8, 2017, testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person (and never on the phone) – once in 2015 to discuss law enforcement policy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016,” Comey’s opening statement read. -Daily Caller

Comey's prepared statement to congress deliberately omits the January 5 meeting, and qualifies his meetings with Obama as "alone." In other words, since the Jan 5 meeting wasn't "alone," Comey didn't include it - thus, it appears he deliberately mislead Congress about his communications with President Obama.

So while the former FBI Director painted a picture of minimal communication between the FBI, DOJ, and the Obama Administration in his briefing to Congress - we now know that they were in virtual lockstep over their efforts to surveil Donald Trump as a candidate, an incoming President, and a sitting President


We also learned in the last week that President Obama was far more "hands on" the FBI investigation than he previously admitted - as revealed in a batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, in which Page tells Strzok "potus wants to know everything we're doing.

The message, from Page to Strzok, was among thousands of texts between the lovers reviewed by Fox News. The pair both worked at one point for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016, about prepping Comey because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” According to a newly released Senate report, this text raises questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

Given this, was the January 5th meeting a huddle to discuss both the FBI's efforts and the unmasking taking place on Susan Rice's request? 

By the Book?


As we noted, Rice's letter to herself was sent a few weeks after Rice and the Obama administration "unmasked" Trump aides after the election and shortly before the inauguration, as exposed by journalist Mike Cernovich on April 2, 2017: 

The White House Counsel’s office identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking after examining Rice’s document log requests. The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions. Each person must log her name before being granted access to them.

“Unmasking” is the process of identifying individuals whose communications were caught in the dragnet of intelligence gathering. While conducting investigations into terrorism and other related crimes, intelligence analysts incidentally capture conversations about parties not subject to the search warrant. The identities of individuals who are not under investigation are kept confidential, for legal and moral reasons. -Mike Cernovich

Two days after the bombshell report, Rice appeared on MSNBC, where she said: “There was no such collection or surveillance on Trump Tower or Trump individuals, it is important to understand, directed by the White House or targeted at Trump individuals,” Rice said. 

“The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice told Mitchell. “That’s absolutely false.... My job is to protect the American people and the security of our country. "

Rice's eventual explanation for the unmasking is that the White House wanted to understand why senior Trump officials held a 2016 meeting with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates. 

The crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, arrived in New York last December in the transition period before Trump was sworn into office for a meeting with several top Trump officials, including Michael Flynn, the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his top strategist Steve Bannon, sources said. -CNN

Rice's unmasking campaign was ostensibly based on the FISA warrant obtained using an unverified dossier and a supporting Yahoo News article using information provided by former UK spy Christopher Steele who assembled the document. 

Not very "by the book" now, is it? 

To that end, the letter from Grassley and Graham ask several questions related to the FBI investigation, including one about FISA applications:

  • When did you become aware of any surveillance activities, including FISA applications, undertaken by the FBI in conducting that investigation?  At the time you wrote this email to yourself, were you aware of either the October 2016 FISA application for surveillance of Carter Page or the January 2017 renewal? 
  • During the meeting, did Mr. Comey or Ms. Yates mention potential press coverage of the Steele dossier?  If so, what did they say?
  • During the meeting, did Mr. Comey describe the status of the FBI’s relationship with Mr. Steele, or the basis for that status?
  • When and how did you first become aware that the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee funded Mr. Steele’s efforts?

Read the full Grassley / Graham letter here:

* * *

We look forward to Rice's response on this odd letter. Perhaps she and Comey will be asked to come back to The Hill and explain exactly what in the hell they were up to on January 5th, and why Rice sent herself that bizarre and transparent email.  


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The Trump Team was being surveiled the entire time by Breanan via the GCHQ.  The CIA are Analysts. That’s it.  They had to involve the FBI to begin the Surveillance & Criminal Investgstion into the Counter Intelligence Operation.  Thus, Criminal at Large Breanan’s trip up to Capital Hill to meet with Harry Reid to brief him on Steele.  Breanan the “Puppet Master” has been quarter backing the entire Deep State Intelligence Psychological Operation & Parallel Construction Surveillance from the very start.  

They’ve been reverse engineering their lies ever since they lost the election to cover their tracks and use the excuse of “Plusible Deniability” as the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA always claim.  


Feb 13th, Don Bongino Podcast.


“I’ll include an article from NPR. NPR, not a by any stretch a right Wing outlet.  Ok? But it’s actually a decent piece.  


Now, it describes the three hop rule.  It’s from 2013, but it describes it very shortly & ce scintillating in about 400 words.  And it’s done well so I’ll include it in todays show notes.


Remember, It’s now the “Two Hop Rule” but you just have to know what a “Hop” is to understand how dangerous this is.


Here’s who they explain it.


It says, “testimony before Congress on Wednesday, remember this is written in 2013 Joe.  Showed how easy it is for Americans, with no connection to Terrorism to unwittingly have their calling patterns analyzed by the Government.” This is really wacko stuff.  It hinges on what is known as a “Hop.”  


Or chain analysis.  When the NSA identifies a suspect, it can look not just at his phone records Joe, but also the records of everyone he calls, everyone who calls those people and everyone who calls those people.” Chain Migration.  


You ain’t kidding! Right!? Chain spying!


It goes on...though....this is good.


“If the average person Joe, called 40 unique people.  “Three Hop Analysts” would allow the Government to mine the records....this is a staggering number...of 2.5 Million Americans when investigating one suspected terrorist.”


“Holy Moly!” Holly Moly is right.


Why get a FISA warrant for Cater Paige after he left the Trump Team?  Because folks, the FISA Warrant is RETROACTIVE.  


All the the emails he sent in the past to Trump Team members, combine that with “Two Hops” you basically have everybody in the known universe that could of ever contacted the Trump Team.


Paige sends an email, whatever to Kushner.  I don’t know who he sends emails to.  He probably didn’t.  But you get the point.  Then you go to another “Hop.” Kushner, who’d he send an email to?  Now you got the while Trump Team.


That’s the whole point.  That’s why I constantly say to you that they were trying to put a legal face on this thing after they realized the election was coming up and they could lose. 


They were like.  Man, we’ve been spying on these people the whole time. We already got most of their emails and their communications. How do we legally do it now? 


Oh, we get a FISA Warrant, we use couple of “Hops” and we’re Golden.”



Question comes up a lot is.  “Where are the “White Hats?”   We are the White Hats.




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Here’s my take & Analysis for what it’s worth.  


The era of both Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Crime Syndicate families of the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s their Criminal Agents, Operatives, NGO’s & Front Companies in the Highly Compartmentalized Levels of Intelligence from around the World GCHQ is mercifully coming to an end.  That’s speaking in terms of the last 29 years between the Criminal Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama’s but more specifically the CIA to Infiltrate all “Intelligence” Agencies, NGO’s & Front Companies with Agent & Operatives assets.  The Information Super Highway Criminal Counter Intelligence Surveillance & targeting of a Political opponent.  The ramifications of where we find ourselves at this critical moment cannot be understated.


Their future can be summed up from this quote from “Poppy” Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Bush Senior.


"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." George H.W. Bush to journalist Sarah McClendon


You need to go all the way back to the days when governor Clinton allowed the CIA to run guns into Central America and sell drugs on the streets of America.  He gave them top cover they game him & Hillary a lifetime pass.  


In return, The American People received Tyrannical Lawlessness.


Bush Senior +Bill & Hillary Clinton + Bush Jr. (Cheany Handler) + Obama = CIA

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It's interesting how low-key Barry has remained thru all this-  Comey has decided to take a stand,  tho the truth is crushing him,  but Barry continues to try to hide in the background and ride it out.......

EXACTLY what he did when he was in office, actually- dude has just the one speed.

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i cant believe you idiots think this is a big deal AND give 0 shits about 'possible' collusion with Russia, about Trump not directing the FBI to focus on countering Russia's influence in the upcoming elections, about non "by the book" stuff that Flynn, Trump Jr., Sessions etc. has done.


give me a fucking break you partisan hacks, you guys have been played so hard by The Powers That Be and now you do the globalists bidding and don't even realize it.


OMG Obama was super worried about foreign interference in our elctions!!! OMG OMG...yet that shithead did guys should be licking his big black dick for how much he dropped the ball...grow a pair and start seeing things in shades of gray you dumbfucks.  

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Thanks for the laugh and clear demonstration of the pro-establishment's intellectual bankruptcy.   Your "argument" consists of ad hominem attacks spiced with invective (or AH abusive), illegitimate appeals to authority (vericundiem), and unsupported assertions.  Had a similar "discussion" w/an establishment supporter last week.  Same "arguments" put forth, same rise in blood pressure, same level of abuse.  Funny, but pathetic, really.  

The 1950s called, and they want their Cold War meme back (the Russians are coming).  

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Low key and getting a portrait done. Others writing books and doing book tours, still others teaching ethics courses.

What do all of them have in common? Arrogance, in the faces of the American people, without one care in the world, living off the taxpayers hard work, as well as their criminal spoils for a job well done for the UNELECTED Zionist banking and defense contracting elite. ...

None of them will ever see jail time, let alone an indictment, as Russiagate bangs on and on and on. .

We live in a fascist dictatorship....

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" We live in a fascist dictatorship.... "

We have since WWII. We tried to reclaim the republic after WWI but the fix was in and hook was set with WWII. Since, we have not waged a winning war strategy. instead we have practiced communism while in the guise of fighting communism. They called this winning hearts and minds. The criminals who set the hook in WWII, perfected ways of melding state power with corporations. Waging losing wars for bankster big time profits with little disturbance of the economy. Now we practice terrorism while in the guise of fighting terrorism for the same bankster profits.

Preaching to the choir. Can I get a Amen! brothers and sisters?

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I think its high time I fire off an myself (lol)...stipulating exactly what I have not been engaged in so that I have an iron clad, unimpeachable alibi!

LMMFAO!!!...this is amatuer hour!

This worse than than the IRS saying it "recycled" Lois Lerners & Holly Paz's hard drives...after they errantly erased the back up tapes...or Hillary taking BleachBit to her server and then a HAMMER to her i-phones...AFTER having non-security cleared people rummage through her classified emails (which were under subpoena!) to decide which ones to keep and which to delete.

Under subpoena being the operative words 

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The Hollywood for ugly people beltway is all yapping and such over "kelly" just google the word Kelly and you know immediately what the fucking agenda is.  Meanwhile of course and speaking of the "security state" or the fucking "union card" of the absurd, there is 700 thousand backlog on security investigations.…

I cannot make this shit up.. you would think that good old meta-data could flag the types that cruise wife-beating sites, dial fellow wife-beaters.. attend wife-beaters anonymous.. and such.. And the Russians?  They certainly would know about the wife-beating and compromise (компромис) the guy..  

But meanwhile and of course the pee video in bed.. and Trump.. lets just pay somebody and outsource that investigation becuase the FBI is too fucking busy clearing folks for material that is over-classified anyway.. How this shit circus continues (and why people subject themselves to it) publicly or for the just pure fucking amusement of the family members who call them: swamp creatures, deep-state, "government worker" (a slur that even government workers use), BUREAUCRAT (fucking faceless bureaucrat) like out of the MATRIX where agent smith looks like any other agent smith.. and meanwhile these fuckers have managed a 700,000 backlog and the demand for IT people just fucking increases.. yep while the FBI changed the rules to accept people who blew dope.. they still follow that time honored tradition twenty years fucking old.. to just make sure everyone and everybody knows that you are a: swamp creature, deep-state-actor, government worker, or a fucking faceless bureaucrat

Kelly.. wife beater, swamp creature, deep-state-actor, government worker, or a fucking faceless bureaucrat?


This shit is collected to destroy people not clear them.

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A.I. will be 'billions of times' smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, expert says…

You would think that 700,000 investigations could be done by AI!  It would be apolitical and want to flunk em all.. nobody and nothing gets a clearance when you get real intelligence.. it looks at the entire process and proclaims: YOU"RE ALL DISEASED!

I was listening to CSPAN and the cocksuckers wasting radio waves.. anyway the PEW research had a segment this morning and framed the fucking argument.. and I'm like wtf?? These diseased people calling in and yapping vociferously about some imaginary fucking term, liberal or conservative.. and I though to myself loathing the slow fucking driver in front of me wasting two fucking car lengths in my zeal to get to fucking work..


The whole fucking commute all of it.. putting on makeup the whole shit-shebang!

Long AI short people.. the cocksuckers!

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You see these people who need 10 car lengths between them and the guy in front. What if everyone pulled the same shit? None of us would ever get out of our driveway for christsake!

And then when I zoom past them flipping them off and cutting in front of them while slamming my breaks you can just hear them thinking about what an ass I smugly making fun of me that now Ill get to work 5 seconds earlier etc. 

Look asshole. Its not that I need to get to work faster. I just don't want to drive behind a clueless prick. 

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I'm fucking going stop and go traffic and the Jetta Cunt is texting, and making me wait with about 20 feet of open road I can see in front of that fucking car!  I know it's a fucking liberal because of the bumper stickers.  I know it's a fucking liberal because I listen to CSPAN (Cunt Span) well anyone.. there is that cocksucker delaying me and I'm like wtf do I get behind the one cocksucker who can't ride the bumper in front of them correctly?  So I'm going to get some democrat stickers for me car, just stop and fucking text and allow people to pass me and just fucking irritate the whole fucking mooing and trapped crowd!  The Cocksuckers..   Get a camera to capture the insanity and profanity of the whole fucking mess!


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Declassified: Comey Had Secret Russia Meeting With Obama Amid "Unmaskings"

My response: ROFL!!!!!! Those CYA emails will get you every time.

How about the meeting that John Brennan (JB) had with Harry Reid in 2016? Following meeting, Harry Reid emailed another CYA email containing information about the dossier that now has JB in HOT WATER because REID email shows that JB perjured himself in 2017 on Capital Hill when he said: "I did not know anything about the dossier".

Yes indeed this is amateur hour!!!!! Obama, Brennan and Rice are GOING DOWN!!!

And GOD said three (3) times in the New Testament ...

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

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