Employee Sues Steve Cohen For "Hostility To Women"

In the first of what we imagine  could be avalanche of sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuits filed against the largest hedge funds (recall the creepy labor board complaint alleging harassment by a male employee at Bridgewater back in 2016), Lauren Bonner, an associate director at Steve Cohen's Point72 Asset Management, has filed a lawsuit complaining of sexist mistreatment and harassment, that she was excluded from meetings at the "boy's club" and that she was paid less than her male peers.

The New York Times reported that, though it couldn't verify many of the complaints, several former Point72 employees admitted that the firm "isn't an easy place" for women.


Some of the allegations in the report drew shocked commentary on Twitter. Here's a roundup of some of the most egregious ones courtesy of Axios and the NYT:

President Douglas Haynes allegedly had the word "Pussy" written on a board in his office for weeks while female employees had to attend meetings in the room.

Some members of the all-male hiring committee for investment pros allegedly said they won't hire women because their “wives won’t let them.” There are almost no senior women at the company.

The woman who filed the lawsuit says she was passed over for promotion multiple times.

Chief operating officer Tim Shaughnessy allegedly frequently holds meetings labeled as "no girls allowed."

Women at times earn less than $0.50 for each dollar earned by male employees, per the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also noted the massive gender disparity of the staff: Out of 125 portfolio managers at Point72, only one is a woman, the lawsuit says. Firmwide, some 21% of new hires last year were female, with most hired into relatively junior roles, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit also accused Mark Herr, the firm’s head of corporate communications, of making degrading comments about women.

Women were often referred to as "girls" or "sweetheart".

The suit also alleges that, when Point72 hired women (which it rarely did), they were treated poorly and subjected to crude and sexist remarks. And for the few women who were hired at the firm, working conditions could be unreasonably demanding: The lawsuit even alleges that one female employee was forced to assemble a PowerPoint deck 48 hours after giving birth. Bonner is being represented by Wigdor LLP, which represented many Fox News and 21st Century Fox employees in their settlements with the company.

“This lawsuit proves that #MeToo is just getting started, and Wall Street will not be spared,” one of Ms. Bonner’s lawyers, Jeanne M. Christensen, told the Times.

Ms. Bonner is part of a recruitment analytics team at Point72 and supervises 14 people. She previously worked at Bridgewater.

The lawsuit comes at a bad time for Cohen: His four-year ban from managing outside money expired at the beginning of this year, and his firm is in the process of raising outside capital to start trading again. It has reportedly raised between $2 billion and $4 billion. Cohen has tried to mitigate legal risks at the firm by bringing in former federal prosecutors to oversee compliance. This new compliance squad sits out on the trading floor, where they reportedly monitor traders' correspondences.

According to the suit, the top executives were aware of these disparities, but did nothing: It quotes one top executive at the firm as saying "the reality is this is just a really tough place for women, and that's not going to change."

The Fortune reporter who published a softball profile on Cohen two years ago that portrayed him as an unfairly persecuted investing savant once again came to his defense, pointing out that Cohen himself isn't described as mistreating women (though he is named in the lawsuit) and that the billionaire's love and respect for his wife is widely recognized...


Read the full lawsuit below:




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Listen women. Youre not equal. The only reason your weak asses weren't killed off from the dawn of time is because you have a vagina. The vagina's reproductive properties is the only reason men have kept you around. It is your purpose. Without it you would be extinct. Please consider that the next time you feel a man was too manly around you. So you know, you are beginning to overplay your single card hand. Men arent equal at birthing children so why would you ever think you would be equal in a mans area? These same feminazi cunts would be the first and loudest screaming for a pass in a women and children first emergency. Equality be damned then. 

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GeezerGeek Dsyno Tue, 02/13/2018 - 09:50 Permalink

If it is such a tough place, why do these women want in? And once in, why do they complain about it? Therein lies the problem: once feminists infiltrate a male organization they immediately want to change the rules to suit themselves, and there is currently no safe way for men to counter them.

That attitude reminds me of an old joke: Every woman wants to marry the perfect man, and then change him. (The mere mention of 'marry' shows how old this is.)

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SilverDOG overbet Tue, 02/13/2018 - 08:06 Permalink

overbet; "The vagina is the only reason you exist in the world today. Without it you would be extinct."

Brilliant deduction there, I imagine you must have meant to write "Without it WE would be extinct."


However, my imagination gives you credit foolishly, by assuming you comprehend the mammalian reproduction process.

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Shift For Brains swamp Tue, 02/13/2018 - 11:34 Permalink

I think you missed the point some are making here. Your observation would mean that women were twice as likely to be defective in the ways the posters mention as men are, or said another way, men are half as likely to be screwed up as women.

Not saying they are, just saying you don't seem to think very clearly...nah, I'm not going to say it.

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DavidFL overbet Tue, 02/13/2018 - 08:45 Permalink

One point which is seemingly missed in all of this trend toward denigrating men, is that it will force male employers to hire even less females. I learned my lesson long ago, that the workplace is much better off without females. In the main, females have lower productivity and ultimately cause problems similar to the issues described in the article.

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GeezerGeek DavidFL Tue, 02/13/2018 - 10:04 Permalink

I liked the part about "my wife won't let me hire women". To women out, male business owners should staff the HR department with their wives.

But that probable would only keep the attractive women from being hired. My wife would probably not hesitate to hire competent women who looked like Rosie or Whoopie or Janet (Reno or Napolitano, take you pick.)

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Shift For Brains DavidFL Tue, 02/13/2018 - 11:45 Permalink

What I have noticed is, while women will point out all the OVERT behavior issues of men, women are past masters at COVERT undermining of those they want to eliminate. In my last job I watched a very talented--and AMBITIOUS--woman come close to getting a model employee fired becuase he was in the way of her march to the recognition she felt she deserved. It was only because he could document the outright fabrications that he wound up in a lateral move, couldn't even keep his old position.

And the woman...left for a higher paying and more responsible position in a nearby city. Apparently, you are good to go medieval if you have the Y between your legs.

And on the sexual assualt theme: I was once threatened with a rape accusation in order to allow a young adult woman to appear not to be promiscuous to her family. She didn't seem to care it could send me to prison. Fortunately for me, I had a nightclub full of witnessness who saw her corner me and was very aggressive. The only way I got out of it was to tell her I would make it my job to ruin her reputation forever, drag her through the mud and make sure she looked like the World's Biggest Whore and then have her arrested for filing a fradulent police report. It worked. What couldn't be accomplished with simple human decency was achieved by threatening her with the Nuclear Option. I changed in my dealings with women after that, just as many women do after dealing with some lunatic man.

Of course, that was a long time ago. An accusation of rape today might be a welcome change of pace : )

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What a fucking moron.  You don't have a Mother or a wife or some other female family members you respect?  Never a female teacher or someone else who did you right and deserves your respect?  You are pathetic.  It doesn't make someone less of a man to treat women respectfully when they deserve it.

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Oh, and let me add while I'm on a roll: Men should carefully observe how many women, while decrying how male-dominated and paternalistic the entire planet is, also use female behavior as the GOLD STANDARD of normalcy. Constantly, you will hear women criticize and denigrate men because our behavior is different from theirs. So...who the fuck made them the measure? **A female cricket in the back posits, "Women?"** Bingo.

It was a HUGE revelation to me when I came to my senses and saw how, all through life, I had used THEIR standard. It's not a bad standard, but it is just THEIRS. Why isn't OURS annoited with same nobility, especially since all HUMANkind is supposed to be equal? So, according to Dr. Distant Analysis if Love + Protection = Respect, why doesn't Sex + Stop Babbling = Contentment (for us, anyway)?

Wake the fuck up, guys. There are plenty of wonderful, intelligent, inspiring and fun women in the world. You DO NOT need to take shit off of the human debris that passes for much of contemporary American femininity, who try to tell you what the template of masculinity is. YOU get to decide that, not the Wearer of the Y.

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Miffed Microbi… Shift For Brains Tue, 02/13/2018 - 13:52 Permalink

Thank you for this. I am always amazed how men today denigrate women to feel better about themselves and women denigrate men to feel better about themselves. This is never a solution and leads to much disharmony, anger and misunderstanding between the sexes. What they do not know is this is BY DESIGN. TPTB know that if men and women respected each other it would be detrimental to their plans. This is why these moronic sites like manosphere and mgtow exist ( and what ever the moronic feminist version, I don't know) to perpetuate such schisms. Men are just as indoctrinated now as them copious note taking women. Shaming never leads to love and respect. 


Unless the hate hate for each other is resolved and respect for our different natures is achieved we we continue down this road of darkness. I have never seen so many miserable men and women today. Obviously we are not on the right path and all this " knowledge" of what men are and what women are is not helping anyone but making it worse. I ask many " are you controlling knowledge or is knowledge controlling you?" And I get are blank stares.






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You lead with vomit but want something better from others. Women will tend to follow a man’s lead. Man kind of sort of loves and protects, woman kind of sort of respects. Man pretends to love and protect, woman pretends to respect. Man doesn’t bother to pretend to love, woman doesn’t bother to pretend to respect. Both genders can find some measure of satisfaction in validation or respect for respect, love for love, but it often ends up not enough and resent builds.  All the stupid games from both genders, the double standards, fault finding, nagging, fear tactics, ridicule, insanity, violence, tantrums, are often from a woman trying to compel the man to meet their need for love and protection, or the man trying to compel the woman to meet his need for respect.

I don’t dislike men. I dislike feminists or all stripes. Regardless of what you think a woman should do, I spent today in the kitchen. All the paczki are belong to me :) Happy Fat Tuesday bitchez ^^

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HopefulCynical bh2 Tue, 02/13/2018 - 08:37 Permalink

The only sensible solution is to simply never hire women.

This is the logical end of the feminist trajectory, yes. The only other option is complete societal collapse, as the entire world is dumbed down, like when 5-foot 90-pound women want to be firefighters and Army Rangers.

EVERY time rules are forcibly changed to accommodate women, results suffer and quality declines.

In a fair world (which has never existed), the women who can play by men's rules should be allowed to stay, but they are not only few and far between, but they almost always insist on this Vagina Sisterhood bullshit and are primarily responsible for stuff like this lawsuit.

If they would simply accept that they have abilities that 99.9% of other women do not, and let rules be entirely merit based, men would not resent their presence so much. Stuff like "pussy" written on the whiteboard is simply meant to drive the weaklings away. Those few women who can survive and thrive under men's rules understand this, and ignore it accordingly.


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