Scaramucci: "Kelly Must Resign... Almost Certainly Knew About Abuse"

Update: Minutes after the Axios report, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci came out swinging on Twitter: "Based on FBI testimony, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly almost certainly knew about credible allegations of domestic abuse against Rob Porter at least 6 months ago - then recently forced others to lie about that timeline. Inexcusable. Kelly must resign."

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As we detailed earlier, just as we anticipated not two hours ago, it appears White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is on the verge of an unceremonious exit from the White House after FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly contradicted Kelly's account of when he learned about former White House aide Rob Porter's history of spousal abuse.

Axios reports that Chief of Staff John Kelly's White House enemies are ready to use FBI Director Chris Wray's testimony as a weapon to drive a knife right into his back (figuratively speaking, of course).

Kelly and his allies insist they knew nothing about the domestic violence until the Daily Mail published a story about it involving two of Porter's ex-wives, who decided to come forward and go public with their stories.


Kelly initially defended Porter, before suggesting that Porter misled Kelly to get the positive statement. (Porter denies this and tells associates he gave Kelly a full picture of what would be in the story, though he denied the allegations of more serious abuse).

Kelly said he acted immediately in terminating Porter "within 40 minutes" of learning last Tuesday night what would be in the story. However, it was later reported that Porter officially left Wednesday morning.

Kelly's firing, should it occur, would come at a time when the New York Times is reporting that the turnover rate at the White House is an unprecedented 34%. Meanwhile, Trump has struggled to fill vacant positions - something the press has ascribed to his unwillingness to hire anybody whom he perceives to be disloyal.

Several other administration officials, including OMB Director Mick Mulvaney (also now Trump's man at the CFPB), according to media reports.

Trump has yet to weigh in...but we shall keep our eyes peeled as the so-called disciplinarian of the West Wing - a reputation that always reportedly bothered Trump - who was responsible for the ousters of so many of those before him is, himself, shown the exit.

Kelly took over from the first Trump administration chief of staff, Reince Preibus, after Preibus was reportedly pushed out by Anthony Scaramucci in July.

Ten days later, after being appointed to the role and chafing at the idea of having a communications director who didn't report to him, Kelly did Scaramucci.


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Position Available


We need a first rate liar.  A REALLY good liar who excels at lying.  This person must be devious, sociopathic, egotistical, and above all believable.  They must also be a winner and only care about winning regardless of the method or outcome.  They must also convince others that they will also win even though they will clearly lose. 


This candidate must also be excellent at spreading confusion and pitting one person or group against another while appearing to be a "peacemaker" above the fray.  They must be able to immediately determine the beliefs of their targets and weave lies into those beliefs so that even though the target knows something isn't true, their DESIRE to believe what is untrue is so strong, so moral, so…winning that the candidate's objectives are accomplished. 


For the right person with these skills we are prepared to negate any legal liability, pay any amount, provide "special considerations regardless of ethical, moral or legal constraints" and glorify them in the media, professional societies, award organizations and all other controlled outreach.

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I still have yet to figure out WHY this is even "news"?

A private marriage is between a husband and wife
not the White House, the media, the broader public, etc. Personal issues are really nobody's business, except the people directly involved.

For you guys saying "I'd never hit a woman", all I can say is, you haven't been around too many, then.

That's what I hate about this bullshit. "The Woman", by way of having a vagina, is AUTOMATICALLY, ALWAYS INNOCENT, and "The Man" may as well be the incarnate of evil, Satan personified.

Don't get me wrong, there are some guys who are downright abusive, and use their wife & kids as punching bags, because they're creeps who can't handle pressure, stress, or challenging situations.

But then, there are also guys, who get involved with nagging, annoying women, who always feel the need to have the last word, and just don't know when to shut up.

These women, in an argument, just will not stop, and will keep trying to beat a point into your head, over and over and over again, until you just can't stomach hearing another word. When you think the "storm's passing" and things are calming down? WRONG...guess what, a fresh, steaming hot tornado of regurgitated bullshit hits the fan once more...

At what point, do you, as a man, say "It's time to be quiet; I have to make a phonecall to 1(800) Smack-a-Bitch"?

At what point, is this a reasonable response in America?

American men have really become a castrated bunch, imo.

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Notice Wray and Baldy to the right both wearing purple ties? Rubbing their NWO bullshit in our faces. 

While the US Government is being exposed as one of the most deeply corrupted countries on this planet, the windup to starting WWIII with the Russians and the Chinese is getting well underway. Everyone - the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, the Trumps, all of us - are expendable in the NWO rush to global nuclear war. The NWO bankers and generals will go down into their bunkers and cackle with glee while all life on the Earth's surface burns. There will not be a 'resurrection'. The Earth will be uninhabitable for billions of years, and these Satanic pricks will die down there.

Make peace with your Creator, hug your loved ones, and smoke 'em if you got 'em.


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Anthony Scaramucci, eh?  Figures.  The foul mouthed sociopathic money worshiping prick who was about 6 days into his WH Comm Director job when Trump fired him based on the recommendation of John F. Kelly.  LOL.  You're a hateful self-serving ass Scaramucci.  Is your wife filing for divorce yet again?  Go plot with your CFR denizons.

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Don't like Scaredmuch, believe it or not, before I read this, when I woke up this morning I had the thought I wanted to shoot this jerk. Maybe I read something last night, but I'm sick of the media pumping crap all the time and this is more useless crap meant for the lowest common denominator.

Can't wait until the Jewish controlled media creates the final division, the final act and it's all turned on them. That day is rapidly approaching, the end of the yoke of Zionism. The Americans are played everyday and media circus acts like this keep us all in a state of chaos, a state of confusion.

Fake news and circus acts keep the people confused, divided. Identity politics is easier for the MSM to control and it's used to divide the nation, no substance, no fact based reality, just the circus act controlled by the Jews.

99% of CNN management(control) is Jewish managers. CNN only has one non-Jew manager, is that some form of racial discrimination?



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So what if Kelly knew about it? Knowing about it, or even the fact that it happened is NOT RELEVANT to National (In)Security.

What happens between couples and what legal outcomes have occurred, are "Legal Outcomes". As long as said "Legal Outcome" does not prevent Porter from taking a job, it's immaterial and irrelevant.

Peddle 'Leftist' propaganda elsewhere, bitches.

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Fuck you mooch. You’re just butthurt because Kelly fired your ass. I swear I hate these vindictive little pricks that don’t have a problem with this shit until they are personally wronged by the person accused. Joe and Mika are prime examples. No problem with trump at all until he told them they couldn’t get into the cool kids party. Now they are all butthurt trumptarded. Piss off jackasses. 

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Kelly is clearly the target of this new fabricated “scandal”.  It is Wray who should be fired.

Trump’s biggest error so far ... he should have withdrawn the AG nomination of Sessions as soon as he realized the Progs were targeting people associated with his campaign. He should have appointed someone from outside DC to be AG and a lot of shit could have already been dealt with. Lots of people could already be indicted and turning over for a plea bargain.

Trump’s second big error, making Mr. Purple Tie (Wray) head of FBI (was Wray the choice of Rod Rosenstein?).

There have to be hundreds of really top people from outside DC who could take command and destroy the Obama holdovers and help out instead of defending the obvious criminality of the Deep State.



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yeap, sounds about right.  At kelly's swear in ceremony he did the cross sign after swearing in showing he was a christian... i wondered how long would he last at this whyte house.


next they will oust tillerson and then they move full speed ahead ... buckle up

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CNN and MSNBC needed ( need) a convenient replacement for Muh Russia, which is evaporating before their eyes.

Joe Scarborough needs punched in the face for the the disrespect he shows to the Office of The President of the United States.

 Call me out Joe...I'm close enough. I'll meet you in DC or New York.....prick.

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