Mass Exodus Begins: 1000s Flee Venezuela's Socialist Starvation Across Bridge To Colombia

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People are fleeing the socialism forced on them in Venezuela by the hundreds of thousands. Starving, and facing violence over crumbs of food, many have no choice but to flee the wasteland which used the authority of government to destroy the lives of its citizens.

Thousands of Venezuelans are attempting to flee the socialist dystopia their nation has become. They are attempting to make it to Colombia. In a desperate bid to escape the hunger and soaring crime rate caused by the spiraling economic crisis, fueled by socialist policies, incredible pictures have surfaced showing the mass exodus of refugees crossing the Simon Bolivar international bridge trying to flee the ongoing political crisis threatening to engulf Venezuela.

Colombia and its neighbor Brazil have both sent extra soldiers to patrol their porous borders with Venezuela after officially taking in more than half a million migrants over the last six months of 2017. The country is also tightening its border controls in a bid to stem the flow of starving people. The situation in Venezuela has reached SHTF levels.

Truck drivers are subjected to horrific violence as looters target heavy goods vehicles carrying food in a desperate attempt to feed their families. The truckers are banned by the government from carrying guns to protect themselves, so have resorted to forming convoys to protect each other. They text each other warnings about potential trouble spots and keep moving as fast as possible.

According to Reutersthere were 162 lootings across Venezuela in January, including 42 robberies of trucks. That is compared to just eight lootings, including one truck robbery, 12 months ago. Last month, eight people were killed in lootings alone. Venezuela has one of the world’s highest murder rates and the attacks are pushing up food and transport costs.

The plunder is heaping more pain on battered businesses, raising questions about how much longer the starving Venezuelans can survive. The country, which is run by a full-blown socialist regime is suffering a fifth straight year of recession and the world’s highest inflation rate. –SHTFPlan

Massive numbers of Venezuelans have been driven from their homes by the dire financial crisis spurred by the disease that is socialism. Many are struggling to feed themselves and their only hope may be an exodus to Colombia. “Colombia has never lived a situation like the one we are encountering today,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. On Thursday, Santos announced new measures that would make it much more difficult for Venezuelan migrants to cross into the country illegally or remain there without any official status.

Colombia believes that there are currently around 600,000 Venezuelans illegally residing in the country. That number is expected to rise, as Venezuela continues to crumble.


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But not suffering as much as Exxon Mobil when they got kicked out of Venezuela when Tillerson was boss.

Unfortunate, seems a pretty good guy otherwise.

Rex Tillerson: a secretary of state with a long, troubled history in Venezuela…

Guyana oil prospects stir friction between Venezuela and ExxonMobil

Contention over wells said to be located in disputed waters

Venezuela lays claim to the Essequibo region that covers about two-thirds of Guyana’s territory, and the waters off its coast including part of the Stabroek block.

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Wait a second.... I thought socialism worked in theory and that it only needed a little tweaking to work in practice is all.  WTF happened?  
Any leftists here care to explain how this latest socialist utopia experiment failed yet again?  Maybe they didn't try hard enough or perhaps they weren't Marxist enough or maybe this was caused by global warming.  How about more pride parades AND higher taxes?  Would that have solved this little economic glitch? 

Hmmm....I'm at a loss.


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- dude I'm drinking, LEO Maybe tracking all my shit, but after 30 years of self monitoring... 'you don't want to deploy ordinance against a single person in a city'... even at low activity levels for city,,, civilian deaths a a US Legacy,,, we can't couch as we want to... Hillary can't use NLP to change narrative of 'Pakistan Deaths... nor Economic, cultural, familial, property, business'

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This is Soros vision for humanity.. this is the socialist agenda for FREE SHIT.  Put a fucking keg of beer in an ice tub out on a porch on the streets of Philadelphia with a sign on it: take what is needed.  

See what the fuck happens!

What fucking part of human behavior do these people not fucking understand?  The hungry ones walking out.. escaping.. they are probably not 1/2 bad.. they won't vote democrat if you bring em here..  they heard that line of shit broken Bernie promise.

Stupid Cocksuckers.. they voted and supported this outcome, the dumb fuckers deserve the sweet taste of shit.. anybody with a brain ditched that nation and that shit show a decade ago.

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