White House Will Add Pakistan To List Of Terror-Financing Nations

In a decision that comes as the directors of several US intelligence agencies testify before the Senate about various terrorism-related (and Russia-related) risks facing the US, Reuters is reporting that the Trump administration is moving to place Pakistan on a global watchdog's terrorist-financing watchlist.

Pakistan reportedly said it is "hopeful" it can stave off its inclusion on the list at a meeting next week. The declaration has been in the works virtually since the beginning of the Trump administration, as Trump has accused Pakistan of not doing enough to stop the Afghan Taliban and affiliated Haqqani network - even accusing officials in Islamabad of allowing safe haven to the terrorists.

Of course, such a decision will only push Pakistan, a nuclear power and the world's sixth-most populous country, into the waiting arms of its neighbor, China, which shares a border with the contested regions of Jammu and Kashmir and has been working to strengthen its diplomatic ties with Pakistan as part of its geopolitical chess match against the US, which is explored in this article from Global Research:

As GR explains, one US-led effort to contain China's regional activities has been the formation of a regional "quadrilateral alliance" - or quad - including the US, Australia, Japan and India.

To create a buffer, China has sought to strengthen ties with Islamabad.

The move also comes as China is preparing to launch its first yuan-denominated crude-futures contract during the third week of March - a major blow to the US dollar's hegemonic status as the world's de facto global reserve currency.


Separately, the decision was also made against a backdrop of escalating tensions between Pakistan and its eternal rival, India. As a dispute over land along the Line of Control (LoC) - a heavily militarized zone in Jammu and Kashmir - has led to the issuance of threats of nuclear war, and the calling of nuclear-war threat bluffs.

The US officially added North Korea to the list last year (for the second time) last year.



stacking12321 Pinto Currency Tue, 02/13/2018 - 17:09 Permalink

USA doesn’t care about terrorism, that’s a red herring.

pakistan’s true crime:

engaging in support of petro-yuan trade and joining in OBOR and the new Silk Road.

now THAT is unforgivable 

usa has over-played its hand, its worldwide influence is on the decline.

hopefully USA can exit the main stage gracefully and without starting ww3

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Hans-Zandvliet Luc X. Ifer Tue, 02/13/2018 - 14:32 Permalink

Indeed! Forget about Russiagate: Trump is doing a hell of a job to destroy the US-Empire from within. Trump is isolating the US-Empire from all of its former allies, thus undermining its world hegemony:

  • Alienating his European NATO allies by demanding a higher military contribution, while provocating Russia and reneging on Article 5 (mutual defence in tha case of an attack).
  • Not fulfilling its role as a world leader, by (for example) retreating from the Paris climate agreement. Irrespective of what one thinks about climate change and this agreement, in effect Washington has told the world that it doesn't want to be a world leader, so the rest of the world (including the EU) will look elsewhere for leadership (toward China and Russia, for example).
  • Exposing South Korea and Japan to unacceptably high risks of (nuclear) war by trying to pick a fight with North Korea. It has gotten to the point that the two Koreas are now cutting the US-Empire out of their peace negotiations with eachother. By the way, the same is happening with the peace negotiations of Syria in Sochi and Astana.
  • Doing the best he can to drive Turkey out of NATO through supporting and arming Turkey's arch enemy, the Kurds. I'd love to see that happening: it could be the first domino triggering the disintegration of the entire NATO. I'd send Trump flowers, if that were to happen!!!
  • Pitting the entire Muslim world against the US-Empire and Israel, by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol. Even the KSA (the US-Empire's most important Arab ally), just making its first baby-steps toward recognition of Israel, had to condemn this move. Simply because, as the custodian of the two holiest places of Islam (Mecca and Medina), it couldn't be seen in the Muslim world to not condemn it.
  • Now alienating Pakistan: how is the US-Empire supposed to continue its occupation of Afghanistan, when it's surrounded by countries that oppose this occupation: Russia, China, Iran and now Pakistan. What about the US-Empire's supply lines to Afghanistan???

So yes: so far, in a sense, I am quite content with president Trump. Although for all the wrong reasons (trying to apeace the Deep State by being more belicose, instead of his promise to normalize relations with Russia), he's doing remarkably well at undermining the US-Empire. And that is the most important thing for now.

Still, it's an incredibly dangerous situation. The US-Empire is headed for a showdown in which it will finally loose its world hegemony (like the British Empire did through the 1956 Suez Debacle). But the question is whether this showdown will go nuclear or not. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

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Hans-Zandvliet Aubiekong Tue, 02/13/2018 - 16:02 Permalink

Well, that is just one of "The Sorrows of Empire" (book by Chalmers Johnson) you'll have to deal with.

If you insult and bully even your closest 'allies'...






... you can't expect them to not take revenge behind your back.

By the way, there are always two parties to a "financial transaction" (or better said, a bribery deal). If Washington thinks it's necesary to purchase 'alies' (instead of genuinely convincing them), it should know that it just bought itself a mercenary and that mercenaries can't be trusted.

So whining about bought and paid for 'allies' not really being allies, are just crocodile tears.

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veritas semper… Luc X. Ifer Tue, 02/13/2018 - 18:19 Permalink

Funny how JUSA "discovered" this only after Pakistan showed them the birdie and allied with China ,on the Silk Road. Pakistan refused to participate in opening a front against Iran and the recent attempt of a color revolution there failed. After the high ranking Pentagram team visited it and tried to convince Pakistan to continue participating in the terrorist assistance in Afghanistan,creating a front against Iran and allowing the continuing droning of its population.

I'm waiting for the closing of the US supply lines toward Afghanistan,now done through Pakistan's ports.

It's going to be very funny.

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sarz The_Juggernaut Wed, 02/14/2018 - 03:37 Permalink

China can have them, and good riddance.

Your comment might have been made by a member of Modi's troll army, especially given your username.

Could be that Trump is playing a difficult game of breaking the AngloZionist empire through overplaying its hand. Screwing Pakistan and your only land route to Afghanistan is hardly rational otherwise.

Modi is hugging Israel and the post-9/11 United States for their anti-Muslim stance. He would be far better off making peace with India's neighbours. If Trump manages to turn his state around in the service of his nation, look out for the Security Council affirming R2P against India for its genocidal policies in Kashmir, including the deliberate blinding with shotgun fire of hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrztors. 

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johnnycanuck shizzledizzle Tue, 02/13/2018 - 14:15 Permalink

With that in mind;

" When former U.S. President George W Bush launched the “War on Terror” to much fanfare and cheers, the target country was only Afghanistan. Now, after 17 years of war in Afghanistan, the conflict has expanded. In fact, it has spread to 76 more countries touching 39 percent of this planet. "




The War... For Terror

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FoggyWorld Tue, 02/13/2018 - 12:44 Permalink

Now it's time to look closer at the Pakistani Awan family and their infiltration of our US Congress and other schemes.

See George Webb on Youtube who has been chasing down this story almost on his own for well over a year.

Chupacabra-322 Tue, 02/13/2018 - 12:47 Permalink

No worries.


As per Sibel Edmonds, “Intelligence” Agencies & State Department “Officials” are notorious for adding then removing Countries & Terror Organizations on & off their “Terror” Lists.


The enemy of my enemy is my I CIA SIS. 

Freddie Tue, 02/13/2018 - 12:50 Permalink

When will Debbie Wasserscum-Schultz go to jail with her husband and cronies?  The Chosunites like her, Lois Lerner and Bill Priestep and his Goldman Sachs founders wife never go to jail.