BuzzFeed Suing DNC For Proof They Were Hacked

BuzzFeed is suing the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee (DNC) to force them to hand over information related to the "Steele Dossier" that might help the news outlet defend itself against a lawsuit lodged by a Russian businessman who was named in the document. 

Three separate lawsuits have been launched against BuzzFeed in connection to the January 11, 2017 publication of the dossier, which states that Russian tech executive Aleksej Gubarev used his web hosting companies to hack into the DNC's computer systems.

The dossier, without substantiation, said Gubarev’s U.S.-based global web-hosting companies, XBT and Webzilla, planted digital bugs, transmitted viruses and conducted altering operations against the Democratic Party leadership.

While one key name in the dossier was blackened out by BuzzFeed, Gubarev’s was not. He alleges that he was never contacted for comment, suffering reputational harm in the process. -Foreign Policy

As part of their defense, BuzzFeed issued a subpoena to the DNC for information which might help them defend against Gubarev's lawsuit by verifying claims in the dossier - including "digital remnants left by the Russian state operatives," as well as a full version of the hacking report prepared by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

Since the DNC wouldn't let the FBI look at the server and instead relied on the report prepared by CrowdStrike (founded by Russian expat Dimitri Alperovitch - who sits on the very Anti-Russian Atlantic Council along with Evelyn "oops!" Farkas. The AC is funded by the US State Department, NATO, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukranian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk, who apparently owns the Ukrainian gas company Joe Biden's son is on the board of).

“As part of the discovery process, BuzzFeed is attempting to verify claims in the dossier that relate to the hacking of the DNC,” said BuzzFeed spokesman Matt Mittenhal in a statement. “We’re asking a federal court to force the DNC to follow the law and allow BuzzFeed to fully defend its First Amendment rights.”

Last month, the DNC claimed that providing the requested information would expose the DNC's internal operations and harm the party politically (it's always someone else's fault, no?). 

“If these documents were disclosed, the DNC’s internal operations, as well as its ability to effectively achieve its political goals, would be harmed,” said DNC lawyers. 

If the DNC is compelled to turn over the full CrowdStrike report and "digital remnants," perhaps Gubarev would then present a counter-analysis by researcher Forensicator which CrowdStrike apparently "missed" - revealing that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s - all but confirming that the files had to have been copied locally by an inside source. Many have speculated that DNC IT staffer Seth Rich, whose murder is still unsolved, was the source of the emails provided to WikiLeaks.

Word of BuzzFeed's suit against the DNC comes on the heels of a Monday revelation that the news outlet hired a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official to fly around the globe on a secret mission to corroborate various claims in the dossier. 

The probe is being conducted by Anthony Ferrante - formerly the FBI's top official in charge of "cyber incident response" at the U.S. National Security Council under the Obama administration. Ferrante is leading the investigation from his new employer, D.C.-based business advisory firm, Forensic Technologies International (FTI) consulting reports Foreign Policy

At FTI, Ferrante launched what’s now been a months-long stealth effort chasing down documents and conducting interviews on the ground in various countries around the world. His team directed BuzzFeed lawyers to subpoena specific data and testimony from dozens of agencies or companies across the country and assembled a cyber ops war room to analyze that data, according to sources familiar with the work.

Considering that much of the Steele dossier came from a collaboration with high level Kremlin officials (a collusion if you will), one has to wonder exactly what channels Ferrante and FTI have tapped in order to access such information.

Wouldn't it be funny if BuzzFeed proves the DNC wasn't hacked?


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Gotta feel for a schlep like Perez; talk about getting a bag of shit passed to you.

He'll fuck it up even worse.


LOL....Democrats. I do not know ONE that is even reasonably intelligent.

Crying whining, PARROTING sharting crytards...........

............AND....fucking goddamned criminals to boot!

Debbie......WasherPussyHat Shittttttz.............what a cuntasaurus

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Evidence of her cooperation with Pakistan intelligence is overwhelming. That includes tricking other dem reps into being their prey. She’s so dirty that unfortunately it makes it look like she’s a natural scapegoat fall-guy and the other grifter dems will just say “that’s so awful!”


[edit: but seeing her in orange will be a delight all the same.]

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unless an democrat who is a "real' angel appears with evidence 


The Trump Sons have at least a $10 Billion Lawsuit against the Federal Government and DNC / Clinton Foundation / MSNBC / NYT / CNN / NBC / CBS / WP - all ---- can potentially make Trump's Sons the biggest shareholders of Media in the world


this will be a debacle equivalent to TEXACO and the Getty Oil Acquisition!!!!


Imagine owning the DNC - by Trump - it is beyond delicious  !

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Seems a bit harsh to call the CEO of a tech company in a pretty competitive international sector, an "oligarch"- doesn't that imply unfair monopolies?

Some of his linked company datacenters were in EU and USA AFAIK.

And, to Banana Republican up there, yes the French also still have main streets named after the date of liberation, and do parades of neatly restored WWII army vehicles, most likely of US origin.



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They also have a neighborhood in Paris named "Stalingrad".

The Bastille became the location for a car dealership. Prix de Bastille Day celebration became Fête nationale.

Zee French were also the ones exchanging FRNs for Gold that led to dropping Gold backing and ending Bretton Woods.

De Gaulle's Nuclear Strategy, post NATO, pre EU, was to target 360 degrees. A French Samson option.

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This is hilarious. The ultimate form of low rent irredeemable pinkos turning on each other. In their haste to get clicks while virtue signaling as anti trump - Buzzfeed pulled off the Gawker Maneuver  - only worse. We find out yesterday, they are scouring the globe trying to corroborate essentially a harlequin romance novel - and now we see them turning on the DNC like a rabid wookie.


LOL. When your enemy is destroying themselves, all you need to do is pull up a chair.

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I can't wait to see how they spin their twice-renewed double-strengthened total lack of interest in Seth Rich's mur-...ahem, robbery, THIS time. 


What WAS on that DWS laptop that the paki left in the closet of the Capitol building? HMMMM? Funny how she was desperate to get it back...

And has anyone seen Weiner's laptop (plenty of laptops have seen his weiner, heeeeeyyy) lately? Hello? Director Wray? NYPD? 

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@ Stan522, I suggest reading my post below then this one.  


The Trump Team was being surveiled the entire time by Breanan via the GCHQ.  The CIA are Analysts. That’s it.  They had to involve the FBI to begin the Surveillance & Criminal Investgstion into the Counter Intelligence Operation.  Thus, Criminal at Large Breanan’s trip up to Capital Hill to meet with Harry Reid to brief him on Steele.  Breanan the “Puppet Master” has been quarter backing the entire Deep State Intelligence Psychological Operation & Parallel Construction Surveillance from the very start.  


They’ve been reverse engineering their lies ever since they lost the election to cover their tracks and use the excuse of “Plusible Deniability” as the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA always claim.  


Feb 13th, Don Bongino Podcast.


“I’ll include an article from NPR. NPR, not a by any stretch a right Wing outlet.  Ok? But it’s actually a decent piece.  


Now, it describes the three hop rule.  It’s from 2013, but it describes it very shortly & ce scintillating in about 400 words.  And it’s done well so I’ll include it in todays show notes.


Remember, It’s now the “Two Hop Rule” but you just have to know what a “Hop” is to understand how dangerous this is.


Here’s who they explain it.


It says, “testimony before Congress on Wednesday, remember this is written in 2013 Joe.  Showed how easy it is for Americans, with no connection to Terrorism to unwittingly have their calling patterns analyzed by the Government.” This is really wacko stuff.  It hinges on what is known as a “Hop.”  


Or chain analysis.  When the NSA identifies a suspect, it can look not just at his phone records Joe, but also the records of everyone he calls, everyone who calls those people and everyone who calls those people.” Chain Migration.  


You ain’t kidding! Right!? Chain spying!


It goes on...though....this is good.


“If the average person Joe, called 40 unique people.  “Three Hop Analysts” would allow the Government to mine the records....this is a staggering number...of 2.5 Million Americans when investigating one suspected terrorist.”


“Holy Moly!” Holly Moly is right.


Why get a FISA warrant for Cater Paige after he left the Trump Team?  Because folks, the FISA Warrant is RETROACTIVE.  


All the the emails he sent in the past to Trump Team members, combine that with “Two Hops” you basically have everybody in the known universe that could of ever contacted the Trump Team.


Paige sends an email, whatever to Kushner.  I don’t know who he sends emails to.  He probably didn’t.  But you get the point.  Then you go to another “Hop.” Kushner, who’d he send an email to?  Now you got the while Trump Team.


That’s the whole point.  That’s why I constantly say to you that they were trying to put a legal face on this thing after they realized the election was coming up and they could lose. 


They were like.  Man, we’ve been spying on these people the whole time. We already got most of their emails and their communications. How do we legally do it now? 


Oh, we get a FISA Warrant, we use couple of “Hops” and we’re Golden.”



Question comes up a lot is.  “Where are the “White Hats?”   We are the White Hats.


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@ AZ,


Happy Valentines Day.  No worries I enjoy Transcription.  We are the “White Hats.” 



A release last week of texts showed that Christopher Steele, the former British spy whose memos regarding the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia are referred to as the Steele dossier, reached out to Sen. Mark Warner, the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, through a Russian-linked Washington, D.C., lobbyist named Adam Waldman. Among Waldman’s clients is Oleg Deripaska, a Russian aluminum magnate with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a text dated March 16, 2017, Waldman texted Warner, “Chris Steele asked me to call you.”


In 2009, Waldman filed papers with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) registering himself as an agent for Deripaska in order to provide “legal advice on issues involving his U.S. visa as well as commercial transactions” at a retainer of $40,000 a month. In 2010, Waldman additionally registered as an agent for Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, “gathering information and providing advice and analysis as it relates to the U.S. policy towards the visa status of Oleg Deripaska,” including meetings with U.S. policymakers. Based on the information in his FARA filings, Waldman has received at least $2.36 million for his work with Deripaska.


If Steele was employed by Deripaska or by his lawyer to do work on his behalf, it is likely to cast the dossier he allegedly authored in a new light.


If Steele worked for a Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin, it is likely to change prevailing views of the Russia investigations of the past year and a half. The three congressional inquiries (Senate Judiciary, Senate Intelligence, and House Intelligence), as well as special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, are based largely on allegations made in the dossier. Was Steele paid by Deripaska at the same time he was paid by the Washington, D.C., communications firm Fusion GPS for his work on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee? Did his work on behalf of Deripaska influence his investigations into the Trump team’s possible ties to Russia? Was Deripaska one of Steele’s Kremlin-insider sources—and what does that tell us about the contents and purpose of the Steele dossier?

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A "hack" can be just logging onto a target system and looking around.

It could also be just connecting to a system without breaching defenses.

A word without precision.

Bags of enough votes to swing an election are found in the trunk of an automobile, nothing to see, move along.

Somebody, unrelated to the political process, connected to some insecure voting systems, the entire election process was corrupted!

Every day most every system on the Internet is attacked.

Not news. Not the assault on the American Electoral process that  should be the news.

Soros, Koch Bros., Bloomberg, et al. Mass Media owned by six corporations. The attack, using FRNs, upon the will of The People Is Real.

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Many have speculated about that guy. Just none of the fraud morons in congress and all their stupid committees.

For that matter, the maverick dotard has never heard of him either. Apparently he has heard of Assange's offer, because he was specifically asked about it, he'd prefer to tweet about fake news. Bonehead Stiff Sessions has never heard of anything. 

None of them has seen the reporting by OANN. DOH!

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