Dutch Lies Over Putin's "Aggression" Expose NATO War Agenda

Authored by Finian Cunningham, via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte was this week forced to bear a parliamentary vote of no confidence after his foreign minister finally came clean over a dangerous lie he has been telling for two years concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Halbe Zijlstra quit in shame on Monday as the country’s foreign minister after admitting that a story he had peddled about personally hearing Putin plotting to create a “greater Russia” was false. That then forced premier Rutte to endure a “no confidence” motion from parliamentarians. In the end, Rutte survived the vote. If a majority had voted against his leadership, his coalition government may have collapsed.

But the deep damage done to the Dutch authorities will not be so easily repaired by Rutte’s survival as premier. What has been exposed this week is a senior member of government recklessly telling bare-faced lies in an attempt to slander Russia, poison international relations, and ratchet up already dangerous geopolitical tensions.

Zijlstra had claimed two years ago, in 2016, that he had personally witnessed Russian leader Vladimir Putin boasting about creating a “greater Russia” which, it is claimed, would incorporate Ukraine, the Baltic states, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The newly resigned Dutch top diplomat claimed he heard Putin making the remarks while present with others at the Russian leader’s dacha (summer house) back in 2006. 

This week, Zijlstra finally came clean and admitted before parliament that he hadn’t in fact been present at the alleged gathering. He still maintains, however, that a confidant who was among the guests at Putin’s dacha informed him of the alleged “greater Russia” plan. But how can we now trust the word of a self-confessed liar?

Zijlstra’s boss, Prime Minister Rutte, also sought to downplay the debacle, claiming that his foreign minister had made “a big mistake” – but that “lying was not a deadly sin”.

Rutte is in for a rude awakening due to his complacent thinking. For indeed his government has been caught telling a very grave lie whose ramifications concern issues of war and peace in Europe.

Disgraced former minister Zijlstra stands accused of gross distortion of Russia’s foreign policy.

Since the US and European-backed illegal coup in Ukraine in early 2014, geopolitical reality has been turned upside-down. American and European corporate media have peddled relentless anti-Russia propaganda accusing Moscow of “aggression” and “expansionism” in Europe.

This torrent of Russophobia spewed out by Washington, the Pentagon, NATO and the European Union has created the worst crisis in relations with Russia since the Cold War ended nearly three decades ago. There are real fears that the mounting crisis could escalate into an all-out war involving nuclear powers.

Zijlstra’s offense therefore is not merely a “mistaken” lie. His flagrant public distortion has contributed directly to the grave deterioration in geopolitical relations. One could even argue such reprehensible remarks amount to incitement of war, which is a cardinal crime under Nuremberg legal principles.

Lamentably, the mendacious senior Dutch politician is not an isolated case.

Recall how former Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski was caught out telling similar defamatory lies about Russia in 2014.

Sikorski, who has been an ardent supporter of NATO force build-up against Russia, reportedly claimed that he personally overheard Vladimir Putin in 2008 plotting to annex Ukrainian territory in a covert plot. Sikorski claimed that he heard Putin propositioning then Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk with a carve-up deal of Ukraine between Poland and Russia.

Sikorski was obliged to swiftly retract the claims published in US media, and awkwardly admitting that he was not present at the alleged meeting with Putin, and that his quoted remarks were meant as a “surreal joke”.

But, again, this is no joke or mistake. It is deadly serious disinformation by senior government officials, which is recklessly inciting war tensions with Russia. Sikorski is prominently associated with pro-NATO think-tanks like the hawkish American Enterprise Institute. He is married to Anne Applebaum who makes a living from writing anti-Russian screeds for news outlets like the Washington Post.

Zijlstra and Sikorski join the ranks of Russophobia regurgitated by other European foreign ministers like Britain’s Boris Johnson who issued the outlandish claim earlier this year that Russia is “targeting” British infrastructure; or French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian who has impugned Russia for chemical weapons use in Syria – only for the French President Emmanuel Macron to admit this week that his government has actually no evidence about the use of such weapons in Syria.

Macron has made his own contribution to Russophobia by leveling unsubstantiated allegations that his presidential election campaign last year was “hacked” by Kremlin agents. He has since banned Russian news media from attending his press conferences.

All these senior government figures are irresponsibly fueling a climate of demonization against Russia which is compounding other unhinged claims made by politicians in Washington and the Baltic states. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, for example, recently claimed that Russian Iskander missiles based on Russian sovereign territory of Kaliningrad were targeting half of Europe, an alarmist claim which has been amplified by US secretary of defense James Mattis in the Pentagon’s recent Nuclear Posture Review.

The climate of hysteria – based on false, fevered official claims – is militating against normal political and diplomatic relations, which is, in turn, exacerbating the war in Ukraine and leading to wider war tensions with Russia across Europe.

A good question is why the ousted Dutch minister decided to own up this week to his lies about Putin.

The answer may be related to the bigger credibility crisis of the Dutch government and its NATO allies with regard to the whole Russophobia propaganda war.

Next month, the Netherlands is to hold a national referendum on extending powers of Dutch state intelligence to monitor public electronic communications. To convince the Dutch public to vote for more snooping powers, the authorities are relying on the hackneyed claims about Russian “meddling” and “interference”.

It seems significant that Dutch media reported last month that the country’s secret services allegedly “hacked into” Russian state hackers who were allegedly penetrating the American Democratic party’s databases during the US presidential elections back in 2015-2016. As usual, no evidence was provided to support the claims. We know from other credible reports that the Democratic party was quite possibly not hacked at all, but rather was leaked from inside by a Democrat staffer. So the Dutch intel story smearing Russia is highly dubious.

But it seems that the purported “good deed” performed by the Dutch intelligence services was pitched in the media as a way to ingratiate bona fides with the Netherlands public. The aim being to dispose the public toward voting in the referendum next month to give the Dutch state more intrusive powers over citizens to “protect” them from “nefarious Russians”.

Now, if the Dutch minister had held on to his office any longer there was a risk that his lies may have become public embarrassingly close to the March referendum, which could have resulted in the public rejecting the authorities’ desire for more snooping powers.

Perhaps then the decision was taken in high office for the minister to take the fall now in order to get rid sooner of an embarrassing story concerning his lies over Russia.

Whatever the explanation about the timing, the admission of Dutch government lying about Russian aggression in Europe is nevertheless an illuminating and appalling insight into how Russophobia and war is being fomented by the US and its European NATO allies.

Abominably, European government officials are willing to risk plunging millions of citizens into a war with Russia based on lies and warped, self-serving prejudices.



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If they could start war against Russia and invade it, they would have done that already. Back in the 90's Russia was weak and tittering on the brink and even back then they did not have the guts. Now with modernized military, second most powerful in the world, neither NATO or USA are going to invade risking losing millions of soldiers like Germans did and the French before them.

This is all talk to increase MIC spending.

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The biggest defeat ever of the Royal British Navy was against the Dutch with the Battle of Chatham in 1667.

The Dutch manouvered their ships deep inland, sank 62 navy British vessels and took, to the disgust, horror and shame of the British generals, the main frigates The Charles and The Unity,  back to Holland on a rope as a war trophy.

British Admiral Sir William Batten, at table, cried, By God, says he, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen."

As you can imagine, I enjoy telling this great story to pompous Brits, especially the military, if they want to hear it or not.

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When I was 9 to 12 years of age we were forced to learn the English kings and their battle successes. Needless to say we didn't get to hear if that. I did notice that sometimes there were breaks of 60 years where I suspected the poms copped it. 

so good, the boats on a rope towed back as trophy. Some might have cheered if we dared, tho not the Aus girls collecting pictures of Elizabeth and Margaret.. aren't they beautiful they would say, showing their scrapbook of the plain lumpy stupid looking girls. 

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Cromwell was  a POS even for an English. What he did in Ireland after selling off the beautiful eastern lands to Pom scumbags to finance his killers he slaughtered so many Irish and started the slavers to American buyers. 

Its no wonder the incidence of phsychopathic genes is high high in England given so many ancestral POS sadists in the gene pool.

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I have always thought the reason for so many psychopaths in the UK was their genocidal empire. If you are in business of stealing, lying, invading, killing and raping - what better then an army of psychopaths who by the nature of their sickness have no conscience or mercy (or anything really apart from greed, desire to play games of power and money). 

if psychos kill - they don't even blink (compared to normal people who find it hard to do). That's the evolutionary reason for the need and promotion of psychopaths in the UK - after centuries of attracting and worshiping psychos - this is what you get. 

they say world's capitals of psychopathy are London, LA and NYC - I've lived in all - London is much more psychopathic than LA. 

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" .... are willing to risk plunging millions of citizens into a war with Russia based on lies and warped, self-serving prejudices. ..."


Ummm ...no.

European Govts and NATO are responding to OBSERVATIONS of what Russia has DONE in Ukraine, plus what POOTIE has been SAYING, since early 2014.

Far from this warped article's conclusion, their actions are entirely rational, lkgical and based on observstionsl facts.

i.e. Pootie wanted this and deliberately chose this outcome.


It sustains him, it made him more popular(ist) than ever before, it allowed him to destroy Russian Democracy, it greatly improved the subversiveness of Russian propaganda.


What's not to like?


Pootie likes it! ... so you should too!


He's fabulously rich I hear! ... one of the richest people on Earth ... how? ... no really, how?

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Since 80% of the Dutch people believing firmly in the truth of the msm this will blow over and willingly they will submit to draconian eavesdrop laws because it is in their best interest to do so and it is for their own safety.

Dutch sheople at their best.

Jung Lokiban Fri, 02/16/2018 - 03:26 Permalink

You got that figure of 80% via your MSM I assume?

If ever there is a sheeple it is in the US where people cannot do anything about their top brass who have been harping on and on about Russia complete with disinformation as usual. You are just doing what you're told and there is nothing that you can do to make them resign.

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I hope some Dutchwoman will grab this dispicable piece of shit by his faggy hair and tie and punch his face in.

But now that it is sanctioned that all Dutch may lie and be exonerated, then the Dutch are porcelain pissoires to me and fuck them.

Next time I visit a urinal I'll think about Belgium, Amsterdam and beating the shit out of yet another liar sack of shit who is "Awesome". So modern art.

What the fuck does it matter? Obviously anyone who exonerated this sack of shit has no personal honor and so the lame ass "Dutch" suffer. And fuck them. They're too stupid to protest so fuck it.

Fuck you asshole Dutch dumb fuck losers. You have no honor. Just shut the fuck up and put that needle in your arm you so want.

Hey, if you're worthless tap the fuck out.

Jung Golden Showers Fri, 02/16/2018 - 02:53 Permalink

Well, well, that sounds like an brave man "talking": we have had your example from the US where DOJ, DNC, FBI, CIA, MSM etc.etc. are spreading this nonsense about the RussiaGate fairy tale and one politician in the Netherlands does the same (playing ball with the US and NATO by lying about Russia) and now it is THE DUTCH who have done it all?

Come on, your country is full of liars and perjurers at the top and you have not done anything about those who are in their hundreds. Get yourself organized and see if you can make any of them to express remorse and resign voluntarily. In the Netherlands this took a few days to get him to resign and you are into a year of "investigation" (by an obvious partisan Mueller) and have nothing to indict or charge any of those lying bastards (all you do is investigate on and on until it all becomes irrelevant).

I herewith return the same wishes to you as you so kindly expressed to the Dutch (in your own civilized words).

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Well NATO will have to watch out as it has Germany in charge of its Rapid Conquest Force in Central Europe 2019 and the Luftwaffe has very few operational aircraft and even fewer spare parts. Same goes for German Navy with 9 ships in long-term repair awaiting parts; and of 44 tanks pledged only 9 are operational.


So the German HiWi Army won't be able to help the US Attack Force in Barbarossa II



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epic irony - the failed libtard socialist demoNrats across europe and the US are warmongering against a country that rejected socialism to embrace freer markets and economic policies,

because russia rejected the centrally planned voodoo monetary policies that are bankrupting the west, the libtards are squealing and kicking their toys our of their cots because russia has one third the debt, five times the resources and 20 times the potential. russia is being held back by libtard warmongers out of jealousy and spite.

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The ZATO 'Ship Of Fools' with charlatans, connivers & con-artists - personified by Nikki NutJob and that bloated-buffoon Boris - at the helm, sails into the abyss.

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Litte weasel got thrown under the bus. Rutte likes to do that. Zijlstra has been sucking a lot of dick to get there. When he got there? Took him less then 4 months to see it in shambles.

But there are more of these muppets. "Russian lies, Russian lies!", they yell. Right, Pechtolshenko? Say hi to Porkyshenko for me, uki cocksucker. And many more.

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>> It seems significant that Dutch media reported last month that the country’s secret services allegedly “hacked into” Russian state hackers who were allegedly penetrating the American Democratic party’s databases during the US presidential elections back in 2015-2016. As usual, no evidence was provided to support the claims. We know from other credible reports that the Democratic party was quite possibly not hacked at all, but rather was leaked from inside by a Democrat staffer. So the Dutch intel story smearing Russia is highly dubious.


Some misunderstanding here. The Dutch counter-hacked into APT-28 C&C servers in 2015. The DNC was infected by APT-28 since at least that time. CS reported however the presence of both APT-28 as well as APT-29. And it seems that the detection & removal of APT-28 would have been quite easy, it is APT-29 that they somehow missed. The Dutch never claimed to have hacked into APT-29 as well.

And the warning of the Dutch in 2015 was merely the cause of the warnings by the FBI to various organizations in 2015, it has nothing to do with the alleged hacking or leaks in 2016. The DNC was warned in detail in 2015, the alleged failure to remove APT-28 in 2015 is inexplicable and is just their stupid mistake.

At the APT-28 C&C servers the Dutch saw incoming traffic from the US, a.o. from the DNC (and State Dept. and a few others, details unclear). They reported this to the FBI. The FBI warned the DNC and the DNC didn't do anything about it (allegedly).

In fact the DNC must have had no virus scanners (of note or not operational) because the APT-28 malware present is detected (at least in early 2016) by most if not all top 40 virus scanners yet CS claims that in May 2016 that the APT-28 malware was still there. Then in 2016 they (DNC) also get infected by APT-29, which also remains undetected, albeit with versions of APT-29 malware which are a bit unlike similar APT-29 malware (64 bit instead of 32-bit) and hence less easily detected by virus scanners.

CS also claimed to have detected 'the malware' at the DNC servers shortly after arrival and had the situation under control. Yet they arrived and started work late April/early May 2016, which is shortly before the compile dates of the APT-29 malware (and hence infection or last update) and had to clean the DNC servers again between June 12th and June 14th.

So what seems to have happened (assuming CS is telling the truth at all) is that CS dropped the ball. They went in and detected APT-28, that also means that this malware would have been quarantined immediately. The claim (by CS)that CS merely monitored the situation after detection is ridiculous. That is not how this works. What probably happened is that they found and removed the APT-28 (but ONLY that and not APT-29). Then they may have monitored the situation but did not detect the presence of APT-29. APT-29 entered around that time or at least installed the latest versions after CS had started work at the DNC (...).
Then around 25 May the emails get leaked (ahum are hacked) from the DNC email server. CS only detects and removes the APT-29 by 12-13 June. Or so they claim.

So the story that the Dutch hacked APT-28 in 2015 does not disprove the theory that the DNC was not hacked at all in 2016. In fact it makes it more curious what happened simply because the FBI would be able to provide great detail to DNC. And the presence or removal of APT-28 does not explain anything about the presence and the timing of the detection & removal of APT-29.


AntiLeMaire hooligan2009 Fri, 02/16/2018 - 05:10 Permalink

Probably a leak, still a small chance for a hack.

In case of a hack: can't have been by APT-28. Even CS will have removed APT-28 shortly after arrival. They are not that incompetent or stupid.

But what about APT-29? Despite CS's claim that they acted promptly, it seems clear (in case we believe them) that they had to remove malware by mid June, ergo there was still malware (APT-29's) present during May 2016.
The emails that were published by Wikileaks are all dated 25 May or shortly around that date (see https://climateaudit.org/ on this), so they were leaked (or hacked) on May 26th or so. They can't have been hacked before the arrival of CS at the DNC (i.e. early May 2016 at the latest), simply because they did not yet exist.


But how could CS even miss that APT-29 malware? That malware was X-Agent and X-Tunnel. These malware binaries are now detected by several virus scanners (but still not all), but at the time would only be detected by a few. But also note that CS claims to have an advanced platform, not merely a standard virus & malware scanner. So they would not just scan for the binary codes, they would (or should) also apply any known YARA rules (more on this below).

The APT-29 malware was less easily detectable because it is the only publicly known version of that malware in 64-bit, all know examples are 32-bit. That obviously hampers attempts to detect a virus by using binary fingerprints (because 64bit code <> 32bit code, even when the original program code is exactly the same). BUT these malware samples are still detectable as APT-29 (or APT-29 mimicking) malware because they contain a set of very well known strings.

E.g. the X-Tunnel variant found (according to CS) at the DNC contains a set of strings which is seen in earlier known APT-29 samples. What is odd is that the CS Falcon software must have missed this (at first).
Another issue is that several of the strings that make up the known fingerprint (as per the YARA rule published for the May 2015 APT-29 Bundestag sample) make little sense to still exist in an executable created in (late April/early May) 2016.

Problematic are: "" and "OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013".


The IP ""  was found in the 2016 DNC samples, which is odd because that was the C&C of the malware used in the Bundestag attack in 2015. After that attack the string ""  was included in the YARA sample for detection (and APT-29 would know about that, so why leave this marker in the source? to ease detection?).
Also the Germans made a formal complaint to the server ISP. That ISP then pulled down the server and re-imaged it. Since May 2015 that server (or in fact the IP "" ) can no longer be used as C&C server by APT-29.

Which begs the question: why include a hard-coded IP address for a now defunct C&C in your binary? And that in a binary which you constantly rebuild after changing the source code a bit; e.g. the sample at the DNC was compiled one year later, in 2016. Which is about a year after that C&C server stopped working.


And the OpenSSL bit is just silly. They are needlessly using a very much outdated and dangerous version of OpenSSL, namely one that suffers from the HeartBleed bug. It even may effect the C&C servers of APT-29 (as they have to communicate with their malware clients using a version of the protocol that has this very wel known vulnerability). You do not even need to chance your code to fix this. There are binary compatible versions of this library (like 1.0.1g) that you can use without changing a single letter in your code. Just re-link and problem is solved, no more HeartBleed. This was already a stupid thing to do in 2015 (when this was publicly commented on after the Bundestag attack), but to persist doing this is mind boggling. There is no chance that APT-29 is not aware of the risks involved or that APT-29 does not know that every Tom, Dick and Harry knows about this by now.

The use of OpenSSL with the HeartBleed bug is also mentioned as a possible cause of the persistent rumor that the X-Tunnel and X-Agent source code has been leaked into the hackers community. A version of X-Agent is known to be floating around in those circles (the Linux version, but apparently that also contains the system calls for the Windows version, those calls are merely commented out; see ESET report). There is also a very old version of the X-Tunnel code, but that would be just the original non-malware version which is in public domain.
The idea is that people would be able to break into the APT-29 C&C servers, simply by using the HeartBleed exploit, because it is assumed that those C&C servers must be using the same vulnerable version of OpenSSL as the their clients do... That also assumes that APT-29 kept the source for their malware on those servers (which makes no sense for MS Windows, but it does make sense for Linux targets because their are too many Linux flavors, hence one could keep source code on a 1st line C&C server and compile for a given target, or even compile on the Linux target itself...)


So for this to be a hack we have to believe that:

a) CS did not detect APT-29 X-Tunnel nor X-Agent in early May 2016, despite the presence of very well known strings in the X-Tunnel binaries. Nor did they detect any new intrusion (say that their first scan was late April, then there was a later intrusion in early May, because some of the malware binaries were only build in early May; but obviously monitoring also means that you scan all computers every day in the same way that you did on the initial scan).

b) CS did manage to detect (easy with so many clear markers) and remove the APT-29 malware in their second attempt mid June 2016.

Between A & B the hackers then would have leaked (err hacked) the emails (all dated around May 25th). And later the DNC and CS would have realized that they missed something after the June 12th interview with Julian Assange, where he indicated that he had recent documents/emails from the DNC. And then they start checking again and finally find what they should have detected early May 2016.
To hide their incompetence the DNC and CS decide not to let the FBI investigate and they decide just to release very little concrete information.

This is the only way I can see this happening. It still seems a long shot.

A simpler explanation is that the whole story is just BS and there was no hack, just a leak. But that would of course imply that they must have faked the APT-29 malware binaries, which is not that easy to do, as that requires one to have source code (these are not re-used 32-bit binaries, they are really 64-bit and re-compiled from source). I'm not sure that CS is capable of doing that. I'm pretty sure that (say) Ukranian hackers can do that ...

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hooligan2009 AntiLeMaire Fri, 02/16/2018 - 05:45 Permalink

thanks for that.

i'm pretty sure the cia can fake APT-29 malware binaries - in fact, i would go so far as to say that they have already done this in other countries AND the US.

makes you wonder hey?


"Once installed, the malware provides a beaconing capability (including configuration and task handling), the memory loading/unloading of malicious payloads for specific tasks and the delivery and retrieval of files to/from a specified directory on the target system," WikiLeaks claims.

The leaked documents suggest that Athena, written in Python programming language, was developed in August 2015, just a month after Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system.

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AntiLeMaire hooligan2009 Fri, 02/16/2018 - 06:06 Permalink

Oh sure, the CIA (and NSA) certainly can do that. They do not even need to have access to (part of) the original source code, they have all the time & resources to mimic a very similar version simply by analyzing de-compiles of the public malware samples.

That IP address "" is the hackers equivalent of a typical false flag. So foul play seems very likely.

One has to wonder why they would do that, but they certainly can. So can CIA or NSA personnel or contractors which have gone rogue. But with a person like 'Haj' Brennan in charge of the CIA anything can & will happen.

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AntiLeMaire Fri, 02/16/2018 - 04:16 Permalink

>> The newly resigned Dutch top diplomat claimed he heard Putin making the remarks while present with others at the Russian leader’s dacha (summer house) back in 2006.

>> This week, Zijlstra finally came clean and admitted before parliament that he hadn’t in fact been present at the alleged gathering. He still maintains, however, that a confidant who was among the guests at Putin’s dacha informed him of the alleged “greater Russia” plan. But how can we now trust the word of a self-confessed liar?

Oh by the way: Zijlstra resigned after that confidant (a former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell) publicly stated that a) he never said (anything like) that to Zijlstra b) what Zijlstra claimed was not (remotely) what Putin said (nor could it be understood that way in the opinion of the former CEO).

After that statement Zijlstra and the government could no longer claim that he had 'merely' falsely claimed to have heard it himself (but that it was otherwise true). After the statement by the former CEO it was clear that gist of the story also wasn't otherwise true...

And only then Zijlstra had to resign.