FBI Admits It Investigated YouTube "School Shooting" Threat, Failed To Identify Person Behind It

In the latest humiliation for the scandal-plagued FBI - one which this time had deadly results - the FBI agent in charge of the Florida shooting probe admitted that the Bureau had investigated a school shooting threat made on YouTube last year but could not identify person behind it even though Nikolas Cruz used his real name to sign the threat. Perhaps it was too busy unmasking member of the Trump administration?

And so, nearly half a year later and long after one of America's most deadly school shootings, the FBI said on Thursday that it was finally investigating whether or not a disturbing YouTube comment reported to them in September was posted by the suspect in Wednesday's deadly Florida school shooting rampage.

A Mississippi man told CBS that he warned the FBI last September about a social media comment allegedly posted by Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz. Ben Bennight says he saw a comment on a YouTube video that troubled him and notified the FBI, Pegues reports. The comment on Bennight's YouTube video said, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter," Bennight said.

As noted earlier, BuzzFeed News first reported that the YouTube vlogger says he made the warning.

Bennight, who BuzzFeed reported is a bail bondsman, spoke with the FBI last year for about 20 minutes, and there was no follow-up from the FBI after that initial conversation.

Then, Bennight told CBS that he again spoke with the FBI on Wednesday night for about 20 minutes. They wanted to know if he knew anything more after first reporting the YouTube video last year. He said the same agent/agents he spoke with last year came to his home Wednesday.

Robert Lasky, special agent in charge of the FBI Miami Division, said Thursday at a press conference that the FBI received information last year about a comment on a YouTube channel that said, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter."

"No other information was included with that comment, which would indicate a time, location or the true identity of the person who made the comment," Lasky said. "The FBI conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment."

Which, as noted above, is absolutely bizarre since as shown in the screen capture above, the comment was signed by the shooter himself, Nikolas Cruz.

Lasky said investigators are again reviewing the comment but don't know whether Cruz is the person who posted it.

"We're going back, we're scrubbing the information, we're looking at it again, but I'm not willing to say at this time that it was ... the same person," Lasky said.

The development comes just hours after Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel urged people to call law enforcement if they see something online "that is not right."

"Call up the FBI or the Broward Sheriff," he said. "You could prevent a major tragedy."

Or just the Sheriff: if calling the FBI, be prepared to be very disappointed, unless of course you have photos of Trump banging a KGB hooker spy.


nope-1004 Pandelis Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:51 Permalink

Comment was BITch Bleached, you know, "like with a rag".

FBI was then helpless.  No other record exists, even though he used his real name.

Thank goodness those billions of $$ into homeland security is working.

Come to think of it:  What is the definition of "homeland security" when the homeland gets shot up?

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Ignatius Buckaroo Banzai Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:28 Permalink

Ya know, when some Israeli coward snipes an Palestinian kid the kid's parents don't hide the fact.  They SHOW the world the injustice done and mourn their loss in the open.  Like Sandy Hook, if I don't see the bodies -- horrible as it no doubt seems -- then it's just another story from a media machine that has damn little credibility.

If children were killed then I surely mourn their loss.  Maybe this one is real, but I can point to a dozen such atrocities that have very little factual foundation.


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Pure Evil optimator Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:55 Permalink

We're too incompetent to investigate this domestic terrorist.

But, during the next Dumb-o-crap administration we know where you live and we'll be coming to confiscate your firearms.


"The development comes just hours after Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel urged people to call law enforcement if they see something online "that is not right.""

Supposedly the school was well aware of the threat so why didn't the school call the sheriff's office about the kid?

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spieslikeus Burnt To A Crisp Thu, 02/15/2018 - 18:06 Permalink

Don't get me wrong, I don't think they could have done anything without violating rights I hold sacred. But....you'd think they'd at least show up and talk with the kid with two complaints? They spend time with the person(s) making the complaint but no time at all with the kid and then say they couldn't figure out who it was? Fucking stupid excuse and it will come back on someone.

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gatorengineer FreeMoney Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

"I'd like to know if the FBI approved, via the local sheriff, for this asshole to purchase the AR.

Nothing against AR's, I personally love them, but allowing this guy to buy, given the prior comments, is incompetence. "


Sorry dude the Second doesn't work that way.  Just because you don't like me don't me you get to block my rights (the left would like nothing more than blocking any "trumptards" from owning firearms).  Prove me mentally handicapped or a criminal and then.... Until then Fuckoff.

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Couchtycoon gatorengineer Fri, 02/16/2018 - 04:45 Permalink

Unilaterally revoking someones rights is one thing but when people post on a public forum intentions to commit a mass murder. The very least that could be done is put a hold on that and interview the guy. I enjoy the second amendment as much as the next guy but she sheer volume of ineptitude when it comes to these things is as much of a danger to the second amendment as allowing gun grabbers to write the legislation. The purchase of a fire arm should easy for most people but not for people who post things like this on youtube, to refer to this as anything but a catastrophic failure of law enforcement would be wrong, and it puts all of our second amendment rights in danger.

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44_shooter FreeMoney Thu, 02/15/2018 - 15:39 Permalink

Why wouldn't they have approved?  Think about your comment....

If a person has NO CRIMINAL background, nor has been reported to an agency to have had a MENTAL HEALTH condition, what grounds would the FBI have for denying him a gun purchase?


Should YOU be denied the right to buy a gun based on comments you made?  Even ones as ambiguous as those made by the shooter?  I mean they were made a YEAR ago.... Hindsight is aslways 20/20.

Too many people (like you) just want an answer to a question that can't be answered.


Remeber this:


In a world with 100% personal freedom there are people who are going to do stupid things, people who are going to get hurt and people who are going to die.

In a world with 0% personal freedom there are people who are going to do stupid things, people who are going to get hurt and people who are going to die.


So if I had to choose which world I'd like to live in, the choice should be obvious - your's should be too - yet you sound like the kind of person willing to give up yours and more importantly MY freedoms for what?  To live in a world where people are still going to do stupid things, get hurt and die?


No thanks - get your head on straight buddy.


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SoDamnMad FreeMoney Fri, 02/16/2018 - 00:35 Permalink

I read he kept it in a locked cabinet but he was given a key for it. Now since the local police had been called a number of times because he was the " terror of the neighborhood" doesn't some adult think he should not have had that key.

Kind of like Adam Lanza killing his mother who went to the range with him (the FF that never happened).

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EddieLomax nope-1004 Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:09 Permalink

It always is heart warming to know that the FBI has been doing EVERYTHING it can for the past year to keep American's safe.

The investigation into Trump must continue, its for the common good...


Or maybe we'll hear (*) that Putin was behind the school shooting, not sure what brand of crazy to believe anymore.


(*) From only the finest unconfirmed sources.

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GeezerGeek EddieLomax Thu, 02/15/2018 - 17:22 Permalink

The So. Fla. FBI has been working diligently for nearly a year trying to figure out what happened to Beranton J. Whisenant, a (young, black) Federal prosecutor who washed up on the beach near Debbie Whatshername-Stupid's home town. They apparently didn't have enough additional resources to investigate this Cruz guy. Besides, having his name but not location means they would have had to investigate everyone with that name throughout the entire country (including illegal invaders!), not just Broward County.

I wonder what the NSA knew and when they knew it. If, as is commonly suspected here, they suck up everything on the internet, they should be held responsible.

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fajensen GeezerGeek Fri, 02/16/2018 - 04:25 Permalink

Besides, having his name but not location means 

FaceBook has his exact location. If he used the FaceBook Messenger app, FaceBook will have detailed GPS and Cell-Tower records of everywhere he ever went with that mobile, IP numbers, Device GUUID's, Credit Card spending, the number of hairs on his arse. All the FBI needed to do is subpoena those records from FaceBook, a trivial thing which "The Authorities" does every second of the day for Very Important Crimes like DMCA violations and "Hate Speech". No doubt FaceBook et. al. has an API for that to control costs!  

The FBI is a terminally incompetent organisation - stooped to formenting crimes in order to bloat it's own significance and at least solve some cases: Those that the FBI instigated themselves. 

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RopeADope AnonymousCitizen Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:57 Permalink

Another possibility that explains why the FBI could not confirm identity is that it was someone at school that posted that using the shooter's name because they thought he was a weirdo.


Said person may have created an environment that sent the "weird" kid over the edge, thereby creating the situation that played out. There are actual criminal charges that could be brought against the other student if that was the case, as there is a strong possibility that the shooting would not have happened if the environment was not created.



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FoggyWorld RopeADope Thu, 02/15/2018 - 15:15 Permalink

Saw some of the FB page yesterday before it was taken down.  The kid's photos were there as well as some very weird statements.  And one photo showed him in a tee shirt that had drawings of the upper bodies of the Russian  Bolsheviks.  Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and a few others.

But he stated goal was to be a School Shooter!

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RopeADope FoggyWorld Thu, 02/15/2018 - 16:45 Permalink

I as speaking more of this sort of thing that was showing up...


Fellow students claimed they had joked about Cruz as a future killer, with one telling WFOR-TV: “A lot of people were saying it was going to be him. A lot of kids threw jokes around saying that he was going to be the one to shoot up the school. It turns out that everyone predicted it.”

I suppose it is a chicken and the egg scenario so it would be hard to establish.

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GeezerGeek gigadeath Thu, 02/15/2018 - 17:34 Permalink

Parkland is a relatively new, upscale community in the northwestern section of inhabited Broward. (The real western section is mostly Everglades and off limits to most building.) The high school is also relatively new. The last time I was there was about 10 years ago and was impressed by the layout. It should have been easy to keep shooters out. I'm pretty certain it was a gun-free zone, too.

Debbie lives further south.


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