Russia Slams Report Of "Hundreds Of Russian Fighters" Killed In Syria As Fake News

Two days after Bloomberg reported that over 100 Russian fighters - mercenaries fighting on behalf of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad - were killed in Syria on February 7 by US air strikes - the Russian foreign ministry slammed these reports about alleged "dozens" or "hundreds" killed Russian military servicemen in Syria as "classic disinformation" that was "launched by anti-government militants."

During her weekly news conference, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that reports by both Reuters and Bloomberg that Russian servicement were killed by US-led coalition strikes, stemmed from anti-government fighters in Syria, who spread them accompanied by doctored images.

“The reports on the deaths of dozens, hundreds, of Russians is classic disinformation,” Zakharova said, who nonetheless admitted that some Russians did die, although in Moscow's official estimation, the number was far lower, no more than "5 people."

"Preliminary data shows the armed confrontation, the reasons of which are currently being investigated, could have resulted in deaths of five people, presumably Russian citizens," she said, adding that their citizenship still needs to be checked.

More importantly, Zakharova added that those who were killed in the airstrike did not serve in the Russian armed forces: she had to make that distinction because as we discussed earlier this week, the fact that the Kremlin was covering up death of armed men in Syria could quickly become a political scandal for Putin:

Vladimir Frolov, a former Russian diplomat and lawmaker who’s now an independent political analyst in Moscow, said the clash marked the first such armed exchange between the two powers since the Vietnam War.

“This is a big scandal and a reason for an acute international crisis,” Frolov said. “But Russia will pretend nothing happened.”

Indeed, and as we noted last night, if and when the deaths are officially confirmed, it could turn into a political scandal for Putin, with the public demanding why the government is keeping military deaths under wraps. Already Grigory Yavlinsky, a veteran liberal politician who is running for president in elections next month, has called on Putin to disclose how many Russians had been killed in Syria and in what circumstances.

“If there was large-scale loss of life of Russian citizens, the relevant officials, including the commander-in-chief of our armed forces (Putin), are obliged to tell the country about it and decide who carries responsibility for this,” Yavlinsky said in a statement released by his Yabloko party.

The scandal started with a US attack on February 7, when the Pentagon said it killed more than 100 Syrian militiamen allied with the government of President Bashar Assad. This was after some 500 fighters had targeted “well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters” in Deir al-Zor province in what the Pentagon called an “unprovoked attack.”

The Russian Defense Ministry later said 25 Syrian militia fighters had been wounded in the airstrike. The ministry added that they came under attack while conducting a reconnaissance operation that was not coordinated with the Russian side. No Russian military servicemen were in the area, according to the ministry, although that narrative now appears to have also changed with "at least" 5 Russians admittedly killed.


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The fake of the fake was a fake. It's a proxy war of who can do the best faking.  Welcome to millennial world where pro-wrestling and video-games rule. Bonus points and everyone gets a trophy here.

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Step One: Form a storyline which conforms to your predetermined bias

Step Two: Find a website which caters to same

Step Three: Quote the desired determination on your fave confirmation biased message board ...and

Step Four: Religiously avoid subsequent proximity to any competing interpretations of said event.

Step Five: If something untoward proves unavoidable... break nearest vote meter button and bang till relief!

Good enuff stuff! Any remaining questions as to why America is in for the high jump jumpers?

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I agree, but there comes a point where you have to say everything on the internet is fake, even when it isn't. I'm not even sure that I exist anymore, and I am a sworn solipsist.

What I do try to do is find conflicting information, but it is hard to make any fair assessment without either assuming one or other source is correct, or actually gong to the war zone in question. 

On that basis, do we agree that this 100 casualties is a scam, or are the Russians lying about a huge disaster? Can BobEore give us his outstanding insights into which narrative is correct?

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Most likely version: Under 20 kia from Russian Federation - mostly not ethnic Russian.


As noted below Moon of Alabama is worth checking and reading comments although Bernie is more prone to censor comments than the Tylers.


His house his rules.  Stay away from the JIQ (Jooish Influence Question) as to (one of the top few reasons) why we’re really in Syria under the ‘America First’ Trump regime.…



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he he he... and so it begins....


The Three Stages of Denial: Outright - Maybe - Ok, they were ours but!

but butt... 

"The slow glide of dawning realization ... that just denying what happened ever happened... is never gonna work, has crept towards the intermediate stage. And as the spokesperson up on this stage explains it...

"up to five" Russian mercenaries died in a US air strike last week." This is the first time Russia's confirmed losing citizens - but it insists they had nothing to do with the government

Like a joint not smoked, or a bridge too far, the various members of the part of the Russian Government responsible for liaison with the outside world are in search of something, anything, to make this story go away. Mission impossible."

Ol skool Roper Nomads vs the alt/msm medias - NO CONTEST!

More - Tail Wag-ners Dog? Or Dog Wag-ners Tail?

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hey Dawgs!

lil bit o 'denial' in play over here too huh? Throw it on the barbie! Crow ribs n wings cookin on the mobile KROW chuck wagon enuff to feed an ARMY of exceptionalist sore head who done got their fake narratives CRUSHED... by real reporters workin real stories! Paper arrows n briquets... mmmmmm..... luv's me the smell of hubris burnin!

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Deed I do! In the face of never ending witless bric a bracs... I continue to curate for your parlous souls sista!

Which is why I provide links to my stories  which cover the points mentioned here in some depth.

Which in turn, is why you won't read them. Preferring instead to proffer barbs, insults, and sundry spurious reasons to explain your disinterest. So... unless you've had a sincere 'change of heart' lately,

you're just one more [insert gender here]who swears that they are gonna like... ignore me for evers....

and then gets mad at ME ... cause they can't!

Oh ... and please... please... don't tell me you don't know what a link looks like.

SYRIAN ENDGAME: Initial Assessment of the opening events - Summation

Mayhem ISIS the Message!

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    Looks there was deal agreed for hand over oil field

    with some kind share agreement. Local business,

    tribal fighters, and hire some privat operators possibly.

    Whoever were to take control, but were attacked before

    some distance before. Very possible was a setup.

    No Rus Military involved, and few Russian nationals

    involved, if any.




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"Very possible was a setup."

You in the right place now!

Alexey Ladygin from the Russian city of Ryazan, Stanislav Matveev and Igor Kosoturov from Asbest, and Vladimir Loginov, born in Khabarovsk. ex-Russ army servicemen, on Wagner PV payroll.

“I just called the guys. They formed a column and they didn’t make it to the position … some 300-700 meters to the position. One platoon went ahead, but the column wasn’t moving,” a man says, using a lot of expletives. “Those [forces] raised the American flag, and the artillery started hitting them hard, and then choppers arrived…”
According to the man, the SDF then began firing artillery at the column, and 200-215 people died in the assault.
“Look, 177 killed – that is just the Fifth Company. The Second remained basically intact. The Fifth one was all destroyed,”

SYRIAN ENDGAME: Initial Assessment of the opening events - Part Two 

Squeal like a pig boys!

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unless the whole thing was being orchestrated and the mercs ( mix of Russkies with Donbass and other conflicts service experience)were more 'collateral damage' with which to set the stage ...

"Protecting assets, disposing of assets - much of the Syrian Imbrogolio will in hindsight prove to have been about Srael doing exactly that; The current decline of Daesh/Isis is quite in keeping with that TERROR STATES' program, whereby the conclusion of the phony wars in Iraq and Syria can be brought about once the petroleum assets it seeks are safely sequestered, and the affected states sufficiently neutered!

The Russians, as previously mentioned, have been dragged into a de facto alliance with with Srael for the purpose of building and operating an "EURASIAN ENERGY CARTEL" soon to be operational. It will include such (seemingly) unlikely members as Saudi Arabia, Iran, several Gulf States and Central Asia ones, and be aimed as a weapon of mass destruction at the west, in holding Europe to ransom, while forcing a breach in its economic and military alliances.

It is, in other words, a pending showdown between the two competing sides of strongman Putin - himself a tribalist by genetic origin, but also a believer in his own rhetoric about 'returning Russia to greatness;' these two competing sides have made it possible and necessary that the talmudists who surround him - just like those who surround the American strongman - nudge the man their way will little 'prompts' every now and again. This latest shootdown was one of them." -  Showdown in Aleppo: Megiddo All Over Agin?


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There is no such conflict be two sides of Putin.

Making Russia great again does not mean that he wants to rebuild the Soviet empire. 

It can easily mean strengthening the nation so that it cannot be pushed around.

Putin himself said that the reason why he is in Syria is to prevent what was done to Libya.

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Hmmm, so did the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights get fed some disinfo?  I mean, it's one guy in London.

Maybe Madison Ave is now joining the fight for the CIA?

Either way, it would be good news if this is in fact correct.  The USA kills way too many people around the world as it is.


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Sputnik just published an exclusive naming the names of those shooting people in the Maidan square. Several are now in the Ukrainian government and one is an American. Interesting timing that it comes out following our killing of Russians in Syria.

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Oh yeah, when I tried to read a related article yesterday all I got was a black screen on my iPad. That never has happened for any other article. I didn't get a chance to try accessing the article from my other computers. Today the latest article can be accessed but for some strange reason the photos are huge making it difficult to read the article. I think someone doesn't want that information to be available in the US.

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The US has fake media, a fake FBI, a fake Rule of Law and a fake dollar.  These fake reports are the US meddling in the Russian election with fake news, which is good.  While Russia supposedly meddling by reporting true Hillary corruption is bad. 

Repeat after your Big Media: US war = peace.  US generated Lies = good.  US Truth = bad.

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This made me physically ill when I read it. (…)

“According to preliminary data, as a result of the armed conflict, the reasons for which are now being clarified, five people, presumably Russian citizens, could have been killed. There are also injured people, but all this requires verification — in particular, first of all, their citizenship — whether they are all citizens of Russia or other countries. I would like to stress once again that we are not talking about Russian servicemen,” the diplomat said during a press briefing."   Maria Zakharova

Does this mean if you're from Uzbekistan,  East Ukrainian or EVEN WORSE A NATIVE OF SYRIA giving up your life as a merc in support of Mother Russia doesn't qualify you in the same category and "thus"... You're just NOT AS IMPORTANT and somehow MOAR "EXPENDABLE"?!!!

Just like the U.S. covert operation(s) I understand that you sign your life away when you become a paid for mercenary, but the difference here is the LEGITIMACY of Russian and Iranian forces based on the rules of engagement and international law vice what the U.S. presence in Syria LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE IT SHOULDN'T BE is ILLEGAL since this (!!!...

Hey Maria... When are you and Sergey going to break the ranks of your "5th column" by telling the World why you have been so silent on what happened on September 11, 2001?... I know it's a mute point closing 17 years in 7 more months but at least you can come clean with the deals that were made to keep your mouths shut given your "position" on the UNSC that might have changed the course of history including your problems with Yankee Jewdle in your Southern Caucus' the Balkans, Georgia and now Ukraine aka (your brothers and sisters) in the East for the past 2 decades???!

It begs the question of the timing of this ( and what it will mean for future Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Yemeni "DEAD"!

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"Just like the U.S. covert operation(s) I understand that you sign your life away when you become a paid for mercenary, but the difference here is the LEGITIMACY of Russian and Iranian forces based on the rules of engagement and international law vice what the U.S. presence in Syria LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE IT SHOULDN'T BE is ILLEGAL since this (!!!..."

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      Not about Russia

      Cos supposed Russian citizen means nothing exact.

      Remind was possible as many as 15,000 Russian citizen

      estimated to terrorist ISIS and such to fight Syria estimated.

      Official reasoning better to stop/kill them Syrian territory than wait

      it come to Russia.




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