Stagflation Strikes: Industrial Production Sinks As Inflation Surges

After surging in the last few months, US industrial production slumped in January, dropping 0.1% MoM against expectations of a 0.3% rise.

Notably, December's original 0.9% surge in industrial production was revised drastically lower to just 0.4%, making this 0.1% drop in January even more significant...

Manufacturing production was unchanged in January - dramatically below the 0.3% rise expected - as capacity utilization slowed for the first time since August.

This drop in production hits as inflation signals surge suggesting the stagflationary scenario is strengthening.




0valueleft Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:37 Permalink

That explains the weakness in gold this morning and strength in platinum and palladium, peeps buy cars when the dollar stops stretching and gas prices go up. It makes sense.

MusicIsYou Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:42 Permalink

I've already implemented a 50% cut in my household consumption to prepare for the coming massive inflation. Can you folks who have to have recreation and go shopping to relieve stress do that? Haha I bet you can't, you're going to go broke. You should never tie your stress reliever to your standard of living, that's a big mistake, because millions of people are going to lose their fcking minds when life gets tough.

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I have, too, because of the boldly discriminatory labor market, “voted best for moms,” that favors moms with 1) spousal income, 2) child support that covers rent or 3) welfare and child-tax-credit welfare, which makes it easy for moms with, as one employer put it, somethin’ comin’ in” to accept rock-bottom pay in crony-mom jobs, where the consolation for low pay is an extreme amount of excused absenteeism for fellow moms: mornings, afternoons, days and weeks, in addition to their PTO and pregnancy leave(s).

For those who must live on one stream of earned-only income, rent consumes more than half of the monthly pay. All-day / every-day attendance and meeting quotas every month, while all but a few employees do not, is not a path for childless non-culture-fits to survive long in these jobs. You cannot count on these so-called jobs to cover the most basic, pared-down bills, even when performing at a high level, relatively.

Crony absenteeism and bullying skills, in conjunction with cooing and purring participation in mom-bonding rituals, such as baby-mommy-look-alike-bulletin-board-decorating contests and Halloween dress-up days, are far, far, far more important than attending work every day and generating / retaining more accounts than most employees in the fake womb-productivity-based feminist work world. 

Spend a minimum, indeed, whether or not stagflation is unleashed. 

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Thermopylae Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:48 Permalink

 Don't worry, they'll just "change" or "discontinue" this information.


Sort of like they did for this -


On Monday, the info was updated with a 01-03-2018 date showing interbank lending nose diving to 13.5. With data supposedly updated every wednesday.


Presto chango, wipe that out, revert to 12-27-2017 data and add DISCOUNTINUED to the chart.


Can't have you see if the banks won't lend to eachother.  Watch for the letters notifying you that your line of credit or credit limit has been reduced ( after a careful review of course) eventhough you have made every payment.  

Silver Savior Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:17 Permalink

My parents never mentioned to me about the 1970s economic turmoil. I figure the economy was so much better back then that it did not feel bad. 

I mean anyone could go into a place and most likely get hired on the spot. Be able to actually make a living wage nearly anywhere etc. 

If the 1970s economics hapend right now I bet it would throw everyone straight to abject poverty. Things are economically rotten to the core already.