Watch Live: President Trump Addresses The Nation On Florida School Shooting

Following the 8th largest mass shooting in American history, and 18th school shooting in 2018 (and one-per-week since 2013), President Trump is set to address a mourning nation faced with an epidemic that is perhaps more of a problem than opioids.

President Trump tweeted his condolences this morning and called for flags to fly at half-mast...

And then addressed the actual shooter's situation...

President Trump is due to speak at 11ET...

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America's deadliest modern mass shootings

  1. Las Vegas shooting. (October 2, 2017) 58 killed, 527 injured

  2. Pulse nightclub shooting. Orlando, Florida (June, 2016): 49 killed and more than 50 injured at a gay nightclub.

  3. Virginia Tech shooting. Blacksburg, Virginia (April, 2007): 32 killed and 17 injured on campus.

  4. Sandy Hook shooting. Newtown, Connecticut (December, 2012): 26 killed at an elementary school.

  5. Texas church shooting: Sutherland Springs, Texas (November, 2017): 26 killed during a church service

  6. Luby's Cafeteria shooting. Killeen, Texas (October, 1991): 23 killed at a restaurant.

  7. McDonald's shooting. San Ysdiro, California (July, 1984): 21 killed at a McDonalds.

  8. Stoneman school shooting. Parkland, Florida (February, 2018). 17 killed at a high school.

  9. University of Texas Tower shooting. Austin, Texas (August, 1966): 16 killed in and around campus by a sharpshooter.

  10. San Bernardino shooting. San Bernardino, California (December, 2015): 14 killed at holiday party at conference center.

  11. Oklahoma post office shooting. Edmond, Oklahoma (August, 1986): 14 killed at a post office.

  12. Fort Hood shooting. Fort Hood, Texas (November, 2009): 13 killed at a military base.

  13. Columbine shooting. Littleton, Colorado (April, 1999): 13 killed at a high school.

  14. Binghamton Civic Association shooting. Binghamton, New York (April, 2009): 13 killed at a community center for immigrants.

  15. Walk of Death shootings. Camden, New Jersey. (September, 1949): 13 killed in businesses and on the street.

  16. Wilkes-Barre shootings. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (September, 1982): 13, many of them related, killed at two homes.

  17. Wah Mee shooting. Seattle, Washington (February, 1983): 13 killed at a gambling club in Chinatown.

  18. Aurora movie theater shooting. Aurora, Colorado (July, 2012): 12 killed and 58 wounded at a cinema.

  19. Navy Yard shooting. Washington, D.C. (September, 2013): 12 killed and 8 wounded at a military base.

Source: Axios

There have been 18 school shootings in 2018 alone...

And 290 since 2013... or on average around one per week...