Senate Rejects Immigration Amendment Favored By Trump

Update II: The votes are beginning to role a reminder, the Senate plans to vote on four amendments to the House shell bill that's serving as the vehicle for the chaotic, live-action compromise playing out on the Senate floor...




According to the Hill, the Senate will now vote on a measure mirroring Trump's proposed immigration deal, which is also expected to fail, leaving Congress with an uncertain path on immigration ahead of a March 5 deadline set by the president.



...And that approach also failed.

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Update: President Trump has made it very clear where he would prefer the vote to go. First he retweeted:

Then he detailed his views in two tweets:

"The Schumer-Rounds-Collins immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. @DHSgov says it would be “the end of immigration enforcement in America.” It creates a giant amnesty (including for dangerous criminals), doesn’t build the wall, expands chain migration, keeps the visa...

...lottery, continues deadly catch-and-release, and bars enforcement even for FUTURE illegal immigrants. Voting for this amendment would be a vote AGAINST law enforcement, and a vote FOR open borders. If Dems are actually serious about DACA, they should support the Grassley bill!"


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Update: Despite the threat of veto from The White House over one bill, Bloomberg reports that House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for votes on the immigration bill at 2:30pm today.

As The Hill reports, the Senate is barreling toward a showdown on the floor over immigration, with both sides digging in as they hunt for 60 votes.

The battle will now come to a head shortly with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urging lawmakers to move forward quickly.

“At a minimum, under the regular order, we can make sure at least they receive a vote by Friday morning. I hope the Democratic leader will finally consent to hold these votes on amendments today,” he said.

McConnell has teed up four proposals: A measure from Sens. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) dealing with "Dreamers" and border security, an amendment from Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) cracking down on sanctuary cities, a bipartisan proposal from the Common Sense Coalition and a framework from the White House.

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As we detailed earlier, the Trump administration has threatened to veto a so-called 'bipartisan' immigration bill - offered from Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins - that was being primed for a vote as soon as this afternoon.

The bill reportedly does not meet President Trump's demands and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that:

“If the president were presented with an enrolled bill that includes the amendment, his advisors would recommend that he veto it.”

As The Hill reports, the bipartisan plan would shield 1.8 million young immigrants living illegally in the U.S., known as “Dreamers,” from deportation and provide $25 billion for border security measures - both elements of the White House’s immigration plan.

But the proposal does not go as far as the White House would like in curbing family-based immigration.

It would block Dreamers from sponsoring parents who knowingly brought them illegally into the country, but would not make broader changes to the family visa system demanded by Trump and his GOP allies in the House.

The White House said it “would undermine the safety and security of American families and impede economic growth for American workers” and result in “a flood of new illegal immigration in the coming months.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York called President Donald Trump "obstinate" and said the president "has stood in the way of every single proposal that has had a chance of becoming law." A group of Democratic and Republican senators agreed on the proposal Wednesday after weeks of negotiations.

The president on Thursday endorsed a bill introduced by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) that closely mirrors the White House framework.


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That's NOT what it means 'Keep your authorities straight'. 

"Ceasar" is entitled to your obedience, EXCEPT where such would conflict with God's laws, which are presumed to be superior. Earthly rulers are 'entitled' to SOME things, and the Scripture reminds you render those things to him, but it also makes clear that there are other things you give only to God. (Regardless of how much 'chaos' it would cause.)

There is no "Divine right of Kings" in the Bible. ALL earthly authorities are subject to God.

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The mass amnesty's from the past did in fact inspire many more millions to cross the border.
Anyone who thinks the number granted amnesty and given legal status will be just 1.8 million is mistaken. I also did not research but where in the actual laws is it required that "family" be granted legal status when one becomes "legal"?

The writing truly is on the wall. The transition of the country will continue at a faster pace, there is no chance of a reversal. Now that the SJW's and feminists have taken this as one of their equality causes the pressure for increases (legal) will not lessen.

There are many historic and current examples to show your children what is in store for them. The more aggressive and cohesive races will NOT be kind. You can also expect the push for more muslim to ramp up, they are already made out to be so cute and quaint. And with that - F Y rural south Tejas for going out of your way to proudly welcome these muslim invaders and touting this as a show of how progressive you have become. Idiots.

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Trump can end this debate TOMORROW.  Order the military to seal the border.  No wall needed.

2,000 mile border at 10 solders per mile = 20,000 troops.  No big deal.  Say adios to guns, drugs and illegals LITERALLY TOMORROW.  No need for lawyers, judges or courts.  Just turn them around back where they came from.

If dems won't agree to sensible immigration rules, start deporting "dreamers" now.  Anybody over 19 is a good start.  When they are gone the debate ends.


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They cannot fix it, because their country is a product of their culture.   If their culture was conducive to contributing to a successful country, they would have a successful country.  Mexico has great wealth and resources.  It has been under the control of the ancestors of the current population for 400 years.  It has been an independent country for 197 years.  It has been gently treated, having only been occupied for two years, even after our Army and Marines marched into Mexico City in 1847.

Unless you feel that Mexicans are just stupid, which I do not, there is a cultural problem with Mexicans that has prevented them from making their country a 1st world country.  If they come in to the US very slowly, so that they are forced to adapt to our culture, they will not detract from our country.  However, bringing them in, en-masse, allows them to preserve, and even be proud, of the culture that has caused them to need to flee Mexico in the 1st place, replacing the culture of the country they are fleeing to, with the one of the country they are fleeing from. 

We also see this behavior in Californians that flee CA because of the high taxes, and then agitate for more government services and regulations in the states they flee to.

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This is all about Dems trying to get 1.8 million illegals a DEM voting card so that they can overturn the will of the people for ever. This is complete bullshit and the assholes on the left know it.

  If Trump wants to give them citizenship in 15 years in exchange for all the other security issues being agreed to, by all means. I don't agree with it, but it'd work long term. No fucking way these illegals get voting rights in the near term and I can't fucking believe any GOP members would go along with this!

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That means employers still have access to their cheap, welfare-augmented, pay-per-birth workforce, with their monthly welfare and child-tax-credit welfare, helping them to undercut underemployed, non-welfare-eligible citizens in the job market, so NO, it is not okay.

Citizens always have the third branch of government, which may be the only responsive branch.…


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