America's Forever Wars: Guantanamo Bay "Prepared" For New Inmates, Says US Admiral

On Thursday, Kurt Walter Tidd, a high ranking United States Navy admiral, currently serving as the Commander of the United States Southern Command, told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is now “prepared” to receive an influx of new detainees.

“We have 41 detainees who are there right now. We are prepared to receive more should they be directed to us,” Admiral Kurt Tidd, told lawmakers.

As of today we have not been given a warning order that new detainees might be heading in our direction, but our responsibility will be to integrate them in effectively,” he added.

During President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech last month, Trump said he had signed an executive order directing Secretary of Defense James Mattis to “re-examine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay.”

“I am asking Congress to ensure that in the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists wherever we chase them down, wherever we find them. And In many cases for them it will now be Guantánamo bay,” Trump said during his speech.

The executive order is a significant reversal of his predecessor Barack Obama’s administration.

AFP notes that Guantanamo Bay has not received any new inmates since 2008, but that could be changing under the Trump administration, as he plans on expanding the forever war on terrorism.

US military officials have been openly discussing the fate of Islamic State group detainees, mainly foreign fighters, held by US-backed militias in northern Syria. Guantanamo has not received any new inmates since 2008 but on the campaign trail, Trump vowed to load the facility with “bad dudes,” and said it would be “fine” if US terror suspects were sent there for trial. During his State of the Union speech in January, Trump said IS captives would in “many cases” end up in Guantanamo. 

Earlier last month, we reported on the Arizona National Guard unit deploying to Cuba to support operations in Guantanamo Bay. Despite the rumors of the prison closing, it appears that the Trump administration is preparing for a ramp-up period. The soldiers won’t have contact with the detainees and they are expected to serve a nine-month rotation which started at the beginning of January.

These soldiers leaving for Guantanamo Bay in the coming days in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“There was some discussion some time back about actually shutting it down. Right now that’s not what’s going to happen so it’s still very important for us service members to be prepared to go and continue that mission,” said Arizona Army National Guard Command Sergeant Major Fidel Zamora. 

That’s exactly what nearly 50 Arizona Army National Guard soldiers will soon be doing.

“Part of that is being able to inform and advise the Joint Task Force Commander there on military police tasks and procedures and part of that is just making sure that the staff runs effectively on a day to day basis,” said Colonel Rich Baldwin, the Land Component Commander of the Arizona Army National Guard.

This mission is so sensitive we were asked not to show the faces of these soldiers and their families.

“We don’t want to telegraph to the world who is going, who’s there and who’s performing this mission because they all have families that are still back here while they’re overseas doing this mission,” Colonel Baldwin said.

Last November, Trump said, “Would love to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo but statistically that process takes much longer than going through the Federal system…”

After more than 15-years of America’s never-ending wars on terror, the one thing that President Trump has failed to mention is an exit strategy.

Nevertheless, America’s war spending has not just bankrupted this once great nation to the tune of trillions, it has depleted the inner core of the American economy. The one question we ask: With the Trump administration rapidly preparing for an influx of new prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, who will those new prisoners be?


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Albeit a temporary extension of survival with loss of soul: hypocrisy and deception generally don't make people really wise, although they might exercise their smart, cunning and psychopathic manipulative skills (unless one really likes that real humor you get from people like Brennan, Clapper, G.Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz etc. etc.

Guantanomo Bay: annexed (without referendum) by the US and used as their Gulag: smart? Just vicious and stupid.

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Although I'm all for locking up the criminal cabal, picking them up and sending them to Guantanamo would set a chilling precedent.  Who's to stop the government from doing that to ordinary people then?  Just arrest them here and try them here, in courts with judges chosen for fairness...if any still exist.  Or...did I just find the real problem, and that's why Guantanamo??

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America's Forever Wars: Guantanamo Bay "Prepared" For New Inmates, Says US Admiral

My response: According to Q-ANON, GITMO is projected to be at capacity and a 2nd PRISON is being prepared.

=== Q-ANON Intelligence ===

Anonymous Question
Feb 11 2018 18:58:29 Anonymous ID: 0b5e70 343395
Don't care about your sentence structure. Just care to know
how full GITMO is gonna be?

Q's Response
Feb 11 2018 19:01:37 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: a9a96c 343459
Max cap. >>> GITMO FULL!!!!
[1] other prison being prepped.

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First, I think Q is a psyop. Why else use codes and riddles when things can be plainly said? Riddles and codes allow you to create your own rabbitholes to get lost down.

Second, I am no tOK with secret arrests and detention of ANYONE. EVER. Not even the Clintons.That is NOT the path to freedom you fucking idiots. It never has been. Nor are secret courts with secret evidence. That is the opposite of the rule of law.


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dirty fingernails 

I appreciate your comment and the thought about a "psyop" had crossed my mind until January of this year when everything he said was synchronized perfectly with timing of both POTUS tweets and news events.

In addition, his cryptic speech is actually military code that contains intelligence information that probably has its source from intelligence agency like the NSA. Remember, Admiral Rogers (a WHITE HAT) is running the NSA.

With the MSM and government agencies so corrupted, a more direct communication channel needed to be made with the citizens to ensure we continue to be a government by the people.

We almost LOST AMERICA and still have more work to do. "Q" WILL TURN OUT TO BE A HERO WHEN THIS IS ALL SAID AND DONE.

Finally, read the information below as one recent example of intelligence shared by Q. I guarantee you will probably be as shocked as I was when I read it.

Question: Was the school shooting in FL a CIA program to eliminate 2nd Amendment? Mr. Cruz was under the influence of drugs provided by a mental health organization.

Information found on pg. 225 of Book Titled: "Behold a Pale Horse" by Bill Cooper.

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly.The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.
Author's Note: I have found that these events have indeed happened all over the country. In every instance that I have investigated — the incident at the women's school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane — the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a posthypnotic suggestion or control through an electronic brain implant or microwave or E.L.F. intrusion and you get mass murder, ending in every case with the suicide of the perpetrator. Exhume the bodies of the murderers and check for a brain implant. I think you are going to be surprised.In every case the name of the murderer's doctor or mental treatment facility has been withheld. I believe we will be able to establish intelligence community connections and/or connections to known CIA experimental mind control programs when we finally discover who these doctors of death really are today.

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This Q post GUS100CORRINA  references is the key to what is going on with these school shootings.

Furthermore, if you all are not familiar with Bill Cooper's book, go find it and read it.

We all have to be sure our kids stay away from these drugs.   And limit their cell phone use if you can.

It's interesting how this school shooting happened right as the Russia-Russia-Russia narrative was falling apart.


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ISIS who don't have a home country have a new country to live in, Trump tower prisons inc, three hots and a cot, better than being shot.

Mattis wants all foreign ISIS sent back to their home country's justice system, the rest? where do we house a bunch of blood thirsty ISIS killers? There's thousands and thousands of genocidal ISIS maniacs, the Iraqis put captured ISIS to death, why can't we do the same.

If we're not willing to put ISIS members to death, then we don't need to be judging them and housing them at US government and tax payer expense.



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I'll repeat my comment that you didn't see because you moved onto a new thread (like a virus):

So ... your business model is based on non-registered viewers who don't see the down-votes you regularly generate?  Tell me, what would Jesus say?  I ask since your spam links are ostensibly Christian.

EDIT:  Aha!  A downvote.  This tells me you're still on this thread.  Did I offend you?  Boo-hoo!

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Absolutely. Giving the Green light to Torture was certainly an evolutionary retardation of civilization, a fully backwards motion.

Gestapo tactics approved ? And still call it the USA ? Diminishing the Culture.

A Trail with Evidence is the Law of the land. Try them in Court and Hang them on Pork dipped ropes if found guilty. What a rotten proposition, even for Cunts who just need shooting Islamoscum. A Fair trail is compulsory for all. Attacking the USA from without or within should be a very serious Crime and treated as such.

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Lots and lots of them.


Capacity is 13,000. And that QAnon fellow says it will be MAXED THE HELL OUT, so they are prepping a 2nd prison.