Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections "For Their Own Good"

Former CIA chief James Woolsey appeared on Fox News to push the narrative of how dastardly 'dem Russkies' are in their meddling with the sacred soul of America's democracy.

Woolsey did his patriotic deep-state-duty and proclaimed the evils of "expansionist Russia" and dropped 'facts' like "Russia has a larger cyber-army than its standing army," before he moved on to China and its existential threats.

But then, beginning at around 4:30, the real debacle of the conversation begins as Ingraham asks Woolsey,

"Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries' elections?"

Hes responds, surprisingly frankly...

"Oh probably... but it was for the good of the system..."

To which Ingraham follows up...

"We don't do that now though? We don't mess around in other people's elections?"

Prompting this extraordinary sentence from a former CIA chief...

"Well...hhhmmm, numm numm numm numm... only for a very good the interests of democracy"

So just to clarify - yes, the CIA chief admitted that Democracy-spreading 'Murica meddled in the Democratic elections of other nations "in the interests of democracy."

In case you wondered which ones he was referring to, here's a brief selection since 1948...

2016: UK (verbal intervention against Brexit)
2014: Afghanistan (effectively re-writing Afghan constitution)
2014: UK (verbal intervention against Scottish independence)
2011: Libya (providing support to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi)
2009: Honduras (ousting President Zelaya)
2006: Palestine (providing support to oust Prime Minister Haniyeh)
2005: Syria (providing support against President al-Assad)
2003: Iran (providing support against President Khatami)-
2003: Iraq (ousting of President Hussein)
2002: Venezuela (providing support to attempt an overthrow of President Chavez)
1999: Yugoslavia (removing Yugoslav forces from Kosovo)
1994: Iraq (attempted overthrow of President Hussein)
1991: Haiti (ousting President Aristide)
1991: Kuwait (removing Iraqi forces from Kuwait)
1989: Panama (ousting General Noriega)
1983: Grenada (ousting General Austin's Marxist forces)
1982: Nicaragua (providing support
1971: Chile (ousting President Allende)
1967: Indonesia (ousting President Sukarno)
1964: Brazil (ousting President Goulart)
1964: Chile (providing support against Salvador Allende)
1961: Congo (assassination of leader Lumumba)
1958: Lebanon (providing support to Christian political parties)
1954: Guatemala (ousting President Arbenz)
1953: Iran (ousting Prime Minister Mossadegh)
1953: Philippines (providing support to the President Magsaysay campaign)
1948: Italy (providing support to the Christian Democrats campaign)

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Creative_Destruct Mango327 Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:44 Permalink

Russia's "Been doin' this since the 1920's." Yes the Russians do disinformation because they are, well, er, RUSSIANS...the nature of the beast, which we've ALWAYS known.

And, BTW, we've been doin' similar stuff (OR directly invading/intervening) for even LONGER!!!

I am so SICK of this self righteous "for their own good" shit. EVERYONE ALWAYS seems to know what's "GOOD" for the other guy. Can we just fucking let people do what they want and mind our own fucking business for a change????

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clade7 DownWithYogaPants Sun, 02/18/2018 - 09:49 Permalink

Woolsey is one hell of a Prepper!  Built his own private 'off the grid' kind of doomsday fortress!..The bestest Top shelf gear a Govt Pension could buy!!  What does he know we dont know?  Probably nothing, just an innocent hobby for an old retired guy..?.


Nothing to worry about, better than straightening bent nails right?  Or golfing?  He probably has a stamp or butterfly collection even..As you were Gentlemen, nothing to see here...although, he looks pretty fucking smug in that picture, that could be construed as a bit disconcerting, or not......

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fleur de lis clade7 Sun, 02/18/2018 - 12:57 Permalink

Woolsey is a typical example of a CIA agent more concerned with his own bankbook than American interests.

After Jonathan Pollard got caught passing top,top, top information to the Israelis for years and got sent to jail, Woolsey worked nonstop to free him and have him sent "home" to Israel.…

Woolsey should open an office in Tel Aviv if he has not already done so.

Maybe he can hire Mementoil and his IDF brothers for secretaries.

Good thing for Woolsey the MSM is just as unAmerican as he is and would never dream of asking him why he is so enamored of a traitor who did so much irreparable damage, so his turncoat habits are safe.



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lucitanian Creative_Destruct Sun, 02/18/2018 - 07:23 Permalink

What's good for them..... is certainly not their democratic "freedom" but should be translated into what the CIA really means. "What's good for them" is good for our corporate oligarchy in the USA and its global power.

And therefore "Minding their own fucking business" is exactly what they have been doing. It is essentially business and the exploitation of profits abroad. The CIA is the enforcer of USA inc.

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Giant Meteor Mango327 Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:46 Permalink

Well no time like the present to let the cast out of the bag. Once again proving all the conspiracy nuts, sane ...

"Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries' elections?"

Hes responds, surprisingly frankly...

"Oh probably... but it was for the good of the system..."

Note the language (probably) but but, it's for the GOOD of the SYSTEM ..

The system .. is not good ..

End transmission ..

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Dilluminati ZIONISM KILLS Sat, 02/17/2018 - 18:45 Permalink

- "Obama has been sending taxpayer dollars, at least $350,000 to fund anti-Likud, anti-Netanyahu groups in Israel for (the) election." ... Some have linked U.S. State Department funds to that effort. ... In September 2013, the State Department funded two projects run by OneVoice, a New York nonprofit.…

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Chupacabra-322 BarkingCat Sun, 02/18/2018 - 09:45 Permalink

To state the obvious; the CIA has deeply humiliated the American people in their attempt to tie the American people to be responsible for the CIA's crimes against humanity across the world.


The CIA appears to be the world's greatest threat to peace and prosperity. It is the penultimate terrorist organization, being the direct or indirect creator of all other terrorist organizations. It also appears to be the world's penultimate illegal drug smuggler and pusher making all other illegal drug trading possible and instigating the horrors of addiction and suffering around the world.


If I believed that the CIA was working in any way on behalf of the US government and the American people then it would be sad and shameful indeed. However, it is my belief that the CIA instead was captured long ago, as was the secret military operations and now works for a hidden power that wants to dominate or failing that, destroy humanity.


The Agency is Cancer. There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.


Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.


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Faeriedust Chupacabra-322 Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:25 Permalink

The problem is, that 90% of the people at the Agency really do believe that they're in it for the good of The Nation.  The problem gets to be when you have to decide just who makes the decisions as to what that "good" is, and how it should be pursued.  With an almost completely inauditable budget channeled through backdoors from a dozen legitimate programs, the only person who actually knows how much money the CIA has to play with (if then) is the Director.  Even the Director doesn't know what all the minor programs in the subdirectorates are doing.  In many circumstances "contractors" are hired for the express purpose of making certain that their paymasters have plausible deniability for whatever they do.  You end up with a situation where everyone in the organization, to some degree, is making decisions as to what is or is not right, good, necessary, or wise.  And those people are brought in at different times under different Directors and Presidents and political regimes, so they often have different agendas.  Except that almost everyone in the Organization has either served in or was born into the military. So while technically a civilian agency, its members are psychologically and intellectually products of military training.

The CIA isn't exactly evil, although there is evil in it. It's different, though. The people there don't think like ordinary Americans, or ordinary people anywhere in the world. They're a lot smarter on average, for one thing. But more naturally conservative.  And since it's a very tight, close-knit community, there's a substantial problem with groupthink.  They have no outside-the-Beltway perspective; they are The Beltway.

My mother married into that family on a very low level, and I have walked the halls at Langley long ago. I was not-quite offered a job that I decided not to apply for because of what I was, and how they would have used that.  But they are still family.  Sort of.

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Chupacabra-322 Faeriedust Sun, 02/18/2018 - 12:24 Permalink

@ Faeriedust,


Nice screen name.  Fitting as you live in a Fantasy land.  Agent & Operative types such as yourself really believe your own PsyOps don’t you?  That’s in & of itself is Chilling.  


“The Agency isn’t exactly Evil, although there’s Evil in it.”  That’s a contradiction.  Please spare me the Gas Lighting.  What part of the following didn’t you understand reading my post.  


“The Agency is Cancer. There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.


Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.”


Low Level Agents, Operatives & Assets included.


Elimintated via 


The National Security Elimination Act of 2018.


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Sudden Debt manofthenorth Sun, 02/18/2018 - 11:39 Permalink

They should also make a colum of all the countries where America spied to.

then they should also make a a list of all the alied heads of state that America spied upon.

Then they should also make a list of all the economies in the world that America sabotaged.


and before you know it... it starts to look a like a nazi regime that is actually the enemy of the world.

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marysimmons SoilMyselfRotten Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:16 Permalink

Victoria "F*ck the EU" Nuland and the CIA were all over the Ukrainian "coup", but of course no mention of that on "Fair and Balanced".  Laura Ingram is a typical Fox News Zio-Nazi bitch, hiding behind a cross, who apparently believes her own BS, and along others like Hannity have blood on their hands.

The whole purpose of the Mueller indictment was to give the mainstream outlets something to report so idiot Americans will believe the crap put out about Russia since the Winter Olympics in Sochi and set the tone to justify a military conflict with Russia that won't end well for anyone, IMO

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New_Meat marysimmons Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:46 Permalink

mary, just a touch catty tonight, don't cha' think?

Zio-Nazi?  How dat work?

Whole purpose of the Mueller indictments is to give the folks a show to prove that their money hasn't been wasted on a Trump collusion charge for collusion that started in 2014 when Trump was prolly out schlongin' some playmate or other..

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Omen IV Looney Sat, 02/17/2018 - 23:15 Permalink

All these guys sound like  19th century Hucksters: Comey / Brennan / Clapper / Woolsley / Gates / Kerry.

You could close your eyes and visualize every one of them being in a traveling carnival show selling some magic elixir 100 years ago with a horse and a tent.



all bullshit people

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