"He Has Her Blood On His Hands" - Father Of Florida Shooting Victim Viciously Attacked Online For Supporting Trump

Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com,

Leftist social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news outlet.

That’s right, in the new America it is apparently perfectly acceptable to attack and even blame the parent of a teenager who was murdered, all because his political beliefs do not line up with the leftist orthodoxy.

Both Andrew Pollack and his wife were interviewed outside of Broward Health North hospital, hoping to hear from their daughter hours after the attack that left 17 dead and over a dozen injured. During the interview, Pollack committed the thought crime of wearing a t-shirt for his preferred presidential candidate, a fact that apparently gave leftists on twitter the cover to viciously attack him.

The attacks ranged from actually blaming Pollack himself for his own daughters death, to disgustingly claiming that they did not feel sorry for him simply because he supports Trump and presumably the NRA. Keep in mind that the anti-gun left has spent BILLIONS of dollars to push their agenda while at the same time pretending that the NRA is this all powerful group that cannot be stopped.

One user even went as far as to claim that Trump, the NRA, and all Republicans themselves were actually RESPONSIBLE for the attack itself.

Make no mistake, the following tweets are representative of a large portion of the new left which openly hates all their political opposition to the point where they simply do not care if someone's daughter was literally just murdered.

Additionally, the social media giants themselves (Facebook, Twitter, etc) seemingly support the vicious attacks on Pollack as they have allowed them to continue unimpeded while at the same time censoring dozens of conservatives for a variety of fake reasons.

As I noted above, this is the new America folks, where all it takes is wearing a Trump shirt to be attacked and even blamed for your own daughters murder.

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ZH: One could interject that these vicious attacks are not from real left-leaning Americans, they are all Russian bots, aiming to divide our nation even further?


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Not showing the girl's face ... how telling.

If the kids in the school or anyone for that matter had guns, no one would have died (but honestly I do not believe anyone died anyway).

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SSRI's. Direct your frustration and anger at the real culprits of these tragic events, the pharmaceutical industry. These kinds of events were unheard of prior to SSRI introduction into society. SSRI stated side effects point directly to them as the cause, yet no regulatory body has raised this correlation or concern. Why isn't Trump firing the head of the FDA and putting in an outsider to rid the corruption? This is Trump's chance to make a difference, end the violence and raise awareness of SSRI's causing youth to commit mass murder. 




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Hasn't there been like 18 school shootings this year? What's so special about this one? Media cycle? Needed an excuse to dump Wray?

Why doesn't any media, msm or alternative, cover or mock Q anon? Why no platform it? Maybe it's Rand Paul. We all know how you no platform him.


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The site does describe the "NEW" America pretty well!!




Americans are very weird people... It's the most rascist country where every race is rascist against the others.

There's nothing that actually keeps you guys together besides the almighty dollar.

If you wouldn't need each other to make money, you would all be killing each other.


The fact that your media attacks people of a certain political view... is sick...

America is a basket case it you read that article in the way that it shows how devided the country is.

It's like the center hates the ring. And in the ring, only the sick weird brainwashed leftist live.


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read between the lines of Q who posed the pharma question.

if 1 person in your household has been diag'd w/mental illness...no gunz for you.

the murder of the sherman's had everything to do w/ssri's...Teva.

go back & look at the hedge fund article & the ones that bought it.

planned execution...on several levels.


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People want school shootings stopped, and if armed guards had been stationed at the doors, it would not have happened. Amazingly, Obama slashed funding for school security. Here is a bill by Cruz and Grassley, rejected by Democrats, that increases money for school security under Title III, adding other measures, like specific government-accountability standards.  


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SSRI's are life saving drugs for hundreds of millions. Of course there are those who will react badly to them and that is stated right on the medication. A potential candidate for SSRI needs to be tested in a safe environment at attain the right dosage. 

Do you also think that AR-15's kill people? 

There is a risk getting out of the shower in the morning, that you will slip and fall and break your neck, paralyzing you from the neck down. But do you advocate that showers should be targeted for extinction?

The biggest problem facing the people is their complete ignorance of probability, risk, and reward. It is appalling how people live by anecdotes rather than science.

Don't display your own ignorance.  It's unnecessary.



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One of these i… Honest Sam Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

I took prozac back in the nineties.

It weirded me out to the point where I assaulted someone.

Made me very interested in handing out some payback instead of taking shit all the time.

Very interested..

On grounds of public safety I elected to discontinue the treatment, man up and DEAL with my problems.

And when my problems are insoluble, there's always cannabis.. An emotional painkiller with less side-effects than many other legally accessible drugs from what I can gather..

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THANK YOU for the best comment! Deserving of thousands of upvotes. I awaited for something on the MEDS the guy was taking. So far, nothing at all of what was taken, but it was reported on CBS that he had been taking meds and stopped. Considering his issues, SSRI's were likely being RX'ed. Gotta hear moar!!

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SSRI's are especially damaging to teen-age boys.  Girls are not affected.

Usually boys are coming off the drug, or going on it. and they have a cascade failure.  Neurons start firing in a cascade, causing the boys to see and hear things not there.

Oh that's right, the sexes are the same - my bad. 

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The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:

  • possibly has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
  • is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).


Pressure on Bureau Mounts... 
Deputies called to killer's home 39 times! 
Investigated after cutting self on SNAPCHAT... 
State attorney: 'Type of case death penalty designed for'... 
School Building To Be Destroyed...
Brother committed to mental facility...
Anger bubbles over at funerals...
Anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale... 
Copycat Threats, Jittery Nerves Force Shutdowns Across USA...

So really.. you have multiple failures of professionals in education, mental health, social workers, and policing at the state and federal level.  This kid met every actionable criteria for the Baker Act as defined.  He met the criteria for 


And these cocksucking liberals blame the spoon for people being fat and lazy!

They blame the gun and not the person who utilized it.

Had the mental health, social worker, cop, teacher, family, or friend had done what is either "required" under state law then this would not have happened.  I worked in adolescent mental health and I know you are REQUIRED to report!

The fucking msm pisses me off as this kid has become a lightning rod and there is no real conversation on why all these agencies and so-called professional didn't do their fucking jobs!

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And what will modern pill pushing psychiatry do but give him SSRI's and probably make him psychotic instead of just another loser produced by loser parents, and brainwashed by leftists schools.

Focus on the mental health status of potential school shooters won't do a damn thing when the treatment makes them just as dangerous as they are with the underlying disorder.

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this is the tip of the iceberg. sooooooooo many fuked up mericans. our social systems are overwhelmed. our schools are trying there best to deal with these unfortunates from fuked up, drugged out parents that were kicked around and beat in their childhood. these people, that i truly feel sorry for, are the product of fuked up people. the unfortunates ending up with zero self esteem and a hate of life. so many mental issues and many are lost for good. i know of two in our family(by a marriage) that are complete worthless humans on meth, heroin or any drug that keeps them from facing reality that is an out touch thing for them to deal with.

this will happen again. no good answer from me.

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Kassandra new game Sat, 02/17/2018 - 20:51 Permalink

I have no answers. I don't know how to deal with the unfortunate, totally screwed up people, when by the time you get a court order to have them put in a psych ward the damage will be done. If you have an immediate problem, call the cops, but only do that if you are sure you want them dead, because that is what will happen.

We live in a completely sick society...and the symptoms are showing more and more everyday.

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bloofer Bastiat Sun, 02/18/2018 - 13:19 Permalink

I do farmers' markets during the summer, so I frequently get to chat with people I don't know. It's amazing the number of stories you hear of people whose kids have become addicted to drugs. One of my very upper-middle-class neighbors once confided in me that she has a daughter who has been a heroin addict for many years. In my own somewhat geriatric neighborhood, it's amazing how many people are taking very serious opiates, mostly prescriptions for pain issues. I've known of a couple of cases in which some of their neighbors have befriended them in hopes of having a chance to raid their bathroom medicine cabinets. There are also quite a few people around who are addicted to meth. I used to go to the grocery store for one old guy whose heart trouble was so severe that he could hardly walk, and sometimes drive him to the doctor. As soon as he got his heart problem stabilized, he immediately did a bag of meth. They put him in a nursing home.

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Well, that's psychiatry for ya. They are the institutions, the psy ops, the media. Since they have no definition for sanity how can they have any standard for behavior? However it is because of this very reason they can't act to intervene beforehand. They all stand around with thumbs up their assess telling you how to behave, selling you every piece of destruction from homosexuality (all the top brass are fags for a reason) to the benefits of nuclear waste by omission. Sane people stay so because he/she can properly evaluate information. To sell something, critical other-data is omitted. BAN WEAPONS is the "solution" to the kid who was driven into madness by the very people trusted with making him a good little goy.

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jefferson32 Dilluminati Sun, 02/18/2018 - 02:07 Permalink

"didn't do their fucking job"


This is exactly the point of this hoax / false flag. Not gun gab (a red herring, unfeasible in the US). It is to get conservatives to support more surveillance/repression by the federal governnment. In effect digging their own grave.

They already got many of them on board with the militarization of police, using Trump and the fake BLM dialectic ... “oh you’re against the paramilitary force we call the police? That means you support the black-supremacist thugs!”


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All true.

But the real "blood on hands" belongs to the lawyers who argued during the 60's and 70's to release and shut down the nut houses that held these types.

It had been long recognized that there were no fixing these types, they were easily seen at a young age to be trouble, and hence, carted off to be segregated, if they calmed down and showed respect, they were allowed out.

If not, in you stayed.

Everyone has rights, but lawyers fucked that one up big time.

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But the real "blood on hands" belongs to the lawyers who argued during the 60's and 70's to release and shut down the nut houses that held these types.

Yup. Releasing massive numbers of mentally ill and allowing them to wander around at liberty happened so long ago that it's been largely forgotten--or most people are too young to recall the effects.

One city neighborhood where I lived in the late 70s turned into an outdoor loony bin almost overnight because two halfway houses were set up in the neighborhood to provide housing to newly released mental patients. That was really disturbing to deal with on a daily basis.

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dunce bloofer Sun, 02/18/2018 - 14:42 Permalink

Hollywood made a movie about insane asylums many years ago called "Snake pit". Actually society created asylums to protect and care for these people that could not coexist with the rest of society. Later some worthless liberals came up with the "no danger to themselves or others" definition that in effect turned lunatics loose on the rest of us. I wonder if anyone has the numbers of innocent sane people that have paid the price of their lives for this fake compassion over the last sixty years.

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MEFOBILLS refill6times Sun, 02/18/2018 - 16:19 Permalink

lawyers who argued during the 60's and 70's to release and shut down the nut houses that held these types.


It was during the 80's under Reagan, when nut-houses released their nut cases onto the streets.

During the 60's there was other destruction with most civil institutions coming under attack. 

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