Mueller Hits Manafort With New Bank Fraud Claim Over "Doctored" Paperwork

Days after learning that former Donald Trump campaign aide and longtime Paul Manafort business partner Rick Gates may have been flipped by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a Tuesday court filing released on Friday reveals that Manafort now stands accused of "a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies" in order to secure a mortgage on one of his properties.

The revelation emerged amid legal wrangling over Manafort's $10 million bail package, for which prosecutors say Manafort's real estate pledges are insufficient in light of recent developments.

[T]he proposed package is deficient in the government’s view, in light of additional criminal conduct that we have learned since the Court’s initial bail determination," reads the court filing. "That criminal conduct includes a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies."

The filing offers one example in which Manafort provided Federal Savings Bank with "doctored profit and loss statements" for 2015 and 2016, overstating the income of his lobbying firm, DMP International "by millions of dollars" to secure a $9 million mortgage on a Fairfax, Virginia property pledged against his $10 million bail. 

Of note, the filing specifically reads "bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies," suggesting multiple people were involved in the alleged criminal conduct. 

The Wall Street Journal reported last year that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office was investigating various loans that Manafort obtained for various real estate transactions - including mortgages issued by Federal Savings Bank. 

Manafort has been under house arrest at his Alexandria, VA condominium since his October indictment along with Rick Gates. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson has yet to set a trial date in the case, however she suggested last month that September or October might work. 

Last October Manafort pleaded not guilty to eight counts of money laundering and failing to register foreign lobbying and other business, while Gates pleaded guilty to nine counts in the same case. 

Flipped Gates?

Perhaps one of those individuals involved in the alleged bank fraud was none other than Rick Gates, Manafort's longtime business partner and a former Trump campaign aide who recently dumped his legal team in exchange for a attorney Tom Green - a senior counsel with Sidley Austin known for specializing in plea deals who has known Robert Mueller personally for years

Two weeks later, CNN reports that Gates is about to flip on Manafort

Gates has already spoken to Mueller's team about his case and has been in plea negotiations for about a month. He's had what criminal lawyers call a "Queen for a Day" interview, in which a defendant answers any questions from the prosecutors' team, including about his own case and other potential criminal activity he witnessed.

Once a plea deal is in place, Gates would become the third known cooperator in Mueller's sprawling probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. It would also increase the pressure to cooperate on Gates' co-defendant Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, who has pleaded not guilty to Mueller's indictment and is preparing for a trial on alleged financial crimes unrelated to the campaign. Gates pleaded not guilty on October 30 alongside Manafort.

"Nobody (who's charged) goes in to provide incriminating information to the government unless it's part of plea negotiations," said a criminal defense attorney who represents a witness in the case. In a Queen for a Day interview, a defendant can typically admit to crimes with little additional consequences, unless he or she lies. -CNN

As we noted on Thursday, Gates probably didn't work close enough with Trump to have direct knowledge of misdeeds, but Gates could be valuable in pressuring Manafort to roll on his former boss. Gates' deal will likely be announced in the coming days, and could also coincide with the filing of new, tax related charges that could increase the amount of prison time he could face. Right now, he's facing up to 10 years.

Read the new Manafort filing below: 


Occident Mortal TeethVillage88s Sat, 02/17/2018 - 09:38 Permalink

Fucking snore.


If they try and take down Trump on something as seemingly small as doctoring paperwork there will be a nationwide revolt. And the electorate will realise it has to put some kind of militia warlord in the Whitehouse to fix the widespread corruption in Washington.


Deliver cold hard evidence of Putin and Trump working hand in glove or stop pissing our money away on a witch hunt and let OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS DO WHAT WE ELECTED THEM TO TO DO.


The American people know Trump has a closet full of skeletons... WE ELECTED HIM ANYWAY.

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JasperEllings philipat Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:48 Permalink

I thought it was about Russia colluding with Trump ... to HACK the election.

I happened to be in the DMV waiting room yesterday when the Mueller indictments came on the news. I was floored by how many people in that misinformed crowd of numbskulls believed that Russians hacked the voting machines. I was such a tiny minority in knowing the truth that I was cowed into keeping my trap shut.

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onewayticket2 philipat Sat, 02/17/2018 - 13:07 Permalink

The swamp hires itself for these "unlimited scope, unlimited budget" "investigations" that have the SOLE objective of eliminating opposition/strengthening their collective power.


This is a run of the mill DOJ investigation.  No need to pay outside (special) counsel prices (with zero audit/accounting you KNOW they're running up the billable hours....NO ONE is looking at the invoices)

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swmnguy philipat Sat, 02/17/2018 - 14:23 Permalink

Nope.  Since about the first month of the investigation, it's been about money-laundering.  Mostly involving Russian and German banks.  Some organized crime money; some of it Russian.  Kushner is in hock up to his eyeballs to shady financiers.  Trump's not far behind.  Manafort has well-known connections to dirty Russian money.  Page seems to also.  And they've been hiding everything they can.  

All Mueller's investigators are money-laundering tracers.  They're flipping witnesses, getting plea deals and guilty pleas.  These things take a long time by their nature, but as these things go, this is going very quickly.  That's not surprising, as much financial fraud and malfeasance as these people have been involved in for a very long time, and how incompetently they've tried to hide it.  Trump's attorneys appear to be awful, but the good ones won't take him as a client.  He won't follow advice and he won't shut up, so good lawyers give him a wide berth.  Same for the rest of his crowd.

This is going to get bloody over the next year.

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resistedliving philipat Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:14 Permalink

Your campaign Chair agrees to secretly leak Presidential candidate inside information

on Russian Sanctions policy, for money, to Russian oligarchs/Putin allies, and this is a farce?

Your NSA head nominee accepts $$$ to give speeches in Moscow for Putin and then 'forgets' about it

& denies it under oath and this is a farce?

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JasperEllings gmrpeabody Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:36 Permalink

Yep. And when you saw him J-walking there were probably 200 people doing the exact same thing.

It's impossible for a kid being brought up today not to look around and easily deduce that you will be selectively punished by the system not for what you do, but because certain people don't like you.

Imagine the psychology of an entire populace raised on that reality.

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Blankone sabaj49 Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:59 Permalink

Trump could have gotten rid of Mueller, and Sessions, and others, but did not.
Out of fear, out of mixed conflict of interests (he damn sure is not loyal to his friends is he) due to being a false hope (remember we found out this week on ZH that Trump IS a jew)? Why?

Trump is playing you people.

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MarsInScorpio sabaj49 Sat, 02/17/2018 - 11:09 Permalink

Actually,  Mueller should be jailed for his role in Uranium One. His criminal steeple chase has nothing to do with the election. It is the continuing coup d'etat, of which he is guilty for participating by actively working to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States.

Countdown on Hillary disposal - less then 6 months.

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nmewn bigkahuna Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:05 Permalink

Sooo, ummm, Mueller...I'm not seeing the words "Russia" or "collusion" or "election" here per your assigned mandate to uncover. 

This is it? Bank fraud? 

Don't they have a criminal division within the FBI that takes care of this sort of thing or are they to busy covering their asses for submitting faked evidence to a FISA court and ignoring school shooters who say they are going to shoot up a school and then doing it?

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Oldwood nmewn Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:28 Permalink

Now I'm afraid. I might have "doctored" my income statements 15 years ago to secure my mortgage. DAMN!

 I'm obviously a fraud.

It is hilarious to even think of this scenario given the trillions these thieves walked away with in our "financial collapse", especially when this guy is cornered in a contrived "investigation" and fudges his numbers to secure BAIL.

This criminal "justice system" is simply a transparent weapon of the State.

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Oldwood chunga Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:41 Permalink

Because they are afraid, and after all, they don't care nearly as much about justice as they do winning.

Progressives are SHOWING them/us the consequences of directly challenging them. Personal destruction on ALL levels including families. Look at what they are doing to Trump and the fact that EVERYONE knows what happened to Seth Rich is all the warning they need.

Republicans have laid more than ample proof of Progressive crimes....and what do they see? How many of us are risking our lives, fortunes and families to pursue this? Republicans has understood the paradigm here for decades. The media will enable all of their misdeeds (CRIMES) and will continue to do so.

Plus, progressives OWN the justice system. Sessions is not in hiding because he wants to....he jumped into this swamp before realizing exactly how deep and vast it is. Trump has been the only one to actually fight back and we see what he gets. No one else is signing up for that, and those who foolishly did are being made an example of. 

Progressives are going down the list and DESTROYING each one. They are guaranteeing that NO ONE will stand at Trump's side when he thinks of running again (assuming he makes it that far).

If WE allow this to stand, it is OUR failing, not Trump's nor any other conservative battling the swamp. We can denigrate them for capitulating to the swamp, but it is US who have capitulated by setting in our safe space typing madly in anonymity.

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Oldwood chunga Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:57 Permalink

I collect junk.

We have to say what we think to people we KNOW disagree...transparently.

Expressing ourselves without risk is weakness that "they" capitalize on. You don't see progressives fearfully hiding their identities. They are flaming, and we are hiding. When we can hate our representatives because they are in self preservation when we are hiding, WHO is the hypocrite?

And down votes don't mean shit without rebuttal. Thanks for yours.

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chunga Oldwood Sat, 02/17/2018 - 11:24 Permalink

It's gotten so bad lately I have gone down the list and called the guys/girls in my state and one of the first things they usually ask is name/address. I used to do it all the time.

The reds never fight back so if nothing happens, from my view they should be replaced, and that's what I told them.

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Firestorme chunga Sat, 02/17/2018 - 11:19 Permalink

This might be a start.

OPERATION JUSTICE: We the People - A March for Transparency - Washington DC - April 7th

Excerpt from youtube:

Operation Justice: “We the People” is a march to be held on April 7, 2018. It will be an organized display of peaceful protest and demonstration. Our mission is to show our discontent with a two-tiered justice system and the corruption being uncovered in our citizen-elected government. We feel strongly that they have neglected to adhere to the will of law abiding Americans for far too long. We will motivate and encourage others to bring a spotlight to the lack of transparency within our institutions. We will voice our discontent with our representatives who ignore the rule of law and remove the blindfold of justice in favor of their political friends.

Our motto is simple: We The People have a STRONG voice that needs to be heard by our government, and we will INFLUENCE the future state of our great country. To accomplish this, we will have an organized and peaceful march in Washington DC on Saturday, April 7, 2018. We will walk from the White House to the Justice Department, and then to the National Mall where we will hear from amazing speakers that support our goals and our motto. Our objectives with this march are as follows: To show that we are NOT a divided nation.

We will do this by marching as non-partisan, non-religious, non-class, non-race specific AMERICANS. We will march as “We The People” of this great country To send a message to the corrupt officials in positions of power. We will ensure they are aware that their tactics and cover-ups are no longer tolerated by their bosses – we the American people To make perfectly clear to our elected officials that we DEMAND the complete and total truth about the crimes that were committed by elected officials and unelected bureaucrats during the 2016 election cycle To show our solidarity with the good men and women at the Justice Department and beyond, those who are doing the right thing and attempting to prosecute corruption, but also…

To demand justice for those in government that have worked over the last 50 years to systematically weaken and destroy our CONSTITUTION and our great republic AND To show our support for the President of the United States of America, duly elected by the people, and FOR the people of the United States of America.

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Bad_Sushi Firestorme Sat, 02/17/2018 - 13:01 Permalink

No one will show up and there will be no coverage.

Deal with what we have, a two party monopoly. You must leverage one party against the other, to move either.


Lets face it, we are all bitches for allowing Mueller to ruin General Flynn's life after the General gave a life-time of service to OUR country. Let it sink in boys and girls, a obviously corrupt DOJ hack in a kangaroo court setting takes down a United States General and a member of the MAGA Cabinet no less and there is only a muffled whimper as all us bitches bite the pillow a little harder as Mueller bears down. 

I am ashamed of us all.


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MoreFreedom Occident Mortal Sat, 02/17/2018 - 12:52 Permalink

Wow, the government is finally getting involved in liars loans, a couple of decades too late.  And even though Manafort hasn't abandoned his house and quit paying on the loan.  He's living quite well in such an expensive home. 

They can't take Trump down on this, it just shows how weak Mueller's case is.  And he's got nothing on Trump, or anything to do with Russians.  And Manafort has no dirt on Trump either because Trump's been careful, and doesn't want to do anything illegal anyway.  Trump's only skeletons has to do with alleged adultery which is entirely acceptable for a president thanks to Clinton and the Democrats support of him; heck it's even OK to have sex with your employees according to them.

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