65 Dead After Iranian Passenger Plane Crashes, Killing Everybody Onboard

An Iranian commercial plane crashed in a mountainous region of southern Iran on Sunday morning, killing all 65 people on board, a tragic consequences of Iran's rapidly aging fleet of commercial aircraft according to the Associated Press.


The plane was an Aseman Airlines ATR-72, a twin-engine turboprop used for short-distance regional flying. It went down near its destination of the southern Iranian city of Yasuj, some 780 kilometers (485 miles) south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Aseman Airlines spokesman Mohammad Taghi Tabatabai told state TV that all passengers and crew aboard Flight No. EP3704 were killed in the crash.

"After searching the area, we learned that unfortunately ... our dear passengers had lost their lives," Tabatabai said. "This plane had 60 passengers, 59 adults and one child, as well as a pilot, a co-pilot, two flight attendants and two air marshals on board."

Heavy fog prevented rescue helicopters from reaching the crash site in the Zagros Mountains, state TV reported. Tabatabai said the plane crashed into Mount Dena, which is about 4,400 meters (14,435 feet) tall.

The airline specializes in flights to remote airfields across the country. It also flies internationally. It is Iran's third-largest airline by fleet size, behind state carrier Iran Air and privately owned Mahan Air.

Aseman has a fleet of 29 aircraft, including six ATR aircraft, per the AP. The ATR-72 that crashed Sunday had been built in 1993, Aseman Airlines CEO Ali Abedzadeh said. The plane left Tehran at 0433 GMT and gave its last signal at 0555 GMT. At the time the last signal was issued, the flight was at 16,975 feet and was descending, FlightRadar24 said.

Aseman Airlines has suffered other major crashes with fatalities. In October 1994, a twin-propeller Fokker F-28 1000 commuter plane flown by the airline crashed near Natanz, 290 kilometers (180 miles) south of Tehran, also killing 65 people on board. An Aseman Airlines chartered flight in August 2008, flown by an Itek Air Boeing 737, crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing 74 people.

Following the 2015 landmark nuclear deal with world powers, Iran signed deals with both Airbus and Boeing to buy scores of passenger planes worth tens of billions of dollars. U.S. politicians have expressed concern about the airplane sales to Iran. President Donald Trump remains skeptical of the atomic accord overall and has refused to re-certify it, putting the deal in question.

Decades of international sanctions have left Iran's airline industry with an aging fleet. Aseman Airlines, which is owned by an Iranian pension fund and is considered semi-private, isn't allowed to fly in the European Union because of safety concerns.


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These must be the folks who bribed Kerry and Huseein Obozo to sell America out. Their secrets die with them.


Iranian deal involved giving Iran's money BACK TO THEM.  This was money seized illegally by the U.S.  This was probably the ONE thing Obozo did that was correct, and within rule of law.

With regards to Iran, they have been adhering to the agreement and are NOT enriching to make nuclear weapons. 

Yeah, let's let all the crazy middle eastern players nuke up - that is a great strategy.

There was no America sell out.

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PrivetHedge AnngeloJamaica Sun, 02/18/2018 - 13:12 Permalink

It is worse then you are presenting. 

They are not just falsely pretending to be the chosen Judahites, they are actually pharisees who were rejected by God and Jesus as being satan's spawn.

Remember the occult loves playing opposites, they are no just un-chosen, they are the rejects.
That basically makes all of us far superior in the eyes of God than these Babylonian/Khazar imposters. 

Read, learn, and tell all and any Christians you meet, as they are leaching their lobbying power from Christians who have no idea they are really supporting pharisees - the opposite of what they are taught.


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There are VERY FEW accidents and we KNOW that Israel is a spiteful and vindictive nation intent on ruining human life.


Don't forget after they admitted defeat in 2006 in Lebanon they left 6 million cluster bomblets on the countryside in the 3 days before the peace deal came into force.

The pharisee (jew) is deeply evil and never stops.

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CLEARLY a message is being sent to Putin and Iran.
The call number of the Russian airliner that just crashed added up to 13.
The call number of this Iranian airliner is Registration EP-ATS. MSN 391.

Which also adds up to 13!

Just a coincidence, no way. They once again bitch slapped Putin and now they are doing the same to Iran.
And Putin has no response.

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I'll call all that goofball numerology coincidence, and go "all in" on what's going to be the real cause: 

Meteorological conditions at the crash site:  Icing, heavy snow, and dense fog making it impossible for rescue helicopters to reach the crash.

Terrain:  The mountain, Mt. Dena, the plane crashed into during descent is 50 miles long and 14,500 feet high with 40 peaks over 13,000 feet high. 

Aircraft history and ATR72 icing problems:  The accident aircraft not flown for 7 years until a few months ago.  FAA has issued several airworthiness directives for ATR72 aircraft in the 2000's.  Think this Iranian bucket of bolts had those AD's performed and was up to U.S. FAA airworthiness standards?  ATR72 aircraft have a long history of control and performance problems in icing conditions, even with all their anti-icing equipment functioning.  See for yourself . . . http://aerossurance.com/safety-management/atr72-control-problem-no-2016/

Pilots:  Iranian camel jockeys.

Put those factors together and you'll have the real cause of this tragic crash.  My God, you conspiracy theorists are a scourge on humanity 49 times out of 50.

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Conscious Reviver Jack Oliver Mon, 02/19/2018 - 02:25 Permalink

Cargo aircraft.

From Wiki -

"The survivors' health complaints following the crash increased the number of questions about the cargo. In 1998 it was publicly revealed by El-Al spokesman Nachman Klieman that 190 litres of dimethyl methylphosphonate, a CWC schedule 2 chemical which, among many other uses, can be used for the synthesis of Sarin nerve gas, had been included in the cargo. "

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