Florida's 'Teacher Of The Year' Bluntly Explains Why School Violence Is Out Of Control

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Kelly Guthrie Raley has been teaching for 20 years and currently educates kids at Eustis Middle School in Lake County, Florida. Just last month she was named the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.

The day after the horrific shooting that took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, she posted a rant on Facebook that has since gone viral. In the post, she talked about parental responsibility, compassion, and respect…and more than 823,000 people have “liked” the post and agreed with it, while more than 649,000 have shared it with others.

Here’s what Mrs. Raley had to say.

Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and say what no one else is brave enough to say, but wants to say. I’ll take all the criticism and attacks from everyone because you know what? I’m a TEACHER. I live this life daily. And I wouldn’t do anything else! But I also know daily I could end up in an active shooter situation.

Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it-violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives, as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school. Our kids don’t understand the permanency of death anymore!!!

I grew up with guns. Everyone knows that. But you know what? My parents NEVER supported any bad behavior from me. I was terrified of doing something bad at school, as I would have not had a life until I corrected the problem and straightened my ass out. My parents invaded my life. They knew where I was ALL the time. They made me have a curfew. They made me wake them up when I got home. They made me respect their rules. They had full control of their house, and at any time could and would go through every inch of my bedroom, backpack, pockets, anything! Parents: it’s time to STEP UP! Be the parent that actually gives a crap! Be the annoying mom that pries and knows what your kid is doing. STOP being their friend. They have enough “friends” at school. Be their parent. Being the “cool mom” means not a damn thing when either your kid is dead or your kid kills other people because they were allowed to have their space and privacy in YOUR HOME. I’ll say it again. My home was filled with guns growing up. For God’s sake, my daddy was an 82nd Airborne Ranger who lost half his face serving our country. But you know what? I never dreamed of shooting anyone with his guns. I never dreamed of taking one! I was taught respect for human life, compassion, rules, common decency, and most of all, I was taught that until I moved out, my life and bedroom wasn’t mine…it was theirs. And they were going to know what was happening because they loved me and wanted the best for me.

There. Say that I’m a horrible person. I didn’t bring up gun control, and I will refuse to debate it with anyone. This post wasn’t about gun control. This was me, loving the crap out of people and wanting the best for them. This was about my school babies and knowing that God created each one for greatness, and just wanting them to reach their futures. It’s about 20 years ago this year I started my teaching career. Violence was not this bad 20 years ago. Lack of compassion wasn’t this bad 20 years ago. And God knows 20 years ago that I wasn’t afraid daily to call a parent because I KNEW that 9 out of 10 would cuss me out, tell me to go to Hell, call the news on me, call the school board on me, or post all over FaceBook about me because I called to let them know what their child chose to do at school…because they are a NORMAL kid!!!!!

Those 17 lives mattered. When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?

What do you think?

I would have loved for my children to have been in Mrs. Raley’s class because not only is it obvious that she really cares, but also that she has an abundance of common sense, something that has been notably absent in our politically correct school systems.

I raised my kids in much the same way Mrs. Raley refers to having grown up: with rules, curfews, and consequences for their actions. My girls weren’t totally sheltered – they saw violence on television and in movies – but we discussed it. I taught them empathy for other human beings and all creatures. They too, have had access to guns, and know how to use them, but I’ve never once been worried that they’d use them on another human being for any other reason than self-defense in a life-or-death situation.

Like every other parent, I now worry every time my daughters walk out to door to attend their college classes. Because, honestly, it can happen anywhere.

But I sincerely agree with Mrs. Raley.

Guns aren’t the problem. The current culture is the problem.


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not to take anything away from her,

but no mention of a country that:

- has the largest military budget ever

- has the most lethal conventional, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons

- topples governments and murders millions directly

- supports other governments murdering millions more

- supports terrorist organizations overtly and covertly

- has a Military Inudstrial Complex that has a stranglehold on the US government

- has black sites and prisons outside of the law

- prefers to spend more per prisoner than pupil

- a militarized Police State being manufactured, funded, armed, and violently used against its own citizens daily

- and that pumps the media and culture non-stop with militaristic propaganda to support the above


yeah i guess none of this stuff matters....

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Chupacabra-322 Manthong Mon, 02/19/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

“video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives,...”


HOW do you think the Pentagram trained the normally docil Killing machine’s during & for the Vietnam War?  Desensitized Killing machine’s then.  

Autonomous AI Killing Machine’s coming.  No desensitized training or “Program” needed. 

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Yukon is 100% correct.

No debate on kids' behavior, issues you have with strong women who have to put up with your shitty kid, mental health, big pharma, socialism, lack of gun control... NONE of it matters until those of you sleeping right through this shit

W A K E    T H E     F U C K     UP.

These events are false flags and are being engineered by the DS. You won't realize this until you (first, WTFU, then) study these events in detail. There have been SO MANY OF THEM the patterns are crystal clear. There is an abundance of information online just waiting for your discovery. There really is no excuse not to be more informed.

If you're too fucking lazy to do that, then at least start with this one. There is much to be learned by how the architects pull these off.


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Vegas shooting happened the night after the CATALONIA ELECTIONS, where UNARMED citizens were beaten by GOVERNMENT THUGS.
Videos were popping up all over the internet showing what happens when an unarmed population votes against a heavily armed government.
Florida shooting happens soon after the Nunes MEMO is released showing how the democrat party and the Obama administration, Hillary campaign, FBI, CIA, .....had abused the FISA court to
attempt to frame the opposing candidate and steal an election.
At this point I'm not sure whether it is more important to mourn the fallen kids or remove these vermin from society.
There's a new pedophile in town. Liddle Adam.

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The truth is we wouldn't be having all these mass shootings if the globalists, the deep state, and the leftist marxists weren't behind the gun confiscation agenda. Along with the UN's treaty on small arms control.

We've seen it from Australia to Great Britain. They've managed to convince people to give up their guns and now the US is in their cross hairs.

If owning guns in the US is so deadly you'd think with the sheer number in private hands the number of gun deaths would be in the hundreds of thousands yearly. But that's not the case.

The hysterics by the gun control crowd over the next few weeks to bring about even more gun control legislation will be more than enough to try any one's patience.

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GET RID OF THE MARXIST JEW AND GET WORLD PEACE AS A BONUS... the ancestors of these marxist jews killed millions of Russian Christians with no remorse... do you think they care about this woman's whining about bad parenting ... you got another think coming ... I wish we all lived on the Rock Candy Mountain ... but we ain't never gonna change human nature...that's why they call it human nature... all you goyim need to shut the fuk up and do as you are told ...marxist jew.

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So you are saying that there are NOT a lot of gun deaths in the US?  You can't make up statistics to justify your insanity.  For example, if 98% of your neurons were not dead, you might have a coherent thought once in a while. If 75% of your sister weren't pregnant by your father, you would have a smaller family.

Try reading up on some facts before you open your mouth.  You look particularly stupid.

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Peak Finance Expat Tue, 02/20/2018 - 08:20 Permalink


So you are saying that there are NOT a lot of gun deaths in the US?

If you want to talk facts, literally, over 90% if not closer to 94% - 98% (each study gives slightly different numbers) of Gun Violence occurs in Ghettos or Savage-controlled areas. There is literally NOT A FUCKING THING you can do about this violence, other than invading those Ghetto areas with a huge permanent-occupying police force, growing the balls to ship these folks back to their ancestorial homes, or at the very minimum re-instating Jim Crow laws and repealing the civil rights act of 1964.  

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Yup, today's snowflakes have the child abuse hotline number on speed dial.  My buddy's ex-wife reported him to Child Protective Services after he washed his 12 year old daughter's mouth out with a bar of soap for saying "fuck you" to him.  He had to take 12 weeks of "parenting classes" in order to avoid losing his every other weekends with the brats. 

This teacher hit the nail on the head, and I would add all the behavior modifying, brain altering prescription meds these kids are on including SSRIs don't help the situation.

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Home school solves both ends of this problem in on fell swoop:

1. Parents are fully engaged with their child and can dole out the consequences for falling out of line without fear of getting fired.

2. Home schooled kids aren't boxed up in a "gun-free zone" shooting target gallery, so when someone else's kid goes off the deep end, your kids are safe at home.

Down with public schools!

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i have a teacher of the year in my family.  she reports that the skoolz hands are tied by the dc dept of edu.  it is next to impossible to remove violent, criminal, disgusting pieces of sh-t from the regular skool to place them in the alternative skool.

the tool they use is to classify the sh-theads as disabled.  they do this to the sh-theads because their failing test scores don't count against the skoolz ratings.  once the sh-theads get that moniker - it's over.  they can do anything/everything they want to your sons/daughters with little to no consequences.  it's just like being declared incompetent to stand trial. 

too, these special kids have customized (by law) learning plans that every one of their teachers MUST implement.  they take up a ridiculous amount of time and resources from the rest of the skool because of their 'modifications' and their relentless criminality. 

oh, and you can't put too many negroes or mexicans at the alternative skool - dat is raysis

also, by dept of edu edict, the skoolz are NOT ALLOWED to speak about the criminal acts of the sh-theads....because confidentiallity.  so the whole mess is hidden by law

the thing is disgustingly fubar.  ban publik skoolz, end the dept of edu.  den of vipers

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You nailed it. We'll have good schools again when they kick out the riff-raff.

When my kids were young, sometimes other kids would come over to my house and misbehave. My response: "I think it's time for you to go home." That's all the schools need to do. No need for corporal punishment or any other form of disciplinary action.

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last week the new buzz is all smartphones shortly will have A.I. chips in them

(like apple X phone has one)

aplanetruth (aplanetruth.info) on youtube has a new update on the 5G installations in Santa Rosa California already up.  they're painted brown to be as nondescript as possible, but right next to houses and such.   verizon is putting up 180 or so initially - each one emitting off the charts HIGH radiation and of course no testing was ever done or admitted to - (causes cancer and other damage)

 (see if i can link later - or go to youtube to his channel)

edit : got it  https://youtu.be/INKP9esoyE0

AND here's one with the florida drill shooting event being looked at :

https://youtu.be/dbUBcqNNcGE  - Remember folks, they want to emasculate the US like the Brits & Aussies & Canooooks

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Nah, she sounds like every teacher my kids ever had, and my younger daughter is just finishing up high school in a very liberal city public school.  Some of them are veterans, some children or parents of veterans.

Some of the teachers think there are too many guns in our society and it's too easy for crazy people and everyone else to get them.  But the rest of it, every one of them has said to me, time after time.  And I agree with them.

We've got plenty of this type of teacher in our schools.  We also have crazy people whom we used to treat in 1959, and they have full access to deadly guns people couldn't buy in 1959.  And we cut spending on mental health and school security, and roll back measures to make it harder for crazy people to buy guns. 

Meanwhile, as our economic system's collapse drags our social structures down with it, our economy can no longer provide people with useful things to do, access to mental health care, or the means to make a living with modest educational and social abilities.  Since our economy has failed to provide solutions to these people's problems, we pay them to take medication and sit around to go completely crazy by themselves.

We've made our decision as a society.  We've decided we prefer it this way, to actually doing something which might inconvenience us in any way.  This teacher would agree with that, too, as do all the rest of them.

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No, people like this did not get treated in 1959. When they were in school they got their ass kicked every time they acted the fool. They did not have any false sense of self esteem that they were smart or good. They knew they were pathetic and weak. They knew they were the animal in the back of the herd with the limp. Now, either they learned their lesson or they ended up with a frontal lobotomy. There were no treatment centers in 1959. There were state schools and their was prison. If this boy would have gotten his ass beat from first grade on every time he acted the fool he would have learned. He actually could have been a low level productive citizen. But, not today.

I wish you had not of proved my thoughts about you correct but my thoughts were correct. The fact that you do not see the wisdom in what this teacher is saying and the even handed way in which she does it speaks volumes about your own intelligence. The fact that you believe that there are "plenty of this type of teacher in our schools" tells me that you have no wisdom or understanding. You are a lemming like most of the others. You know what to say to get an up vote every now and then but for the most part you are one of the brainwashed masses.

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iLLivaniLLi19 sonoftx Tue, 02/20/2018 - 09:37 Permalink

The problem with normalizing violence in schools is that adolescents have the social inclinations of chimpanzees (adults are not much better). If fighting is okay I'll just teach my kid to fight and tell him to sucker punch the most popular kids, regardless of reason or a challenge to an honorable fight. My kid will then be the most popular at school and get the hot girls and then you've unleashed an escalating cycle of violence.


I think the answer is that public education should be ended.

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My parents never went through my room, I didn't have a room. If I broke the rules I got beaten severely, and the neighbors had permission to do the same. I would say her attitude is pretty modern compared to Texas in the 70's.

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I was listening to CBS news tonight and there was these self absorbed kids on TV talking about marching on DC for gun control and they admitted to being self-absorbed and promised to get back on their cell phones after the interview, and I thought FUCK THAT!  Why don't I take that cell phone away from you instead because:


  • In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in distraction-related crashes.
  • About 424,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver.
  • In 2013, 10% of all drivers ages 15 to 19 involved in fatal accidents were reported to be distracted at the time of the crash. 
  • In 2012, 11% of drivers under age 20 involved in fatal accidents were reported to be distracted at the time of the crash.
  • One-fourth of teenagers respond to at least one text message every time they driveand 20% of teens and 10% of parents report having multi-text message conversations while driving.

And I'm sitting there amazed at these fucked up kids, on TV no less talking about a march on DC to ban guns!  The stupid cocksuckers.. and the woman talks of "respect" well these kids HAVE NONE.  They don't respect private property, don't respect the bill of rights, don't respect history, they are myopic selfish cunts and assholes who should shut the fuck up and do as they are told which includes putting down a cell phone.  If there was any health crisis which could be solved it would be a head on fucking collision with some teen texting and slaughtering an innocent family.  But we don't confiscate phones in America nor do we ban guns!

The real truth when you look  at the shootings is required disclosure laws, the states that do not have them have the problems, check out the map.. (see below map state by state) and where the problem really is at.

If the Republicans cave I buy my first AR, I'll buy a Colt, S&W, or Ruger.. possibly free floating, just because 'll never fucking again send a cent to the NRA or a Republican.





(probably get)



These snot nose kids need their cell phones taken to lower insurance costs and keep the fucking roads safe.. the shitty snot nose fuckers

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verumcuibono Dilluminati Mon, 02/19/2018 - 23:31 Permalink

I get your ire... but this is EXACTLY the kind of distraction that the DS orchestrates with this bullshit MSM theater (WTH were you doing watching that in the first place?). You fell right into their hands.

Reposting: No debate on kids' ridiculous behavior, issues you have with strong women who have to put up with your shitty kid, mental health, big pharma, socialism, lack of gun control... NONE of it matters until those of you sleeping right through this shit

W A K E    T H E     F U C K     UP.

These events are false flags and are being engineered by the DS. You won't realize this until you (first, WTFU, then) study these events in detail. There have been SO MANY OF THEM the patterns are crystal clear. There is an abundance of information online just waiting for your discovery. There really is no excuse not to be more informed.

If you're too fucking lazy to do that, then at least start with this one. There is much to be learned by how the architects pull these off.


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Dilluminati verumcuibono Tue, 02/20/2018 - 06:15 Permalink

This whole false flag narrative is some mental health issue all of its own.  The narrative constantly pimped that the government is behind these shootings, or that the shootings didn't really happen that they were actors, or that it was fake video or whatever, nope that is almost another separate reality that mental health professionals can deal with but doesn't fall under the realm of rational debate.  To be sure, it never helps when the government LIES about their mishandling of shootings, or LIES about their poorly performed responses in investigations.  The liars who claim they are trying to protect institutional credibility by LYING are of course as ridiculous in their reasoning as you are.

I see you have been here 4 months, the false flag narrative, second shooter narrative, the jooos did the shooting, is a mental illness also.  The Matrix was a movie and this red pill and blue pill narrative is as frankly as ridiculous as the latest Marvel comic book movie and simply not applicable to a rational discussion. 

My point is that banning apple phones or android phones specifically in response to kids/teens who "PREDOMINATELY" are the source of fatal car accidents is as rational as banning guns.  It is the assumption that nobody can safely own a phone because those with mental illness or those who are simply irresponsible and negligent cannot use one safely, or ban all teen cars!!  I mean if it is people bitching and moaning about stopping death and destruction, why not that instead?

It is a sad day in America to see the corporate multi-national news pimping the erosion and destruction of the constitution.  The entire argument that the government should be in the business of banning this item, or that item.. or that somehow the people of a nation shouldn't be free to make those decisions, is not a healthy trend.  

In closing I live in a world of facts and opinions also.  No matter how many new laws you create you cannot substitute legislation for reason and values.  BTW Aquinas said of laws, that if you have laws that nobody follows it undermines laws.  If you want to do something to protect youth address the cell phone usage while driving and toss the violators into prison and disallow driving forever.  Do the same for drunk driving... ohhh I forgot the liberals all line up and say that is a mental illness and an addiction.. 

In closing you have the majority of any populace nearly incapable of any freedom or responsibility, we as a nation don't teach it and reward it.  These children and people you see, they are their own worse enemies and no matter what legislation you create they lack the value system for sound judgement and that makes them effectively cunts and cocksuckers.. and that is both sad and true my friend.

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I am Groot cantscratchfever Mon, 02/19/2018 - 22:32 Permalink

What ! Xenophobic, slanty eyed fucks who can't think for themselves and steal everything that isn't screwed,bolted and glued down. Working mindless, slave-like 18 hour days at an iPhone factory, making shit for Millennials, where they have nets to keeps the workers who jump out the windows from killing themselves. No thanks ! Communism can go fuck itself. I'll take God, Guns and Guts !

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MarsInScorpio Bes Mon, 02/19/2018 - 21:42 Permalink

Bes, you are the most fucked-up sub-human being I've ever read in my life.

You ignorant shit - sure, as the psycho kid was pulling the trigger, our military budget was motivating him to pull it again.

And with the next round, all that went through his mind was US support for so-called "moderate" terrorists. 

By the time he was aiming to murder the fifth victim, he was pushed to pull the trigger again because of the US arsenal.

As so on through your list of pure bullshit motivational rationalizations to keep killing until he couldn't kill any more.

Bes, you are one sick, sick, bitch. But even sicker than you individually, are all those who parrot your deranged beyond any rational individual's ability to wade through your list of pure bullshit.

Bes, you are exactly what needs to be institutionalized for life - dumbass shitheads allowed to roam the streets.

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Billy the Poet Bes Mon, 02/19/2018 - 22:08 Permalink

Mrs. Raley was speaking from personal experience. She is apparently not in the habit of going off on unfocused diatribes but prefers to make her point concisely.

By the way, you failed to mention the plight of Native Americans, declining honey bee populations and the price of tea in China in your criticism of Raley. Aren't you ashamed?

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Jeffersonian Liberal Bes Mon, 02/19/2018 - 23:30 Permalink

Maybe it's turning from traditional Western culture (and yes, that includes national sovereignty and national defense, borders, language, culture) and focusing on the bullshit you listed that is turning kids into violent little SJW anti-fa Fascists who think they have a right to destroy anyone who they believe should be on your hate list.

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