The Pendulum - Part One - Retreat to High Ground

The Pendulum - Part One

Retreat to High Ground

By High Desert



Missing in the mix of hundreds of bug-out stories is a forth right and candid self appraisal of lessons learned containing practical experience along with deep humility and honest self examination. High Desert expressed a willingness to share his and his wife’s adventure with TwoIceFloes and we eagerly embraced the opportunity to post his story as a three part series. - Cognitive Dissonance


It was the summer of 2011, and for all practical purposes it was smooth sailing. My wife and I often commented to each other how drama and stress free our lives had become. Unfortunately we were blissfully unaware of the squall line rapidly approaching from behind.

The epiphany struck us like a bolt out of the blue. But rather than providing clarity and calm, this profound revelation was a violent tempest. The following six years brought dramatic shifts to our belief systems, state of mind, living conditions and more – dramatically swinging the pendulum back and forth before finally compelling us to seek balance and peace of mind.

We were not significantly affected by the financial crash a couple years prior (2008-09) partly because we both had home-based businesses in niche markets which provided a lower middle-class income. But a more important factor was our lack of debt. Not one to “keep up with the neighbors”, we lived comfortably but always within our means.

We had previously paid off the mortgage, both of us owned older used vehicles and we never charged purchases we couldn’t afford to pay off at the end of each month. We had some meager investments, but fortunately years earlier we had moved into the right neighborhood. Meaning over the years, our neighborhood had evolved into one of the hottest residential markets in the Metro area.

Most of our disposable income (along with a lot of sweat-equity) was spent modernizing our home. Essentially we considered our primary residence to be our own private 401(k) plan. In addition, we owned a small cabin on twenty six acres of land where we planned to eventually retire. Our son was about to graduate from high school with honors and was (still is) a delight to spend time with. Our state of mind at the time was one of light, love and abundance.

Our life-changing insight came about due to boredom. Purposely not caught up in the rat-race of Western civilization and long term self-employed, we had a fair amount of free time to pursue other interests. Being introverts, we devoted most evenings to home activities. Usually my wife would conduct research for her book publishing business. And I, usually brain-dead from working on the computer all day, would zone out and watch some streaming TV.

Not one to watch just any old dung produced for the masses, it didn’t take me long to burn through every decent movie and documentary out there. By then, total boredom had me reconsidering my second and third string watch lists, desperate for quality entertainment. For some inexplicable reason I had placed a documentary in my queue which I had blown past on numerous occasions as not interesting enough to watch. But, just as inexplicably, I had never deleted it.

One overly warm summer night in 2011 I cranked up the central A/C, retreated to the family room and decided to finally watch “Collapse” by Michael Ruppert. That documentary was my red pill moment. Even after watching it twice in a row, I found it difficult to believe what I was only now beginning to understand.

On the one hand, the truths presented in the documentary were 180 degrees out of sync with my core belief systems. On the other, I knew deep down I had been living in the make believe world of the Matrix. When I convinced my wife to take a break and watch it with me, it only took one viewing for her to recognize the truth as presented. It was truly an epiphany for both of us, although not of the type one would usually classify as such.

Our life was about to change in ways we could not imagine. And change again and again as we rode the swinging pendulum back and forth, totally out of balance. We’d been through a lot during our many years of marriage, but we had no idea what lay before us. Waking up so suddenly and always one for self-directed action, all hell was about to break loose.

As we began to absorb our new understanding about how the world really works, my wife and I began to work out how to deal with the events we knew for certain were just around the corner. We devoted the next few months to exhaustively researching who, what, when, where and why.

Although I intuitively knew the new reality as presented was correct, I needed to convince myself I wasn’t just being stupid. After all, what did I really know about manipulated financial markets, mono-agriculture, fiat currency, systemic corruption and more importantly, what to do when all the complex systems began to collapse due to their inherent chaos.

The red pill had done its job in providing the initial jolt, but we were now strangers in a foreign land. Our initial reaction was to shelter in place as it were, maybe stock up on some supplies, install a wood stove (totally illegal where we lived) build a small greenhouse in our very small backyard and perhaps get some stun guns and mace for personal defense.

My wife’s primary concern was food. How would she feed our family if the grocery stores closed? My primary concern was our personal safety. Somehow I needed to defend the castle and loved ones against the “golden horde”, a new term picked up during my research. After all, we lived in a big city with neighbors literally twelve feet away on either side.

What happened next was quite odd. We woke up one morning, rolled over to face each other and simultaneously said “we have to get out of the city.” This is no little thing to accomplish. We owned our home, two businesses and our son was still in high school. Where would we go and what do we need that place to be?

Our research went into overdrive.

One thought was to make our cabin the bug-out location. We even began to stock long-term food there. However the cabin was old, the well was of poor quality and so was the soil. And unfortunately that gorgeous view of the city lights down the mountain meant those in the city could see us.

Additionally, the only usable flat land was at the end of the driveway right next to the cabin. How would we house other family members and close friends in a small cabin with no room to park an RV or several vehicles? We began to wonder if there was a better place out there, but still within driving distance of the city.

Is there a gear higher than overdrive? You know, the gear that allows you to simultaneously get a house (or two) ready for sale, research every real estate website for hours each day, close down an active publishing business and figure out what and when to tell your teenage child his world was about to be rock and rolled.

As is the case with nearly everyone else, our life was a bit complicated. My wife has a special-needs brother who requires lots of attention and supervision. At that time my father was 90 and needed more and more care. We were both in our 50’s and I was in the midst of a long recovery from a two year stretch of multiple surgeries after an accident.

Even at the age of 50, and nearly 30 years after completing my “Thank You for Your Service” gig, I still thought of myself as that 19-year-old airborne infantryman, naively fearless and invincible. I was capable of anything, including living forever. The accident I was recovering from was my first warning that life-long beliefs could quickly be shattered. It gave me a new perspective to the old saying “things can change in an instant.”

With the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, if ever there was a legitimate plea for temporary insanity we hereby stake our claim. Although our approach was in its entirety logical, we fell into a “desperate measures for desperate times” mentality, driven by fear and panic. It was not a balanced approach by any measure.

We finally decided it was impossible to deal with all of this simultaneously. We put the cabin up for sale “as is”, though we would not put much effort into selling it since it remained our Plan B. After months of fruitless searching for the ideal retreat, the cabin oscillated between being Plan B and Plan A. Our choice in that matter would soon be forcibly removed; more on that subject later.

Trying to accomplish all of the above during the day, at night I would explore new concepts such as The Long Emergency, The Fourth Turning, the sixth mass extinction event and so much more including all the right things a survival retreat should encompass. My wife dedicated her evenings to researching every potential retreat property for sale in the state. Because of the situation with her brother, my father and our son, the new place had to be within a day’s drive of our family.

She developed an efficient web search system to quickly eliminate unsuitable properties. Several ‘needs’ were non-negotiable parameters: water well, septic, acreage, somewhat remote, buildings in good condition. Even with those restrictions, there were plenty of options. It was critically important to check the oil/gas/fracking permits issued for the area of each property we had an interest in.

We knew from first-hand experience property owners in our state have ZERO rights if someone else owns the mineral rights and wants to exploit them. This issue alone eliminated entire sections of the state. My wife also researched the water well permit for each potential property to determine the age of the well, its depth, flow rate, source of water and so on. This constraint eliminated a fair number of properties. Without a good source of water, nothing else matters.

We discussed the remaining properties and applied our secondary list of wants and needs. How many people could the property support? Can we actually grow food there? Was it already off-grid? My wife would show me ten properties and I’d quickly eliminate them because of population density or other security related concerns. I would show her ten properties and she would rule them out due to altitude (hard to grow food above the timberline) distance from family or the condition of the buildings.

Our largest constraint was our refusal to take on a mortgage. We knew we could get a good price for our home in the city; the entire state was (and continues to be) in an ever-expanding housing bubble. But rural didn’t necessarily equate to inexpensive in this state.

It was all a bit overwhelming. Couldn’t we please, please, just go back to a life of blissful ignorance? Unfortunately it was too late to ask for the Blue Pill.

Compounding our difficulties (as with so many other people who suddenly wake up) we thought it was our duty to enlighten our friends and family of the coming perils. For anyone who has tried to do so, I don’t need to explain how poorly it went. Since we believed doomsday was just around the corner, we opted instead to buy/build the retreat and assume they would come.

After almost a year of searching online and physically examining properties, we were growing increasingly anxious to move forward. Our primary residence was ready to go on the market, my father had passed away, my wife’s publishing business had been sold and we’d already had that heart to heart conversation with our son.

At eighteen years of age and with his entire life ahead of him, he wanted no part of moving to a remote location to become a homesteader. We respected his decision, although during the initial conversation he accused us of abandoning him. Ultimately we all worked together to make sure he could continue on his path until things fell apart, either with his plans or the world.

In the summer of 2012 we all took a weekend off to stay in a small town and visit a top candidate for the new retreat. In so many ways the property was perfect. Nearly new structures surrounded by public lands, already set up for off-grid living, just a few full-time neighbors (but not too close) and plenty of flat land. We made a good offer.

The following week was filled with buyer’s remorse. Would we have any money left from the sale of our home? Was the retreat too remote? Were we really ready to change our entire lifestyle and take on such a large project? That Thursday we decided the best thing to do was forget the whole thing. We would move into our cabin and make the best of it. 

But nature was set to intervene.

On Friday, a massive wildfire started near our cabin. By Saturday, our time to commit to the realty contract would expire; we had to make a final decision. While sitting in a hotel room to avoid an open house weekend at our primary residence, we watched updates on the expanding fire and realized there was very little chance our cabin would survive. It would turn out to be one of the most destructive wildfires our state ever experienced. It was also the second property we’ve lost to wildfire.

It seemed some unseen force was guiding us to the new retreat. It must be fate. It must be our destiny.

The following five years proved to be the biggest challenge we ever faced. We were on a mission to save ourselves, family and friends. How could so many things go so terribly wrong?

All this and more will be covered in part two of this three part series.



High Desert


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Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 02/19/2018 - 09:57 Permalink

Part Two will be posted next weekend here on ZeroHedge. You will also find it posted at TwoIceFloes and my Patreon.

In Part Two High Desert outlines several of the problems he and his wife encountered after relocating to high country. Part Three, to be posted in two weeks, encompasses a sober and sincere self assessment of what they did right and where things went wrong.

My role in this series consists solely of final editing and some image selection. High Desert wrote this series at my request because, quite frankly, there is a lack of this type of reflective overview in the alternative media space.

new game BKbroiler Mon, 02/19/2018 - 19:03 Permalink

it took five years from inception to completion with 13 months of renting to find the right place. patience. i went through the above mention'd scenario. no fires.  sold the cabin with 37 acres. done. regrets(meaning the hunting thing, nice location and unique land-w/ over 100 mature oaks, but the rework of the cabin, no-well, no-septic would have been way moar work than breaking ground and building new and modern with foamed walls, infloor heat, ect). i sold new construction for 19 years, so saying marginal-could have worked, but really meaning a mistake once undertaken. the home would end end up wrong dimensionaly without major expensive changes (24' x 32').

 staying the course, sold the main residence too. done. no regrets. now we had the proper cash in hand.

so, we, (wife and I, kids on there own) bought a 30 year old w/o rambler on acreage ending up in the country, going on 4 years, 60 k of materials and hard labor later. a nice "dream" home that  could go for sale within a year for even moar remote and "up north"(MN) appeal of being lost in the woods where i feel very comfortable. plan is drawn. so the search for land begins soon. one last retirement project. i will be the general contractor and do the grunt work where possible. total budget set for 250k with land, very doable, expect to come in around 200k. 1600 sq ft one level infloor heat porched home. all set back away from "zombie infidels" trying to take my religion of quiten enjoyment...

so far all worth the efforts. 100k equity beyond improvements may be coaxing us to move sooner than planned. the plan wasn't to be prepped to the max, just "high" ground with halfa chance of surviving the first wave "infidels" taking "my religion"....

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Graph new game Tue, 02/20/2018 - 10:57 Permalink

Not that you guys should not do what are you doing, and more power to you,  but long term survival preparation IS NOT some (dramatic) dealing with realtor, 30 acres, floor heating challenge, 1600 sf (and not, say, 900 sf ?) "dream home"...etc, etc.

Those are beautiful normal time activities, if you think by going over one by one.

All over Bosnia's rural landscape are charred skeletons of "dream homes", still standing after quarter of a century.

Stay healthy, fit and ready to move, and then you may have a chance.

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Graph Tue, 02/20/2018 - 11:50 Permalink

That is my plan. Downsize my stuff (meaning sell it) and buy a Class C RV. I don't like the idea of towing a trailer after watching a number of RV trailer wrecks on Utube. Class B's are a little too tight, Class A's are a little too big. I plan on working as a camp attendant at various parks. Not hard, you greet people, sell wood, take out the trash, swab the bathrooms. Hoping that while traveling around I will find a little town or place that I like and buy a small home similar to what I own now (two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage) only not in an HOA and that has space for chickens and a garden.

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AGuy Graph Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:13 Permalink

"1600 sf (and not, say, 900 sf ?) "dream home"...etc, etc."

Depends on how many people you planning to house. 900 sqft is fine for one or two people. but if you have kids, family or close friends remaining over a long period, you want space to avoid everyone getting under your nerves. In a crisis people are going to be stressed and packing a lot of stress people in a tight space isn't going to help.

Also need space for supplies. Food, Sundries, tools, and long term supplies. Most of these need to be stored in a semi-environmentally controlled space.

30 acres is probably bare minimum. You want to be located in a low population area as well have land to harvest wood for heating/cooking/building material, as well as land that you can grow crops and raise small livestock or chickens on. It also needs to be zoned for agriculture and not hassled by Home owners associations, or town ordinances that limit what you can do.

"fit and ready to move, and then you may have a chance."

movement only applies if you have a safe place to go to. if the US collapses or there is a nuclear ware, there isn't going to be any place to escape to. I think anyone running a homestead is likely to remain healthy & fit. You simply cannot run a self-reliant homestead without a lot of vigorous exercise.

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drink or die Mon, 02/19/2018 - 16:36 Permalink

Didn't Michael Ruppert blow his brains out?  I don't think the reasons were ever fully explained, but I'd imagine it might have something to do with horribly uprooting his life to prepare for the collapse that never (or has yet to) come.

Cognitive Dissonance drink or die Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:22 Permalink

Only the suicide knows the reason(s) for their suicide. But Ruppert claimed to have been harassed and undermined for many many years by various nefarious powers. Whether true or not, that belief will impose a psychological toll on just about anyone.

Mrs.Cog likes to remind me it is a crumble when it happens to someone else and a collapse when it happens to you and me. In my opinion the PTB fully understand they are way out over the ends of their skis and are simply buying as much time as possible, spreading the collapse out over many years/decades and turning it into a slower crumble.

It is far easier, and more profitable, to loot the nation/world over decades than over years. It all comes down to who holds more chips at the end.

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Oldwood PhysicalRealm Mon, 02/19/2018 - 21:13 Permalink

When we remember that their intent is control, we understand that value lies in "managed" chaos. By remaining fearful we are vulnerable but controllable, but if it advances to full on freak out, there is no control and our survival reverts to rational behaviors, illusions no longer viable. THAT they most definitely don't want.

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Bendromeda Strain Oldwood Tue, 02/20/2018 - 09:22 Permalink

When fiat meets its scheduled end, they will roll it up like the gold standard and manipulate the resulting cognitive dissonance (with apologies) while the next control matrix (a Gov blockchain digital/crypto) is manifested. Much like the Chinese dream of with their ACChain, the Govchain will digitize your (exposed) assets and issue your digital scrip.

They have already floated trillions with keystrokes that will never be recalled, nor made tangible - except in other inflated ledgers. It will be simple for them to just pull back the curtain and say cash is a dead construct, and in essence has been since 1996. That was the date of the NSA crypto whitepaper.

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whosyerdaddy Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 02/19/2018 - 18:01 Permalink

Simplified, speculation, "buying as much time as possible", you mean "engineering a soft landing"? No one knows what tomorrow brings. In 1924 the president of the USA lost his son to a blister. The world is not collapsing although the potential is always there. Informative? Entertaining? Reality? I am tempted to call you Dissonant Cognizance.

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mkkby whosyerdaddy Tue, 02/20/2018 - 00:10 Permalink

I feel sorry for people who live their lives in fear, especially fear of everyone around them.  You all know that guy.  He wanders around bug eyed or staring at the ground.  He's stressed out all the time.  A loser.

The world is so safe, it's actually boring.  The only prep you really need (plus a few weeks of supplies) is to get away from large concentrations of diversity types.  In an emergency, everyone else will pull together and help.  Those diversity types will be out looking for victims.

I still remember the spooky weird shit cog dis posted a long time ago.  He's either doing psyops or trolling for ad bucks.  There never was an explanation.  He's not your friend.


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drink or die Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 02/19/2018 - 18:15 Permalink

Before you can have a reasonable discussion about a collapse, you probably need to define what collapse is.  The Mad Max style fantasy pushed by many people who are trying to make a buck by scaring people isn't something you can realistically expect or prepare for. 


In my opinion there are two competing styles of "prepping".  The first is a drastic lifestyle change involving lots of money spent on gear, moving out to farmland when you have no idea how to farm, cutting off ties to friends/family who might come to "mooch", etc.  This obviously seems to be what's going on in this story.  Much like a drastic diet change, this usually leads to burn out and regret, or returning to your old ways once the "collapse" doesn't happen.  


The second style is more of a mindset change, where you make different financial decisions, change the way you spend your free/leisure time, learn new skills, etc.  Over time, your path begins to diverge from the path that most others take, and turns you into a better person, and less susceptible to the traumatic effects brought on by a collapse, crumble, etc.  I'm hoping this will be the takeaway from this story!

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Cognitive Dissonance drink or die Mon, 02/19/2018 - 19:06 Permalink

The second style is more of a mindset change.........

I tend to agree. It is the path Mrs. Cog and I took.

However.....this state of mind change assume two things. That 1) you actually have the time and resources to do as you state and 2) you believe you have the time and resources to do as you state.

In fairness to High Desert, they spent nearly a full year researching and preparing for their life and location change. They were not panicked to the point they sold everything and ran for the woods. They were careful, methodical and logical in their prep and execution.

As you shall see in part two, they ran into several severe and unexpected head winds once they relocated.

Stay tuned for part two.

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AGuy Cognitive Dissonance Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:30 Permalink

"In fairness to High Desert, they spent nearly a full year researching and preparing for their life and location change. They were not panicked to the point they sold everything and ran for the woods. They were careful, methodical and logical in their prep and execution."

FWIW: I probably spend considerable more time than High Desert. I spent about 4 years looking for a region, and another 4 years to find an ideal property. I also consider my relocation as my retirement plan (or rather a lifestyle change for being very career focused to non-career focus). Considering a relocation as part your long term strategy makes a lot of sense. Lets suppose that there is never going to be a crisis. Do you really want to remain in a high tax, high crime, crazy traffic, crappy winters location? Or would you prefer a slower pace lifestyle: one that is pleasant, surrounded by abundant nature?

FWIW: There is still time: if you decide to choose rural, take the extra time to get it right. Use the extra time to save more so you purchase the property that you need and not settle for something you regret. use the time to wait for a buyers market when everyone is looking to sell so you get a better deal. Spend some time in the area that you think you're interested in. Use your vacation time to explore regions. Adapt your career so that you can work remotely, but make sure the area you wish to relocate supports high-speed internet so you can work remotely.

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Cognitive Dissonance AGuy Tue, 02/20/2018 - 14:25 Permalink

Adapt your career so that you can work remotely, but make sure the area you wish to relocate supports high-speed internet so you can work remotely.

That requirement alone just drastically narrowed your search area. Unless you like to pay thru your nose for bandwidth constrained satellite. I suspect you have no idea how difficult it is to get any broadband in rural areas.

In reply to by AGuy

AGuy Cognitive Dissonance Tue, 02/20/2018 - 15:08 Permalink

"I suspect you have no idea how difficult it is to get any broadband in rural areas.

Nope, Just chose an area that has a good WISP. In addition, there is a fiber backbone about 6 miles away (but that would cost about $50K to connect). I made damn sure I could get high speed Internet before purchasing. Thus the reason why it took me 4 years to find a property. I've done all my homework.

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Arrow4Truth drink or die Mon, 02/19/2018 - 19:09 Permalink

Making major life changes requires total commitment. In my case it required elimination of my world-view through determining that everything that I thought was true... was bullshit.  Those that might experience "burn out regret" and return to "old ways" lack the will to survive when the collapse does happen, so it really doesn't matter. "The second style" that you describe is very much like what I and Mrs. Arrow have experienced. Upon learning the truth about things, one can never go back or they're doomed. Cheers.

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 drink or die Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:26 Permalink

In many ways there is a financial collapse happening, right now. Look at LA. 55,000 homeless people and this doesn't count neighboring areas of California with large homeless populations.

At this point I expect a biological event could thin out large parts of the population. Collapse of the JIT delivery system or the electrical grid would not be good. Even having the power grid hacked or the financial grid, say for the NYSE, could cause serious problems. Throw in a large weather event or natural disaster (such as the eruption of Mt. Rainier or Yellowstone) and large areas of the populace would be impacted.

I have learned how to make a rocket stove from pretty much anything from a hole in the ground, to concrete blocks, or with a couple of cans.

I think the one thing that a lot of preppers fail to discuss is having the right mindset and the will to survive. You can't force someone to survive. Attitude is everything.

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Westcoastliberal Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:11 Permalink

I still miss Michael Ruppert.  And the collapse is occurring in slow motion.  These massacres such as the 17 dead at the Florida school are part of the collapse of our society.  Along with mass homelessness and opiod addiction.

Cognitive Dissonance Westcoastliberal Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:29 Permalink

What comes first in a complex and intertwined social system and/or a human being, psychological or physical breakdown?

Once the positive feedback loop begins and both conditions are chasing each other, meaning the system begins to spiral down, I guess it no longer really matters.

When it occurs globally, all that really matters is who's the last turd when the final flush comes.

Banana Republics are (all of) us.

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OverTheHedge Cognitive Dissonance Tue, 02/20/2018 - 09:37 Permalink

"As long ago as forever, and as far away as Selidor", a country called Portugal was ruler of the known world. It had the reserve currency, it had a huge navy the bested all comers, and was THE place to be.

Several hundred years later, Portugal is just a brief footnote between William the Conqueror and The Great Armada. However, there are still some very nice buildings in Lisbon, even if all roads lead to the port, especially if you are trying to leave. Portugal itself is a nice place to live, it has a nice climate, and nice people. It's quite nice (except the Algarve, full of alcoholic Brit ex-pats, but that's another story).

Unless it all goes Pete Tong, there won't be a monumental crash, although people living through it might disagree. A long slow slide into obscurity and irrelevance, if you are very lucky. (See UK for reference)


In reply to by Cognitive Dissonance

Nostradumbass OverTheHedge Tue, 02/20/2018 - 11:05 Permalink

I had to look up the idiom - "it's all gone Pete Tong".


Where did the phrase "it's all gone Pete Tong" come from?

If you've ever wondered where the phrase "it's all gone Pete Tong" came from, congratulations - you're in luck.

It's used as rhyming slang for "a bit wrong" and was first coined by Paul Oakenfold in late 1987 in an article about acid house called "Bermondsey Goes Balearic" for Terry Farley and Pete Heller's Boys Own fanzine.

It's All Gone Pete Tong is also the title of a 2004 film which portrays a fictional DJ's experiences as he realises he is becoming deaf. The DJ, Frankie Wilde, is played by Paul Kaye.

All Gone Pete Tong Is also the name of Pete's club night at Pacha in Ibiza and his nightly radio programme in America.…

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AGuy OverTheHedge Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:48 Permalink

"Several hundred years later, Portugal is just a brief footnote between William the Conqueror and The Great Armada. However, there are still some very nice buildings in Lisbon, even if all roads lead to the port, especially if you are trying to leave. Portugal itself is a nice place to live"

Greece was even better than Portugal in its golden age. But I certainly don't want to live in Greece today. Portugal will eventually follow Greece, and so will Italy and Spain.

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gdpetti AGuy Tue, 02/20/2018 - 15:37 Permalink


Greece was 'played' by the Germans and other EU banksters... utilizing the usual idiot politicians and a weak minded citizenry that isn't ready to let go of the teat of the EU and the Euro, due to these corrupt politicians... a cycle that goes round and round until you 'get as mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more!'.... emotions can tie you down or set you free.... based in our mindset to adapt, change, grow and realize WTF is really going on... until then, the Wheel of Life continues to go round and round... half of the herd isn't really in the game like the other half, and even a big chunk of that latter half aren't awake and aware enough to really choose sides, which is the end goal here in 'Purgatory'.

This can be found elsewhere.. remember that PA (baltimore or was it Philly?) who said that about 15% of the cops were 'good guys', another 15% were psychos and the other 70% just went with the flow. That's about the same everywhere in everything, at least until you get into positions/places of power.. which attracts psychos, crooks, pedophiles etc... like moths to a flame... they congregate there... same attractive force sucking in all the 'darkness', like pedophiles who like to get jobs around children.

We are all on the 'path', but not aware of it, as that is the key waiting for us to pick it up and utilize in understanding the meaning of life... our life, and the life of everyone and everything in the cosmos... to know thyself. The OWO is being used to 'out' itself and all its tools, the psychos, pedophiles, banksters, MSM, et al... this is why Trumpy is perfect for the part... as an egomaniac trained by Roy Cohn in media manipulation for selfish interests, he's the perfect foil to make all the other tools expose themselves, infight, point fingers and setup the meme of fake revolution... he's not changed anything.... the system goes on as usual... all to create as much global chaos as possible leading up to 'graduation day'... the planet is going to the next level of this 'school', with or without us... mostly without.. most people die, that's always the way it happens, as they aren't ready to 'graduate', and many who think they are, are simply followers... 'they know not what they do'.

The real prepping is for 'graduation'... to exit this Cave of Plato's or to stay the course and join the dark side that operates things here in Purgatory... left side of the Tree of Life... etc... symbols are meaningless if not understood... but it's up to us to choose that interpretation.... it is the message that matters, but knowing the intent of the messenger is key to the 'color' we impose on that  message... at least initially... as 'through the mouths of babes', the 'message' is always there waiting to be heard... which is why the PTB have to continuously apply force to stamp it out... which is impossible, and why they get so frustrated, a symptom of their tunnel vision... another cycle that goes round and round.... 'as above, so below'.... which is where cosmic catalyst comes in... to 'assist' them in the clogs they have created in their drains... channels to use the more esoteric word. Like most all the puppets in our OWO who can't see the crap they are doing to themselves... thinking their shit don't stink.... the emperor wears no clothes analogy.... all those ancient sayings are about all that remains after the cosmic cataclysms  pass through... which is why it's called the 6th extinction... and even NASA is talking about the quiet sun... another little ice age... but they don't mention all the other players approaching.... not a little ice age, but the real deal.... not the end of a little cycle, but the Grand Cycle... as the pivot point of all Possibility/Probability vectors that emanate from our planet out through the cosmos... the film of our life is affected on all levels, as we 'work' on all levels simultaneously... which ripples out... forward and backwards in time... as our film is but a slide in the projector tray of our deeper selves... It's a much, much bigger deal than a simple planetary 'remix'... redux.... redo.... reset etc. THose ripples affect all the other films interconnected to our planet in time and space... not just in our dimension, but all the others.... some will cease to exist... once that pivot point or wave arrives... along with all interested 'parties' from the other affected dimensions and P/P vectors that branch out from ours... some of them don't want things to change. Think of our own world... and how the PTB keep manipulating the masses and other countries to maintain control... liek BUsh 1.. 'stay the course'... etc... .dumbing down, doping up... that too comes at a cost to them as well as us... which is why the represent a clog in the channel... and Mother Nature is the plumber soon to arrive.

Is it any different in Greece or Britian, Germany, France, or here in the USofA? Isn't this 'clog' the same throughout our Axis of Evil?... how many of them are aware of the game? of this 'school' and the need to choose sides? Most of them seem but puppets or tools of the PTB in herd management... same with our markets.. totally manipulation, being exposed or 'outed' more and more each day... how many have 'stayed the course'? Most will do so until it ends... and everything gets reset or recycled. How many are prepped for this? The more you understand, the more non-attached you become..not detached, as they seems to represent one who hasn't chosen sides yet... and some do need a timeout on the path up the mountain before continuing their journey... which is why only a few percent are ever really 'ready' for when the Fat Lady Sings.

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AGuy gdpetti Tue, 02/20/2018 - 15:54 Permalink

"Greece was 'played' by the Germans and other EU banksters... utilizing the usual idiot politicians and a weak minded citizenry that isn't ready to let go of the teat of the EU and the Euro, due to these corrupt politicians."

Does matter if its Greece, Portugal, Italy, or Spain. They all have the same systemic problems. I believe the ECB has been buying 80% or more of Italian bonds to prop it up. Probably similar in Spain & Portugal.

"Is it any different in Greece or Britian, Germany, France, or here in the USofA? "

Nope, but I from what I read from the previous author is that Portugal is a good place to relocate to. I just disagree, thus my point in bring up Greece. Most of Europe has a high population density and is also a high tax region.

"hich is why only a few percent are ever really 'ready' for when the Fat Lady Sings"

Nobody is ever ready. If there is a global wide crisis, then everyone will see a dramatic drop in living standards. Basically rolling the clock back to pre-18th century.

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OverTheHedge AGuy Wed, 02/21/2018 - 02:25 Permalink

I've been living in Greece for 20 years now, and it is still a good place to live, despite, or even because of, the problems. The government is tightening it's grip, which means that more and more is slipping through its grasp (is that a Star Wars quote?), and slowly the center will become irrelevant. In the meantime, most people make the best of it, and the weather is nice, and there are hardly any people here, unlike Portugal.

I only picked on Portugal because it features in that chart of reserve currencies - it wasn't a comment on its thrusting, vibrant economic engine or otherwise.

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LawsofPhysics Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:12 Permalink

That "evolve or die" moment can be tough for many, but then again I can get just about any mushroom I want to cook with my steak.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

"Full Faith  and Credit"

same as it ever was!

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if you want an iteresting conversation ask High Desert how much of their decision process reflected their "time of life" as opposed to their view of the "time of society"

RagaMuffin Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 02/19/2018 - 18:10 Permalink

You've got enough miles on the clock to sense that some "life" choices that you're confronted with are influenced by the simple fact that you, yourself  are running out of time. Put that in a broader context that the society that you live in may be reaching the end of its rope as well. The former generates an urgency that the latter doesn't care about.

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