The Three Global Super-Powers & The End Of M.A.D.

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

There are currently three global super-powers, three nations that lead the world: China, Russia, and US.

After World War II, until recently, the US clearly dominated the world, not only culturally, with more influence over the world’s other cultures than any other single nation possessed, but also economically, with product-dominance throughout the world, and also militarily tied with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and, then, after the Cold War, still possessing such military dominance, so that in 2006, America’s billionaires — as represented by the most-prestigious two agencies that represent their collective interests against the public, the Council on Foreign Relations and Harvard University — were actively promoting, broadly amongst foreign-policy academics, the idea that the US should seek to occupy a position of such extreme military superiority over Russia, so that since 2006 the concept of “Nuclear Primacy” is reflected, by America’s power-centers, as being the correct goal for America, going forward, replacing the prior nuclear-strategic paradigm (since the 1950s) of “Mutually Assured Destruction,” or “M.A.D.,” in which nuclear weapons were (and, by Russia, still are) seen as purely defensive strategic military assets between the two nuclear superpowers, weapons whose only actual purpose, for either country, is to ward off a WW III — no usefulness at all in an actual aggressive military context.

Thus, M.A.D. became replaced in America by Nuclear Primacy, nuclear weapons that are put in place to serve not only to ward off a nuclear attack, but also, ultimately, to win a nuclear war against the other nuclear super-power, Russia — nukes as aggressive weapons, by which the US will (it has been expected, ever since 2006) soon be able to demand, and to receive, Russia’s capitulation, surrender, or else Russia will be destroyed by a US nuclear first-strike, while US casualties, from any presumably few Russian weapons that might make it through this ABM-BMD shield, will be kept to an “acceptably low” level, by virtue of that then-functioning ABM-BMD system, combined with increases in US nuclear striking-power. This nuclear-primacy paradigm aims for America (its billionaires) to take over the entire world, including ultimately the world’s largest land-mass: Russia. 

But, now, twelve years later, America’s presumed early lead in such ‘defensive’ strategic weaponry has become, instead, ever more clearly, just a figment of America’s military-industrial complex’s (MIC’s) fervid marketing-campaign for the development and sale of such weapons, ever since US President Ronald Reagan’s promised “Star Wars” program during the 1980s got the effort, toward a winnable nuclear war, started, as an alleged ‘defensive’ measure — not yet overtly the end of M.A.D. 

Soon after Reagan, the Soviet Union, and its communism, and its Warsaw Pact counter to America’s NATO military alliance, all simultaneously ended, in 1991, as a consequence of which, the US military-industrial complex (MIC), and especially the large US manufacturers of nuclear-weapons systems, the companies that dominate the MIC, were becoming stranded, because the market for their costliest wares was now in limbo. Though elimination of the Cold War wouldn’t have been an existential threat to these manufacturers, an end to the Cold War on the US side would have threatened the market-values of those US companies, which are controlled by US billionaires, who have lots of clout in Congress. Thus, though the Cold War ended in 1991 on the Russian side, it secretly continued on the US side (that is, amongst America’s super-wealthy, the people who control the US Government — the main market for the MIC); and America's strategic switch, away from M.A.D. to Nuclear Primacy (so as to unshackle their market from the prior politically imposed demand to maintain a nuclear balance between the two sides), has been a significant part of this secret continuation, by America, of the Cold War, while Russia’s Government continued instead to think in terms of the M.A.D. paradigm. (Russia’s weapons-manufacturers are still owned by the Government — socialized — so, there’s no need to grow their ‘market value’.)

In a strictly capitalist country, weapons-manufacturing is a major area of investment for billionaires, whose fortunes there rise to the extent that governments are buying their planes and bombs and missiles, especially those of the most sophisticated types, which are strategic weaponry, such as nuclear systems, which are the most profitable ones of all. Growth-at-all-costs has meant (and means) that the MIC is a cancer upon the entire world. (Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, on 17 January 1961, understated the problem.) Either the entire military will be a public entity, or else there will be (because of its privatized weapons-manufacturing) a tendency for the military to destroy everything else in order to continue to grow, like investors expect and demand — grow like cancer.

A major source of America’s decline was US President George W. Bush, who came into office in 2001 when the Cold War could no longer excite the American public as being a threat (since the Soviet Union and its communism and its military alliance were now long gone), and a new demon thus needed to be brought before the American people, as warranting increased ‘defense’ expenditures. 9/11 came along just in time to fill this interim lack of a cause de guerre, to attack now Al Qaeda and other (as today’s US President famously tags it) “radical Islamic terrorists.”However, America’s spending on strategic weaponry requires instead focus against the other nuclear super-power as being the ‘enemy’, and this is what the end of M.A.D. and the start of Nuclear Primacy (which is manna from heaven for the ‘Defense’ contractors) have been all about: re-defining ‘the enemy’, from being a country with which peace must be maintained (M.A.D.), to becoming instead a country that should be outright conquered. And, amongst the lies which are necessary in order to sustain this switch (from M.A.D. to Nuclear Primacy), is the lie that ABMs have no aggressive function, but are ‘purely for defense’. This lie will enable the public to accept the spending of trillions of dollars of federal money on weapons whose sole real use will be conquering Russia — or, at least, the attempt to do so. 

Nobody makes public the identities of the individuals, in the US and in its allied countries, who comprise the suddenly booming market for luxurious nuclear-proof deep-underground bunkers. But whomever these owners are, three things about them are obvious: they’ve got lots of money; they think that the prospect of a nuclear war is very real — worth their pre-paying for suitably luxurious long-term temporary accommodations deep underground; and they aren’t themselves one of the high government officials for whom the government’s taxpayers have already built such bunkers. (Or, perhaps, some of them do belong to the last of those three categories, but they’ve got so much extra money that they can easily afford to pay for more luxurious quarters than the taxpayers have already supplied them with.)

Quite similar to Donald Trump, but far more overtly faith-based than the hyper-secular former Miss Universe Pageant owner, George W. Bush had a confidence like the Taliban and Al Qaeda do, that “God is on our side”, and so Bush acted as if he had no reason to test-out America’s ABM weapons before ordering and buying them (at the public taxpayer’s expense, and private billionaires’ profits, of course). Or, perhaps alternatively, Bush didn’t even care whether these weapons would work, but only whether the owners of the companies that would be manufacturing them would be satisfied with their profits, from the decisions that he was making, which so powerfully affected their profits. In any case, Bush’s focus on rushing forward with a US ABM system demonstrated his strong commitment to the replacement of M.A.D., by Nuclear Primacy. The whole idea of Nuclear Primacy rests upon there being an effective US ABM system installed so as to make the enemy’s retaliatory weapons ineffective. Bush pushed the ABM into production even before there was any indication that it would work. He did this even before the very concept of “Nuclear Primacy” was publicly introduced by the two chief agents for America’s aristocracy in 2006. What Harvard and the CFR promoted, was already the Government’s policy. While there were criticisms of Bush’s execution of the plan, there was no significant scholarly opposition against the Nuclear Primacy concept itself.

All subject-areas of expertise (and this refers to scientists, not to scholars) despised the religious faith-based President George W. Bush, much like they despise the secular faith-based President Donald Trump. For example, everyone knows that Trump has great difficulty finding experts who are willing to serve in his Administration. Similarly, in the October 2004 "Poll of Academic Economists" by the Economist, 59% of them answered “no” when asked “If you had a chance to work in a policy job in Washington, would you take it?” And when queried “For whom would you rather work?” Bush or his then electoral opponent Senator John Kerry, 81% chose Kerry — notwithstanding that, as a predominantly conservative lot, the economists did like one thing about George W. Bush: “Outsourcing of jobs overseas,” which 86% of them rated to be either good or very good. (Of course, Trump claims to oppose that; so, in this regard, he’s even less acceptable to economists than Bush was.)

Under Bush, experts were even trying, with no success, to inform this conservative faith-based President about areas in the federal budget where substantial funds were being simply wasted, but his blind faith caused him to ignore such scientific warnings, and enormous federal waste resulted. For example, the science reporter William Broad headlined in The New York Times on 24 September 2003, “Report Sees Risks in Push for Missile Defense”, and opened, “The Bush administration’s push to deploy a $22 billion missile defense system by this time next year could lead to unforeseen cost increases and technical failures that will have to be fixed before it can hope to stop enemy warheads, Congressional investigators said yesterday. The General Accounting Office, in a 40-page report, said the Pentagon was combining 10 crucial technologies into a missile defense system without knowing if they can handle the task [and subsequently the same thing happened in order to produce the scandalously overpriced and insanely multi-functional F-35 jets], often described as trying to hit a bullet with a bullet.” The article quoted a former Pentagon weapons testing chief, who said that to deploy such an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system just a year hence as planned, would be to deploy “no more than a scarecrow, not a real defense” — in other words, a system that would almost certainly fail in any actual use — because so many parts of the system wouldn’t have been tested sufficiently to be designed functionally that soon. The prior (Bill Clinton) Administration, more attentive to such concerns, had established a schedule for testing the various parts of this complex system prior to any possible deployment. However, one of G.W. Bush’s first actions coming into office was to deploy an ABM system, even if it might not work, and to do the testing afterward. Bush, it seems, possessed the faith that if science were to fail to supply the system’s functionality, then God would certainly do so, for the benefit of “God’s People.” 

Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post thus headlined on 26 April 2004, “Dubious Threat, Expensive Defense” and closed: “Bush would spend twice as much on missile defense as on customs and border protection,” yet gain only “a rudimentary and uncertain defense against an unlikely long-range missile attack.” Diehl opined that, despite the transformed defense needs after 9/11, “The president who never admits error will stay the course.” 

Bush did stay the course: by the time of 14 February 2005, as The New York Times reported the next day, “The nation’s fledgling missile defense system suffered its third straight test failure.” Commented one scientist there, “It’s as if Henry Ford started up his automobile production line and began selling cars without ever taking one for a test drive.” But not quite: Bush had now taken his third ‘test drive’ — and all three failed. 

On 4 April 2005, the AP reported, “Congress is weighing how much to invest in the fledgling ballistic missile defense system, which has suffered setbacks and whose cost could easily top the $150 billion partial price tag the Bush administration has estimated.” Some congressional proponents of the ABM system were even quoted as saying that it had to be deployed in order to prevent future terrorist attacks, such as had occurred on 9/11. Of course, that allegation is absurd — 9/11 couldn’t have been stopped by an anti-missile defense system. But members of Congress aren’s so stupid as not to know this. That allegation was probably just a marketing-ploy sponsored in back-rooms by corporations such as Lockheed Martin, who might reflect their satisfaction with the statement, by donating to the ‘appropriate’ PACS.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress were financially shortchanging many of the nation’s authentic anti-terrorist needs. This $150 billion+ could have gone a long way toward achieving real protection (and/or toward serving non-defense needs), if it had been scientifically allocated. 

Were Al Qaeda to have been voting directly in the US Congress, the ABM system would have had an easier time passing unchanged, exactly as Bush wanted. Al Qaeda would have been fervent Republicans — they were just as religious, and just as faith-obsessed, though in a different ‘inerrant Scripture’. If Donald Trump has faith in any ‘inerrant Scripture’, nobody knows what it is. But, he seems to have lots of faith in himself, even if experts in the respective subject-fields don’t.

By the present time, the failure of America’s entire ABM-BMD gamble — which was started under Reagan, begun being operationalized under G.W. Bush, and finally being installed by Barack Obama and now under Trump — is painfully clear. But success was never its actual goal: restoring the government’s growth in ‘defense’ spending (even while cutting now the government’s non-‘defense’ spending) is its real purpose. Those billionaires and centi-millionaires must be served, or else Congress-members will lose their seats to well-funded competitors in their own Party’s next primary. The system succeeds marvelously at doing what it’s intended to do: to serve the people who buy the Government — to serve the actual patrons of this ‘democracy’. Instead of being a democracy, it’s a government that’s bought and sold.

While America thus spends itself into becoming increasingly a third-world country, China and Russia pursue different objectives. Specifically in the case of Russia, its military spending is one-tenth of America’s, but, because Russia cannot afford to allow billionaires’ demands for private profit to constitute the incentive-system that drives the Russian Government’s military decisions, Russia has gone militarily from strength to strength, while post-WW-II America (spending ten times as much) has gone from Vietnam to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria, and yet America’s ‘news’-media have cheered all of these evil billionaires’ invasions of those countries we wrecked, as if companies such as General Dynamics owned companies such as the Washington Post, and thus (with all that propaganda) the American public continue to respect America’s military higher than any other US institution — despite such a long string of military failures by this country, despite spending ten times what Russia does on its military, and despite America’s military being the most corrupt part of the US federal Government.

But, actually, America’s military spending is probably much higher than just ten times Russia’s, because America’s official figures — what SIPRI and others use, which is just the ‘Defense’ Department — excludes much of America’s military expenses, as a consequence of which, America’s official $617.1 billion FY 2019 expenditure for the Department of ‘Defense’ masks an actual annual military expense of $1,135.7 billion. That’s $1.36 trillion per year, to do things such as destroy Afghanistan, destroy Iraq, destroy Syria, destroy Libya, perpetrate coups such as in Ukraine, assist coups such as in Honduras, etc. But even that’s not the total ‘defense’ expenditure which taxpayers have bought for the billionaires, because, throughout its existence, the US CIA has been getting unrecorded off-the-books billions from the international narcotics trade, starting in 1948, when it perpetrated a coup in Thailand and installed there a brutal regime that helped establish the CIA’s off-the-books funding-system, as I had mentioned in a prior article, where I discussed US relations with Syria, in broader histrical context,

starting in 1949, when the US CIA, under President Harry S. Truman, did its second coup d’etat, overthrowing a democratically elected progressive Government (the first having been Thailand 1948, where the CIA had installed an extremely barbaric dictator replacing the democratically elected government that had been headed by a staunch anti-fascist, and simultaneously set up the CIA’s off-the-books supplementary funding mechanism from the international narcotics-trade — a CIA practice which has continued till perhaps the present; and, furthermore, the infamous Nugan-Hand affair, which involved Thailand, definitely involved the CIA’s Michael Hand and William Colby; so, clearly, the CIA is funded off-the-books from the narcotics business, and America’s anti-narcotics laws thus are actually keeping narcotics-drug prices and resultant burglaries and CIA profits artificially high, funneling that illicit money into CIA coffers; and any method to defund the CIA down to its core intelligence-gathering function and to eliminate its coup-function, which is the function that took control in Thailand and Syria and then Iran and many more, would need to regulate — instead of to continue outlawing — drugs, which might be the main reason why it hasn’t yet been done: illegal drugs provide wealth to the CIA and other gang-lords, including some US Government officials).

Another significant milestone in the development of the American elite’s plan to conquer Russia has been the overwhelming — more than 90% of the votes in both the US Senate and House — support for the imposition in 2012 of economic sanctions against Russia, to punish the Russian Government for the alleged 2009 murder of one alleged anti-corruption whistleblower in a Russian prison, Sergei Magnitsky — the Magnitsky Act was passed, and was the first set of economic sanctions against Russia. (The evidence that Magnitsky had been a ‘whistleblower’, and the evidence that he was ‘tortured’ in prison, and the evidence that he wasn’t instead the American Bill Browder’s tax-accountant who had helped Browder in a complex tax-evasion scheme that had defrauded the Russian Government of $232 million, are all themselves fraudulent, and even are easily verified as being fraudulent, but both the US Government, and the EU, ignored and continue to ignore all of it.) In order to have a ‘justification’ to attack Russia, an excuse is needed; and, since the ideological one — communism — ended in 1991, Russia needs to be at least a ‘dictatorship’; so, something such as the Magnitsky Act was necessary in order to get the military-industrial complex’s (MIC’s) PR ball rolling toward even-higher annual US ’defense’ spending. However, that excuse, being a ‘dictatorship’ (with elections that are at least as honest as America’s are), isn’t enough. Russia also needs to be officially declared to be an ‘aggressor’ — an aggressive dictatorship — such as to have grabbed portions of its adjoining country, Ukraine. So, America’s Obama regime secretly started in 2011 planning, and then in February 2014 it carried out, a coup against and overthrowing the democratically elected and Russia-friendly Government of Ukraine, and installed there a fascist regime to replace the one that had received 75% of the vote in the Crimean region of Ukraine, and 90% of the vote in the Donbass region of Ukraine, so that both regions refused to be ruled by the Obama-installed rabidly anti-Russian Ukrainian regime, and Russia helped both of those two separatist regions on its borders, and even protected and accepted Crimea’s referendum-vote of over 90% to rejoin Russia, of which Crimea had historically been a part until the Soviet dictator in 1954 arbitrarily transferred it to Ukraine. So, now, the US MIC has the excuses it wants, in order to place — and thus did place — its weapons and troops onto and near Russia’s borders, just a ten-minute missile flight-time to Moscow. 

This plan is moving forward, but nobody can yet say whether, or even when, the US regime will invade. However, the US regime and its NATO allies now also have the excuses that Russia has been holding ‘aggressive’ military exercises near its borders ‘threatening’ NATO countries on its border that might invade Russia, and Western ‘news’media have alarmed their publics against Russia’s ‘aggressive’ moves after its having ‘stolen’ Crimea and ‘attacked’ Ukraine in Donbass. And then there is yet more Russian ‘aggression’ when Syria requested and received Russia’s military assistance against the US-backed jihadists who, since 2012, have poured, by the tens of thousands, from around the world, into Syria, to be led by the US-backed Al Qaeda there, to overthrow the Syrian Government, which is allied with Russia. So, that too (the Syrian war) could produce a war between the US and Russia; it could start over Syrian territory, where the US insists on regime-change, but claims only to be ‘fighting terrorists’ there. Of course, regardless of whether the invader of Syria (the US), or else the defender of Syria (Russia), wins, the loser in Syria, especially if it turns out to be the US invader (i.e., if Syria remains one country instead of breaking apart, and if Assad becomes re-elected as President there), could then use that superpower-defeat in Syria, as constituting an excuse to invade the winning superpower there.

This would be WW III, starting in Syria, instead of in Ukraine. The US regime has set up those two scenarios. 

1984 has come in the real world, but the declining and former leading superpower, America (“Oceania” in George Orwell’s uncannily prophetic description of the future that he prematurely set to occur in 1984), is apparently determined to stay ‘on top’, even if it’s the last thing that anybody does.

Can it really be that if the world of the future won’t be led by America’s billionaires, then it won’t exist at all? Do they really demand “My way, or the highway” — really? Are America’s billionaires (despite any ‘humanitarian’ pretenses they individually so often hypocritically express, both in the fictionalized and in the real version) so stunningly united in their actual psychopathy (likewise in both versions — “Big Brother,” and today’s reality)? Thus far, it seems that they are. None of them — not a one of these people who have the financial resources to bring the world’s most pressing issue honestly to the American public — is speaking out against the others on it, and devoting major funds to exposing the others for their pumping lies against Russia, and to exposing the truths about such things as ABMs and the MIC. And collectively they’ve got the American public fooled into admiring the MIC (“the Military”) above all other US institutions. But whether America’s billionaires will carry their collective evil to the extreme, isn’t yet clear. They are the actual decision-makers regarding US Government policy, but they are playing their cards — as usual — privately and secretly, until their game (whatever it may turn out to be) will already be finished.

Meanwhile, Russia and China each proceeds forward on its own priorities, which aren’t necessarily similar to those of the conquest-obsessed American Government.


khnum stizazz Tue, 02/20/2018 - 00:44 Permalink

When Russia accepted the US as a partner it was pretty much a given the US was going to do whatever it wanted to,well at least they just told the story of Raqqa where US servicemen escorted Daesh/ISIS to freedom here on mainstream tv.

Australia's deputy dog military may be with you when the stink breaks out but public support here for the US is an all time low.Im sorry but I think Putin has been outplayed by more machievelian minds but that doesn't mean I support it.

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divingengineer khnum Tue, 02/20/2018 - 09:20 Permalink

 Russia is no longer a super power, they are putting on one last show. They don’t have the demographics anymore, especially birth rates to be a “superpower”. Oil won’t do it, you need births to produce worker bees that are a net gain to your economy.

Street shitting immigrants won’t do it, but that’s what all other G20 countries are going to try, but you need net contributors, not welfare cases to do it that way.

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OverTheHedge Throat-warbler… Tue, 02/20/2018 - 00:12 Permalink

Just two days ago I posted that private weapons manufacturers create wars, so private weapons manufacturers should be outlawed by international treaties. Governments should take full ownership of their own murder systems. Now this article  turns up. Spooky.

I don't for a minute think anyone is monitoring my random mumblings for article ideas, but....spooky. An idea whose time has come?

Do we think we can get the snowflakes on board? That should make a difference.

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BobEore OverTheHedge Tue, 02/20/2018 - 01:24 Permalink

"private weapons manufacturers create wars, so private weapons manufacturers should be outlawed by international treaties. Governments should take full ownership of their own murder systems. An idea whose time has come?"  Impeccable logic... and...spoken like a true statist apologist!

Sounds like the perfect solution...

to give regimes whose economic model is state capitalism... a chance at last to shine at the weapons trade game. Those 'state-controlled manufacturers... of the kind what gave Viktor Bout his chance...

to sell weapons around the world... often to BOTH SIDES of the same conflict... then would be able to leverage that public/private partnership model so as to completely ignore... treaties... sanctions... moral compunctions ect., and

just say - as was the case with Russia and Bout - "we don't know anything bout a Viktor Bout" - whilst their politicos pocketed payoffs from the gangster and manufacturers were covertly rewarded for their 'foreign sales' targets! But but..... hey... lets. not. talk. bout. dat!

Yup! The time has come! We are indeed 'monitoring your ideas' ///in search of inspiration.


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Bob! I thought you didn't love me any more!

"to sell weapons around the world... often to BOTH SIDES of the same conflict... then would be able to leverage that public/private partnership model so as to completely ignore... treaties... sanctions... moral compunctions ect., "

That's where we are now, is it not? The US just flooded Syria with billions of dollars of ex-Soviet kit, which on the face of it seems an expensive cost to US taxpayers, who benefit not a jot. But the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of munitions, movements of fleets, orders for new and more exciting toys - these are almost impossible to quantify, but lots MOAR than a few billion in Soviet hand-me-downs. As I said, that is the current private/public partnership model, where war is for PROFIT, and dead people are overseas, so irrelevant.

My thinking is to remove the private element, remove the drive for profit. If it is just a tax expense, a drain on the Exchequer, then perhaps, just perhaps there will be fewer dead people in the search for divident yield.

And yes, I fully understand that this is an impossible, childlike hope - there is no way that the MIC would ever give up their monopoly, not until the last of us was dead. My post was more an ironic comment on the utter futility of it all. Glad we're still talking though. It's nice to talk.


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In 1984 the jews are the primary oppressed people, and goyim are the oppressors. The primary hero is a jew, emanuel goldstein. He wants to liberate everyone. Does that seem prophetic to you? Do people ever read the damn thing?

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Like it or not the USA is still the world's 800 pound gorilla,Russia is a country with the GDP of Italy and China is still probably a decade away from catching up so about all those 2 countries can probably do is de-friend Trump on facebook.

No there is only one strategy for these 2 to follow,'a nation divided will not stand'.The USA is divided its a patience game

MK ULTRA Alpha Tue, 02/20/2018 - 00:07 Permalink

More lay down and die, more America is wrong if it stands up against China and Russia, is China arming and is the nations close to China alarmed and arming for a war with China? Not in this jerks propaganda, it's always an extreme anti-American rant with it ALL tying back to America is bad, Russia and China good, with always, America lay down and die.

Man this is sick.

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___________is China arming and is the nations close to China alarmed and arming for a war with China? Not in this jerks propaganda______

you should read this MK dickwit...

It's now apparent that China's neighbors understand exactly what the JUSA is up to i.e. causing trouble so that those who control the JUSA MIC can continue to steal from the pindo plebs. ;)

China and Russia continue to arm because they also know what the JUSA intent is. ;)

Nuke the JUSA ;)

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LOL Duterte just announced if China is stealing Philippine resources he will order his navy to fire. Big change after Mattis visit and then the 7 ship Marine Commando force is deployed to the South China Sea. At the same time Thailand, South Korea and the US are in the largest military training and armor training in Thai history. I could go on, the US is not making these nations arm up and ask for the training with US forces. And anyone can see the change in Duterte.

He was Kowtowing to China, now he's voicing his true feelings when referring to Chinese fishermen.

Indonesia blew a bunch of Chinese fishing boats up and disagrees with China's claim in Indonesians waters.

One snow freak wrote last night China was like a kitten and America was this evil force. LOL the Chinese kitten recently dynamited the largest Church in Asia, has a special army unit to beat, kill and displace Christians.

All US culture, Western culture and influence is being eradicated from China. Even US firms operating in China are being pushed out.

Since you're an admitted anti-American foreigner we're really not interested in your distorted perception of reality, you know and I know it's skewed.


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I am Groot 07564111 Tue, 02/20/2018 - 03:13 Permalink

I would bet money you have that same stupid look the Japs had on their faces on Dec 8th, 1941 thinking the US is outgunned, out manned and out of guts. Then we proceeded to kick the living shit outta them and the Nazis. Everybody has a plan wiseass, until they get kicked in the face really hard.......

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MEFOBILLS MK ULTRA Alpha Tue, 02/20/2018 - 02:38 Permalink

America first?

I guess that is why wall street green mailed American industry to relocate to China?  

Get some of that wage arbitrage from China and live happy on the labor of others.  Never mind that it hollows out American mainstreet.  Get the gettin while the gettin is good!

America has its own traitors, and they infest both wall street and washington.


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Yes, I know, we've been rolled and rolled. They've done everything to kill us but we're winning. As long as we're winning I don't care.

Nothing will be able to stop America when the three productivity waves hit at the same time. Three massive trends moving into position as if the stars and the planets are aligned.

A huge spike in productivity growth is what is lacking and it is coming, a massive productivity wave, 1) productive use of capital 2) crude production to 14 million barrels per day 3) the largest number of robots on the planet.

Repatriation, infrastructure build, higher interest rates, forcing higher productive use of capital for projects and investments.

Early phase national natural gas conversion,  record crude oil production, exporting more and importing less, right now, 7 million barrels per day is no longer imported, that's a huge market share loss for OPEC, that 7 million number will soon be 8, 9, 10 million less need for OPEC crude oil.

The US is on a robot buying binge, the US is moving in to number one most deployed robots. It was way behind, but only recently over the last few years or so, before the tax reform act, robot buying was in vogue. At the rate of robot deployment, particularly this special robot from Japan, at this rate of deployment, the US will be light years ahead of the next competition.

All three of these trends are productivity trends, and they're growing productivity trends, with years of productivity growth.

Productivity growth is the only way to increase the standard of living. Productivity growth will not come from the traditional wage earner worker, that kind of productivity growth comes later. 

Macroeconomic systems productivity growth is what to look for, not worker productivity. Right now, three productivity waves are hitting.



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"LOL the Chinese kitten recently dynamited the largest Church in Asia, has a special army unit to beat, kill and displace Christians."


In America that function is assigned to the Jewish Defense League.


BTW, no country is 'good', and no country is 'bad'.  But they all have 'interests' and they all to one degree or another defend those interests major exception to that rule - Jewish influence in the West pushes many countries to pursue Jewish interests over national interests, esp where the Middle East is concerned).  The US, having a global, rather than a local or regional set of interests, is most vulnerable to criticism because it pursues its interests, both militarily and economically, across the entire world, considering the whole of humanity to fall within its national security interests - AMERICA FIRST.  So I could certainly forgive someone for saying that, relatively speaking, the US is 'bad' even if that is not entirely true.

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that was good Victor. I know it's bad, but it's a better bad. And Victor, I have no choice but to fight or lay down and die, I prefer to fight. It's just me, I'm not susceptible to the brainwashing since I had already been brainwashed by the CIA. It's hard to brainwash an MK ULTRA ALPHA.

Every country does what the Americans do, it's not as big, but they do they same. And you're correct US interest are global. Many Americans feel we have too many defense obligations, unfortunately most of the commitments are Cold War era commitments and those commitments are being triggered.

The China threat is a real build up in the India Doklam region, incursions along the entire India China border is real. The Chinese threat to annex East India is next. China's invasion threat to Taiwan is real. China's expansion all the way to Indonesia and China's claims of Indonesian territory is real.

The Russian military build up was real until Russia chewed up it's defense budget in Syria starting in 2015. Most of the grand plans have been shelved.

So we're living in a world in which two rival powers are reemerging at the same time Turkey is reconstituting the Ottoman Empire and Iran is building an Islamic Caliphate. And in a world racing toward a new record, 8 billion people on planet Earth.

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It’s comforting to not be living along either of the U.S. coasts knowing that Russia will retaliate with a barrage 100 megaton, cobalt salted nuclear torpedos that, along with the ensuing nuclear poisoned tsunami waves, will render every city within 100 miles of the coastlines unlivable for centuries.

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Oh how long can trusty Cadet Stimpy hold out? How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push button that could erase his very existence? Will his tortured mind give into its uncontrollable desires? Can he withstand the temptation to push the button that even now beckons him ever closer? Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history with the mere push of a single button? The beautiful SHINY button. The jolly CANDY-like button. WILL he hold out folks? CAN he hold out?!

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Excellent article!

Yes, the top-level Zionists are in charge and there is little anybody has ever been able to do about it. Their black propaganda works: just look at the complete absence of any forensic research done straight after the war in Auschwitz: nothing, while all went along with stories full of contradictions and impossibilities, torture to get confessions. 
If you dare show research since 1988, they'll lock you up in certain countries (accept maybe the USA where they have a 1st amendment protecting them).
They own most of the world's wealth (the Fed with 445 trillion in assets just being one) and they will do whatever they want to get their goal of the New World Order in place. Just follow the Money Changers document: they create wars and profit from both sides and will own the world and Presidents. Sorry state of affair but we all believed in their lies and still do. Without it there would be no Israel and there would be need for the New World Order because people would actually know a little more of the truth instead of being fed by what the billionaires want. 

Anyway, Russia has known all these plans from the start (as Solzhenitsyn said 80% of the Gulag guards were Jewish (and they did manage to destroy and kill mainly) and they are quite capable of stopping those so-called defense shield from operating as the US wants. They have their weapons stationed in Kaliningrad, on the edge of the EU as well, so it is not that easy to get the nuclear advantage. So far they have shown only that they can destroy and create nothing else than weapons. Not enough to rule the world. They can cancel the workings of the ABM's by using their own weapon systems (like those tomahawks or jets in the Black Sea: just blitz them with via electro-magnetic field based systems). 

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ABM (defense) is much harder than offense, by an order of magnitude.

Russian MIRV's can now maneuver, so getting a firing position on them is next to possible.  So defensive missiles have to boost against gravity and accelerate upward to meet an incoming mirv that is jinking.  Good luck with solving that problem.

How about Lasers?  You have to paint the target, so next generation of mirvs will have opto sensors, and said mirv will simply jink as soon as they detect laser light.  Also, you have to illuminate a mirv with low power targeting laser first before firing the main bank.  Low power laser samples atmospheric distortion to get a better firing position.  Low power laser gives MIRV time to jink.  Good luck with solving that problem.

How about incoming hypervelocity vehicles?  These vehicles are air breathing and don't have ballistic trajectories.  Good luck getting a firing position on them.  

Laser defense in space?  Counter offense strategy: You simply release your hypervelocity vehicle in a low trajectory outside the reach of space defense.  Also, space defense is treaty restricted anyway.

Defense against suitcase nukes?  Good luck with that.

Defense against nukes pre-hidden in major cities?  Good luck - as they are likely shielded and cannot be found.

Let's face it, Oligarch's that think missile defense will work are morons who don't have a clue.  It shows that having money is not a proxy for intelligence.


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Who's old enough to remember film footage coming from China where everyone wore identical drab uniforms and they all rode bicycles? It wasn't all that long ago. 

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Of course they are serious about it ( they would not have got the ball rolling with 9/11 otherwise) - of course they are FUCKING insane ! 

It is actually imminent - because there is no FUCKING way that ‘they’ are going to let Russia be ‘showcased’ ( and therefor displayed as NO threat ) with Russia’s ‘hosting’ of the World Cup in June !! 

Buckle up Bitchez !!! 

Putin should target the NeoCons first - He values human life and is on record as saying he likes the American people !!