Turkey Threatens To Invade Greece

Authored by Uzay Bulut via The Gatestone Institute,

In an incident that took place less than two weeks after the Greek Defense Ministry announced that Turkey had violated Greek airspace 138 times in a single day, a Turkish coast guard patrol boat on February 13 rammed a Greek coast guard vessel off the shore of Imia, one of many Greek islands over which Turkey claims sovereignty.

Most of the areas within modern Greece's current borders were under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire from the mid-15th century until the Greek War of Independence in 1821 and the establishment of the modern Greek state in 1832. The islands, however, like the rest of Greece, are legally and historically Greek, as their names indicate.

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), however, and even much of the opposition seem intent on, if not obsessed with, invading and conquering these Greek islands, on the grounds that they are actually Turkish territory.

In December, for instance, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the main Turkish opposition CHP party, stated that when he wins the election in 2019, he will "invade and take over 18 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, just as former Turkish PM Bulent Ecevit invaded Cyprus in 1974." He said that there is "no document" proving that those islands belong to Greece.

Meral Akşener, the head of the newly established opposition "Good Party," has also called for an invasion and conquest of the islands. "What is required must be done," she tweeted on January 13.

The most garish muscle-flexing has come from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, of course, who seems emboldened by his military invasion of the Afrin region in northern Syria having gone virtually unchallenged.

"We warn those who have crossed the line in the Aegean and Cyprus," Erdoğan declared, continuing:

"Their courage persists only until they see our army, our ships and our planes... Whatever Afrin is to us, our rights in the Aegean and Cyprus are the same. Do not ever think that the natural gas exploration in the waters of Cyprus and the opportunistic attempts in the Aegean Sea drop off our radar.

"Just as we disrupt the plots [in the region] through Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch [on Syria], and soon in Manbij and other regions, we can and we will disrupt the plots of those who engage in miscalculations on our southern border...

Our warships and air forces are keeping an eye on the area closely to intervene in every way when required."

Referring to the days of the Ottoman Empire, Erdoğan went on:

"Those who think that we have erased from our hearts the lands from which we withdrew in tears a hundred years ago are wrong.

"We say at every opportunity we have that Syria, Iraq and other places in the geography [map] in our hearts are no different from our own homeland. We are struggling so that a foreign flag will not be waved anywhere where adhan [Islamic call to prayer in mosques] is recited.

"The things we have done so far [pale in comparison to the] even greater attempts and attacks [we are planning for] the coming days, inshallah [Allah willing]."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently said: "We warn those who have crossed the line in the Aegean and Cyprus... Their courage persists only until they see our army, our ships and our planes." (Photo by Elif Sogut/Getty Images)


The Ottoman dynasty and empire was established by a nomadic Turkmen chief sometime around the year 1300. During the more than 600 years of the Ottoman period, the Ottoman Turks, who also represented the Islamic Caliphate, regularly launched wars of jihad, invading and occupying lands across five continents.

Neo-Ottomanists in Turkey still proudly embrace the concept of jihad (Islamic holy war) against the kafirs (infidels).

The head of the state-funded Directorate of Religious Affairs, the Diyanet, has openly described Turkey's recent military invasion of Afrin as "jihad."

This designation makes sense when one considers that Muslim Turks owe their demographic majority in Asia Minor to centuries of Turkish Muslim persecution and discrimination against the Christian, Yazidi and Jewish inhabitants of the area. In the 11th century, Turkic jihadists from Central Asia invaded and conquered the Greek-speaking, Christian Byzantine Empire, paving the way for the gradual Turkification and Islamization of the region through methods such as murder, kidnapping, rape and forced conversions.

The greatest 20th century Turkish assault against Christians took place in the 1914-1923 genocide of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians (Syriacs/Chaldeans) in Ottoman Turkey. This did not prevent Turkey, which continues to deny the genocide, from becoming a member of NATO in 1952. The assault also did not stop Turkey, three years after joining NATO, from committing a savage anti-Greek pogrom in Istanbul or from forcibly expelling the remaining Greeks from Turkey in 1964.

It is precisely because the Turks have never been held accountable for their criminal actions and aggression that they continue to threaten the security and sovereignty of their neighbors. It is high time for the West wake up and take Ankara to task.


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Really, because before there was islam, Jesus warned of the Synagogue of Satan.  The letters of John referred to them as antichrists.  Meanwhile you dispensationalists embrace them and tell the world they are God's chosen people.  Islam was their perfect weapon to war against Christendom, but now it is no longer needed, as the leaven of the Pharisees so thoroughly rots "western" so-called Christianity that they are no threat whatsoever to the antichrist jews.

Better to study the scriptures without the veil of Pharisaism(judaism) over your eyes.

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Jews are sinners just like you and me.

Jesus commands to love one another. To love your neighbor or your enemy. Why should i judge Jews? I direct them to accept Jesus to get saved.

You hate and judge Jews. You're a sinner and you can not use God's law to condemn them. You can't throw the stone at them. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Judgement is reserved for God.

The land Israel is God's strategy. Why do you think did God let Moses lead them to those lands?

Bible prophecy:

Mohammad's death in June 8th 632 AD until 1922 to Ottoman's end was exactly 1290 years. Moreover, Mohammad's death to 6-day-war in 7th June 1967 where Jerusalem was reclaimed from islamic occupation makes 1335 years, to the exact day (8th June v.s. 7th June). This is a perfect match for Daniel 12:11-12 prophecy.

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rewritten by the  Romans...

captured first-century CE, Royal family Maccabee-born, Judean army commander turned-Roman, adopted son of Roman General-turned Emperor Vespasian Caesar, Flavius Josephus, to be precise, to assimilate and transform the Sicarii sect primarily responsible for the Jewish rebellion into turn-the-other-cheek passive serfs--paraphrasing Caesar's Messiah, The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus by Joseph Atwill, http://www.caesarsmessiah.com


i dare any disbelievers to order the book, read it, then argue the point.

ps--downvoters especially encouraged to read the book. if you're so confident in your faith, what do you have to fear?

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In 1517, Mamluk rule in Palestine was succeeded by that of the Turkish sultans based in Constantinople. The Greek Orthodox communities, taking advantage of the fact that their members were subjects of the Ottoman Empire, came streaming into the Holy Land.

Competition for the possession of the holy places led those communities to begin a defamation campaign against the Franciscans, depicting them as usurpers, foreigners, and enemies of the Turkish Empire. In that period, the Custody of the Holy Land underwent unjust usurpations.
The most humiliating and serious was definitive expulsion from the Holy Cenacle, which took place in 1552. It was a hard blow: the convent of Mount Zion had been, for two centuries, the heartbeat of Franciscan activity in the Holy Land.


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America is a small piece in the whole picture. A short lived empire: after WW2 until today and already falling apart. It's mission was to be a refuge for Christians and to help establish Israel and to protect it.

Your exaggeration of USA to tackle the bible shows your lack of understanding of the bible and the history of mankind as documented therein.

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exactly. The AIPAC PR.

And let 's not forget that Turkey did invade Greece(see  Cyprus) and NATO /JUSA did nothing,in fact supported it. Victoria Nuland Kagan(now Senior Adviser in the Donald's Defense Department) tried to transform Cyprus and the Greek part of it into a vassal of Turkey,in 2016. It created a big push back from the population.

But I doubt that Erdogan is so stupid. But if he is,it's going to be funny to see other NATO countries fighting between them. And maybe NATO will collapse

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Istanbul was (and remains) just a Turkish way of pronouncing Constantinople; basically, they dropped the first syllable. When I was there (many years ago) the locals called it Stamboul. The only way the name Constantinople might be revived is if Greece defeated Turkey in a war and ethnically cleansed the city. Can't see that happening.

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