Florida High School Shooter Bought 10 Rifles Before His Killing Spree

In yet another post delving into Florida High School shooter Nikolas Cruz's history of abuse, violent threats and mental illness, CNN reported on Tuesday that the shooter - who has been charged with murdering 17 of his classmates during a shooting last Wednesday - had obtained 10 rifles in the year before he went on his killing spree.


Cruz legally purchased his weapons from a gun store in South Florida...

A law enforcement source briefed on the investigation told CNN that Cruz had obtained at least 10 firearms, all of them rifles.

Investigators are trying to track the purchases, which Cruz appears to have made in the past year or so, the source said.

Cruz bought two weapons from Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach, said Kim Waltuch, the store's CEO. She would not provide details on the types of guns he purchased or on the time frame, but said the sales followed normal protocol for Florida firearms purchases.

Meanwhile, one of Cruz's victims, Anthony Borges, 15, continued his recovery. He's one of four patients who remain hospitalized after Wednesday's massacre in Parkland. He was shot five times, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

On Sunday, the teen remained in a bed, his face swollen and his body tethered to IV and oxygen tubes.

Meanwhile, dozens of students and staff from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre will travel to Tallahassee, Florida's capital, on Tuesday to speak with legislators. In Tallahassee, they hope to talk to legislators about school safety and gun control on Wednesday, determined to ensure that the deaths of their classmates bring about change.

School walkouts and a march are scheduled in the coming weeks as students across the country rally in favor of more stringent gun control legislation.

Cruz made his second court appearance on Monday as the prosecution sought to unseal court records pertaining to Cruz's juvenile years.

Watch a video of the court appearance below:

The judge ruled in favor of the defense, and the records will - for now - remain sealed.


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Before voting up or down on this post, it might be a good idea if you read all of it.

If you're a Christian, you're supposed to forgive Nicolas Cruz. If you're not going to forgive him, then you shouldn't pretend to be a Christian.

For people who are capable of thinking, this is a good reason never to be a Christian. But then, it hasn't been that long since the churches of Christian belief murdered anyone who refused to be a Christian. So it's understandable there are still many people even now who say they are Christians but who do not follow the teachings of Jesus. People who don't mind trusting their immortal souls to a figment of their imagination should instead test their own limits, when it comes to forgiving others. Either they will find that there is a limit, or that there is not one. Myself, I found a limit. But you? You're on your own.

It is not debatable whether Jesus taught forgiveness. So those who don't like this post are expressing their own disapproval of what Jesus taught. Therefore, each down vote is an encouraging affirmation of human abilities as they apply to mental cognition.

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Broward County set up a policy that impeded contact between the police and antisocial behavior at school.



If there are other policies like this in effect in other school districts, they need to be looked at again.

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Absolutely correct.  The complete lack of willingness to engage in a reasonable discussion to solve a glaring problem is curious.  

I'm starting to suspect this fits in with a broader pattern in this country over the past few decades.  All our social structures and systems are being systematically sabotaged, and when they fail to function due to sabotage, the structures and systems themselves are held up as worthless and needing to be destroyed, not repaired and improved.  This is visible in every aspect of our society.  

For instance, we've overcrowded our prisons, sometimes by 3x capacity.  We've eliminated all but the vestiges of educational, vocational and therapeutic programs.  We've increased the level of violence in prisons, and allowed prison gangs to more or less run prisons.  Now even judges, prosecutors and police openly state that violence and homosexual rape are part of the prison curriculum.  Naturally, violence and recidivism have skyrocketed.  So the response is that rehabilitative programs don't work and only more violence and sadism are applicable.

This same pattern has been imposed on healthcare, healthcare finance, K-12 education, higher education, all the various welfare and job-training programs, issues with guns, pollution; everywhere one looks.

In most situations, solutions are fairly obvious.  Obstructionists make it impossible to even discuss the obvious solutions, however.  Frequently Finance is used as the pretext.  "We can't afford to..." do the most basic things a society is formed to handle.  Yet we can afford to spend more on our War Machine than the rest of the world combined, despite exactly 0 existential military threats.  Curious.

It's almost as if a powerful group of Oligarchs are trying to convince us that representative democracy has failed, and we need an autocratic Strongman to unleash State Violence against all of us, while allowing the Elites to steal everything of value in America.  The project is taking a long time because when it seems to have started in earnest, in the late 1970s, America was incredibly wealthy and our social systems actually worked quite well.  After 40 years of nihilistic sabotage, signs of collapse are clearly visible, but dedicated people and our fundamentally optimistic nature has kept things going in some fashion.

Now the social vandalism is extending to our most fundamental social structures.  Clearly the Oligarchs are getting close to the moment of crying, "Pull It!"

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The irony is that low-cost models exist for all of our major institutions. You would simply have to turn the clock back to 1950 or earlier. Go back to the one-room schoolhouse--or close down the public school system altogether and let communities sort it out. Reorganize health care so that it looks like it did in 1950, when few people had medical insurance other than catastrophic coverage and everyone paid out-of-pocket. Re-open the mental institutions and institutionalize the nut cases.

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How does sabotage of our institutions make:

- Americans willfully ignorant of reality

- Progressivism into a new state religion

- Women become shameless whores or prostitutes

- Negro worship and blood sport worship (sports as jobs program and race-mixing catalyst)

- Popular consensus the arbiter of critique (rap/hair bands/country music is good music because a lot of people like it)

- Bloodsports more popular than skilled sports (hegemony of football)

- Women wanting to be men and men wanting to be women

- A gender war comprised of (masculinity vs androgyny)


I think you put too much influence in our institutions. I think the sad answer is that we've been living in a warped and dysgenic society that has inverted the ancient standards and most people applaudingly support it. People are just meat antennae who seemed to have collectively signaled that Europeans have had their day in the sun and it's time to handicap them.

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I solved the problem, for myself anywayk

Khanacademy and home schooling. Wrestling team, hunting, fishing, gardening and paintball for athletics. 

Oh look, no "gun free" zone target practice for my kid. Also no bullshit pensions for school district supervisors making half a million a year to let these kids beat the shit out of each other and get shot.

Raise your fucking kids people.

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If I had sons in public school I'd hold them back a couple years so they excel in sports and are at least on par with the early pubescence of Africans and tell them to sucker punch the most popular kid in school because honor doesn't matter to attractive women and status seekers (popular kids). Substantial rewards at only the expense of a few days suspension/vacation. And they wonder why our education system produces a surplus of sociopaths.

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And the complaint would be valid.  The proper response certainly wasn't to focus on the fact that the dude had guns.  More attention should have been paid to the fact that he was extremely alienated, hostile, and taking dangerous psychotropic medication.  Addressing those issues would have been the right course.  If you take away his guns and leave the rest in place he would just end up using a different tool.  Why are you fixated on guns as if an inanimate object is inherently evil or dangerous?

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Here is what irritates me about this whole situation - it was PREVENTABLE.  The police were called to his home 39 times.  The FBI was warned twice about him.  He was expelled from school for VIOLENCE.

How many damn warning signs do you need before it becomes clear that this kid was crazy as hell?  He bought 10 rifles in a year - who paid for those?  That's a decent used car bought out right, yet all he did was work at a dollar store and was working to get a GED.  

He tried to sell knives to classmates. MANY of the people at school, including teachers, students and authorities were warned and made warnings. If I made threats to law enforcement officials on youtube under my own name, you can bet my ass would be jailed before the end of the day. Make threats against schools?  Meh, whatever, nobody gives a hoot.

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An individual's rights - including second amendment rights - should only be negated as a result of due process. All the gun owners I know are willing to restrict those rights if a person is adjudicated to be part of a group such as mentally unstable, or prone to bad behavior (whatever that means), but due process is an important part.

Merely taking away one's rights without due process is something anti-Constitutionalists like to do. A case can easily be made that in this instance, as in many other similar instances, laws were ignored that could have justifiably restrained this individual's ability to possess firearms.

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Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin (Full)


All the same,

Florida schools show a rather quick reaction to maladjusted students that act out and are quick to Baker Act these kids


and this data goes back to 2001


Funny how in this instance it was actively prevented from going down like it does in all kinds of other cases, within the state (so you cant claim differing gun laws)

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Bingo! We have a winner! They also used the Baker act to conceal any criminal wrongdoing of students attending BCPS.  Conservative Treehouse has done some great investigative reporting on this issue.  


Here's an idea: How about no gun license until after your 25 years old, since Bipolar and Schizophrenia typically present themselves well before that time.  Everyone of these shooters look completely psychotic in their photos.  Stop people suffering from mental illness getting guns not law abiding Americans.

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Florida has no "gun licenses." That is a particularly Blue State infringement on one's rights.

I was in Albany one day staring at a sign in a Wal-mart that said, "In order to buy pistol ammunition you must present your gun license."

Finally I asked someone, "You have to have government permission to have a pistol?"

The guy looked at me and replied, "And they take forever to get."

After a moment I said, "Did you people run out of rope and lamp posts? I hear Albany is nearby."

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"They have a whole lot there."  Whether they're owned legally or not is relatively irrelevant.  The problem is that there are so many.  Where there is a surplus of an item, it's going to spread, laws be damned.  The problem is that there are more guns than people in America, by a wide margin.  All this at a time when overall, violence is at the lowest level it's ever been in America.  Even Chicago currently has many fewer murders than it did in the '90s or '70s (it's true; you can look it up easily).

As is often pointed out, the problem is not the law-abiding gun owners.  Rather by definition.  The problem is that it's so easy for anybody to get all the guns they want, that people who aren't law-abiding or are insane can get them easily too.

There's no solution that isn't going to make it more inconvenient for law-abiding people to get guns.  Sorry 'bout that.  Lots of things are kind of a pain in the ass.  It's kind of a pain in the ass to get a passport, or register a car, too.  It can be a pain in the ass to get a loan.  Buying health insurance is a pain to far more than one's ass.  Yet here we are.  Sometimes living with other humans requires us to be inconvenienced in the short term, for long-term benefits.

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Chicago shootings and gun deaths are horrendous and have been for decades. Question is, why isn’t it reported in the MSM like school shootings?

You know why. Race. Black on black killings instead of “deranged white kids” mowing people down with “assault weapons”. It’s hypocrisy and misdirection at its finest. Dishonest, false and misleading too. 

But you know all that right?


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@ Stan,


Pssssst....They’re watching All of Us.  


Storing every Digital Finger print of Everyone & Everthing for AI consumption in Utah & Fort Meade.


Threat assessments on Everyone. 


Black Mail Files on Everyone. Especially Politicians.  


All used for nefarious reasons.


Total Complete Full Spectrum Control.  


I would.  


I can think like a Psychopath.  Only difference is.  I’m not.


They however, are.....


Tyranically Lawless. 



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GeezerGeek Chupacabra-322 Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:06 Permalink

"Threat assessments on Everyone. "

In far too many cases they are failing to assess threats properly. Or maybe they don't consider anything with less than a thousand potential deaths to be worth stopping. After all, stopping minor threats might reveal just how far up our colons they've already penetrated.

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