Florida High School Shooter Bought 10 Rifles Before His Killing Spree

In yet another post delving into Florida High School shooter Nikolas Cruz's history of abuse, violent threats and mental illness, CNN reported on Tuesday that the shooter - who has been charged with murdering 17 of his classmates during a shooting last Wednesday - had obtained 10 rifles in the year before he went on his killing spree.


Cruz legally purchased his weapons from a gun store in South Florida...

A law enforcement source briefed on the investigation told CNN that Cruz had obtained at least 10 firearms, all of them rifles.

Investigators are trying to track the purchases, which Cruz appears to have made in the past year or so, the source said.

Cruz bought two weapons from Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach, said Kim Waltuch, the store's CEO. She would not provide details on the types of guns he purchased or on the time frame, but said the sales followed normal protocol for Florida firearms purchases.

Meanwhile, one of Cruz's victims, Anthony Borges, 15, continued his recovery. He's one of four patients who remain hospitalized after Wednesday's massacre in Parkland. He was shot five times, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

On Sunday, the teen remained in a bed, his face swollen and his body tethered to IV and oxygen tubes.

Meanwhile, dozens of students and staff from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre will travel to Tallahassee, Florida's capital, on Tuesday to speak with legislators. In Tallahassee, they hope to talk to legislators about school safety and gun control on Wednesday, determined to ensure that the deaths of their classmates bring about change.

School walkouts and a march are scheduled in the coming weeks as students across the country rally in favor of more stringent gun control legislation.

Cruz made his second court appearance on Monday as the prosecution sought to unseal court records pertaining to Cruz's juvenile years.

Watch a video of the court appearance below:

The judge ruled in favor of the defense, and the records will - for now - remain sealed.