History Lessons From Years Under Islamism

Authored by Majid Rafizadeh via The Gatestone Institute,

In Iran, my generation, the first after Islamism came to power, is called the Burnt Generation (Persian: Nasl-e Sukhteh). Our generation earned this name for having to endure the brutality of the Islamist and theocratic regime from the time we were born, to adulthood.

This brutality included the regime's merciless efforts, such as mass executions, to establish its power, impose its barbaric and restrictive rules, and brainwash children and indoctrinate the younger generation with its extremist ideology through various methods including elementary schools, universities, state-controlled media outlets, imams and local mosques, and promoting chants such as "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Women and men were segregated. Teenagers were prevented from performing daily activities considered harmless by most of the world. Any kind of enjoyable social activities were barred, including listening to music, dancing, drinking, dating, women participating in a chess championship unless you were wearing a hijab or attending a football match or other sporting event if men were playing in it. If it made you smile, if it gave you hope, it was probably against the law, such as what could be worn, whom you were allowed to talk to, what you could listen to, and whether or not you pray or fast during Ramadan. Even the most personal and private issues became the business of the regime's forces.

The main purpose of these restrictions and the intense control of the people, especially youths, was for the regime to expand its Islamist agenda domestically and abroad. These laws were enforced with cruel and violent punishments such as public flogging along with the threat of even more dire consequences, including stoning, public hanging and amputations. My generation was raised in an atmosphere of terror. While the rest of the world became more modern and developed, we were left to grapple with following Islamist laws and restrictions that were impossible to obey.

My generation in Iran should be seen as a lesson for the West. Almost every state (and non-state actors) underestimated the power that these Islamists could wield. Warning signs were overlooked. No one believed that such a massive change could occur and be enforced. Many underestimated the crimes that these Islamists were willing to commit to maintain their power once they came into control. To this day, they continue to prove that there are no limits to the cruelty and lack of humanity that they will engage in, such as conducting mass executions, executing children and pregnant women, stoning, amputations, public hanging, flogging, torture, and rape just to maintain this power.

Jahangir Razmi's Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of the execution of Kurdish men and others by the Iranian Islamic regime in 1979.


Many underestimated the smooth-talking strategy that these Islamists were using for decades to seize power. The radical group of Ayatollah Khomeini deceived many Iranians and the international community into believing that they were peaceful and divine people. Once they had power, the truth was revealed; by then it was too late to prevent the abuse that unfolded.

My father's generation in Iran lived in an environment in which the Islamist party of the country's clergy cunningly depicted themselves as intending no harm, supportive of the people, and not interested in power. So, before the revolution, many Iranians did not think that Khomeini's party would be committing the atrocities that they are committing now or that they would have such an unrelenting hunger for power.

Instead, the country thought it was on a smooth path towards democracy, with no expectation of returning to a barbaric era. Even then-US President Jimmy Carter viewed Khomeini as a good religious holy man. According to recently declassified documents, the Carter administration even paved the way for Khomeini to return to Iran. Many internationally known scholars such as Michelle Foucault thought highly of the Islamic revolution. Foucault's enthusiasm can be seen in his articles in European newspapers, written right before and after the revolution.

They portrayed themselves as leaders of the people, as spiritual and peaceful. However, once the Islamists rose to the top, all hell broke loose. As soon as they had a stranglehold on the country, they shifted gears to become one of the most ruthless regimes in history. Once in power, their true face was revealed; at that point, there was no way to turn back.

Thousands upon thousands of people were executed simply for voicing their opinion. Many also died for crimes they likely did not commit. The Islamic law (sharia) of the ruling Shiite party was imposed on everyone. Women were forced to wear a hijab and were stripped of their rights. They could no longer leave the country without the permission of their husbands. A women could not work in any occupation if her husband did not agree to it. Women's testimony in court, under sharia, is worth half a man's testimony. Women are banned from pursuing certain educational fields or occupations, such as being judges. Women are prohibited from entering sports stadiums or watching men's sports. Women are entitled to receive half as much inheritance as their brothers or other male relatives.

Many were shocked that this political party, which spoke about the religion of peace, would do such things. Iranians, however, did not just submit to these new laws; they rose up in protest. This uprising was met with torture, rape, and death. With the regime eager to wipe out anyone who dared to resist, the people had no choice but to surrender. Everyone's daily activities were now under the scrutiny of the Islamists.

In a four month period, some 30,000 political prisoners were hanged simply for suspected loyalties to anti-theocratic resistance groups, mainly the PMOI -- incidents largely ignored by media outlets.

These are only few examples of the Islamists' atrocities that took hold of a once thriving and modernizing country. Information about their crimes against humanity would fill several books. As bad as you may think all this is, you must understand that the reality is far, far worse. The Islamist Republic of Iran, according to Human Rights Watch, became the world leader in executing children. The legal age for girls to marry was reduced to 9. Women needed the approval of their parents to marry, and girls could not object to their guardian's decision in marrying them off.

It may be hard to believe that such a murderous force could come into power so easily and fast. What is important to understand is that the Islamists and their followers work covertly in a society for decades to deceive the people and reach the top. Iran's was a meticulously planned takeover that no one saw coming. The Islamists' willingness to be patient to complete their control of the society cannot be underestimated.

Despite openly reading about all this, many will still think it is impossible for something like this to happen in their country. What they fail to understand is that Iran is an example of exactly how successful this meticulous grab for power can be.

Seeing these shrewd and calculating strategies, Islamists in other countries including the West are pursuing the same techniques on the path to seizing power. It is a quiet, subtle process, until the moment you wake up with no rights, a culture of fear, and no promise that you will live in freedom or even to see the next day.

Now, those Islamists, whom almost everyone made light of, have not only been in power for almost four decades; they have expanded their expansionist ideology to other nations and taken first prize as being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and among its leading executioners.

This is a history lesson that Western and non-Islamist countries cannot afford to ignore. It is not just about history; it is about what can happen at any moment, in any country. It is about what is happening right now, beneath our noses -- in East Asia, Canada, South America and Europe. The only defense is to recognize it and confront it at its roots, before it has the opportunity to woo your politicians. Once they worry more about their popularity with voters than about the future of the country you are electing them to run, you are done. Once there is control of the ballot box, there will be more and more control over every aspect of your life, destroying any future you had planned and leaving the country you once had loved in ruins.


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A little background on the author:

Born December 25, 1980, Harvard educated

Per Wikipedia:

Rafizadeh earned a Doctorate degree (Ph.D) in Government , Master's degree in Global and International Studies, Master's degree in Journalism and Communication, Master's degree in Linguistic and teaching, Bachelor's degree in Linguistic and languages (English, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, French and Dari), and was recipient of scholarships including from the US State Department Fulbright Teaching program and Oxford University.

In other words, he's likely Washington's leading candidate for replacing Iranian president Rouhani if their regime-change goals ever come to fruition.

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You don't need to convince anyone with a brain that islam is fucked up and damaging to even it's adherents. But Gatestone Institute? a bunch of jews? fuck off with this bullshit zh

It's not like jews have ever lied about EVERY SINGLE HISTORICAL EVENT to suit their narrative. Can we talk about the jew that killed 35m Russians? genrikh yagoda.


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I don't doubt the description of the deceit and brutality though I wonder how things are in Iran right now. The "chief sponsor of terror" point is music to the ears of the Israelis, however, who want the U.S. to go to war with Iran in the worst way.

VIPS has debunked the chief sponsor of terror point. Spoiler alert: it's the Sunnis.

Talk about the Jewish role in Bolshevik crimes? Are you mad, Sir?



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I do worry that the Australian disaster might be in our future. Those people strike me as independent, rambunctious, and down to earth but yet they meekly handed over their weapons to the cops because of transparent, leftist, bullshit hysteria about gun crime.

I hope there's still a lot of WWII ordinance in European hands. I hope Fritz and Pierre have lots of false ceilings and loose floor boards. Sven? Probably not. He's more likely stockpiling "gender"-optional toys and clothes.

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Shortly after revolutions you tend to get a purge and then it levels out, that's not just isolated to Islamic revolutions.


"the Carter administration even paved the way for Khomeini to return to Iran."

Shah was a little too nationalistic and unpopular with the people so they replaced him?

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"The Gatestone Institute, a New York-based think tank, has become one of the most important hubs in America’s Islamophobia industry, pumping out reams of dangerous anti-Muslim propaganda of the kind lapped up by far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik.

In January 2015, just days after the Paris attacks, Gatestone spent approximately $100,000 taking out a full page advert in the New York Times. To drive home its implicit message that a “good Muslim” supports US power, two out of the three Muslims pictured in the Gatestone advert were posing next to the American flag. Mentioning violence in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt and “Africa,” 



"seamless fusion of anti-Muslim bombast and pro-Israel cant was gratefully received by the Gatestone Institute’s founder and director, Nina Rosenwald...

An heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune, Rosenwald spreads her millions through the William Rosenwald Family Fund, a nonprofit foundation named for her father, a famed Jewish philanthropist who created the United Jewish Appeal in 1939. His daughter’s focus is more explicitly political. According to a report by the Center for American Progress titled “Fear Inc.,” Rosenwald and her sister Elizabeth Varet, who also directs the family foundation, have donated more than $2.8 million since 2000 to “organizations that fan the flames of Islamophobia.”

Besides funding a Who’s Who of anti-Muslim outfits, Rosenwald has served on the board of AIPAC, the central arm of America’s Israel lobby, and holds leadership roles in a host of mainstream pro-Israel organizations. As groups like AIPAC lead the charge for a US military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran, threatening to turn apocalyptic visions of civilizational warfare into catastrophic reality, Rosenwald’s wealth has fueled a rapidly emerging alliance between the pro-Israel mainstream and the Islamophobic fringe. (In 2003 alone the Rosenwald Family Fund donated well over half of its $1.6 million in total contributions to pro-Israel and Islamophobic organizations)..."


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Australian disaster???        The story of Australia, which had 13 mass shootings in the 18-year period from 1979 to 1996 but none in the succeeding 19 years, is worth examining. The turning point was the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, in which a gunman killed 35 individuals using semiautomatic weapons. There have been no mass shootings since 1996.

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The author fails to even mention the brutal, corrupt and undemocratic regime that the US supported and installed onto Iran, which the Iranians finally threw off in revolt. And that the Iranians overwhelmingly chose the new leader. As typical of a US govt operative he dismisses the choice of the people by basically declaring it invalid for various reasons and then justifying how the US powers should destroy the current govt because he and the US know what's best for the people. (Always for the people, you have to kill them all to help them.)

He claims Islam is bad, oppressive etc.. How about a real oppressive Islamic country with no democracy? Saudi Arabia. If he wants to reform Islam then why does he not write articles about starting with the US friendly country of Saudi Arabia. Since he and the US find the Saudi family such good people they should take to the forced changes easily. The Saudi's could show the Islamic world how to separate Islam from govt and how to convert to a multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi religious democracy. And if the Saudi's refuse the US should kill them, for their own protection.

In Iran today, 60% of college graduates are WOMEN. Women wear scarves (often brightly colored) but do not have to cover their faces like they often have to in Saudi Arabia. (They also wear slacks.) There is a marriage problem today in Iran because the college educated women want a college educated man (who also makes more money than them) and due to men wanting a woman who is chaste (or close enough she can pass as such). You see the Iranian women have been enjoying their own sexual liberation and slutting it up like a US college girl. As an Iranian girl said in an article about the men - - they want to party with us and date us but then they do not want to take us home to meet their mothers. (The Iranian men have not been cucked/manjina'd enough, they do not want to marry a well used woman with a western woman's privileged attitudes, demands and sharp tongue.) Of course in the US friendly Saudi Arabia these women would never have attended college and would be stoned for their sexual activities.

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nice to see you back...see the articles I've linked below about Gatestone... I have some questions of you...

[edit]: That website which you reference, it seems to me, is full of disinfo relying on dubious sources, based religious unprovable religious proclamations leading to many rabbit holes each in turn concluding with wild pronouncements... Anyone who uses the word globalists -- some nebulous yet interconnected group of people on the one hand, and then claims to have some sort of insight into their machinations on the other hand (think about how absurd it is to envision such a scenario) -- is automatically suspect in my eyes. The rest is just a waste of time...

Anyhow, the other question I wanted to ask you is why haven't you posted for an extended amount of time? If you don't want to answer that you dont have to; I was just curious...perhaps you were pondering what the Russia/Iran angle and formulating a response...

I read an article, which I thought you might like (it is long and in three parts so you may want to read it when you have some extended free time) along with the comments section:


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Hey JS Good to see you. I did see the links. We can link on here a bit more easily now they've changed the interface.

edit: Yeah. I have a feeling Bob is somehow affiliated with that website. Anyway, I hadn't posted cause I've been busy at work. Started a new Job jan and was on gardening leave end of last year hence lots of posts. Anyway, will read this material you posted.

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Islam in all of its variants (Shia, Sunni, even Suffi) is a skull fuck religion with psychopathic constructs at its core.  Bill Warner does a good job of analyzing the religion:


Suffis suppress the psycopathy, Shia embrace some elements of psycopathy, and Salafi/Wahabis embrace it fully.

But, and this is a big butt... Persians have an impulse to temper their religions.  Zoroastrianism originated in Persia, and it is not Psychopathic.  Bahai originated in Persia, and is an attempt to excise all of pathologies inherent in Islam.  Of course, Islamists go berserk over Bahai, because Islamist Imam loses power to mind screw and control populations.

Iran (Persia) are the West's natural allies, not the Semites/Arabs.  Since Persians have a core of basic humanity, they will either temper their Islam or walk away from it.

When I say west, I mean former Christian west which used to have religious injunctions against usury.  Today's modern perverted west, now Judaised, has no trouble walking on the dark side, so it has found common cause with retrograde Salafi Islam.  

Petrodollars came into being in 1973, with ((Kissinger)) Saudi agreement.

Don't listen to Gatestone, they emit hypnosis.  I would like to know who funds them - probably with recycled petrodollars.  I'm sure we would find the ((usual)) suspects.

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"Thousands upon thousands of people were executed simply for voicing their opinion."

More like those thousands were Mossad, MI5 and CIA operatives.

It is the same with Germany in WWII.  Those Einsatzgruppen were killing communist partisan terrorists.  Of course these mostly jew terrorists are now considered "innocent" just as the thousands executed by the Ayatolla were merely "voicing opinion".

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So according to your view the middle east would be a tolerant, peaceful and prosperous place if it was not for the insidious Jew and the English meddling?

Get a grip, Islam is the problem there.  The reason that his story about Iran being governed under Islamic principles is a tail of woe is because Islam isn't there to bring peace and joy to the people of earth, its there to spread itself and bring everyone to submission under it.

To best spread it needs slaves, all females are slaves fit only for breeding and household chores.  And warriors, all men are warriors, told the best fate for them is to die for Islam and given an "education" at a madrassa that consists of reciting the koran - ie deliberately made ignorant.

It was the perfect religion for the middle ages conquests, but it didn't anticipate that technology would play such an important part in the world.  Good for us, however its still spreading like a cancer. 

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Thats quite a straw man you have constructed.

I said that likely many of the thousands of people killed in the aftermath of the ZOG-shah coup were likely (((foreign))) agents.

And no, I don't think that the Middle East would be nearly as screwed up if the tribe wasn't deliberately and constantly stirring trouble up.  Just like they have been doing in Europe for 2000 years.

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"So according to your view the middle east would be a tolerant, peaceful and prosperous place if it was not for the insidious Jew and the English meddling? "

No need to stupidly exaggerate, AIPAC snowflake POS - the region was tolerant, peaceful and prosperous before the Zio-Anglos set out to change it. Lebanon was called the Switzerland of the Near East before Israel decided to put an end to the prosperity of Beirut, probably because it was by orders of magnitude more beautiful than the shithole Tel Aviv. Syria, Libya, Iraq had a decent infrastructure with a high participation quota of women. Not sure if someone - besides Hillary Clinton and Avigdor Liebermann - would defend the version that Syria, Iraq, Libya are now better places.

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There is a BBC documentary by the famous BBC documentary guy on Afghanistan in the 70s and James Michener wrote his first novel there. Both interesting history, Afghanistan was modernizing.

The entire ME was working to become modern nations with secular citizens. The old-line Mullahs were the opponents. All over the ME, outsiders used all sides for their own reasons.

It is very difficult to assign causes of effects in complex systems,  it is rare that 'X caused Y' is true.

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mofo. "it is all so complex". that's what Zio-Anglos tell you when you point them to their war crimes.

Nothing complex at all: Anglos fostered radical Islam ever since they decided to dominate the oil bearing regions. For a start, get  this book. the master plot is obsecenely simple. no need to put "complexity" into it - except you are one of those AIPAC obfucscators.

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The Anglo Zionist Empire got it start with Bank of England in 1694.  This bank soon put the English population in debt.  

East India Company soon lost its mercenary army and was replaced by British Navy.  

Pyramid formed, with BOE at the top, and BOE stock owners at very tip.  Stock Owners were.....wait for it... guess ((who)).  It was Sephardic and some Ashkenazi stock market capital out of Amsterdam that maneuvered BOE into existence, along with its "new" kind of bank credit.

It matters little that Rothschild maneuvered his way in later, Rothschild was just more of the same.

BOE/British Navy/East Indies company merged into a corporate entity, including a secret service.  This secret service then became Template for later MI6.

House of Saud coup has British secret service fingerprints all over it.  

The ((parasite)) jumped from London to Wall Street fully by 1912 and FED takeover.  

So, yes it is obscenely simple, just follow the "Bank Credit as Money" and tribesters who are the main carriers of usury and money magick.

Do we also blame Shabbos Goy British, and now American's, and much of the world for falling victim to corporate money parasitism?

To fix it will require changing the money away from bank credit.  It will require returning companies to charters, and removing money power from influence over government. 

It will take un-doing the big bang event that happened in 1694.

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One thought: perhaps the people in the shah's prisons were precisely the scum who took over later. I don't want to disrupt the flow of your argument that the shah was uniquely evil though.

I bet the shah's numbers were not even remotely close to those of the clerical monsters later.

Agreed on your first point though.

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You got that right.  That day of the week where the Iran-hating Tyler gets to publish his unsubstantiated articles bashing Iran from uber-Neo-con outlets such as Gatestone Institute, which is chaired by none other than Iran-hating neo-con John Bolton and founded by the more typical Jew-supremacist neo-con Nina Rosenwald. 

I did take a look at one of the linked "reports", from ((PBS)), accusing the Iranian government of "raping" women.  Their proof was a woman whose face was completely blurred out, whose Farsi could not be heard, saying something, while a "translator" claimed she alleged something rather unbelievable:  that she was "randomly" picked up by the government and raped and burned with cigarettes for no reason.  Not even the cigarette burns were shown, such was the grave effort to "protect her identity".

Classic dark and dirty propaganda operation.

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