India To Build Major Overseas Military Base Off Africa To Combat China

India is preparing to construct a significant overseas military base on an island in Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa to counter growing Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean.

Last month, Seychelles and India signed a twenty-year agreement, permitting the Indian military to build an airbase and naval installations on Assumption Island, a small island in the Outer Islands of Seychelles north of Madagascar, said Seychelles News Agency.

“This [agreement] reinforces our commitment to not only further deepen India-Seychelles relations, but to also take our partnership to another level,” Indian Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said in a statement.

“The [mutual] co-operation is exemplified by the operationalization of the Coastal Surveillance Radar System [CSRS] in March 2016, and our commitment to augment the defense assets and capability of Seychelles,” he added.

The agreement enhances India’s military capabilities and maritime surveillance of Seychelles’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.37 million square km. Assumption Island will serve as a strategic staging area for the Indian military, as the island chain resides between crucial global shipping lanes.

This is key as in 2016 alone, “approximately 40 million barrels of oil per day — equivalent to just under half of the world’s total oil supply — traveled through Indian Ocean entry and exit points, including the Straits of Hormuz, Malacca, and Bab el-Mandeb,” said CNN.

The EIA classifies the region as a significant chokepoint for maritime transit of oil. More specifically, the EIA calculates roughly 5.8 million barrels per day travels directly by Seychelles, which then ultimately flows to the West. This would indicate India does not just recognize Seychelles as a critical part of its global energy security, but perhaps, India’s push to control the island is a proxy of Washington.

All estimates in million barrels per day. Includes crude oil and petroleum liquids. Based on 2016 data. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

India has already provided Seychelles with military aircraft, helicopters, and naval boats. It has installed a coastal surveillance radar system on one of Seychelles’ islands to conduct intelligence gathering activities. Throughout the years, the waters around Seychelles have seen an abundance of Indian warships conducting anti-piracy patrols

Senior Indian naval officials have stated that the development of military installations on Seychelles is to offset China’s maritime Silk Road strategy in the Indian Ocean.

As CNN notes, India is attempting to better posture itself in the Indian Ocean despite its neighbor and long-standing rival China, who is already situated with military installations in the region.

Under Chinese President Xi Jinping, China’s naval reach has grown considerably, expanding far beyond its immediate coastline into areas not previously considered within its sphere of influence.

In July last year China established its first overseas military base in Djibouti, near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, among the world’s busiest shipping lanes and one of three crucial Indian Ocean arteries.

The strait, which is only 29 kilometers (18 miles) wide at its narrowest point, connects the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal, and the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean beyond.

The opening of the Djibouti base was followed several months later by the country’s controversial acquisition of the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, just 22.2 kilometers (13.8 miles) by some estimates from the primary Indian Ocean sea lane that links the Malacca Straits to the Suez Canal.

Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Sydney, described the Hambantota deal — which saw Sri Lanka grant China a 99-year lease on the port to service some of the billions in debt it owes to Beijing — as part of a “determined strategy by China to extend its influence across the Indian Ocean at the expense of India.”

“That port then gives them not only a strategic access point into India’s sphere of influence through which China can deploy its naval forces, but it also gives China an advantageous position to export its goods into India’s economic sphere, so it’s achieved a number of strategic aims in that regard,” said Davis.

Indian military officials said Seychelles and Assumption Island are a powerful combination in extending the reach of India’s naval operations, which it intends to rotate aircraft and ships throughout the region.

“The development is a clear indicator that India’s geostrategic frontier is expanding in tandem with China’s growing strategic footprint in the Indo-Pacific,” Captain Gurpreet Khurana, of the Indian Navy’s National Maritime Foundation, said.

As India fears encirclement by militarist China in the Indian ocean, it only leaves us to believe that these nuclear-armed neighbors could be headed for another military conflict. The last time this occurred it was the war of 1962, which India is making the needed preparations on Seychelles’ chain of islands that will ensure another defeat is not an option.


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Seems like a play towards Africa.  There certainly are a lot of Indians in Africa.  This would put the Indian military closer to protect its diaspora.  I guess its to blunt the Chinese inroads into Africa.…

Maybe the Seychelles foresee conflict over deposits with their African neighbors

........The Seychelles archipelago in the western Indian Ocean with a vast exclusive economic zone is believed to have large quantities of untapped oil.

The 115-island nation depends heavily on tourism and fisheries for its economy and government is hoping to add hydrocarbon to its economic base.

An assessment in 2012 by the U.S. Geological Survey in the western Indian Ocean region which included Tanzania, Madagascar and Mozambique estimated a total of 793 million barrels of oil present in the Seychelles rift area.

Also the Chinese are notorious for illegal fishing and factory trawlers.  The Indians can shoo them away.  The Seychelles dont stand a chance alone.

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I always had fun as an employee filling out corporate surveys when they were asking about how well are they doing at creating a diverse workplace.

For the first survey that asked that question, the group 85% were dot Indians and 65% of those were males.

Similar for management.

Took over a year or so and the new hires would become mostly non dots and promoting some token non dot managers.

For me, it was dot Indians all the way up to the lone white male CEO salesman-cheerleader at the top.

Young white males that were technical and skilled at development did not hang around very long at the corporation.

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Sounds like a company I used to work for in the Silicon Valley area, diversity is a key word for Non white male. The moment there is an Indian manager, he/she will only hire that race and caste ONLY. The most racist and dirtiest individuals I have ever met in my life were Indians, sure there are some exceptions here and there, but "diversity" policies don't apply to them. The hole H1B scam was just a excuse to keep wages low and recolonize IT/Engineering departments with cheap but less productive workforce... kind of the same recolonization they are doing in Europe

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As much as I hate the MIC, I do sit home in security knowing that these other countries are a joke militarily in comparison.  Then I think about what would have happened if instead of funding the MIC and securing oil fields around the world and making sure we could always control them if needed, we had developed our own energy sources and focused on the United States instead of the UNITED STATES, Inc.

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My 2C is the following,

-Russian Pres election mid next month, so the Ukrops and the usual failed state frozen shithole countries and their spazzer pals will want to collude to influence their election, plus:

-the Ukrop Banderist Pidari forlornly hope Mattis will nuke St Pete for allegedly having some lame-ass FB posters - if we believe the recycled RFE-Ukraine stuff from 2015 Mueller is pushing. Including the exact same photo of a building apparently, no less!


-2018 World Cup comes up in Russia. So the usual nihilist philistines will want to piss on it. Probably Canada (and any other badly-informed moron-slaves they can rope in) will lead the charge for their Banderist genocider masters overseas.

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This is a weird comment but I can't help but think of Edgar Cayce when I read this.  He didn't make these type of predictions unless it was randomly blurted out in one of his ten thousand medical readings (which are documented with actual medical records) but....  He said man could change the future but if WWIII came it would likely involve the areas of Syria, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.  I always wondered how the hell the Indian Ocean would ever be involved.  Now it makes sense.  India is a giant proxy bitch for globalism now and they will batter it against any enemies of globalist Marxism, which currently includes Pakistan and China.  They think there are too many people over there anyway.

This was approx 1907 when he said this.  It was also around this time that he indicated that white Christianity would have to pass the torch on to Russia and it would become the future of those things.  It didn't say we were too corrupted and far gone to save but I don't know what other circumstances would cause Russia to be the only hope for white Christian anything. 

I guess we shall see...


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Fool...  India is building stuffs to contain us, the USA.


Look at this: BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.  These are the hub regions. 

Brazil will lead the CELAC: an Emerging Market (EM).

Russia will lead SCO/EEU : an EM.

India is a stand alone state.

China is a stand alone state.

S.Africa will lead the southern part of Africa: an EM.

BRICS is part of the BRI region.

Just count the total population and the projected population because that is where the future market will be!


Our leaders are retards, don't be like them!  See the real picture.


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LOL I want the most hateful delusional anti-American foreigner poster, admitted anti-American foreign poster, to explain why India is in negotiations with US to transfer the F-16 and F-18 production lines to India? The US is allowing two complete fighter lines to be sold to India, dirt cheap. The plan is for India to build the planes then supply India, Vietnam and Taiwan.

China and India are in a serious conflict on many fronts.  BRICS is falling apart because of Chinese aggression across the face of Asia.

Only a delusional person would say the Indian Navy move in the Indian Ocean is against the US because as you said, India is a BRICS nation. There is too many reports of Sino-Indian conflict. China is preparing to annex East India for access to the Indian ocean, hydrocarbons and minerals. Just last week, China reiterated territory claims against India. China has done the same to the Philippines and Indonesia.

What's your nationality, you said you were posting from Australia, considering the large Chinese population in Australia, and since your comments are delusional anti-American pro-Chinese, are you an ethnic Chinese Australian?


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Quite happy with the Chinese here in Australia - they are our biggest trading partner !! 

My family came here in chains ( from Ireland) in 1802 ! 

Its actually the FUCKING Zio/US that we want OUT ! 

Our Government is a pack of FUCKING clowns - just like America’s !! 

You don’t live in the US anyway - likely writing from the SHILL factory in Tel Aviv !! 


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No I'm here in Austin Texas USA. At least you've admitted to being an anti-American foreigner.

It's interesting, you don't even know your own country. An influential Australian think tank is funded by the Hungarian Lowy family. They're Jewish and promote the hollowing out of Australia.

The Billionaire Lowy operation must keep the China trade going because all their stores sell Chinese goods. They've been able to buy dirt cheap and sell high to Australians for record profits, while the rest of Australia has been sold from right under the feet of the Australians. So the Jewish Hungarian communist similar to Hungarian Jewish communist George Soros had an Open Borders kind of policy. But this has been rejected to an extent by the government.(it went to far and many Australians sounded the alarm after an elected congressman was caught taking Chinese funding and he supported the Chinese take over of the South China Sea)

By the way, when the million Chinese long range fishing boats load the 30 million man militia that the Chinese newspapers keep threatening for a People's War, this will be countered by US Marines at Darwin and the other two northern bases. US Air Force will fly mission after mission to prevent the invasion of Australia.

LOL See, the US Jews can't allow the Australian Jews to be knocked off, so you get to ride along, not in Cadillac comfort, but just the same you will survive because of America. LOL

Thanks for admitting you were in fact an anti-American foreigner posting from a foreign country trying to influence the minds of Americans, in some morbid belief, you could radicalize an American to stand against his own country.

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