Merkel Is Forming A Coalition With The Wrong Party

Authored by Tom Luongo,

The last time I looked at the miasma of German coalition talks the big takeaway was the mood turning against the Social Democrats (SPD).

Today the latest polling confirms that the more Merkel tries to form a coalition with Martin Schultz and the SPD the more support the coalition loses.

There have been two polls recently, one which grabbed headlines showing that anti-immigration, Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is now ahead of the SPD nationally, 16% to 15.5%.  Another has AfD rising two points to 14%, though still four points behind the SPD.

The takeaway from these polls is not whether AfD is or is not more popular than the SPD at this point.  Coupling those results with the surprising rise of Angela Merkel’s Union party by two points in both polls a clear message from the German electorate emerges.

They want a government formed because they are unaccustomed to being without one, but they don’t want another grand collation between Merkel and the SPD.

That is the kind of formless, opinion-allergic government the German people are sick of.  They had that for the past four years and all it got them was more subservience to both Brussels and Washington D.C.

No, since Merkel has staunched the flow of immigrants into Germany – to help her re-election campaign – her leadership is, for now, acceptable to get things done.  But, what the German people are telling everyone is that they want her to shift farther ‘right’ rather than left in order to appease the SPD.

And that means a coalition with AfD, which, of course, is not possible with the current political leadership in Germany.  And that’s why AfD continues to take a larger bite out of the electoral pie.

Don’t Believe the Numbers

A new article over at the American Conservative by Doug Bandow goes into some great detail on the dynamics at play here.  He rightly points out that Germans are unhappy with the current status quo.

While no one doubts Merkel’s leadership, it is in service of a goal that is orthogonal to the desires of Germans.  German rejection of the openly Brussels-First Schultz is prima facia evidence of this.  Having Schultz gain significant concessions from Merkel in coalition talks may be good for SPD politicians in the short run.

They will get to distribute billions in new programs to buy votes with.  But, it will come at the expense of ceding greater control over Germany’s future to Brussels, since Schultz is resolutely in favor of the United States of Europe model for the European Union.

But, at the same time, I feel that Bandow makes the mistake of taking the current polling at its word.  As I said, part Merkel’s support comes from her willingness to form some majority government.

So, if that fails because the SPD rank and file vote against the coalition agreement then don’t expect the 30-32% support for the Union party to hold.  Other polls have shown more than two-thirds of Germans want Mrs. Merkel to step aside as Chancellor.

Bandow’s argument is that Germans won’t get what they want in an new election because the polls indicate similar results to what we’re currently seeing.  I disagree.

Because I don’t feel like the powers behind the scenes in Europe will allow Merkel to step aside.  They will continue to ply false choices to German voters in the hopes that they can create an acceptable outcome.

This was the strategy in 2017, using the already hated Schultz as Merkel’s stalking horse and help her cross the finish line with just enough support to continue as Chancellor.  It nearly worked.  The problem was that AfD and the other minor parties took the SPD’s losses, not the Union.

And that trend is still in place today.

So, the more likely outcome is that support for AfD will surge a minimum of three to four points (if not more) as Union support collapses.  This will be a minimum.  If Merkel doesn’t step aside the shift will be bigger, with AfD moving solidly above the 20% mark, taking points from the Union.

The Union Divide

At that point CSU leader and Bavarian Governor, Horst Seehofer, will have a major decision on his hands.  He could split the CDU/CSU at that point and a grand rearrangement of the board could take place.

We’re headed for an iceberg in Italy’s elections, which have tremendous bearing on the German political dynamic.  Germans do not want to bail out Italy or anyone else.  And a result in Italy in two weeks could easily bring a coalition to power hell bent on confrontation with Germany over Italy’s debt situation, which is unsustainable.

As I said a month ago:

So, unless there is the political will to consolidate all of Europe’s debt under one roof, this problem lands squarely at the feet of the ECB, the Bundesbank and the farce that is German politics.

This puts the decision on the Troika – The ECB, The IMF and the European Commission — to bail them out directly or kick Italy out of the euro.  And that’s smart politics.  Make Brussels the bad guy.  And [Lega Nord Leader Matteo] Salvini is already playing that tune perfectly.

If they were all smart, they would have the Lira ready to deploy if things go south.

So, a second round of elections that strengthens the hand of German nationalists is exactly what Merkel and Schultz are trying to avoid with this grand coalition farce.  And the German people are beginning to see things clearly.



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Merkel is getting scared because she knows that the Goyim know.  With the truth leaking out all over the internet and truthers rampaging out of control, they are no longer certain that they can shut it down.

So they are trying to buy time with these coalitions, just as the US is in Manbij, Al Tanf, Adleb.  They are buying time until the war finally gets started on their terms.


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i am german and i lived in the US for years so i think i see something here. germany will go the way of switzerland and austria. we see the creation of a new volkspartei. nothing more and nothing less. this will determine the path of the country and will give hope for the real germans and not the sh**skin wannabe germans or socialist infected germans. nothing more and nothing less. 

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1. afd is the antitheseis of cdu-merkel - the thesis of a "right" coalition is complete bs, entirely ignoring the political reality in germany

2. living in bavaria i can tell you first hand that hypothesizing the idea of a union divide is complete fantasy of a lousy theoretician who has absolutely NO-ZERO-NADA idea of what drives internal politics in germany. a divide would render csu meaningless, a regional player with neither the will, capacity or plan to extend beyond bavaria.

the article is mega-superficial, utter crap, typical us-centric fantasizing - or, as I most aptly put it, " somewhere between a panicked "junior high school assignment" helped by google and an automated political info compilation spam from a Californian troll farm".

having grown up in Germany, in the South, countryside (not in the ultra-shitty run-down Nord with its lousy crap-food and butt-ugly lard-monster-bitches and pigshit-smelling air)- I can tell you absolutely first hand that Germany is fucked up beyond all repair.

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The sheer mass of the pendulum is a factor; we're talking billions of lives and trillions of FiatBux. And those Bux are all being used as fuel by Gyorgy Schwarz and his Red Shield puppetmasters. But the awakening is happening. The pendulum slipped out of (((their))) grasp with the one-two punch of Brexit and Trump. It should have started swinging back a decade ago, but BushObama rigged the game even worse than usual.

Here's the thing: If (((they))) thwart Brexit? If they neuter Trump? THEY LOSE EVEN FASTER AND HARDER. There is zero chance that globalism wins. Either they're defeated or they kill the whole world, including themselves. The world is watching; the Internet prevents the suppressing of information they're taken for granted for so long. Trump has basically destroyed the American corporate media; they've been revealed as a giant shilling operation with a happy mouthful of globalist dick. The National Enquirer has tons more credibility than CNN at this point, for all but the most brainless of Marxist golems. Ditto the NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Fox, etc. They're all a giant joke that's bleeding audience much faster than any of them admit. (I expect that ratings are being cooked like any other polls these days; their salaries depend on it.)

More and more people are waking up to the idea that there is in fact a war on "wypipo," that it's being orchestrated by Zionists as part of a centuries-old vendetta, and that the Zionists do not have anyone's best interests at heart but their own. If you think American blacks don't understand that they're being thrown under the bus in favor of illegals, guess again. They are; the (((media))) simply lies about it.

 And legal immigrants, excepting those who are part of criminal cartels, are even more opposed to the (((leftists'))) voter base enhancing/culture crushing immigration agenda.

The pendulum is gathering massive momentum and remember, force = mass x velocity. (f=mv) The backlash wave that will sweep over the world in the next 5 - 10 years is going to make the Indonesian Tsunamis look like a toddler splashing in the bathtub, in terms of the damage they do to the globalists. Fact.

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It was slow because of the MSM narrative was used to gaslight people.

When you walk outside and look at your society and see it being destroyed all the MSM deceit becomes apparent and the mind control starts to go into reverse. Their gaslight power is lost now and only censorship remains but that is a double down against them for how can freedom exist if censorship is 100%?

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Your average Trumptard couldn't even find Europe on the map much less understand the politics of the continent. Blatant racist anti immigrant propaganda, typical cherry picking.

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Merkel is toxic.  In next weeks news Angela attends Parliament wearing a Hijab and says all German women should dress more modestly......

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Germany sucked into EU abliss by coalition with SPD socialists, Brexit and UK loss of votes and socialist votes concentrated and heavy hand more so for EU plurality and rules and BS so pop to be more upset about things like migrant quotas, regulations, and overpaid EU bureaucrats, and idiot communists like Federica Mogherini designing foreign policy for Muslim welfare immigrant takeover OK and turn churches into mosques for diversity and you're a racist if you disagree.  AFD wins more next election cycle, but have to wait.  See what happens with Italy dissatisfaction with EU and banking problem.  Perfect Russian plan to break up EU, then come into "help" like Aleppo.  May I also see IRA Facebook ads and budget for Germany like Ukraine prior?  And the NKVD archive files on East German born and raised Merkel, and her father as member of Stazi (who could cross border by DDR permission as opposed to die trying to get over wall during cold war) with plans for daughter would be nice?  MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE?

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I touch on Merkel's East German connection below, it's interesting after the reunification of East and West Germany, the EU centralized command and control, communism was the EU model. One could argue, it was communism lite, but considering the EU doesn't want to honor democratic elections for votes to leave the EU, well we have a serious problem.

NATO break up was Russian Putin's main objective, and the reasons Merkel's government allowed the German military to decay to such a low level, the German opinion leaders sounded the alarm before Trump's cheer leading for defense spending. What are the reasons why Merkel allowed Germany's military to decay to the point, it was the disarmament of Germany?

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You can't have slaves if they are armed and can think. I think the fucking commies have underestimated the sleeping giant: the great middle class. Once this shit show implodes the only thing that will matter are: kin, race, city, and religion. People will go tribal. Plenty of AKs in Russia. I am guessing smart Germans are importing container loads in preparation.

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I try to understand what's happening in Germany from the window of a magazine called Der Spiegel. The Germans are reverting back to National Socialism. They never really left a socialist form of government and economy. Trump and Ivanka spoke highly of Germany's vocational training program for workers, not realizing the political control unions have on the German economy. German companies are ordered by labor to provide funding for the world class vocational worker training. It's often used politically in the US to push worker training programs.

The US culture isn't like German culture, the union in the US don't have the kind of control German unions have, in America it wouldn't be allowed, but in Germany it's mandatory.

It was a result of socialism. Now the question is why can't the Germans be democratized into American capitalism's image? In many European countries, the history of over a thousand years of serfdom produced the culture which accepts socialism. It was conditioned in to the culture, that's far fetched but after you've lived all over the world and studied many peoples, the strings of the past are still controlling the people like a puppet on strings.

Why do I equate German socialism as moving to the National Socialism model? Merkel, an East German communist education commissar, was moving socialism lite to full blown communism. The turn toward communism has changed to a nationalistic socialism, Germany First. It's the same as National Socialism without the title Nazi.

Another anecdotal input, Merkel's government ignored defense, even before Trump cheer leading defense spending, there was growing concern in Germany among key opinion leaders for the need to begin rebuilding Germany's military. It came from all quarters, so Trump really can't take credit for the increased defense spending. Other areas is the new sub alliance, not connected to NATO between Germany's WWII allies, Hungary and Romania. Units from both countries are to be assigned to German Army units. 

I read many Der Spiegel articles written by German authors explaining why Germany rejects American capitalism. But no one ever gave an alternative, it took years to understand, the alternative to American capitalism was already in place, it was the socialist concept of union control of the German economy.

Another point, Germany's union model of governing the corporate economy, is Germany's form of communism(the workers own the production in communism, but in Germany, the worker has political control over the means of production). This point is difficult to understand, there was no difference between German National Socialism and Russian Marxist communism.

Germany is changing to a more nationalistic socialism, the reaction and stress from mass migration and the Merkel movement to communism(greater state control of social issues) has forced Germany to reject Merkel's communism for a traditional nationalistic Germany based upon the historic serfdom which was the early developmental foundation of German worker socialism.


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I think you are overthinking this. I lived in Germany for two years. Correction, I lived in the former West Germany for two years. Including a small town, a village, and a large city (Pirmesens, Massweiler, and Karlsruhe). Germans are practical, hard working people with a protestent work ethic. Nothing more complicated that that. Oh, and winter. Long, cold winters are good incentive to prepare. The weak also die out quickly. Improves the gene pool.

Of course during the time frame when I lived in West Germany the East Germans were being surveilled by the Stasi and if you wanted to leave the country you risked being shot dead.

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I'm looking at it from a corporate view specifically the relation between the unions and corporations. I was an international business consultant, the relation between the union and corporation isn't the same as the US. And many Americans, not saying you, but many Americans look at the world through American glasses, because of this, it takes them longer to understand a culture or a better description, it is more difficult to develop a trend model for predicting changes. Some Americans have a mirror image view of a foreign country and America, or another way, they look at the world through American glasses.

When some Americans go to Asia, all the people look the same. It takes time to see. It took me a life time of studying Europe, Germany to develop the hypothesis, German serfdom was the foundation of German socialism. The serfs never owned anything, so German labor in control of production today, are the feudal over lords of old.

I've been exposed to German work rules, etc. it's all negotiated in union labor agreements. The US has labor unions, but they don't function like German labor unions. German labor unions are powerful and run the show.

Historically, German labor unions are similar to Magna Carta for German feudal serfdom. That's how German labor unions are represented in the cultural mind of Germany.


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I was a soldier. I worked, I rode a bicycle, I walked to the gasthaus, I rode horses at the local riding stable. I wasn't in some office observing from afar. I get what you are saying but having lived, and returned to study and travel in Europe, I try to take off my US glasses.

I am working class. Even when I studied in Rome in 1997 I wasn't living in a 5-star hotel. We had to prepare our own meals, do laundry, all of that. So before you start calling me out as being a typical American, I am not. Furthermore, my experiences of Germany, and Europe, go back several decades. I find it interesting that you prefer to devalue my experience as not being as relevant as yours.

We have a word for that where I come from: it is called being a fucking snob. Did you offend me? Why yes, you did.

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MK ULTRA Alpha HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Wed, 02/21/2018 - 06:36 Permalink

"you prefer to devalue my experience as not being as relevant as yours." Give me a break. I wrote an opinion, then you wrote, my opinion is invalid, I wrote back trying to explain about my opinion. It's only in your mind I was devaluing your experience.

It would be good if you stopped posting a response to my essays, then you won't accuse me of devaluing your opinion in response to you devaluing my opinion.

Listen, you come here as victim, any response to you will cause a response of being a victim. You come on here all the time to make it personal to explain how much pain you have. It's because you live in a victim culture, everyone is a victim and look to blame someone.

Some are so sick with the Iphone Facebook endorphin boost, a rush, so they come on here to cut someone down for a thumbs up endorphin high. But you come on here to tell of your depression from being a victim and you always tells us the journey of being poor and in the army to justify your crying out in pain of being a victim, you'll add all the same horror stories that most people have to go through.

Now you're picking a fight with me, saying I slighted you, THAT I AM MAKING YOU A VICTIM AGAIN. Which I wasn't trying to do.

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What part of anything I said claimed victim status? None of it. I said that I come from a working class background. If you equate being working class with being a victim that is your problem, not mine. I am not a leftie nor a snowflake nor a victim, FYI.

I called you out for being a bloody snob and if that hurts your feelings, too fucking bad, get a fucking life.

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You've been on here telling us about your victim status for over a month. The snob is you, who responded to my essay on German unions saying I didn't know what I was talking about? You responded to me, you attacked me first, I just wrote a response trying to explain about unions.

And you're depressed to come on here with all these sad tales of your life. Do I have to care about you? Do I owe you? Am I responsible for you?

I just wanted to write an essay about German unions, what did you do, you disturbed my peace, my life by posting an insult that I didn't know what I was talking about, since you lived in Germany for two years in the army.

Buddy, please don't post to me, you're mentally ill looking for acceptance, pity on a message board. When you come here to dump on the board with your sad stories, it means, you're crying about being a victim.


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I have never said I was a victim. Ever.

If you don't like my comments, fine, don't read them. Who said I was depressed? You? I think some of my life experiences have made me a stronger person. Smarter. Kinder.

I posted a few comments about my real life, after years of posting here, and you interpret that as I came here to dump on this forum? Nope.

Life is real. It isn't always one happy story with people clapping hands. I think it is important to talk about real life rather than fantasies and movies and fake reality.

If you don't like reality that is not my fucking problem. You sound like a fucking snowflake, sheltered and protected from the big, bad, world. I suggest you buy a gun and learn how to use it if you are that fucking afraid of reality.

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HRH & MK - it ain't personal.  You have both seen Germany from the inside but you have not moved in the same circles within Germany.   If, for example, two people lived in a country and one were a wealthy, influential businessman and the other were a blue-collar factory worker they would both have experienced life in that country, but they would have two very different experiences of that country.   Each would have valid observations to make and each would have formed opinions based on their personal experiences, and personal experiences will always colour our views.

It is necessary to look beyond one's personal experiences and to try to understand how other opinions have been formed.   You are both expressing interesting and valid points about Germany but right now the country is in such chaos and flux it is impossible to be certain of anything.

I have German friends of many years standing and it is still very difficult to make anyone there say anything about anything.   They have spent a lifetime being brainwashed about the holocaust and free speech has been outlawed.   The German people have been gagged.   What they truly think and in what direction they will eventually move is an open question.

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I have a very elderly British friend, originally from S. Africa. She's a realist and very lucid but I simply can't tweeze the slightest reaction out of her re the immigration disaster in Britain. I surmise from something she said that she fears to speak openly in emails but I still think one can speak obliquely. No such luck. Very anecdotal, of course, but I bet it's terror at the possible liss of livelihood that cows Germans, not any guilt that any feel for a minority of Germans with extreme ideas a long time ago.

Do Russians have any guilt about Bolshevik behavior? If anything, Putin is angry at any harping on Holodomor. That says defiance to me over historical guilt tripping.

I, for one, couldn't care less about what my or anyone else's ancestors did. That's on them.

I have read German opinion that there is this national guilt, however . . . .

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Guys, I think there was no offense between each other, and in my opinion you two are saying similar things. My view, which I see as a third variation of what I think both of you are saying, is that Germans have classes. They have a ruling elite, the liberal professions and the working class - a very proud working class at that. They have noblemen and commoners. Their workers still dress like the corporations of two centuries ago. They are proud of their language and culture (although currently heavily short-circuited with guilt from WWII, which finds its way in the thousands of German psychology articles in the Spiegel and so on), REASONABLY hard working (but not all from a Protestant ethic: west of the Rhine, they are mostly Catholic) but 9-to-5 style, and they are naturally inclined to be led and to respect authority. They also tend to perpetuate the classes: German kids are strongly encouraged (borderline forced) to pick the school for life at 10, based on their marks to date. I find it normal that they naturally embrace forms of power or association that are unheard of, or frowned upon, in the US, which are made of free men and women since their founding, and extremely hard working to boot - at least in the founding ethic. My 2 cents, from an admirer more of the US than of Germany, who has been living in Germany for 11 years (and counting). My regards to both of you. PS maybe I idealize the US, but Europe owes the US a big debt of gratitude.

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Thank you. I appreciate the back up but I have had to deal with the this type of arrogant asshole all my life. Fuck him.

That being said, I am considering doing a few years living in an RV. At first I was thinking about living this way in the US but now I am considering living this way in Europe. I love Europe! It is an amazing place, I am a self-taught cook that loves food of all kinds. Lots of RV channels in the US and if I started one in Europe it would be new, different.

It has been heartbreaking for me, to observe from afar, the degradation of Europe, the Muslims invading every country and continuing to beg, to exploit the generosity of the west.

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I read your texts (not only this one) with interest - but you see it too american. I am libertarian and as such I agree with your views, but westerners are dumped down. I (and many others) moved to Hungary - a house there is priced as high as an RV. It is boring peaceful and not one Döner to buy anywhere. ;-)

If times get hard where and how do you live? The way to the right in the west will open up all the dirty secrets about debts and empty pension funds - we will see bankrupt nations and by that poor people. And you want to drive thru them in a RV? These people forgot how to survive. If Musels have not killed them by then, they might die of hunger. Even if I imagine you as a kind of Snake Plissken...

I would love living on a boat or camper as well but not yet. Now is the time to have a place out of mayor harms way. I chose Hungary as although I do not understand the language, I understand the thinking. In the west it is the opposite.

Wether you are in front of the fence or behind the fence! And I see a fence coming up in Europe. The east goes with Russia and China, the Stans and Iran into an unknown future; the west goes down the dirty drain.

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I think you give too much credit to the unions in Germany. It are the big companies and financial institutions that are firm in the driver's seat in Germany. Their hold on government is so strong that the companies along with the various German governments managed to get the German unions to accept very moderate labor and social rights (as compared to other European countries) and the continuation of the reunification tax long after the reunification was paid for. These measures filled the coffers of the German companies and German government. In the meanwhile, German workers have less home ownership and rent more than people in other European countries. Modest labor and social rights by the unions meant that Germany's industries and companies were more competitive than their European counterparts and the money that filled the coffers of the German banks functioned as an export subsidy to whomever in Europe that wanted to buy "Made in Germany" (that was more competitive and cheaper), all thanks to the same unions.

It is ironic that the disillusioned German workers that abandoned the SPD for AfD or CDU/CSU and that have a grudge against the EU and "those lazy Greeks and Italians" made the rise of Germany in Europe possible with their reduced labor and social demands. While all along it were the German unions as well as the companies and the governments that screwed them, not their fellow Europeans. Contrary, these fellow Europeans bought German products. More than any other country in Europe, Germany has profited from membership of the EU. With the Euro (favorable exchange rate) and the common market with its free flow of products, people and money. That that didn't trickle down to the German worker is not the fault of the EU, other EU countries or fellow Europeans. It is the fault of the unions and the governments these same workers voted for. In the end, the Germans have themselves to blame.

AfD's rise can be attributed to Merkel's unilateral decision to led a million people in, mostly unvetted. With that, Merkel screwed both Germany and the rest of Europe.

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I was comparing the US unions with the Germany unions, in the US, corporate America will not fund a vocational worker training program similar to the high quality German program. It's impossible.

Corporate America will complain about worker quality but instituting a vocational worker training program like Germany's program is culturally impossible.

And German work rules are stricter than US union work rules, much stricter, in the US, unions have lost a large percentage of American worker representation. US unions were powerful in the past, but I don't think the German unions have fallen like labor unions in the US. Or I could be wrong, which is not usual, but I will admit it, but so far, I don't see German unions being weak.

So how does Germany have a universal vocation worker training program paid for by the corporations?

German unions are more organized and powerful than US unions. Here in the US, the government pays for worker training, recall Trump and Ivanka promoted Germany's vocation training program to unions in northern cities? that's a US government tax payer funded worker training program. This idea of the US adopting the German vocational worker training program is not an original idea, this idea has been popping up for years, but the unions in the US were never strong enough to force US corporations into the same kind of German program.

I agree with what you're saying, but I don't buy the part about German unions being weak, they're still a major input.

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Joe A MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 02/21/2018 - 08:53 Permalink

I have no knowledge of US unions. Somehow, I always associate them with Jimmy Hoffa :-) That of course is an underestimation.

I will take your word for it that they are less organized and powerful than their German counterparts. Regarding the universal vocation worker training programmes paid for by corporations: I think companies in Germany see the benefits of that. In the end it is the consumer that pays for it anyway. Or tax payers if the government also digs in.

But I think that in Europe, unions used to be more powerful than they are now. Unions in Europe went on strike over nothing. There are hardly any strikes now. The unions in Europe as well as in America were founded as a reaction to deplorable working conditions of workers and unions became a powerful component of socialism. Back then, socialist political figureheads came forth from the unions. More so in Europe than in America where socialism did not catch on politically so strongly as in Europe. Nowadays, socialist leaders have little to do with unions or with workers in general for that matter. They are -in Europe at least- academically trained salon socialists, Gutmensch folk. That is why the labour parties in Europe have lost the connection with their traditional power base -the worker- and traded them in for migrants and other pet project groups. That is also why all over Europe workers are abandoning the labour parties and run to parties such as AfD.

Interesting to hear your perspectives.

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JackTheOffer Joe A Wed, 02/21/2018 - 10:20 Permalink

Private sector unions in the US have declined in importance, because they became too focused simply on money.  More pay for less work.  It becomes unsustainable.  Also, because of all the money, the unions too often became corrupt.  Your thought of Jimmy Hoffa is apt enough.

The main factor for worker safety in the US today is the tort system.  The legal system.  Juries will award fantastic amounts of money to a worker who is injured (and to consumers who are injured) by a "rich corporation."

The public sector unions are alive and well in the US, for example, the teachers' union.  They are almost always political arms of the Democrat Party, and are highly socialist.

And Angela Merkel is a skank who molests children.


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It's not an original thought of mine but American working class people have been abandoned by both their traditional protectors - the Democrat Party and the unions. The deindustrialization of America, stagnant or declining wages, ruinously expensive education, immigrant wage and job competition, and fiancialization have occurred without one word of protest from the Dems. Or the Reptiles. The Dems have their house-broken public employee "unions" and that's all they care about. The unions are just sources of cash and electioneering muscle.

As in Europe, the ordinary guy or gal is moving right but at a snail's pace. Will it be fast enough?

Merkel molests kids?

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Excellent article though with many mistakes, Germans hate opinions as much as they hate freedom, They are dying to follow a leader/master their problem is that their leader is subservient to a cause other than the german people, what a predicament 😀

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and yes - most of you might not know that merkel is a half jewish communist spy slut that was used as a tool for suppressing critics it the DDR. at the time of the Wende she was bought up by the CIA and is still some kind of CIA asset. this is known by many germans and russians (RT)

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You guys dont understand,martin HAS to be in the gorvement either as a leading party leader or a coalition partner.Theres no way around it.He HAS to be in it in order to conclude as we(euro-peons) call it here the european finalization.


Now who is behind that "he has to"i honestly have no idea...