Who Got Hit: Here Are The Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds Of 2018

February is barely half-way done, and it is already shaping up as the worst month in history for most quant, CTA and managed futures funds since the great quant blow up of August 2007. And not only: a quick look at the best and worst performers so far in 2018 shows a distinct skew to the downside, with the worst performing hedge fund down 25% in 2018 compared to the 14.5% return for the best.

However, as we have extensively discussed recently, by far the worst hit were the various quant, stat-arb, momentum and trend following funds: here the bloodbath was almost unprecedented as the following snapshot of quant/systematic/managed futures funds in the latest HSBC report demonstrates.

Finally, here is our usual universe of some of the most recognizable, marquee hedge fund names, sorted by MTD performance as of mid-February. It is clear that almost none of the "hedge" funds was hedged for the events that took place in the week of February 5. And yes, it is hardly ironic that as recently as 3 weeks ago, the famously named Tulip-Trend Fund was one of the best performing hedge funds of the year, before promptly crashing to worst.


P.K.Snosage Wed, 02/21/2018 - 07:51 Permalink

"It is clear that almost none of the "hedge" funds was hedged for the events that took place in the week of February 5."


Funny that, for they sure talked a heap of bullshit after the event.  Still, good to see that the old hindsight bias lives on. 

Last of the Mi… Wed, 02/21/2018 - 08:18 Permalink

Guess the algorithm "set it and forget it, let's head out for some hookers and blow then check our profits in the morning" doesn't work so well in a market not completely owned and manipulated by the FED. Imagine that. 

martydz Wed, 02/21/2018 - 08:26 Permalink

The hedgers following Shepwave knew the volatility was coming on January 27.

Their targets worked nicely.

Shlepwave making nice trading calls. 

Itch Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:49 Permalink

The "Tulip trend fund" is bottom of the pile, fuck knows what they're trading... I had a look at the AHL Dimension website, and all the staff photos are Photoshopped; superstar traders.