Russia Surpasses China With Massive Gold Purchases In January

Authored by Louis Cammarosano via,

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 1,857 Tons in January, Passing People’s Bank of China’s 1,843 Ton Gold Hoard.

  • Russian gold reserves are now the fifth largest in the world.

  • Russia added 600,000 ounce of gold (18.66 tons) to reserves in January.

  • Russia added a record 224 tons of gold to reserves in 2017.

  • Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added over 576 tons of gold to reserves.

  • Overall Russian reserves rose from $432.742 billion in December to $447.735 in January.

  • Russian holdings of U.S. Treasuries top $100 billion for ninth in a row.

  • Gold reserves worth $80.4 billion constitute 17.95% of overall Russian reserves.

Russian Gold Reserves

After adding 6,700,000 ounces (208 tonnes) of gold to her reserves in 2015, the Russian Central Bank added 6,400,000 ounces (199 tonnes) in 2016 and another 224 tons (7,202,000 ounces) in 2017.

The Central Bank of Russia ended 2016 with 1838.21 tonnes of gold on their balance sheet.

Central Bank of Russia added 7.2 Million ounces (approximately 223.945 tonnes) in 2017.

The chart below shows the Central Bank of Russia’s Gold Reserves by month with tonnage rounded to the nearest metric ton.

Central Bank of Russia Gold Reserves June 2015 - January 2018


The Central bank of Russia has added about 576 tons of gold to her reserves from June 2015 – to January 2017.

Russian Additions-Subtractions to Gold Reserves 1997 - 2017


Since 2009, Russia has added over 1,100 tons of gold to its reserves more than China who added about 775 tons during the same time period.

Russian Monthly Gold Purchases June 2014 – January 2018

Russian Monthly Gold Purchases June 2014 - January 2018


Russia has added 25.0 million ounces (approximately 778 tons) to its reserves from June 2014 through January 2018.


loveyajimbo lloll Wed, 02/21/2018 - 20:07 Permalink

the USA no longer has any least any that has not been leased/hypothocated many times... want proof?

Congress refuses to force the Fed to do a full audit of physical gold reserves... and no such audit has been done since Eisenhower!!  Guess why.

Hint:  The dollar would COLLAPSE overnight.

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Kafir Goyim Slippery Slope Wed, 02/21/2018 - 20:29 Permalink

People saying that China will revalue gold at $10K overnight and have the Yuan skyrocket and the USD tank.   I ask why?  

The name of the game is to devalue your currency.  The weaker your currency, the more shit you can sell.   That game will end someday, but nobody would be stupid enough to lose that game while it's still going on, by crashing the other guys fiat.  You want the other guys fiat to be stronger than yours so your exports are cheaper than his exports.

The fiat game will end and everybody will jump to gold.  But I don't think there is any advantage to anybody in forcing the end of the game early.

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BobEore directaction Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:23 Permalink

Such massive gold buying should cause the price of gold to rise. 


Normally.... as in this case... when a sovereign entity takes ownership of the domestically produced precious metals which its (state-owned companies) mine, and then stores them as part of it's 'central bank reserves,

rather than releasing them for sale externally, this is a sign of the difficulties engendered by something like

impediments to such sales - such as sanctions imposed by unfriendly powers - which put at risk the proceeds from those sales, and block the financial transactions involved. Short story - if China is not buying more at the moment - they are stuck with it.

Louis, being the one guy who writes on the subject not of the pumper pimp school of fake news... know this of course, but  the ONLY TIME he ever gets one of his stories picked up by a site like this is when the HEADLINE can be worked into the classic - COILED SPRING!!!!- meme which naive readers will take to mean something totally different from the truth of the matter.

Normally... the story ends there. But...

these are not normal times. So... I just threw this truth bomb into your bumper car.


OOOUCH... looka those paper arrows fly!

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MK ULTRA Alpha silverer Wed, 02/21/2018 - 23:39 Permalink

Or put another way, of the $20 trillion national debt, around $7 trillion is held by federal agencies. Example social security holds around $3 trillion.

So around $13 trillion is for public debt market consumption of which China holds around $1 trillion and Japan holds around $1 trillion. Around half of the $13 trillion is held by foreigners.

The short term risk is the deficit. The new Fed operator stated he was worried about debt, it's the projected $1 trillion deficit he's worried about. He has to raise interest rates to give the US dollar value. That drives up debt finance cost.

But the government pump priming is needed to cushion the Fed rate hikes or a serious down turn will occur close to the 2018 election. Can't have that. But it's not as dangerous as the doom and gloom industry pumps.

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AR15AU Longshot Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:08 Permalink

Deep state bullshit.

Silver massively spiked in 1981 up to $50 and no amount of base metal mining could stop it. You may recall the Fed at the time was in the midst of a race to tighten monetary policy as inflation had started to get out of hand.

Now go fuck yourself, junior. Because vs the US DOLLAR, silver is in a 100 year uptrend and we are about to tag $50 again for the 3rd time.

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MK ULTRA Alpha loveyajimbo Wed, 02/21/2018 - 20:24 Permalink

It'll be real funny when the US gold reserve is for real, will you apologize or admit you were wrong? No because you're a low life victim whiner blaming your country for your failures.

And who gives a damn about Russia buying gold? Only on the ZeroHedge pro-Russian anti-American site would an article so called article spouting Russian propaganda be cheered with all the delusional ignorant comments. It's funny, the posters on here actually do a service to the country. Go look up the comments about ZH on google, it's a small amount of people who are in this anti-American cult, it's the same as the Alex Jones show cult. Same delusion same ignorant posters, same cult victim status, A victim culture cult.

Go do the research, google it, people have told all about ZH and the cult of anti-Americanism, a board where half the posters are anti-American foreigners and Russian Trolls.

A good point was Putin many years back was actually repeating the petrodollar conspiracy theory, but the petrodollar has been dead for a long time. Back when the petrodollar started, it was a way for OPEC to recycle US dollars. But the global economy has grown infinity larger and required more use of the dollar for global trade than the oil market. So Putin made a big deal he was going to buy up gold, to crash the dollar.

Russia even holds US debt, just like other countries. If Russia buys a product on the global market, most want to paid in dollars not Russian Rubles. That's a fact, this is why Russia holds and uses the dollar. Each and every country has a CURRENT ACCOUNT, and must level out the foreign currency used for international trade.

So your cult idea, in an economic boom with economic records being broken which requires dollars, and with record crude oil production and exports, which have to be paid in dollars, is that the dollar will crash because Russia is buying gold and America has no gold, buddy you've been eating up the doom and gloom here and it's an echo chamber. No one would use the data here on this site to trade in the markets, and if they did, they would lose, because the trend data is usually two to three days old, but the ZH doom and gloom predictions have become a legend as in like the boy who cried wolf. THAT'S what is being said about your cult.

Your anti-American victim cry out is gold will go to $10,000 and America has no gold. Doesn't that seem stupid? But not to an anti-American ZH cult member. Now will you come back here to say you were wrong?

By the way, for the survey and many anti-American foreigners have come forth to admit they're in fact foreigners, what country are you posting from, what is your nationality and age? And for you what is your level of academic achievement?

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sandman3365 MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:34 Permalink

"academic achievement"? Youre jokin? Your academicians tell us every day that economy is rising... Im not american, i dont hate usa cause theyre irelevant. I just pity them. We have no homelesses because of the social sistem, im not sure that our cops really know how to use their guns cause they never use them in fact, and well, with all the migrant problems and corrupt leaders i suppose that our life is much better than in the usa, even if i never was there, and i don t intend to go in the future. I have a easy life i can say, no debts, and i save a lot, even if i really don t know how to spend them - not because i have too much money, but simply because im ok with my car and my flat that i rent. I mean, were not so consumerist as you are. I guess that all the tragedy we see today in the USA politics is related strictly at the empire, which is dying. And they are desperate.

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