7 Reasons to Shut Down Public Schools Immediately and Permanently

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Students plan to walk out of schools to protest gun violence. They say they won’t return until lawmakers do something to address school shootings.

The students should walk out and never return. Being sitting ducks for gun violence is one reason, but it is far from the only one.

1. Students Are Left Defenseless

It’s not just crazy gunmen students are left defenseless against. Some schools put cops in the school, which sounds like a good idea. But if they aren’t stopping school shootings, they are generally handcuffing non-resistant elementary school students. Other “resource officers” assault the students, or taze them while the Principal holds them down.

The administrations can’t address the real issues because they are too busy interrogating five-year-olds until they pee their pants. Every day in the news you see another report of a teacher doing something crazyassaulting, or sexually abusing students.

And then there is the bullying, harassment, and violence from other students.

The suicide rate for teenage girls is at an all-time high. Student suicides cluster around the beginning of the school year in the fall and final exams in the spring.

2. Taught Obedience, Not Skills

Teens should be rising up and tearing schools apart brick by brick like the Berlin Wall. Their rights have been seized by the state. They are forced to attend with no choice whether to associate with their peers and teachers.

They are told when to eat and must ask permission to use the bathroom. They have no say in what they will learn. And schools even take property and due process rights away from their captive students, forcing them to submit to random searches and seizures.

The Daily Bell article Five Ways Schools Destroy Children’s Freedom (and what to do about it) cover this pretty well.

The book Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence delves in depth into the history and injustice of compulsory schooling.

It was designed so that the state and corporations could work together to train an obedient workforce, with the public footing the bill.

The point was not open minds and a desire to learn. The aim of the education was setting students up for whatever mediocre to low paying jobs the industrialists wanted them to fill.

It was bad in 1900, and it is no better today. The economy is changing and public schools are not keeping up. So even if you think it is okay for schools to train students to become office drones, they aren’t training them for the type of jobs that will even exist in ten years.

Students would be better off exploring the real world and getting job experience through internships and apprenticeships. At least then they would learn a real-world skill, and attitudes which lead to career and business success.

But even more important they wouldn’t be forced into mindless obedience and molded by people with ulterior motives.

They would learn the responsibilities and many benefits–including mental health–of freedom.

3. Poor Quality Education

The book Teen 2.0 also talks about the competence of teens. Turns out a competent 40-year-old was likely a competent 17-year-old. And incompetent teenagers are not improved by public schooling, according to the stats.

The students who want to learn will learn. It’s 2018, any information you could think of is available on the internet. Youtube videos are likely a better teacher of calculus and history than most public schools.

According to a 2015 PISA test, U.S. students rank 38th in math and 24th in science among the 71 countries studied. Overall in math, the U.S. ranked below the 71 country average by 20 out of 1000 possible points. China has the U.S. beat in science. But the U.S. is on par with Russia.

According to the 2010 documentary The Cartel, an employer had two requirements for hiring a security guard. They had to have a high school diploma and pass an 8th-grade level test. He had to interview 1,300 applicants with a high school diploma before he filled 130 positions with people who could pass the 8th-grade test.

The PISA results indicate that scores are only slipping further since then.

Meanwhile, students and graduates are woefully ignorant of basic American history. Watch the following video if you want to lose all faith in American education.

4. Valuable Time is Wasted

Leonardo da Vinci was born out of wedlock and was therefore not accepted at formal schooling institutions in his early life. He spent his formative years wandering forests, looking at bugs, studying waterfalls, and drawing anything that interested him in intense detail.

His fanatic attention to detail made him a great artist. But the countless hours of observation also gave him a strong foundation of scientific knowledge. His independently developed skills did eventually get him into an art school. When he was assigned to paint an angel, he studied birds to make the most lifelike wings possible. This obsession with birds led to his scientific and mechanical research into flying machines.

Da Vinci’s story is representative of Robert Greene’s theme in his book Mastery. The greats like Da Vinci, Einstein, Darwin, and many others followed their passions. These passions at first glance had nothing to do with their later success. But a closer look reveals the connections that were only made possible because they were able to pursue what truly sparked their creative imagination.

Imagine what da Vinci, and the world, would have missed out on if he had been forced into a desk and smacked with a ruler everytime his attention drifted to the butterfly on the wall.

What if students directed their own education with the steady guidance or their parents, tutors, experts, field trips, professionals, and exploratory programs?

It sounds scary to give kids that kind of freedom, but it isn’t. If your kids like to draw, let them draw. You can’t tell where their passions will lead, and what connections will occur. But you can be sure if you rob them of their passion, you will also rob them of their potential for greatness.

Attending K-12 180 days per year for an average of 6 hours per day means a student spends 14,040 hours of their youth in public school. That is a staggering 18.5% of waking hours young people spend in a compulsory government institution. And that is not counting homework, extracurriculars, or detention.

And what do most people have to show for it? Do you remember how to perform chemistry equations to calculate joules? Even if you did, is that a useful skill for more than a very specific segment of the population?

Maybe the students in the video above don’t know American history because it was taught in a terribly boring way. Perhaps they would take more ownership over the particulars of their education if they were given free reign to choose what literature, history, and countless other subjects to study. It is hard to imagine them being worse off.

I dream of what I could accomplish with 14,000 hours. I cringe thinking of all the valuable things I could have learned during that time if my education wasn’t dictated by bureaucrats and a tradition of factory schooling.

You know what I didn’t learn in school? The basics of finance and money management. I was never taught marketing. I didn’t get an inkling of soil Ph, crop rotation, or permaculture. I definitely didn’t learn how to identify wild medicinal plants or which anti-viral compounds are be found in garlic. They don’t teach how to be an informed consumer, decipher the ingredients in your shampoo, or wire your own solar panel array.


Most people in IT and computer sciences have no formal training and are self-taught. And these are some of the most in-demand jobs these days.

Public education robs students of the chance to spend countless hours on their own interests. Education, intelligence, and the mastery do not depend on a formula. And public education does not form a proper foundation of knowledge from which to build.


5. Waste of Money that can be Better Spent

Despite average to low performance, the U.S. still spends more than any other country on education per student.

Not including higher education, America spends an average of $11,841 per student. It would be better to literally hand that money straight to students with the caveat that they spend it on education.

Imagine how many interesting classes they could enroll themselves in, museums they could visit, workshops and lectures they could attend, or overseas educational trips. That could buy countless books. It would pay for internet access for any student whose family could not afford it.

That is a lot of money. It could pay for an amazing tutor, one hour a day, five days a week, for three quarters of the year, and still leave $2,000 left over for other supplies and educational expenditures.

There is enough money to fund every student in America who wants to learn. It doesn’t have to come from tax dollars. In fact, if property taxes, which pay for 45% of school costs, were slashed along with the public schools, it would mean more money in the pocket of parents. Not just homeowners would benefit, but rents would also plummet as overhead dropped.

States account for another 45% of education spending, and could likewise refund the money to parents and students, or provide generous tax credits and write-offs to anyone with kids. Same goes for the federal government which provides 10% of the funding.

But most importantly, the public would no longer be lulled into thinking the government was educating kids. Instead of wasting money on poor education, interested parties could direct the cash to better uses.

Currently, companies rely on the government to train future workers. As we have discussed, the government does a terrible job. But companies still need well trained and educated workers. So they would offer work education programs, internships, and apprenticeships.

They would end up paying many of the costs of education that taxpayers currently cover. And they would be training people for in-demand jobs while scouting the best prospects.

6. Parents Not Schools Determine Success of Children

Public schools have much less to do with education than parents.

Babies who hear more words in their first years of life are more likely to go on to future success.

One indicator of success is the number of words a baby hears from parents and caregivers in the first three years of life. Children with higher IQs, better test scores, and more self-confidence were found to have heard about 30 million more words in their first three years compared to children who did not perform as well in these areas.

These studies sparked the 30 million words initiative. This private organization provides tools and information for parents and communities to give their children the foundation they need for later success. These types of programs are where money, energy, and outreach should be flowing.

The 30 million words initiative also shows that there are organizations willing to provide free resources to anyone who needs them.

Education needs a makeover, and if you expect significant changes to come from government you are going to be let down.

7. Self-Directed, Co-op, Neighborhood Education is Easy and Cheap

You know what would give kids a true education? If they organized themselves into co-ops to learn from each other, parents, and professionals. For too long teenagers have been babied and told they are not full-fledged human beings.

But if society would just remove the shackles, we would see just how capable young people are of accomplishing amazing things.

Have you ever seen the teens and children on the investing show Shark Tank who start successful businesses? But laws mean the youths can’t even hold the companies in their own names.

In response to six teens declaring their candidacy for Kansas governor, lawmakers are attempting to pass age restrictions.

Some of the students sitting in detention are actually amazing mechanics and could wire your house. Some of the students failing their math exams would rather be honing their cosmetic and hairdressing skills working at the local salon. And some of the students falling asleep in class were up all night coding the next billion dollar app.

Teen 2.0 has hundreds of stories, and studies to back up the anecdotes, of teens and children not just handling, but thriving on responsibility. The data is crystal clear, when youths are given freedom and personal responsibility, they rise to the occasion.

When they are restricted and babied, they exhibit behavior that people have erroneously come to see as that of a “typical” teenager. But that angst is actually the lashing out of an oppressed and frustrated capable human being.

Imagine a system where neighborhoods band together to teach their children. When students ages are mixed, they are better able to rise with the help of their peers. Adults teach the teens, and teens teach the kids. The teens learn more in the process of teaching. The kids find themselves absorbing more from adults who don’t talk down to them and limit education based on age.

When education is a fun, engaging, social, and free environment, students do better.

It is insanity to keep trying the same failing education practices. And it is an immense disservice to the students to keep them under the thumb of society to be indoctrinated and robbed of their potential in public schools.

Don’t Let Fear Keep Teens Oppressed

In case anyone is wondering, the title is not simply for shock value. I truly believe youth would be better educated in America after the abolition of public schools. Right now the fear of letting go of control keeps teenagers massively oppressed and robs them of their potential.

For a two-thousand word article, I think I have packaged the arguments and information pretty well. But obviously, volumes and volumes could be studied and written on this subject.

These ideas are revolutionary, and that is exactly what we need, a revolution in education. The students who want to walk out of school in protest have the right idea but are looking for the solutions in the wrong place. How amazing would it be to see them rise up and demand true control over their own education?

To parents: free your teens!

To teens: revolt! But do it in a way that proves your capabilities. Be the adults in the room, because the adults surely aren’t. Like all great civil rights movements, stay steadfast, peaceful, and armed with information, and you will win.


You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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Aeonios Fiat Pirate Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

Having the government pay subsidies for people to buy their own education is dumb, because the government will still take the opportunity to dictate what or how the schools teach. Just look at the nordic model countries, they're socialist shitholes and their schools teach progressive socialist propaganda even when they aren't government run.

Free shit = bad.

In reply to by Fiat Pirate

Aeonios Roger Smith Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:15 Permalink

Yeah the EUSSR is a joke. Europeans today are the most arrogant, complacent, delusional psychopaths on the face of the earth. If socialism was so successful they wouldn't need to import immigrants to pay for the shit. The fact that it backfired on them is the joke.

Of course the first words out of their mouths are "aging population". Well why is the population aging? Is it perhaps because their idiotic socialist paradise doesn't allow a family to survive comfortably on one paycheck?

You can't fix problems caused by government and central banking wrecking the economy by having the government tax everyone to death. The US is just a more fascist version of the EU, and in terms of "success" the GDP per capita and wealth per capita of the US is still higher.

In reply to by Roger Smith

Lordflin Aeonios Fri, 02/23/2018 - 08:05 Permalink

I was a public school teacher. I taught high school and advanced placement chemistry for LAUSD. Everytime an education bond came up for approval I voted against it. I wanted to starve the system to death despite that it was paying my salary.

I do not know what it is like now, but when I was teaching we were serious about educating. Most teachers believed that the system could be preserved, but I wanted to see it die. There is no salvaging public education.

In reply to by Aeonios

Aeonios Lordflin Fri, 02/23/2018 - 09:10 Permalink

Nowadays good teachers get chased out of the system and replaced with bad ones who will either voluntarily spew propaganda, or who will otherwise spend all of class shopping for shoes online while their students do busywork. It's gross.

When I graduated (in 2004) I was all for socialism, too. All it took was one year of "economics" for me to decide that I knew everything there was to know and that capitalism was probably evil and money was just a number.

Luckily thanks to the school's gross incompetence I never learned to hate learning like all the other anti-intellectual sheeple did.

In reply to by Lordflin

brianshell dizzyfingers Fri, 02/23/2018 - 12:01 Permalink

We need entrepreneurs to bring to education what Amazon has done for product access.

Modern technology should be right off the shelf for a selection process of bringing parents and educators together.

Another concept is accepting the intellectual and skill level of a student to provide the tailored learning that is most useful.

I recall the one size fits all system in public schools only fit some.

In reply to by dizzyfingers

RTUT dizzyfingers Fri, 02/23/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

The states sold out their independence for a few dollars from the Fed's.  States sold out education to a socialist teacher's union.  Once this all happened the path to teaching critical thinking was crushed and it became an ideological feeding ground for the socialists and Marxists.


Don't get me started on mild corporal punishment.  A good swat is a necessity for the little bastards.

In reply to by dizzyfingers

purdySun Lordflin Fri, 02/23/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

Taught HS from 1972-2009. The inverse mutation was astonishing!! Could see the boxes, for all participants, getting smaller and smaller. Maybe down to the size of a SmartAss phone. Have nostalgic memories of lunch ladies who actually cooked meals back in the '80s, large portions w/ some items quite edible. And now believe the food served in schools (and sadly, hospitals), e.g. frozen Big Daddy pizza, is a pallid reflection of "supposed" product.

In reply to by Lordflin

Jung Aeonios Fri, 02/23/2018 - 10:07 Permalink

The EU are now also Russians are they? Russia, Russia, EU, EU, many countries and 500 million people and all psychopaths, while the Americans are so clever and holy and ... pure, truthful. Thank you, great Americans and oh yes, your economy is so good and just forget 21 trillion dollar debt and bankruptcy.

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bshirley1968 Dead Indiana Sky Fri, 02/23/2018 - 09:33 Permalink

8. Public School Destroys Character.

Teach a child he is an animal that evolved from other animals, and they will pursue the "moral code" of animals. Hint: animals don't have a moral code. They eliminate competition with extreme prejudice, they take what they want with no thought or remorse, they seek the satisfaction of their desires with no concept of right or wrong. Their fears are pain, FOMO, and death. Outside of those, they have no concern for any other consequence that might harm others when it comes to what they want.

Not only does it teach them the character of animals, but the public school teaches them to be their own god. That the true God does not exist. Therefore, you self determine what is right or wrong. You self determine your own moral code, and since you are an animal....

This Cruz kid was only doing and acting the way he had been trained.....as a self-made, self-determining, self-serving god. He had the character that was pumped into him for the past 19 years.

But, Hey! Take down those Ten Commandments! Animals don't like The Ten Commandments, and neither do self proclaimed gods. Like I've said, the public school has sown these seeds of lies for decades, and the harvest is going to be ugly.

In reply to by Dead Indiana Sky

Gatto Thu, 02/22/2018 - 13:28 Permalink

Great article!  And the education system as we know WOULD have evolved with the times had it not been an entrenched government program!   Kids should be learning from home with today's technology!  Imagine that half or more of property taxes are wasted on schools with ever deteriorating quality, if that money could be left in the economy, it could really do some good!   

"The day will come, as we shake our minds free from the old and stupid ideas about coercing each other, that we shall mock as much at the idea of State education, as we are now learning to mock State religion!"  -   Auberon Herbert

Anonymous_Bene… Gatto Fri, 02/23/2018 - 08:54 Permalink

Have you happened to see the brand new, enormous, air conditioned, multi-million dollar schools that can hold a thousand children or more but with a playground that could fit on a postage stamp?

My 6 year old would be diagnosed with ADD and prescribed legal methamphetamines from day 1, just because he has so much (unvaccinated) energy and is constantly asking challenging questions about the who, what, why, where, when and how all things within the universe came to be the way they are and to where they are going...

He'll continue to be home educated with a healthy emphasis on self education for what he is passionate about in life. Right now that's the solar system and the universe in general, money and accounting (he can already add and subtract by the hundreds in his head nearly perfectly), building train tracks and lego sets, playing with electrical sets, drawing and painting, practicing writing and reading, fascination with time, calenders, etc, etc. Things he all has a passion for and can do 80% on his own with us (his mom and dad) putting forth the remaining effort to help guide and accommodate his passion for learning.

A lifestyle of working from home (both parents) and providing for ourselves has enabled us to give him an education at 6 that would rival or surpass any 10 or 12 year old in the public fool system.

In reply to by Gatto

RonBananas Thu, 02/22/2018 - 13:32 Permalink

The elephant in the room is the internet...impossible to educate kids online? Is it impossible to have Day 1 through Day 180 for K through 12 in video and text? Is it impossible to learn and test online, with final exams at a location? The parents get a phone message when the kid misses classes and responsibility is put on the parents. Colleges seem to be able to do online education.


Looks like it's more about babysitting than learning.

freedogger RonBananas Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:59 Permalink

My kids all learned on various internet sites that gamify math and reading. Both can read 2-3 grade levels higher then their current grade. We self tutor them for science fair projects and anything they are interested in. Take them out of school for lots of ski days each year too. They go to school to make friends and learn how to survive in a fucked up society. I'd be more interested in home schooling if I didn't still have to pay fucking public school tax.

In reply to by RonBananas

fast and furious Thu, 02/22/2018 - 13:48 Permalink

Outstanding representation of a very depressing scenario.  Glad we homeschooled.  Glad our kids are no longer vulnerable to the Government idiots in public administration.

clarion500 Thu, 02/22/2018 - 13:49 Permalink

I couldn't agree more. once again logical thinking cures a broken government institution. Well,some critical thinking is involved, so that rules out a lot of the sheeple population, but to make America great, for once, you have to start somewhere. Time is now people get in on the ground floor, for the sake of your children, and your children children. Do not let government or corporate America dictate how you or you children live learn laugh or love.  

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:03 Permalink

I like the idea but most people that have kids also have to work and don't have the time to educate them or supervise them while they are educated online or by peers or tutors. I think some families are learning how to do this but those families have more wealth and are probably more educated, as well.

Face it, the inner city ghetto kids will never catch up no matter how long many of them spend in school. I think that sending kids to sixth or seventh grade will eventually be the norm, again. Certainly if financial hard times hit, or the US breaks up like the former USSR, such an event would force US families to find new approaches to education.

The idea that every child should go to college is ridiculous, as well.

waspwench Dumpster Elite Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:40 Permalink

We cannot simply give up.   Building a wall around the ghetto, locking the gate and throwing away the key is really not a humane option.   There are too many children whose futures are at stake and, if they are all allowed to fail, they will be a burden on the rest of us for their entire lives and, worse, they will produce more kids who will be a burden in the future.   We should realize, however, that throwing money at the problem is not the solution.

A large part of whether or not a child succeeds is decided by the home environment.   By the time the child is enrolled in school it is too late.   I do not know what to do about this, but it is a problem that must be confronted and the solution probably lies with the parents rather than the child.

In reply to by Dumpster Elite

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 waspwench Fri, 02/23/2018 - 10:03 Permalink

Do you realize what you just said? Stefan Molyneux talked about the illegitimate birth rate in the colored community in the US: 77%. This is the end result of LBJ and the Great Socity Program! We pay people to raise bastard children! It is insanity but it was the perfect way to destroy the nuclear family. And you are correct, those bastard children go on to create more bastard children and it is an endless cycle of poverty and depravity. Children need two parents, a mother and a father.

I remember watching a nature program, within the last ten years, about orphan elephants in Africa. The parents had been killed and this group would save the baby elephants and take care of them. When they are little they are cute and easy to take care of but once the orphan elephants were older, problems developed. What problems? Basically when the orphan elephants became adolescents the males became very aggressive. Aggressive towards the staff and towards other elephants. The young male orphan elephants created packs and turned into bully's. How was this problem addressed? I can tell you! The moved the pack of young males into an area with fully-grown male elephants. Guess what happened? The adult males corrected the bad behavior of the young males! And the result was the young males modified their bad behavior and were able to be introduced to a regular herd.

There is a reason some of those boot-camp type experiences are good for these young males. I would go so far as to say that any that have behavior problems should probably be sent away, to a male-only type boarding school that combines school with work. Some type of farm work comes to mind or something like the CCC camps where the young men built and cleared trails and small structures for campers.

Certainly our pity for these children is not improving their lives. Nor is any of our wasted tax money improving their life. What do you think is going to happen if the economy fails and the money dries up? I can tell you. Look at Africa.

In reply to by waspwench

Cloud9.5 Dumpster Elite Fri, 02/23/2018 - 08:14 Permalink

I grew up in an orange grove.  My dad had a third grade education.  He said,  “Son you better stay in school.  You are too damn lazy to work for a living.”  I did and I did well.  Today education and survival are not connected.  You can sit all day on the couch and play video games.  When you get hungry grandma will put some mac and cheese in the microwave.

In reply to by Dumpster Elite

swmnguy HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:49 Permalink

You're quite right, and touching on the dirty secret of the US public schools.

My wife is a Special Ed Assistant in an urban public school.  She works her 7.5 hours per day (they make darn sure nobody hits 40 hrs), taking care of severely disabled kids.  These are the kids who will live in group homes all their lives.  As they complete high school, which many of them attend until they're 21, success is if they graduate able to dress themselves, tie their shoes, tell time, maybe (maybe!) catch a bus, or prepare a breakfast of cold cereal and maybe (maybe!) toast.  And it will take these kids to the limit of their abilities to do that.

Now, if we as a society have decided to do this, I'm all in favor.  But let's look at what all is involved.

People complain about the cost of public schools per pupil.  This is highly misleading, because what with one thing and another, my two kids probably consumed about $3,000 a year each all the way through.  But some kids require a full-time staff person at every minute; somebody making about $25,000 a year plus benefits.  And special equipment, accommodations, transportation, medical attention; some severely disabled kids are costing well over $40,000 a year each to the public schools.  Some of this is federal money out of specific programs, but those programs have never been fully funded to meet the costs of what the Federal government requires.  Not even close.

Also, not just for the severely disabled but for the poor, school is public-paid daycare.  For poor kids, it's the primary point of contact for kids with the healthcare system, and the social services system.  Kids from disastrous homes often get their only medical care and even meals at school.  Kids being abused are referred to child protection through the schools.

We don't like to admit that we've dumped these functions onto the schools, especially when it's time to pay the bill.

We also don't like to admit that for the parents of disabled kids, and for kids from families whose parents work at low-wage jobs, the schools provide an enormous invisible subsidy to low-wage employers.  If the schools weren't taking care of the kids, a good 30% of employees wouldn't be able to afford to work for the low wages they make.

No, every kid isn't going to college, nor is that even a good idea.  That's all part of the process in which Finance is consuming everything in America.  K-12 education funding is one of the last pots of public money that hasn't been absorbed by Corporate Finance, and they can't wait to get their mitts on it.  

The result of turning college into a minimum job requirement, outsourcing On-The-Job Training to colleges and forcing prospective employees to pay for it, has been very profitable for employers, removing a major expense from them and putting on their employees.  It's also turned students into consumers and colleges into rent-seekers.  This is why we have absurd degree programs; you don't let 18-22 year olds run anything, but we want their money so when they demand silly degrees, colleges jump up to provide them in return for that sweet, sweet federally-guaranteed loan money. 

Home-Schooling only makes sense for families that make enough money to survive on one income, with the parent willing to stop working being educated enough to teach.  Fat chance, in other words.

In reply to by HRH of Aquitaine 2.0

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 swmnguy Fri, 02/23/2018 - 10:09 Permalink

Oh I see a point in time when the economy collapses and all of those funds will end. People will have to make tough choices. Good.

I don't know if you are familiar with the rat utopia experiments by Calhoun. What he observed in those rat Utopias is exactly what we see in uban ghettos today, down to the young male rats sitting in the center, preening themselves while baby rats are eaten or starve from neglect. I am not joking. Tommy Sotomayor has a Utube channel and talked about two women, in the same town, that caused death and serious injury to their children during voodoo rituals. In Massachusetts! Another guy filmed himself getting a blowjob from his GFs six-year old daughter. I am not joking.

TNNRaw2 is one of Tommy's Utube channels. Pretty horrific stuff. He never seems to run out of stories. Same for Colin Flahtery. www.minds.com/Flaherty

In reply to by swmnguy

tripletail Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:34 Permalink

Excellent article. US K-12+ students are verifiably some of the dumbest kids on the planet - and they're getting dumber by the day. Government and cultural marxism has forever destroyed the minds of millions of young people. A total reset of the US government is required. Meanwhile, homeschooling is the 'only' option.

Anonymous_Bene… tripletail Fri, 02/23/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

I was on vacation recently and ran into a bourbon swilling biology professor at Ohio State (who actually happens to live about 2 miles from where I grew up)...his biggest gripe: every year the high schools give us kids who know less and less and who want to know less and less. Year after year the kids are lazier and less able to think for themselves, they want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

There you have it.

In reply to by tripletail