"He Never Went In": Officer On Duty Filmed "Doing Nothing" During Florida Shooting

Video evidence reveals that an armed Broward County resource deputy stationed at Stoneman Douglas High School during the Valentine's day massacre did "nothing" during the shooting - instead waiting outside as a gunman opened fire on students and teachers, killing 17. 

Speaking at a press conference, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said the on duty officer at Stoneman "never went in." Israel said he was "devastated" after watching the video showing the deputy taking a position outside the Western side of Building 12 while shots rang out, "and he never went in" despite having a clear view of the entrance.

"I think he remained outside upwards of four minutes," Israel said.

The uniformed officer, identified as Scot Peterson, was been suspended without pay pending an investigation, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel - however he has since resigned and retired from the department. 

"As is his right, Scot Peterson chose to resign, because he has the necessary time with the agency and meets the requirements of retirement, he resigned and retired."

"We're not going to disclose the video at this time, and we may never disclose the video depending on the prosecution and the criminal case."

"These families lost their children, we lost coaches. I've been to the funerals. I've been to the homes where they're sitting shiva. I've been to the vigils. It's just, there are no words."

When asked by a reporter what the deputy should have done, the Sheriff replied "Went in. Address the killer. Kill the killer." 

In other words, where previously we learned that on Feb. 5, 2016 Broward Sheriff's were warned by a neighbor's son that Nikolas Cruz "Planned to shoot up the school on Instagram", we now find out that during the shooting, a deputy could have saved lives but he hid instead as teenagers were killed.

The shooting lasted approximately six minutes before the suspected gunman, Nikolas Cruz, dropped his rifle and exited the school - blending in with fleeing students. 

The Sheriff also noted that his office was involved in 23 calls regarding suspect Nikolas Cruz and his brother, and has placed BSO Col. Jack Dale and deputies Edward Easton and Guntis Treijis on restrictive duty as investigators look into whether more could have been done to prevent the shooting.

"Some of the calls we responded out and met with his mother," said Israel.

“I’ve restricted two of our deputies as we dig deeper into this, take statements and make a decision to see whether or not they could have done more, should’ve done more,” said Israel. 

Total Failure

Last week, the FBI agent in charge of the Florida shooting probe admitted that the Bureau had investigated a school shooting threat made on YouTube last year but could not identify person behind it - despite Nikolas Cruz using his real name to sign the threat.

The man who reported Cruz, Ben Bennight, spoke with the FBI last year for about 20 minutes, and there was no follow-up from the FBI after that initial conversation.

Then, Bennight told CBS that he again spoke with the FBI on Wednesday night for about 20 minutes. They wanted to know if he knew anything more after first reporting the YouTube video last year. He said the same agent/agents he spoke with last year came to his home Wednesday.

And last month, the FBI was warned a second time about Cruz: 

“A person close to” Cruz called the agency’s tipline on Jan. 5 and reported the 19-year-old had a “desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts” and there was “potential of him conducting a school shooting,” the FBI said in a statement. -NY Post

Furthermore, as we reported earlier today, CNN's FOIA of Broward County 911 records has produced a steady stream of scoops about Parkland, Fla. school shooter Nikolas Cruz fleshing out much of what is publicly known about Cruz's background and the various reports made warning the FBI and other authorities about his threatening behavior.

The police were warned about Cruz's violent past - that he'd "used a gun against people before" and had "put the gun to others' heads in the past" - but still they did nothing.

No wonder Sheriff Israel is beside himself - both the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff's office, and the armed school resource officer did absolutely nothing to prevent the deaths of 17 students. And now, back to blaming guns.


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Fucking infuriating.  This is why I say GOVERNMENT CANNOT PROTECT YOU.  Get a gun.  Get a concealed carry permit, if possible.  At least get some fucking pepper spray if you're opposed to firearms.  Get a big fucking German Shepherd.  Learn how to defend yourself because the likelihood of anyone else doing it for you when the SHTF is, for all intents and purposes, effectively zero.


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 """The deputy taking a position outside the Western side of Building 12 while shots rang out, "and he never went in" despite having a clear view of the entrance.

Scott Peterson, was been suspended without pay pending an investigation, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel - however he has since resigned and retired from the department.""" (With FULL Pension)

There Are No Words For This... None... 


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It's seems possible, since 9/11, that the officer will not be enjoying his golden years.

Not because of the friends and family of the victims.

Because a dead man tells no lies.

I wouldn't have wanted to be in his shoes from the moment he arrived on the scene to what will happen next.

Is he another Paddock patsy?  Is the kid a patsy?

We will never know.

What happens in Broward County, stays in Broward County.

Nothing happening here.  Move on (to the next event).


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Does anybody here have even one good eye left?

Can't you see this for the ridiculous setup it is?

If the deputy didn't go in, it was either because he didn't need to (most likely answer, meaning a hoax) or was instructed not to (possible answer, meaning a Black Op)

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...And so much for the fantasy that having armed personnel in the schools is the answer.  Not that anyone who has ever worked in a school was buying that nonsense in the first place.

Nope, we're going to have to make it less convenient for crazy people to amass and keep arsenals.  Which does mean it'll be less convenient for those of us who aren't crazy, but responsibility isn't always convenient.

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Last time I checked a few years back, the background check database contained only those with criminal records. I did not contain any data on involuntary mental commitments. A family friend"s son who had been committed several times waltzed into a gun store passed the NICS background check, bought a gun, and then was caught firing live rounds into the ceiling of a local movie theater.

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I expect you're right.  Difficult to explain away the girl who said she was with the "shooter" when the shooting started, and it wasn't him.  Also all the "gunpowder" on the floor, no gunpowder on the floor when live rounds are being used, only for blanks.  An "exercise" that went live?  A single plant, likely Mossad, could kill all he wanted in the middle of the "drill".  I suspect this is the MO for most of these shootings.

Shame the patsy survived.  Well, maybe his vocal cords will be mysteriously damaged, like the Boston kid's, so he can't proclaim innocence.

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The idea that you got 9 ups for your insanity proves just how infected the ZH threads are with the shit-swarming lunatics who would ever vote to support your shit-for-brains post.

You sick bastard, you and the (((joomani OCD crazies))) are an insult to humanity.

Keep llol-ing, you worthless mutt. When you die - the sooner the better - they will piss in your grave before they cover you with dirt, and the Earth will sigh in relief . . . "Good riddance."

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Having a very close friend who instructs many LEO's, there are three factors to consider:

1.  The so-called "martyr" in Dallas set a record with a 14-to-1 casualty ratio and inspired a wave of LEO casualties which has impacted the morale of LEO's.  One noted incident in St. Louis resulted in a young officer being paralyzed from the neck down.  This has resulted in propositions to increase taxes to keep experienced officers on the force.

2.  The Sherriff said deputies will be stationed at schools from now on with rifles.  From this can we deduce that Deputy Peterson was not armed with a rifle?  Also, perhaps he recognized the shots as coming from an AR, but he was not wearing the hard body armor needed to defeat a 5.56mm round.

3.  He was close to retirement, and it is has been said that LEO's close to retirement become risk adverse.

So, while not in any way condoning Deputy Peterson's actions (or lack thereof), it seems plausible that he indeed went into self-preservation mode.


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Can I call the IRS tomorrow and go into "preservation mode" and tell them to fuck off ?  that way I could pay off all my debts and take early retirement.......... Instead, I'm forced to stand in the firing line of the wealth confiscation machine and see more than a 3rd of my labor stolen from me and I'm just supposed to keep on SITTING DOWN AND SHUTTING UP!

Also, in case that wasn't enough, LEO get to retire at 55!!!  I'm wanting my social security benefits now, i'm past 55...   why is it that LEO get a fucking early retirement while the sheeple just have to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

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Which is why if I were an ex-military teacher I would decline the possession of a firearm in the school to prevent this. First, where would you keep a firearm to be "at the ready". The kid's would know you had a lock box in or around your desk and then so would the perp.  Second, in the heat of battle you have to make your shot count with many kids behind the perp and perhaps bumping or jostling you in panic. Third,  you make the shot and your a hero for a day. You miss and hit an innocent kid and you will be in the courts for the rest of your days.  Screw that hero shit.

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