Breaking Ground? Trump Border Wall Begins Construction In Calexico

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers started construction Wednesday to replace a decaying stretch of a 2.25-mile Mexico–United States barrier, swapping it out for a new and improved 30-foot high bollard style wall.

This is the first border wall contract awarded in the Trump administration outside the eight prototypes that were built last year near Tijuana, Mexico.

According to CBP Public Affairs, the 2.25-mile project will stretch from the Calexico West Port of Entry extending westward beyond the Gran Plaza Outlets and include all-weather roads paralleling the new wall.

KESQ-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station for the Coachella Valley licensed to Palm Springs, used their Newsdrone to survey the area where the new wall construction is underway.

CBP states that the construction is located in the El Centro Sector, which is one of the “Border Patrol’s highest priority projects.”

The current barrier in Calexico was erected several decades ago from recycled scraps of metal and has been proven to be widely ineffective in preventing illegal cross-border activities.

The unlawful cross-border activities in the El Centro Sector are stunning. CBP provides a breakdown of seizures made by officers for the fiscal year 2017:

The El Centro Sector apprehended 18,633 illegal aliens, seized 5,554 pounds of marijuana, 483 pounds of cocaine, and 1,526 pounds of methamphetamine and 2,521 ounces of heroin. During that fiscal year, there were 21 assaults against El Centro Sector agents.  

CBP spokesman Carlos Diaz told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, the project was fully funded by fiscal 2017 appropriations, which will also fund projects in Southern California, New Mexico, and in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Back in November, the Trump administration awarded the $18 million contract to replace the barrier in Calexico to SWF Constructors of Omaha, Nebraska.

And lastly, the administration is trying to find $18 billion in funding to extend and complete the Mexico-United States border wall. Recent funding efforts to pay for the entire stretch failed last week in the Senate.

The one question we ask: Will the Trump administration have the border walls erected in time to thwart a Mexican drug cartel war spillover into the United States? Don’t be shocked if the Trump administration labels the drug cartel wars just south of the border as a national security threat. Perhaps, that would be enough to spur emergency funding to pay the entire stretch...


techpriest Xena fobe Sat, 02/24/2018 - 22:35 Permalink

I was talking with my father-in-law about this tonight, and being Chinese, he explained that a great deal of illegal immigration from China (only very talented or wealthy people can get in legally, he is the former) comes from Mexico also. They get a tourist visa down there and cross the border, with each step arranged by Fujian gangsters (ask any Chinese person about Fujian).

It made me wonder how many other sources of illegal immigration take this route. Actually protecting the border might solve a lot of problems.

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DRTexas techpriest Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:00 Permalink

You are so correct.  I live on the border.  We see the reports of the nationalities caught entering the country through the southern border. The media does not report it, but about a third of those caught are from countries other than Mexico.  They are from everywhere imaginable.  Africa, Haiti, China, Viet Nam, many Middle Eastern countries, etc.

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And the thing is, who knows what each of these people are here to do, or what kind of conditions they might be under. I remember in grad school that international students tended to avoid working for international professors, because certain professors would deliberately hold their immigration status over their head if they didn't work 80 hours a week. Makes you wonder what it looks like in the illegal context - maybe the pro-lawless-immigration crowd is indirectly supporting slavery?

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Nelbev DRTexas Sun, 02/25/2018 - 01:55 Permalink

Good post DRtexas.

A plane ticket to Mexico from SH countries which house billions is not that much.  In ten years we will need a border wall bigger then DT imagines, imagine 50 million from around planet instead of current rates.  Look at EU magnet from all over Africa, that is what US will be like in just a few years.  But better than a 100 foot wall is a rejection of UN refugee treaty where you set foot and get a court date which you never attend as opposed to be immediately deported, shot, or locked up; and also end of all babies born in US are automatically US citizens who can collect welfare via illegal immigrant parents can staying and collecting for US citizen kid.

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Never One Roach SoDamnMad Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:48 Permalink

Under skinny socialist anti-American Obama:

ICE spends millions flying illegal immigrant children across US

The Obama administration has spent at least $18.5 million to fly “unaccompanied children” caught crossing into the country illegally to locations inside the United States, according to newly obtained figures.


Now, under pro-American citizen Trump:


Undocumented Immigrants in Trump's America Now Deported After Running Red Lights…

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Jim in MN Dode415 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 10:02 Permalink

We like primary sources on this site.  Got any?

Of course with illegal crossings collapsing there's fewer to deport anyhow.   Winning comes in many flavors.

Since you seem of a bluish tint here's a MSM link for ya:…

"During fiscal year 2017, there were a total of 310,531 apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol nationwide. That’s the lowest its been in at least 17 years."

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Big Brother Nelbev Sun, 02/25/2018 - 11:51 Permalink

...end of all babies born in US are automatically US citizens who can collect welfare via illegal immigrant parents can staying and collecting for US citizen kid.


Not sure who exactly would promote it, but I think the best way to end anchor babies would be to convince a significant number of Russian women (the ones that afford to fly here) to time their births in the US; thus, their children become American citizens.  The ones in government would get wind of it, that white people who are "enemies" of the US are infiltrating our country, and pose a future risk, blah, blah, blah... Thereby, the 15th amendment gets clarified in the 28th amendment that one parent must already be a citizen.

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new game DRTexas Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:51 Permalink

if caught, send them directly into the military. boot camp to become mericanized fodder for religious/bankster wars.

that would solve the problem...

diversity on the war front.

paid perks for the survivors.

proud to serve. the path to citizenship.

fully mericanized with a camo uniform.

ready to work with skills.

we would adore them instead of the current situation.

winning by fighting, destruction and  rebuilding to keep the Keynesian dream alive and well...

hey they could come home after their term and help build a wall. skills to do it.

so much winning...

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mkkby Juggernaut x2 Sat, 02/24/2018 - 23:35 Permalink

"Mexican drug cartel war spillover".  Just the excuse Trump needs to order the military to secure the border.

Trump can end this problem tomorrow.  No wall needed.  2000 mile border X 10 soldiers per mile = 20k troops.  Easy.

No courts, no cops needed.  Just turn them back the way they came.  Drop anybody with a weapon and leave the body for the buzzards -- they need food too.  Spics will figure out pretty quick that there's no point even trying.

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Jo A-S mkkby Sun, 02/25/2018 - 01:10 Permalink

That's one soldier/176 yards/24 hour period.........  Silly figures.  A 24hr period requires a minimum of three people per 176 yard sector.  Not to mention illness, time off for leave/rest days etc.  ie 60 k soldiers.  Plus, how does ONE man/woman stop 20 people at a time  (unless shooting them, that is)  And how does he/she stay alert for the period of his/her shift? 

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ImGumbydmmt Jo A-S Sun, 02/25/2018 - 05:24 Permalink

still one person per 8 hour shift to cover 176 lineal yard on the map, not including topographic feature which create "dead zones".

No what we need is continuous FLIR thermal fence and the soldiers in hardened outposts with 3 MRAP teams, one to go out, one in  reserve, one always at the ready.

Place the outposts every 1000 meter. FLIR notifies the closest teams of a bogies, meanwhile two weaponized drones go out, engages the target eliminate it, MRAP team goes out and bags the bodies, and Just for eff's sake,  team members,collects the ears off the bodies Vietnam style to make necklaces.

Bagged bodies get photos, put on the news and the bodies get sent back to Mexico city, postage due, every body collected carries a $100k fine against the Mexican government.

Failure to pay the fine by the Mexican government and the military takes back terrain from Mexico at $100 per acre, or 1,000 acres per dead body. we evict the residents in this zone and set up a no go mined DMZ buffer between the US proper and the siezed Mexican territory.


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RAT005 curbjob Sun, 02/25/2018 - 09:31 Permalink

1 every quarter mile would be very comfortable.  1 every half mile would be manageable. With the half mile plan just have a few vehicles stationed with 6 soldiers that can arrive on a moments notice.

Half mile spacing means 1/4 mile shooting.  Very manageable.

Compromise and use 1/3rd mile.

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Xena fobe lloll Sat, 02/24/2018 - 22:06 Permalink

You will find little sympathy here for your open borders/welfare worn out memes.  Working American families lives and communities have been destroyed by immigration. 

Go be a pest on Mexican web sites instead.  Maybe you can convince Mexico to open it's southern border. 

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