Trump Slams "Coward" Deputy For Not Engaging Florida Shooter

On his way to today's CPAC conference, President Trump criticized the Florida deputy who didn't confront Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter from Parkland, Fla., saying "he certainly did a poor job," and insinuating that he was a "coward."



When a reporter asked about the security guard's behavior and tried to cite it as a reason why school districts shouldn't arm teachers, the president responded that the guard's behavior was certainly inadequate.

"Deputy Sheriff Peterson I guess his name is they brought it out and I was surprised - he trained his whole life but when it came time for him to get in there and do something he didn't have the courage or he didn't react properly. But there's no question that he did a poor job."

"He certainly did a poor job. That's the case where somebody was outside, they are trained, they didn't react properly under pressure or they were a coward."

Trump later made similar remarks during his CPAC speech - eliciting cheers of approval - though he refrained from referring to Peterson as a "coward." He then segued into a discussion of his plan to arm teachers.

"He was not a credit to law enforcement," Trump said. "He was tested under fire and that wasn't a good result."

"A teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened," he said. "I don't want a hundred guards standing with rifles" but allowing "well trained gun-adept teachers and coaches" to have guns with them at school "would be a major deterrent."

Trump made no mention of the other ideas he's floated in the last week, including raising the age for buying rifles from 18 to 21, or banning bump stocks...



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I wouldn't be surprised if Obama ordered the FBI to look the other way and allow these mass shootings to happen in order to push for gun control. Obama's appointees are still running the FBI. All of this seems orchestrated..

Because I don't recall that many mass shootings when Bush was president. So what changed ??.. 🤔

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Chupacabra-322 lester1 Fri, 02/23/2018 - 12:55 Permalink

There was never a problem a Generation ago with Guns. What’s changed? I would suffice it to say there were more guns per capita a Generation ago as well.  


Answers me this?


 There are & were plenty of Federal & State Laws on the books along with PROCEDURES that were not followed upon by FBI.  


If the Laws that are already on the books, which were not procedurally followed by Law Enforcement didn’t prevent this tragedy.  How is another set of Laws on top of the ones we already have, which failed, supposed to fix the problem?


It can’t. It’s a False argument.


Their False Flags, “Drills”, PsyOps, Divide & Conquer will continue until the objective is met.  


They want you disarmed.  




The Teen Drunk driving & teen driving death statistics alone Warrant we take away their cars.  I would bet those stats well surpass gun deaths.


Same argument.


Social Engineering via destruction of the Nuclear Family.


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Chupacabra-322 lester1 Fri, 02/23/2018 - 13:00 Permalink

For a moment, think like a Psychopath & Sociopath.


What they really don’t want is any person, group or thing interfering with with their Ideological, Marxist, Pseudo Intellectual, Illogical viewpoints.  It’s about Control.  They want you disarmed.  Period.  No Debte.  Like angry Children.   


God forbid the Impressionable Minds of the Pupils in their Liberal / Marist / Statist Indoctrination Centers have a Non Biased Perception of Safety built on Liberty & not Fear.

All done by Design.  All done by Agenda.

Last thing a Conservative Parents want is some Liberal nut job Democratic Teacher with a Gun next to our Kids.  Seems as though the only Group shooting Senators and such are Liberal Democratic nut jobs.  


We’re Governed by Children and Psychopaths.

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"...he trained his whole life but when it came time for him to get in there and do something he didn't have the courage or he didn't react properly. But there's no question that he did a poor job."

Well I suppose that all depends on how "poor job" is defined. Like, maybe he was told in advance to ignore the sounds of gunfire because it was all a drill? If that's the case, he did his job, and the only thing you could fault him for would be actually believing his employers.

Question EVERYTHING that comes out of Parkland.

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This is affirmative action for crime.  The cops are INTENTIONALLY ignoring youth crime to fake the stats.  No more ugly truths about black crime.  The cops get more money for the fake better numbers.

If they arrested Cruz a few times like they were supposed to, he would have been in jail instead of murdering kids.  Instead they decided to make themselves look like donut eating was really making a difference.

Trayvon really was a sweet kid.  Never arrested.  And he graduated high school.  See, there's the piece of paper that *proves* he can reed and rit.

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This isn't about gun control. This is about creating a firestorm call for a new Constitutional Convention, so the NWO can destroy the old one and write a new one in their favor. The ultimate treason.

Look around ZH this morning. There are more than a few calls for 'Constitutional amendments'. You can't outlaw guns without eliminating the Second Amendment, which requires a new Constitutional Convention.

They will kill and kill and kill until they get their new Communist Constitution, or start WWIII and destroy the planet. Either they win, or no one wins.

This is the final war for the soul of the United States. Pick your side, Lucifer vs. Good. We're just suffering through the first skirmishes. The great battles are yet to come. There will be a horrific loss of life.

The DOJ, FBI and CIA, as organizations, have already picked their side, as well as the Democratic Party and the RINO's. Where do you stand?

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Shooting happens in Dem territory.

FBI fails to curtail the shooting even though they were notified.

Dems police forces, under the guise of Sheriff Isreal, are dysfunctional and standing around with guns.

Dems blame guns and not the groups in which we pay OUTRAGEOUS sums of money through taxes.

Dems demand FBI gets a raise.

Next shooting scheduled to happen as soon as new funds are deployed.

Rinse and repeat.

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I was asking for evidence supporting the following statement which I don't believe is historically accurate.

No, there weren't, there were much LESS guns, but there was MORE crime...

Not sure how 2A proves that point. Can you elaborate? I'm under the impression that early America had more guns per capita and that the crime rate was much lower than today.



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I hate obummer but what kind of idiot thinks he would do that?

Lester, the problem is you think like a child, you think like them.

What changed was he created a country of whiny children who believe they are entitled to everything, with minimal effort, even at the expense of others.  This dangerous philosophy he has encouraged has created a culture of HATE and RAGE.  

Children are being taught that it is ok to go batshit crazy as long as they are fighting against the "facists".  Weeell what a surprise when they apply that to other issues in life.

Where is your outrage against the Broward County sheriff who's deputies visited the house of this most recent monster no less than 37 times in 7 years. HAD THEY DONE THEIR FUCKING JOBS JUST ONCE AND ARRESTED THE GUY HE WOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LEGALLY PURCHASE THE RIFLE.

AND NOW, we have 6 armed broward county deputies protecting (posted outside his home) the coward peterson who hid behind the school, while they only sent 1 armed guard to the school post tragedy! All so that the coward and by proxy the department don't have to face up to the public. They are literally covering their asses on the death of 17 people.

And on top of that we have an FBI who was warned about this event on multiple occasions, just like when back in 2000 that flight school owner called those clowns and told them we have a bunch of towelheads with prayer mats that have no interest in learning how to land, and they did nothing with that info thereby allowing one of our worst tragedies ever to occur.

Yet here you are lester, whining how its all obummers fault, lacking any critical thinking skills whatsoever, and mad at all the wrong things. 

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Billy the Poet PrezTrump Fri, 02/23/2018 - 13:10 Permalink

Obama’s lax discipline policies made schools dangerous

Since President Barack Obama pressured educators to adopt a new code of conduct making it harder to suspend or expel students of color, even kids who punch out their teacher aren’t automatically kicked out of school anymore.…




WHEREAS, with a joint commitment to ending school-based arrests for minor misbehavior, school districts and law enforcement agencies across the country have improved school safety, school engagement and academic achievement. The parties to this agreement are confident that by working together, they can return Broward County Public Schools to a culture of common sense discipline that allows all students to enjoy a safe and effective education…

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Prez you might want to do a little research on the gun running plot Fast and Furious.  The intent was to blame a rash of killings in Mexico on the gun show loophole.   Holder and Obama were orchestrating the mass slaughter of Mexicans to shut gun shows down in America.  This is not conjecture.  This is fact.  Do your own research. 

Most if not all of these shooters are white.  They all seem to be on psychotropic medication.  Most are on the FBI watch list.   And, most of their victims are white.   It is not a stretch to argue that this is orchestrated to disarm bitter clingers.

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Listen fruitcake. Law enforcement is not known as the bastion for left leaning opinion. The same as Hollywood is not a haven of conservative thought.

To even think such a view, let alone policy could exist and not one fucking conservative FBI officer would leak such details/facts to the press, shows how batshit dumb this forum gets in its partisan bullshit.

The fact up until my reply 7 people upvoted you shows how wing nuts have taken over this forum. I believe all kinds of conspiracy, but this one takes the biscuit. 

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Not Too Important To Hell In A H… Fri, 02/23/2018 - 13:45 Permalink

It's called infiltration, and the Communists have had 100 years to perfect their methods. LE, the military, do you think the government is the only group infiltrated by masses of Communists? They're the only ones exposed so far, with the FBI and DOJ now in the crosshairs. People with morals gave up on the CIA decades ago, and the NSA is a big question mark right now.

No, the US is completely in the grips of a Communist infiltration at all levels of operational control. What remains to be seen is how it gets exposed, and whether it gets rooted out or not.

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No you listen!..

We know Obama weaponized several government agencies against his political opponents,and to push his agenda. Clearly one of them was the FBI to help Hillary and try and destroy Trump. Wake up. It's entirely possible the Obama appointees at the FBI/DOJ allow these mass shootings to happen, because without these shootings, there would be NO gun control talk!!! All of this is orchestrated.


*Gun control/confiscation is a wet dream of liberals and globalists! Didn't you know that??..

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Ugh, he had 9/11...  No one questioned anything and called for the killing of any brown people innocent or not for the next 2 decades leading to massive civilian casualties.

Then under Obama people started to get weary of war.  Thus they had to produce the bin Laden death to show some progress and mask their real intentions.

With the continued wars in Syria and the Trump administration making a statement about indefinite occupation of Iraq and Syria, don't expect this to stop...

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if you call 911 that there is a burglar in your house and you tell them you are armed, the cops will not come inside, no matter what.  you have to go outside, hands up.  Cops arent there to protect you, the sooner the sheep realize this the sooner we can all start protecting ourselves and eachother the way the founding fathers intended

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A man with no gun confronts a shooter and a man with a gun and training cowers outside.  One dies and another collects a pension.  Disgusting!  The bureau of FIB was non existent.  Nothing is normal or acceptable in this one.  It doesn't pass the smell test.

It reminds me of Benghazi.

not-me---it-wa… Countrybunkererd Fri, 02/23/2018 - 13:02 Permalink

" and a man with a gun and training "....does what he's trained to do. it in and wait for backup.


y'all been watching too much of the teevee.  too many dirty harry

movies, too many lone ranger re-runs.  too little reality.


ain't no police/security force in the world gonna tell a lone lightly-

armed security guard to run into a building upon hearing shots.

not knowing who, or how many, or where they're located.





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