Youtube Removing Video of Parkland Student Who Claimed There Was Second Shooter

We upload a lot of content to our Youtube channel, hardly any of it is conspiratorial. Most of it is main stream news clips, either politics or finance. After the Parkland shooting there was a young girl who went to the high school who claimed she definitely thought there was a second shooter. She even claimed to have talked to the killer on the morning of the killings, which I felt was both interesting and compelling. 


It was uploaded to the channel and received a good amount of traffic, maybe 10-15k views. I don't remember the exact amount.


No big deal right? 


Wrong, according to Youtube. 

I just got an email from them this morning alerting me to the fact they removed the video from the platform and dinged my account with a "community strike", which isn't that big a deal -- as it only restricts my ability to live stream; but I think it's unfair and I am appealing their ruling because, as far as I can tell, she's a legit eyewitness of the events of the day and even if she was mistaken -- shouldn't her words be part of the public record? Are we simply going to clean the internet of all things that do not fit neatly with the accepted narrative?


In case you're wondering, the good folks over at Snopes already debunked the second shooter theory, citing this very interview as confusing and in tandem with the accepted narrative. Quite frankly, I don't know what they're talking about. The girl flatly stated she definitely thought there was a second shooter. There is nothing unclear or confusing about it.


Here is the interview, via Twitter.