Ed Curtin: The Coming War To End All Wars

Authored by Edward Curtin via GreanvillePost.com,

“The compulsive hatred of Putin by many who have almost zero idea about Putin or Russian history is disproportionate to any rational analysis, but not surprising.

Trump and Putin are like weird doppelgangers in the liberal imagination.”

—John Steppling, “Trump, Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk into a Bar”

The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one.  No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem.  If they can’t find a “justification” (which they can’t), they will have to create one (which they will).  Or perhaps they will find what they have already created.  Whatever the solution, we should feel confident that they are not sitting on their hands. History teaches those who care to learn that when aggressors place a gun on the wall in the first act of their play, it must go off in the final act.

These sinister players have signaled us quite clearly what they have in store.  All signs point toward an upcoming large-scale Israeli/U.S. attack on Lebanon and Syria, and all the sycophantic mainstream media are in the kitchen prepping for the feast.  Russia and Iran are the main course, with Lebanon and Syria, who will be devoured first, as the hors d’oeuvres.  As always, the media play along as if they don’t yet know what’s coming.  Everyone in the know knows what is, just not exactly when.  And the media wait with baited breath as they count down to the dramatic moment when they can report the incident that will compel the “innocent” to attack the “guilty.”

Anyone with half a brain can see the greatly increased anti-Russian propaganda of the past few weeks.  This has happened as the Russia-gate claims have fallen to pieces, as former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern, the late Robert Parry, Paul Craig Roberts, and others have documented so assiduously.  All across the media spectrum, from the big name corporate stenographers like The New York Times, CNN, National Public Radio, The Washington Post to The Atlantic and Nation magazines and other “leftist” publications such as Mother Jones and Who What Why, the Russia and Putin bashing has become hysterical in tone, joined as it is with an anti-Trump obsession, as if Trump were a dear friend of Putin and Russia and wasn’t closely allied with the Netanyahu government in its plans for the Middle-East.  As if Trump were in charge. “Russia Sees Midterm Elections as a Chance to Sow Fresh Discord (NY Times, 2/13), “Russia Strongman” (Putin) has “pulled off one of the greatest acts of political sabotage in modern history (The Atlantic, Jan. /Feb. 2018), “”Mueller’s Latest Indictment Shows Trump Has Helped Putin Cover Up a Crime” (Mother Jones, 2/16/18), “A Russian Sightseeing Tour For Realists” (whowhatwhy.com, 2/7/18), etc.   

I am reminded of the turn to the right that so many “muckrakers” made during and after WW I.  Afraid of a revolt from below, bewitched by their own vision to articulate the world’s future, heady over their own war propaganda, and wanting to be on the safe side of the government crackdown on dissent (The Espionage Act, the Palmer Raids, etc.), many progressives of the era embraced a jingoism similar to the anti-Russia mania of today.

Only someone totally lacking a sense of humor and blind to propaganda would not laugh uproariously at today’s media nonsense about Russia, but such laughter would be infused with a foreboding awareness that as the Middle East explodes and U.S./NATO backed Kiev forces prepare to attack the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, the world is entering a very dangerous period.  And of course Trump has said, “The U.S. has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”  Totally destroy 26 million human beings.  While his bully buddy in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently said at the Munich Security Conference that Iran is “the greatest threat to the world,” compared it to Nazi Germany, and claimed it was developing ballistic missiles to strike deep into the United States.  “Iran seeks to dominate our region, the Middle East, and seeks to dominate the world through aggression and terror,” he said.  And he vowed to act against Iran and anyone who supported it – i.e. Lebanon and Syria (Russia). 

Putin also, like all the mythic bogeymen, is portrayed as the new Hitler intent on conquering the world.  If the American public wasn’t so “sophisticated” and adept at seeing through lies – pause and laugh – we could expect some World War I posters with Russian soldiers (like The Huns), sharp teeth glistening, gorilla strong and beastly, holding American women in preparation for the kill or rape.

Last year, when Oliver Stone did the world the great service of releasing his four-part interview with Putin, he was bashed, of course.  Just as he was with his film JFK, the only movie in history to be reviewed and panned one year before its release by a Washington Post reviewer who didn’t see the movie but had a purloined preliminary script as his source.  The Washington Post: the object of the latest film drivel, The Post, portraying it falsely as the savior of the nation through the publication of the Pentagon Papers (which is another story).  The Washington Post – the CIA’s dear friend.

In his Putin interviews, Oliver Stone, a man of truth and honor, lets viewers catch a glimpse of the real Vladimir Putin.  Of course Putin is a politician and the leader of a great and powerful nation, and one should receive his words skeptically. But watching Stone interview Putin for four hours, one comes away – but I doubt few have watched the four hours – with a reasonably good sense of the man. 

And putting aside one’s impressions of him, he makes factual points that should ring loud and clear to anyone conversant with facts

One: that the U.S. needs an external enemy (“I know that, I feel that.”).

Two: the U.S.A. engineered the coup d’état in the Ukraine on Russia’s border. 

Three: the U.S. has surrounded Russia with US/NATO troops and bases armed with anti-ballistic missiles that can, as Putin rightly says to Stone, be converted in hours to regular offensive nuclear missiles aimed at Russia. 

This is a factual and true statement that should make any fair-minded person stand up in horror.  If Russia had such missiles encircling the United States from Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, what American would find it tolerable?  What would CNN and The New York Times have to say?  Yet these same people readily find it impossible to see the legitimacy in Russia’s position, resorting to name calling and illogical rhetoric. Russia is surrounded with U.S/NATO troops and missiles and yet Russia is the aggressor.  So too Iran that is also surrounded.  These media are propagandists, that’s why.  They promote war, as they always have.  They are pushing for war with Russia via Syria/Lebanon/Iran and Ukraine, and they are nihilistically demonizing North Korea (as part of Obama’s pivot toward Asia and the encircling of China, as John Pilger has brilliantly documented in his film The Coming War on China) in what can only be called a conspiracy to commit genocide, as Dr. Graeme MacQueen and Christopher Black make clear in their Open Letter to the International Criminal Court.

We are moving toward a global war that will become nuclear if an international anti-war movement doesn’t quickly arise to stop it.  Most people bemoan the thought of such a war to end all wars, but refuse to analyze the factors leading to it. It happens step-by-step, and many steps have already been taken with more coming soon.    It’s so obvious that most can’t see it, or don’t want to.  The corporate mainstream media are enemies of the truth; are clearly part of the continuation of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, and those who still rely on them for the truth are beyond reach. 

Douglas Valentine, in The CIA as Organized Crime, says the CIA has long aimed to use and co-opt the “Compatible Left, which in America translates into liberals and pseudo-intellectual status seekers who are easily influenced.”  And he adds that the propaganda is not just produced by the CIA but by the military, State Department, and red, white, and blue advertisements that are everywhere.  Nothing has changed since the Church Committee hearings in the 1970s.  Valentine adds:

All of that is ongoing, despite being exposed in the late 1960s.  Various technological advances, including the internet, have spread the network around the world, and many people don’t even realize they are part of it, that they’re promoting the CIA line.

“Assad’s a butcher,” they say, or “Putin kills journalists,” or “China is repressive. 

They have no idea what they’re talking about but spout all this propaganda

William Blake said it truly:

In every cry of every Man,

In every Infants cry of fear,

In every voice: in every ban,

The mind-forg’d manacles I hear 

How to break the chains – that is our task.


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If a war comes between these two "super-powers", it will be solely at the behest of international jewry... period.  Sadly, they ARE the money-issuers and thus, the string pullers of all international affairs.  If the citizens in either hemisphere wish to flex their atrophied muscles at the legitimate culprit... they must look inward and to the founts of their currency.  This IS and has always been the funding source/excuse for warfare.

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doctor10 Sudden Debt Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

"Russiagate" is all about the DS and its oligarchs avoiding accountability for their sedition and treason.  Ideally they seek a big woar with which to obfuscate their crimes against the USA and the world.

For the USA to prevail through the next century requires that the Euro currency, which the DS put into place, break up.

That the USA in fact becomes the head of OPEC/energy producing and distributing nations-this ultimately means an alliance with Russia-and in fact the extension of the privileges of the Petro-Dollar to ALL those nations participating in energy production and distribution

The elimination of the global organized crime syndicate the DS has been busily establishing these last 50 years

PDJT understands the necessity of all this

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Brazen Heist doctor10 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:05 Permalink

To fight a war to end all wars, the world needs to unite and shove the ruling class of Zionist imbreds running the USSA where they belong - in prison or back to Israel and reign in the MIC cabal. Because otherwise, the USSA will continue to peddle trash and strife.....that is, up until they face resistance. The fuckers running this carcass don't know what limits are. They seek full spectrum dominance like the Nazis. And they are spreading low denominator junk culture to dumb down the global IQ levels to soften up acceptance of their 4th Reich.

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Luc X. Ifer Oldwood Sun, 02/25/2018 - 11:40 Permalink

China's move "to Change Constitution, Allowing Xi To Stay In Power Forever" is a war preparatory move - for the ones who don't know, when a country's leadership of the moment decide that war is unavoidable in the near future it tries to stabilize the political scene to eliminate internal power battles and move the focus and efforts towards the external designated enemy.

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detached.amusement Luc X. Ifer Sun, 02/25/2018 - 11:48 Permalink

to be taken with a grain of salt, but friends both chinese and otherwise that have been there for a time are applauding the certain targeted anticorruption efforts over there...at least the bigguns...now whether or not that translates down to the local level where you have to pay everyone off to get anything done, that's anyone's guess and probably unlikely...

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gladih8r detached.amusement Sun, 02/25/2018 - 12:06 Permalink

Possibly, but it won't be on the terms you want. 

It'll be on the terms dictated by DS fuckers and they aren't looking to make new friends.  They seek absolute dominance and power.  That's their hobby and occupation.  Opening up borders to industrial scale migration to dilute tribalism and thus any form of unity and national pride is just a small but necessary step to secure the future poly-agnostic status quo.

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MoralsAreEssential eclectic syncretist Sun, 02/25/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

13 months from Israel moving on the Palestinians and their own Arab citizens to genocide, there will be burning debris from Planet X or the Quantum Wave which will last for 3-4 days.  The Anti-Christ will appear and the Jews will rule for 3 1/2 years during the prophecied period of Peace.

More than once in the recent past of the 21st century, the Military Generals of both the US and Israel have REFUSED to use nukes.  We can only hope these courageous warriors will continue to be moral.  Netanyahu is supposedly being indicted IN ISRAEL.  Info from Israel media you can read.  

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east of eden doctor10 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 08:01 Permalink

Good suggestions, except for the notion that the US would lead 'OPEC'. The boom in US oil production is a fantasy. Those wells will be dead dry in 2 to 3 years and the US will drop back to being a huge importer. Doesn't really matter anyhow, because the IEA is showing a clear and significant drop in oil usage, world wide, by 2040, with equal consumption of coal, gas and renewables to oil.

I think what you are going to see over the next 20 years I that a lot of the psychopaths that hid out in the oil industry are going to be exposed, finally.


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Baron von Bud doctor10 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 09:39 Permalink

The war theme is everywhere. I had to watch Wonder Woman with some female relatives. She leaves Atlantis to follow her noble mission of world peace; she will end all war. But to do that she first has to destroy the god Aires. That means joining WW1 and killing lots of Huns which she does. "War Is Peace". Kill, kill, kill and peace can be achieved.

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shovelhead doctor10 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 09:55 Permalink

DS doesn't look overly concerned to me about accountability to me. Throw a few minor players under the bus and no worries.

Getting Hillary in the spotlight and people looking behind her to see the string pullers does worry them a bit but the have their Mighty Wurlitzer MSM playing their heart out and lulling all but a few cranks in the audience.

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More like the last ~309,900 years... which represents the 'cycle' we are in... Purgatory some have called it.. think Tree of Life... before that, we 'walked with the gods'.... in Eden... Earth as Eden ~309900 yrs ago.... but our collective choice for greater physical sensate - mostly sex, battle etc - moved us to the other side of the Tree... where these 'gods' are of the opposite polarity... the 'bad shepherds'... negative polarity.... You have to go 'esoteric' to understand WTF is really going on and why...  getting 'as mad as hell' is the usual starting point in the journey of 'waking up'... which eventually leads to the need to choose sides... stay the course here with the 'Chosen People of Satan' ... or find the exit to leave for the other side of the Tree... back to the positive polarity.. think in EU (Electric Universe) terms.. those Birkeland currents... same as this 'Tree'... positive and negative forces spiralling around the center.. balanced or neutral position... center or core of this Tree of Life... it's all ancient symbolism... to explain the basics... not only war, but the cataclysms of Mother Nature, pretty much wipe out all the past... civilizations come and go... as the negative polarity have a tendency towards entrophy, and their control of this realm through force, dumbing down and doping up, creates a rather flaccid herd of sheep, not good for much, which is their problem...

With this cycle in mind... MOther Nature is approaching once again to reset the game... the planet is going to the next level, with or without us... .mostly without... only a few percent make the cut in any cycle, which is why it takes so many lifetimes to learn the lessons.. make that CHOICE and polarize enough to make the cut.... but not to worry, time is just a tool... in and out of lifetimes, in and out of the spacetime continuum.. it's all just a matter of consciousness... move your mind anywhere or anytime you think is best for you to accomplish the meaning of your life... of all life... of all consciousness... 'to know thyself'... simple, no?

Not much time is left before big momma swings in.... overlay our BS economic/war charts with those of nature's cataclysms and see the pattern emerge... this time is different.. not a simple reset, but the end of the Grand Cycle... this ~309900 year cycle. Think of the symbolism of that film 2001 A Space Odyssey... think of Neo's last words in Matrix... this is why all this crap is happening.. 'graduation day' approaches rather soon... said to occur within a decade... between now and then.... so the Axis of Evil and its "Chosen People of Satan' have a finale of pain, destruction and self 'outing' of the OWO to bring out  in order to setup their NWO... their wetdream of maintaining control in the next level of the game.

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veritas semper… gdpetti Sun, 02/25/2018 - 13:12 Permalink

Great comment.

This "civilization" the western and especially US is stuck in materialism,like in the mud. It can not move forward toward the light given by spiritual enlightenment( it does not even know what this is) because it is consumed by the low frequencies of materialism which is accompanied by envy,greed,hate,theft,lies,pride,lust,gluttony,sloth,wrath... all to increase material possessions,to the detriment of spiritual/moral values.remember the 7 sins? Religion was on to something here.

Have you noticed that these people,who have so much,are NEVER satisfied? They need more all the time. Not enough mansions,private airplanes,yachts.MATERIALISM does not satisfy the need of the soul for fulfillment.

In order to thrive you need high frequencies given by love,empathy,humility,modesty,creation of beautiful things,peace. To understand this,look at the form the WATER takes when vibrations are applied to it. And think that we are 80% water.

The UNIVERSE is energy,frequency and vibrations. Tesla said it.

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BobEore Fascal Rascal … Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:38 Permalink

Well Rand, I'll let the mouthbreathers speak for themselves. But I'll respond to your question,

Did any of you read the article?

here, as... in a few minutes.. the SlackJackass will be by to drop his load o toadshit... and the thread will be even further jacked.... leaving your question and comment on Page 7 of another interminable sunday thread.

I read the piece... and parsed from it YET ANOTHER attempt to hypostatize the ruler in the Kremlin - a guy -

who for various reasons, has been turned into an imagery suitable for framing as "mankinds last hope," the "only honest player," etc., so as to take our attentions away from the normal frame of reference one uses to look at politicians - especially - ones' who rise to the pinnacle of power in very rough neighborhoods.

A frame of reference including (but not limit to!).... who bought/brought them into power? What would they gain from having a person they can control holding the reins? Who did they kill/eliminate/bribe etc., to get their? In short, who does this politico owe?

In the case of America, and its latest puppet POTUS, these questions are automatic, unavoidable, the answers now commonly known; as a result, you see the Orangeman referenced in this article as a sidekick and co-conspirator of the Bibi entity. Well... rightly so. BUT...

in the jaundiced and diversionary world of the Russo-talmudic fake take on geopolitical matters- we AREN'T EVEN ALLOWED TO ASK - why doesn't it work with the Russian state - an even longer termed hostage of the same $power we now know America to be beholden too? Noooooooooooo... you can't ask those sort of question here... or the gaggle of ghouls which has granted itself the 'right' to shout down all who wish to apply logic and common sense to these kind of articles

explode into a rage which expresses every shade of over the top slander, lies, distortion and attempted intimidation in order to rule the question - out of order! But it ain't. The question stands? Why should we suppose the strongman in the Kremlin to be free of the same taints as other "NON-SAINTS" such as we witness the culpabilities of every day in every other jurisdiction on this earth?

He ain't. Ain't no secret either. We will cut thru this endless tirade of bullshit... eventually. And return the balance to truth in media. No special favors... no hidden hands. You will see the strings of the $power holding up ALL of these potentates. And finally ask why we need any of them. And then - this psyop will be done!

No fear no favor. The truth will out!

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BobEore gwar5 Sun, 02/25/2018 - 06:38 Permalink

Well, OK whatever... your 'reply' is nonsensical but we'll assume it to be a placeholder for tards to hang a 'vote' on before the point of a silly sunday where the

main body of talmudic trolls slithers out of every crevise n cranny to ... once agin ... come to the defense of

kabbalism in action. Being that as it may... I'll equally utilize your vacant space ... to make this display of my mostest

speediest ever posting in response to tardnational in traction!

Everybodys' Hero - And that's not an "optional" suggestion either!

Bob Clob-bers the (phony)oppositionalists again! 

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Setarcos BobEore Sun, 02/25/2018 - 03:12 Permalink

You know nothing about Vladimir Vladimirovich, not least that he was not and is not a politician ... nor was he "chosen" by anyone in an sense like presidents are chosen in the USA.  He was a virtual nobody who, inexplicably, Boris Yeltsin asked to replace him.

One can hazard a guess that Yeltsin had a belated stab of conscience when he asked VVP, "Save Russia."  Putin at first refused, but then felt it his duty to try.  He has said that, as a KGB officer, he and his comrades thought that they knew all about politicians, but found that he was completely ignorant on close acquaintance.  The oligarchs (deep state) thought he would be a push over, but they got taken by surprize.

When George W Bush met him, he said, "I looked into his eyes and saw his soul."   You probably have no clue what that signifies, nor what consistent support by 80+% of Russians signifies, nor what the spontaneous respect by millions around the World signifies.  You seem to be so jaded and made cynical by US experience that you cannot and won't realize that Vladimir Vladimirovich is different and maybe the only completely honest statesman ever.  I am not easily impressed.

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BobEore Setarcos Sun, 02/25/2018 - 04:30 Permalink

He was a virtual nobody who, inexplicably, Boris Yeltsin asked to replace him.


You've done it. You've managed the impossible! This tops every one of the naive notions passed off by naifs that I have witnessed yet on this site ... and that is sayin a lot. Tis true... I have 'no clue' just what mixture of mind control or brain damage or ... fill in blank here... could lead to such unqualified, gushing geyser of

complete bullshit about our beloved KGB/FSB Hero of the NEO Revolution. But it's an awesome reminder.. of just how disjointedly desperate are Amerikanskis for a hero to believe in. Damned if I'm not gonna have to reconsider GWB as a clairvoyant  who reads souls - as well as he reads script aboard carriers!

Inexplicable indeed. Unless one happen to understand the nature of 'kabbalism in action' - and the madness that it breeds.

 9 August 1999: LEAD UP TO RUSSIAS' 9-11

I) Yeltsin appoints Nikolai Patrushev to the post of Director of the FSB, replacing Putin.

II) Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Prime Minister and successor to the Presidency.

| They knew that after the bombings, the Russian people would be furious at both the “terrorists” who conducted the attacks and the government officials who didn’t stop it. By putting Putin into the Prime Minister post, they shielded him from public fury. Any blame for incompetence in not preventing the bombings would fall on Patrushev (the FSB head) and Yeltsin (the head of the government), not Putin. And by taking on the role of the “strong man” during his stint as Prime Minister, Putin would make himself the ideal figure to take over when Yeltsin resigned, just three months after the bombings. |

On Aug. 9, 1999, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin  head of the Russian government. On the same day, in a televised speech, Yeltsin named Putin as his successor. A week later, on Aug. 16, the parliament confirmed him as the new prime minister, making his role as head of government official. An unwell Yeltsin completely handed over the reins of government to Putin.

yOWSEr! Save Russia - for Chabad Lubavitch! "Not a politician" - OKeydokey/ A \SAINT?

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ThirdWorldDude BobEore Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:04 Permalink

Enough with your biased and unbased anti-Russian bullcrap!


The people who saved Russia and placed VVP on top to formally lead the operation to liberate the Motherland, are the patriotic forces behind former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yevgeni Primakov. Primakov's MFA was the only force in Russia who openly opposed The West and the first Russian diplomat to cancel a foreign (western) country visit mid-flight (march 1999 on a trip to Washington, upon getting news about ZATO's military action in Serbia). He practically ran a functional and consistent MFA in the mid 1990's, paving the path for what today is known as BRICS, all the while Yeltsin's progressive fifth column government was busy selling out the country's riches to foreign and domestic (((loan sharks))). It is only thanks to people like Primakov, Sobchak and general Lebed that Russia regained her sovereignty.

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BobEore ThirdWorldDude Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:24 Permalink

Somewhat ironically,

third string dud... I am, if anything "pro Russian"(R1a peoples ) by default, in being 'anti-talmudic kabbalist.' But...

methinks that proposition would entirely blow your mind[control] to get to grips with ... sooo... you carry on screamin

whilst I carry on communicatin with the mighty few left in your land what have not yet eaten of the poisoned candy.

How's that sound> huh? Jus Jim Dandy!

Based on the dating of the Tocharian language and the relatively highlinguistic distance of Tocharian A and B from the other IE languages(Tomezzoli & Kreutz, 2011), it is unlikely that the protoTocharians migrated westward to Europe and the Russian Plain with the proto-Aryans (R1a),and then moved back to the Tarim Basin. It is more likely that theproto-Tocharians migrated from the Altai region of north China to the nearbyTarim basin and remained there (never going to Europe), forming the autochthonous R1a peoples of Central Asia.

Swept Away - Convention Bows Out - As "Out of the Altaic" Arrives


oh! ps - YOU ...are a traitor to your race. Suck on it scrub.

Autochthonous R1a peoples of Central Asia gonna get ya mo/fos!

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Setarcos BobEore Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:50 Permalink

What do you call a rabid polemicist on a roll?  BobEore.  Come to think, not so much polemics as borderline word salad, giving rise to the question,  "What the fuck are you on about?"  What the fuck does obscure linguistics have to do even your own usual rants?

Btw, if you were as informed - even all-knowing - as you present yourself to be, then you might know, or at least guess that I am not an "Americanski", though by your use of "naif" I'd guess that you are what's called "a Brit", possibly of bovver boy origins.  Actually I was born in England and first became interested in Russia in 1956, when B & K visited ... so I have a long history of taking an interest, but no longer from England, instead Australia since 1971.  Suck on it.

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