"America Uses 30x More Opioids Than Is Medically Necessary For A Population Its Size"

Perhaps America does not need Russia to "hack its democracy" and destroy "American exceptionalism", perhaps the US is perfectly capable of unleashing social, economic and political devastation within its border without anyone's help; perhaps the surge in mass shootings has little to do with gun availability (see homicides in Chicago and Baltimore where guns are banned), and everything to do with a creeping US social decay?

Read the following troubling observations from the latest Weekend Notes by One River CIO Eric Peters, and decide.

Weekend Notes, by Eric Peters

  • US life spans have declined for 2yrs, a feat without parallel in the developed world. Opioids are largely responsible.
  • An estimated 52k will die of overdoses in 2018, half a million Americans in the coming decade (about the same as WWI and WWII combined). We consume 99% of the world’s hydrocodone and 81% of its oxycodone.
  • We use an estimated 30x more opioids  than is medically necessary for a population our size. 75% of opioid addicts began with prescription painkillers given to them by a friend, family member, or dealer.
  • The US has 5% of the world’s population, 48% of the globe’s civilian-owned guns, and 31% of earth’s mass-shooters. Americans own 89 guns per 100 people (nearly 300mm firearms). Yemen, engulfed in a 3yr civil war, has the planet’s next highest rate of gun ownership at 55 per 100.
  • US gun homicide rates are 25x higher than other high-income countries. 66% of American gun owners possess firearms to protect themselves. We’re a nation known for our imagination, yet 75% of gun owners can’t imagine not owning one.
  • China produces 49% of the world’s steel, followed by Japan (6.2%), India (6.0%), and the US (4.8%). South Korea and Russia are tied at 4.2%. The EU collectively produces 10%.  But of these producers, only one is a net steel importer: USA.
  • In the aftermath of WWII, the US produced 72% of the world’s steel. Production continued to grow as the world overtook us. America’s peak production was in 1973 (140mm metric tons).
  • We now produce just 81mm. China produces 832mm. And we’re about to impose 24%-56% import tariffs.
  • The US ranks 24th out of 35 developed countries in math, science and reading skills among 15-year-olds. We rank 20th in adult literacy and math skills.
  • 2.1% of workers with college degrees are unemployed and their labor force participation rate is 73.4%. For those with some college education, unemployment is 3.4%, and the participation rate is 66.0%. For a high school diploma, unemployment is 4.5%, participation is 57.5%.
  • And some high school education, unemployment is 5.4%, participation is 44.8 – too many of the remaining 55.2% are addicted to opioids, commit gun violence, and would be working in steel mills if only we rebuilt them.

* * *

And in conclusion, some more troubling observations from NY Magazine:

Opium, heroin, morphine, and a universe of synthetic opioids, including the superpowerful painkiller fentanyl, are its proliferating offspring. More than 2 million Americans are now hooked on some kind of opioid, and drug overdoses — from heroin and fentanyl in particular — claimed more American lives last year than were lost in the entire Vietnam War.

Overdose deaths are higher than in the peak year of AIDS and far higher than fatalities from car crashes. The poppy, through its many offshoots, has now been responsible for a decline in life spans in America for two years in a row, a decline that isn’t happening in any other developed nation. According to the best estimates, opioids will kill another 52,000 Americans this year alone — and up to half a million in the next decade.

We look at this number and have become almost numb to it. But of all the many social indicators flashing red in contemporary America, this is surely the brightest. Most of the ways we come to terms with this wave of mass death — by casting the pharmaceutical companies as the villains, or doctors as enablers, or blaming the Obama or Trump administrations or our policies of drug prohibition or our own collapse in morality and self-control or the economic stress the country is enduring — miss a deeper American story. It is a story of pain and the search for an end to it. It is a story of how the most ancient painkiller known to humanity has emerged to numb the agonies of the world’s most highly evolved liberal democracy. Just as LSD helps explain the 1960s, cocaine the 1980s, and crack the 1990s, so opium defines this new era. I say era, because this trend will, in all probability, last a very long time.

The scale and darkness of this phenomenon is a sign of a civilization in a more acute crisis than we knew, a nation overwhelmed by a warp-speed, postindustrial world, a culture yearning to give up, indifferent to life and death, enraptured by withdrawal and nothingness. America, having pioneered the modern way of life, is now in the midst of trying to escape it.


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Sackler family from New York City.  They created and own the patents for OxyContin.  They are worth $13 billion and the shit is sold globally.

Ideal for prescribing it for the dumb goy military after they get shot up fighting for greater I$rael.


Why are they and Soros not in jail?  This stuff is heroin.

By the way - prescription marijuana can do the job without all the bad effects.   In pill form or gummy form.



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Legal and illegal opiods are sourced throughout regions of the Turk people and Persia including Afghanistan. The majority of illegal opiods find there way through Turkish and Albanian distributers. It is very similar to what the English did in and around the region of southwestern China before taking Hong Kong; the only difference of course is the likelihood of invasion.  Nevertheless it is interesting to see two NATO allies knowingly infest other allies with opium and other illegal drugs; for them the Muslim Brotherhood is more sacred.  Not only are these people reproducing faster than Americans and Europeans, they are flooding the west with poison taking the lives of our people without the use of conventional weapons. This collectively is more terrifying than those lost in various terrorist attacks in America and Europe.

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This is nothing new. If you look into the amount of alcohol consumed by Americans even since colonial times you'd be astounded.

It's only since the synthesis of heroin and cocaine have Americans had more choices in how they get high.

Before heroin became illegal you could buy heroin injection devices from the Sears catalog.

Americans have always indulged in the use of substances that altered reality. It's just that we now have more choices. That's what happens when you live in a fairly liberal society.

Being sober 24/7 is hard for a lot of people.

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People are just weak ass dumbasses.


First they get to FAT because they don't move.

then they get tired from doing even the smallest things...



and then they get a headache... because they drank to much of it...


and they like it because they get to be more lazy...

and the stuff they took is addictive after 1 week....



You won't believe how many people get into opiods because of energy drinks...


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zippedydoodah Sudden Debt Mon, 02/26/2018 - 17:25 Permalink

Bollocks. Energy drinks are just sugar and caffeine.

Coffee from crap places like Starbucks is just caffeine with even more sugar.

Forget about Taurine, it's just an amino acid produced in the body naturally and found in red meat, amongst other places.

Energy drinks are just a massive profit making machine for the gullible and ignorant. 


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Much better to look inward and then beyond yourself than to look to the sky..

Continuing to keep hurting ourselves and others, and continuing to not treat ourselves and others with love and kindness, refusing grace, that is no solution and isn’t helping.    

What do you propose as a solution to overcome hopelessness, overbet?

Me, I would propose that people try to learn to love themselves the way Jesus loves them, so that they can benefit themselves and learn to love and extend grace to others. Sometimes, people are content thinking that they are hurting others, but they don’t realize they are hurting themselves the most..

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Sometimes, people are content thinking that they are hurting others.

This is very common. I tell my son that when someone is mean to him at school it has nothing to do with him. Its entirely about how they feel inside about themselves. They have been infected with a poison that makes them not feel good about themselves. They are trying to pass that poison to him or anyone else they can because it makes them feel like the poison is diluted if they can share it. If you know that it cant hurt you, but if you let it hurt you then you are choosing to accept their poison. The good news is you have a choice its all up to you and within your control. You can either choose to acknowledge what they are doing and reject the poison or accept it. I also tell him he can cure their poison if he would like to do so. Do not do it at the time they were mean to you, but later. Give them a sincere complement once in a while. This will help them to start to feel good about themselves. There is only so much room. Once they start filling up with good feelings about themselves it will force the poison out. Be kind to them and pity them because they are poisoned and dont know how to reject the poison like you do. 

What do you propose as a solution to overcome hopelessness

I guess it depends on the reason for the feeling. Understanding self worth, being of service to others or creating value are good remedies. 

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I had throat surgery Friday. My surgeon told me ahead of time he would not prescribe any opiates and I could get by with Advil. I was a little nervous about it but I've found out he was right, the pain is manageable. I can see the use for stronger painkillers in more invasive procedures but I don't think it's wise to completely eliminate all pain to the state of euphoria. It's interesting to see on so many patient charts when asked what pain threshold they wish, they check zero. I don't think doctors carry all the blame in the situation we find ourselves. 



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am very familiar with docs and their hypocrisy. your surgeon who 'wouldn't prescribe opioids' for post surgery did that entirely because he's afraid of the DEA. treatment of your pain never even entered his mind. 

I absolutely guarantee you that should that doc - or even better, one of his children - if THEY have some kind of operation; or are in ANY degree of significant pain ..... they're gonna take opioids. why? because they WORK.

YOU .... are a mere patient: a cash cow to be milked at regular intervals. YOUR pain is irrelevant. THEY .... are Gods among cattle. 


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Prior to the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914, they were legal.  So actually you mean re-legalization.

Interesting that American society was not collapsing due to a surfeit of drug misuse prior to 1914. Might there be other factors that contribute to drug misuse? Compare and contrast mass shootings before and after the Gun Control act of 1968 for extra credit.

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Canada is changing their anthem to the Snoop Dog song 'Smoking Weed Everyday' in July. Soon Trudeau will be smoking weed on Khan's private island in Bahamas and in the Canadian Parliament, before, during and after session; decisions are made on Khan's island and implemented in Ottawa. Just wondering if the Royal British family will be allowed to enter the US?... as head of the Canadian government they are now the official weed dealers/distributers. Oh Canada you corrupt joke.


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Put them "through the $ystem"(1) then on the bus to the processing plant for orderly disposal.

(1) The "$ystem": once they are hooked, they eventually get caught up in some bullshit possession rap. This entails jail, court ordered counseling and probation which will extract $4k to $10k in "costs" paid to the "court system" and other "private providers" that make 100% of their income off of the court system. This is in $$$ in the billions.

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Seems there's a pattern here:

 '60's and early '70's; US military adventures in SE Asia = smack

'80's; US military nation building in Central and S America  = blow

2001 onwards; US military occupation of Afghanistan = smack

... can't  wait for boots on the ground in Venezuela; there's a whole new generation waiting to taste crack.

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Who gives a fuck let them kill themselves but don't take a dime of my fucking money to help them you dirty Nanny Socialist Bastards!

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You should care more. Its your brothers and sisters getting handed something theyre told is ok by a Dr they trust. I have seen several very fine people get hook on drugs and ruin their lives. One kid in high school we all joked he would be president one day. He was nearly flawless. Straight A's, top in the school in a couple sports. He excelled at anything he did.  Met a druggie chic she got him to try heroin. A year later he locked himself in his house to try to fight through and quit. His mother came home and found he blew his own head off at 17. Sometimes good people just need help and are worth saving instead of being written off. 

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