The Arctic Doomsday Seed-Vault Is Getting Some Major Upgrades

The Norwegian government is planning to allocate 100 million kroner ($13 million) in technical improvements to enhance a doomsday seed vault situated on an Arctic island, built nearly a decade ago to protect the world’s food supplies from an apocalypse, a government press release said Friday.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank buried deep inside a mountain on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago. The underground bunker is a long-term seed storage facility, built to keep its three vaults cool for 200-years — and can survive natural or human-made disasters.

The doomsday vault serves as a storage facility for more than 850,000 seed samples, according to the Public Radio Institute, which the three vault rooms are cooled to -18 °C (-3 °F).

Cary Fowler, the founder of Svalbard Global Seed Vault, calls the facility, “the backup insurance policy for all the seed banks around the world.”

“The idea is that we want to provide fail-safe protection for the diversity of our agricultural crops, diversity that is stored in the form of seeds,” Fowler says.

“You need freezing temperatures to conserve seeds long term. So we went close to the north pole, where it’s very cold, and we built a facility inside of a mountain, which makes it also very secure. There we’re storing backup copies — seed samples of, currently, more than 850,000 different crop varieties,” he added.

Norway’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale said, “the upgrades, which we hope to begin presently, will ensure that the Svalbard Global Seed Vault can continue to offer the world’s gene banks a secure storage space in the future. It is a great and important task to safeguard all the genetic material that is crucial to global food security.”

The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property prepared a feasibility study on the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The report indicated the facility needs “construction of a new concrete-built access tunnel, as well as a service building to house emergency power and refrigerating units and other electrical equipment that emits heat through the tunnel.”

According to the Norwegian government, the seed vault has been used one time. Back in 2015, ICARDA International Research Center, which operated a location out of Aleppo, Syria, was blown up. The organization requested seeds from its deposits at Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which demonstrates the importance of the backup vault in the Arctic.

In 2017 the important role of the seed vault was made evident. For the first time seeds were redeposited at the seed vault on Svalbard. The ICARDA International Research Center, previously operating out of Aleppo in Syria, returned seeds harvested after they had retrieved their seeds from Svalbard in 2015. This demonstrates that the seed vault is a worldwide insurance for food supply for future generations, Jon Georg Dale says.

While the Norwegian government is preparing to spend a large sum of money to upgrade the facilities of the doomsday vault, the Bulletin of the Atomic scientists has just declared the world “is 2 minutes to midnight.” What do the elites and world leaders know that the every day Joe Schmo does not? Well, of course, war is coming. Have you prepared?


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We built it to last 200 years. Then we realized we never built a break-room. So we did that. We had to tap into the lighting system. It kinda flickers sometimes. Then all this water came in the entry and can you believe the shit FROZE AGAIN? See we were putting cable in the break room and somebody left a window open. We think that's what screwed the soda machine. Now the place is coated with sugar water. We got mold, mildew, somebody's cat got loose, the place stinks, screw this, we're outa here, go save your own stupid seeds.


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I rather eat them then fuck them ;) When the sociopaths are done playing, meat will be a damn rare item. Just like life on this planet. Over there in Asia they eat dogs and cats... I'm sure we can find some cuisine that makes polar bears tasty. Beats eating bugs and chewing on weeds.

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And as an added bonus due to the generous contributions to the project from Monsanto, all seeds preserved in the Arctic vault are patented GMO, non-reproductive, and Roundup Ready.  By special agreement with the United Nations and the Norweigian government, Monsanto (hereafter denoted as "the Company") will hold irrevokable and non-expiring patents on all naturally occurring flora genomes following any Armageddon event. As such, the Company will hold all specimens of self-reproducing seeds in their own secured vaults, at secret unspecified locations. Speaking from her compound on the North Island of New Zealand, acting UN Agriculture Minister Hillary Clinton stated that "preservation of humankind's agricultural heritage is best coordinated by the private sector. Monsanto, with its long history of feeding the hungry on a global scale, is ideally qualified to take on this immense resposibility"

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Yeah... These seeds don't plant themselves you know. Especially not at minus 18 degrees Celsius. I have a freezer that is colder than that. Have they thought about that? Kinda sucks when a small number of humans survived on a planet we destroyed and don't have the keys. Nor fertile land.

Safe... Sure, with all those high yield bombs we fabricate nowadays... Real safe. 

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In a nuclear winter all seeds will be redundant; and all seed-planters.

But there's hope for the Bunkerati if they can hang on long enough, find the vault and break it open. Ploughing, sowing and reaping by hand will be a new fun experience for them.

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They would need stored food, energy and water until the soils were viable again.  Volcanos are very bad for viable freshwater and soil.  The big ones sterilize soil for some time and can make water poisonous.  The other problems could be war, them spreading disease, or maybe a meteor or a blast of cosmic rays or a solar shot.

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I bet they didn't even put it in a cool alignment or anything so the next culture would find us primitive dumbasses.  Our precursor civilization put great effort into living us the great pyramid and the sphinx (what it looked like before new head) to alert us to the galactic cross and what position they were wiped out in.  Everything gets toasted going from Virgo into Leo and then from Pisces into Aquarius (exact opposite side of galactic cross) by the way.

Here is a map with the dates and timeframe of the great year.  Where you see 0 at Pisces = you are here.  If you follow the line to Leo you see = where they were.  All the math you see on this calendar was coded into everything and passed down to you. 

They told you that mathless knuckle draggers built the great pyramid by pounding rocks onto copper chisels, and with no evidence of advanced enough precursor culture, and unable to recreate anything like it ever again.  You believed them.


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Ha ha.... mmm, yeah, these seeds ain't for us.  Nope.  These are for the those in the 'club'.  Once they get done rendering much of earth uninhabitable through wars, geoengineering, and resource depletion, they will retreat to their bunkers while the surface population tears itself apart.  If I am not raptured out of this joke of a world, then I intend to endure and survive the devastation with one goal.....make their bunkers nothing more than a high priced tomb.  

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I bet they built something like this in Antarctica because they plan on it being ice free or the least affected if possible cataclysm comes.  All throughout our entire geological record on the entire planet are clockwork sea level rises and falls that look like this.  LOL  This is what the geography looks like when sea levels fall and they fall and rise quick.  That is where most of your precursor civilizations were, especially around river deltas.  They were there before the 'great floodS' that happen like clockwork.  Plenty of things flourished during that time including mega fauna.  It's the transitions that seem to wipe things out. 

Being that they managed to hide this right under everybody's nose, how many times has this happened where one group knew?  Did they survive and then use it against the new developing civilizations and then just take credit by saying their IQ was just higher?  What were those Templars digging for under the temple of Jerusalem and were they our banksters of today?  Seriously, they have always known.  The whole subject is taboo and they wanted it that way.  Just look at the ram symbolism.  Everybody just takes that to mean Satan and devil worship but that was just your last era before Pisces.  They would burn your ass alive for bringing that up back in the day I bet.