The States With The Most Gun Laws See The Fewest Gun-Related Deaths

While it's certainly true that a number of factors (drug use, mental health, economic adversity) contribute to the high rates of gun violence in the U.S., a comparison of state laws versus rates of shooting deaths does show a 'correlation'.

As The Atlantic notes, the states that impose the most restrictions on gun users also have the lowest rates of gun-related deaths, while states with fewer regulations typically have a much higher death rate from guns.

Source: The Atlantic

However, none of that would have helped stop the Parkland massacre...

As Kurt Schlichter points out when confronted by the following demand from his liberal-leaning peers: "We Just Want Common Sense Gun Regulations Since There Aren’t Any Now!"

Oh, I guess they never filled out a Form 4473.

You know, all the lies about it being “easier to buy a gun than a Pepsi” do not exactly inspire us to believe that the gun banners’ pleas for “common sense reforms” are anything but the first steps toward confiscation and disarming our citizenry.

Lying demonstrates a lack of good faith.

Nor does the fact that none of these “commonsense gun regulations” addresses the problems they cite. Ask your gun banner pals which reforms they want that would have stopped any of the recent killing sprees by people who are not conservative observant Christian or Jewish NRA members. Background checks are their usual go-to. Those are already a thing, and the scumbags all passed, except for the one scumbag whose check the FBI screwed-up.

You know, instead of hassling citizens who have committed no crime, maybe we ought to demand our law enforcement agencies start doing their damn jobs.