"Nope. Daddy's Dead" - At Age Of 5, Florida Shooter Watched His Father Die

In the latest bombshell report about the life and background of Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old school shooter who murdered 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and wounded more than a dozen more, the Florida Sun Sentinel describes how 5-year-old Cruz found his adoptive father's dead body, and other traumas he and his younger brother Zachary experienced as children growing up in and around Broward County.

The expansive report was compiled from police and school records, as well as interviews with people who knew Cruz.

Cruz was seemingly troubled from the beginning. By the age of 3, he had been diagnosed with developmental delays. By the time he was 6, he'd suffered the trauma of witnessing his father's death. By the time he was 16, he had become preoccupied with wars, death and killing, school records reveal. And of course, as he sits in the Broward County main jail, having confessed to 117 premeditated murders, there's a strong possibility he might face the death penalty.


The Cruzes - Nikolas Cruz's adoptive parents - married late in life. Lynda Cruz, who succumbed suddenly to pneumonia in November, was 49. Richard was 61. They arranged the adoption of Nikolas through a private attorney, insisting that his birth mother pass drug tests and make regular doctors visits. Soon after Nikolas was born, the same woman got pregnant again with a different man. The Cruzes then took in Nikolas's half-brother, Zachary. After they adopted the boys, they moved from Long Island to Parkland, where they build their home, which neighbors described as "a beautiful house"

As young children, the two boys had what friends described as a "very close" relationship with their father.

Less than a year later, the same woman got pregnant again. The baby had a different father. Lynda and Roger adopted that boy, Zachary, as well. Their family was complete.

"They had a beautiful house," said Ben Aaronson, who was close to Lynda and Roger Cruz. The couple had moved from New York and had their five-bedroom, three-bath home built in Parkland, at 6166 Northwest 80th Terrace, county property records show. They had a pool and jacuzzi in the backyard.

"They had a very close relationship with their father," Aaronson recalled of the boys. Roger Cruz was in marketing and traveled for business. But "when he was home," Aaronson said, "he was all about his kids. I remember Roger having this entire, like, really extended type jungle gym out back, in the backyard, being built," he said. "They built another wing to the house, and the kids just had plenty to do."

A golfer and "suit-and-tie man," the elder Cruz didn’t own guns, Aaronson said.

...But their lives took the first of several traumatic turns when young Nikolas discovered his father's dead body in the family den. He was five years old.

"Nikolas came down the hallway and he went to his room, and he was crying. She said, ‘What’s the matter, did Daddy punish you?’ Just as clear as day, he said, ‘Nope. Daddy’s dead.’ ”

Roger Cruz was dead of a heart attack at age 67.

Lynda Cruz sued two heart doctors and won a small settlement for her sons a few years later, court records show.

Lynda was left to raise the two boys alone. As has been previously reported, Nikolas wasn't an easy child. He had been diagnosed with autism, depression, ADHD and other behavioral disabilities.

Still, his mother doted on him. But his development was clearly stunted. In his late teens, he was still learning to do household chores and laundry.

Family friends described young Nikolas as a "momma's boy", adding that she was his only friend. He had trouble making friends and was frequently bullied. His brother told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies last week that "he and his friends, when they were younger, had bullied Nikolas, which he now regrets ever doing."

During a seven-year period covering much of his adolescence, deputies were called out to his house 39 times.

Cruz never finished high school, and at the time of the shooting he was struggling to get his GED.

He was kicked out of one middle school and transferred to a school with a program for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children. He was eventually allowed to enroll at Stoneman Douglas. During his first month there, he posted on Instagram that he was planning to shoot up the school.


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Never has a corrupt power given up that power voluntarily.  Never.  

It will not start now either.  

All corrupt power has been removed by force of one kind or another.

It is the only way it can happen.

GUS100CORRINA Fascal Rascal … Mon, 02/26/2018 - 20:06 Permalink

Observation: I believe this young man does NOT yet fully understand the gravity of what he has done or the consequences of his actions.

He is most probably in denial living inside the VIDEO GAME world of augmented reality..

My heart just weeps for those families who lost loved ones and for this young man's soul.

Truly sad. I keep asking myself: How could our society let something like this ever happen when there were so many signs of trouble ahead?

By the way, shootings are a normal everyday occurrence in cities with extremely strict gun laws like Baltimore and Chicago.

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80% of Americans don't get enough Omega-3 - which is critical to thinking right, and to prevent depression.

I say, not only do you arm teachers, you also put these problem kids on a forced supplement program of Omega-3. Every morning, they visit the cafeteria or front office - and you make them drink one table spoon of lemon flavored Omega-3.

@comment below: depends on the type of fish and where they're from. Chilean fish has low levels of mercury, possibly Norwegian as well..

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Here comes the river that the softhearted pussies are crying for this poor little spawn of Satan...every bad thing that ever happened to him - that's why he did it...there was just so much SUFFERING in his life, he was TORTURED by existence...

Yeah. Everyone is...look around. 

The sooner they grease him, the better. 

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The kid’s fucked up, the chance to help him is past. It was a failure on many people’s part, 17 people dead as a result.

Plenty of people to share the blame on this one, mental health issues are not well understood, even among law enforcement.

News Flash: There is a whole generation of detached, drugged, video game addicted, angry little bastards mulling around out there. No jobs, no opportunities, no way out.

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>> It was a failure on many people’s part, 17 people dead as a result.<<

Failure is an assumption.

The financiers of all those "failures" gets a "big win" when it comes to their "defang" the Muppets as they transition into the national debt-money fraudulent bankruptcy that will asset strip the globe on a level never before seen in human history...  including any war time pillaging..

No, from the Money Power Sith Lord perspective, this is a BIG WIN!

The only question is whether those the Money Power Sith Lords financed played a witting role in this.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”
~James Madison

"Few people have the imagination for reality. "

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As for fish oils, if it isn't IFOS (International Foil Oils Standards) 5 Star fish oil, I won't touch it due to the potential for toxic crap to be in capsules along with the fish oil.

I bought a brand from Darth Buffett's warehouse store, I took 2.5g EPA/DHA combined (the main active ingredients) and I got a raging headache and became dizzy, and I never get headaches unless I'm ill (other than that headache, the last bad one I had was tied to the flu symptoms in the 1990s) and I never get dizzy like that (was the only time in my life).

I can take 7.5g of IFOS 5 Star fish oil and all I feel is better.

I have no emotional allegiance to any IFOS 5 Star fish oil company, but OmaPure offers a really good value as long as you buy a few bottles at a time.  There is more information at OmaPure.com.  If you find a better deal on IFOS 5 Star fish oil, let me know.

True stories:

1. I was buying at a discount because I was getting up to 25 bottles at a time to feed a friend network who were taking fish oil.  Biggest order might've been 30.

2. Had one friend in his mid-30s who had a life-long stuttering problem ameliorate over 90% within weeks of starting to  take high-dose OmaPure.  The difference was night and day.

3. Had a boss who's shoulder was killing him while playing basketball get huge relief from the inflammation in his shoulder.

4. Had another friend with debilitating chronic back pain who exclaimed, and I quote, "I can't believe the inflammation is gone!" after balancing out her carb, protein, and fat intake according to the Zone Diet protocol and taking 2.5g EPA/DHA a day (IFOS 5 Star, of course...  in that case it was Omega Rx). 

She had spent $10k out of pocket and was told her only option left was surgery, and there was no guarantee it would work (appreciate at least that much honesty up front).

Remember, inflammation is itself an effect.  Something else is the root cause.

1. Electrolyte Imbalance (e.g., Magnesium deficiency)

Magnesium deficiency and increased inflammation: current perspectives

Note the role of Ca excess in the inflammation cascade.  Now you know why the Money Power Medicine Men are told to promote Ca and to mock smart Mg supplementation.  Ca isn't bad, but excess Ca can numb you psychologically (Ca shell) and it can prematurely promote illness and death.

Reference: DrLWilson.com (Nutrition Balancing)

References: GotMag.org and Youtube "Morley Robbins" and listen to his interviews on magnesium and vitamin D (which turbocharges Ca).

2. Omega 6/Omega 3 fatty acid imbalance

Experimental Evidence of ω-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Modulation of Inflammatory Cytokines and Bioactive Lipid Mediators: Their Potential Role in Inflammatory, Neurodegenerative, and Neoplastic Diseases

The work of Dr. Barry Sears (Zone Diet anti-inflammatory diet protocol)

3. Toxic overload within the body, be it heavy metals or other substances.  Two very common states are unbound iron and copper toxicity.  There are two states of iron and copper in your body.  The first state is the bio-available unbound state that is toxic above certain levels.  The second state is the bio-available bound state (ceruloplasmin and, perhaps matallothione).

The Money Power Medicine Wo/Men aren't trained to know that one can have toxic levels of unbound iron and copper while, simultaneously, the levels of bound bio-available iron and copper are deficient.  They test only for the deficiency and then recommend patients take more iron, but the problem isn't lack of iron, it is a broken "binding system."  Therefore, adding iron just makes many people more toxic so they degenerate faster and accelerate Big Bankster Pharma profits and cash flow.

Iron Behaving Badly (the author was knighted by the British Royal Money Power Sith Lord)

4. Infection, especially hidden chronic ones like rotting food in the gut (beware the "pooch"), and hidden infections under root canals and cavitations (it is impossible to clean out root canals so they are sterile and the body has no immune response to that area cut off from the nerves and the blood supply... infections can fester, and cavitations aren't properly cleaned out.

Reference Dr. Thomas Levy "The Toxic Tooth" and others on Youtube, and Dr. Hal Huggins, the guy who was ruined by the Money Power Sith Lord financed so-called American Dental Association for observing and sharing, many decades ago, that mercury-based amalgams were making some people very, very sick.

5. Chronic stress responses.  Toxic long term metabolic stress occurs that can deplete the Krebs cycle, the body's cells and its energy glands.  And energy starved cells and glands will fight off inflammation root causes much less effectively.

Understanding Stress


The Stress Wave

6. Excess insulin.  Which is caused by excessive carbohydrate ingestion or excessive total calorie ingestion (either one will do it, although, perhaps excess fat alone may cause less of an effect - not sure)

Delta-5-desaturase (D5D) is an enzyme that tends to rise with insulin in most people.  D5D is an enzyme that, when combined with arachidonic acid (a type of Omega 6 fatty acid), creates an inflammatory response.

Of note is that the mechanism of eicopentaenoic acid (EPA in fish oil) inflammatory reduction is to combine with D5D so that less D5D is available to combine with arachidonic acid and cause inflammation.  Therefore, there is less overall inflammation.

Problems are only solved when the root causes are addressed.

That's why Money Power Sith Lord programmed Rockefeller Wo/Men are NOT trained in root cause problem solving.

That doesn't maximize societal carnage and Big Bankster Pharma profits.

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{How appropriate that I post this in response to you, WG.}

janus is observing the development of a disgustingly sinister picture as it comes into view.  i'm not going to pussy-foot around about this one; having watched so many mass-shooter false flags come and go, doing my best not to get tangled in the web that they are, janus mostly keeps his opinion about this phenomena to himself. this time i'm going to address it head-on -- confident in the fact that i'm both correct and making a principled stand, i'm prepared to pursue this angle so long as this mess remains in the news.

in times past these works of fiction were ignored but not out of respect for the grieving crisis actors -- it was instead in deference to the sensibilities of a psychologically traumatized nation. in this case, there is no grieving to be seen on behalf of any of these charlatans. it's nonstop kvetching and feigned indignation.  but this isn't the most disturbing element -- not by half.

it's one thing to perpetrate a fake-shooting to effect some subjective notion of the 'greater good'; this in itself is profoundly criminal.  what's being done is nothing less that psychological and emotional assault/abuse on behalf of the elite.  and let's not kid ourselves here, it's starting to become obvious that elite and jew are interchangeable terms -- when we trace-back and identify the wire pullers in this and every other instance reeking with tyrannical creep, we find a kike and a host of shabbas goy. 




please understand, i don't want to get too sidetracked exploring the hebrew angle to this nonsense, but the kikery in parkland is impossible to ignore -- one could say it's in this case a prominent feature.  it is nevertheless important to include the jewish character of this school when attempting to understand the context relevant the marjory stoneman false flag.  and that is because this false flag will be the one to snap Average Americans from their stupor.  the timing couldn't be more ideal -- this in anticipation of the shocking revelations soon to come.

anyway, back to the peculiar elements of this story that make it so cringingly despicable.  so we have this kid -- obviously mentally challenged, slight of build, awkward, anti-social...a sad case indeed.  how do these bleeding heart jews treat the lad?  he's bullied and ridiculed so incessantly and mercilessly and insultingly that he's known to frequently threaten to shoot everyone at the school.  think about that for a moment, these cruel kikes were totally unfazed by this poor kid's threats because such a threat was obviously to be expected.  this is the only thing that makes sense.  if someone who was treated with decency and dignity were to continually threatened to shoot everyone, someone would have certainly stepped in (out of compassion or concern).  but not to with the bullied reject and outcast.  

here's where it gets really wicked.  so we have a complicit (((sherriff))) in debbie (((wasserman-shultz)))'s district.  desperate to spin the news cycle away from these pesky revelations of the FBI's weaponization and the burgeoning story of anwar the IT guru for mossad, these workers of iniquity hatch yet another false flag shooting.  in selecting a patsy, they find the ideal candidate.  a throw-away human being.  someone nobody wanted and no one gave a damn about.  just a piece of garbage in (((their))) eyes.  

They stage a shooting, Boss Hogg releases a video life-or-death diary filmed at 9am even though the shooting took place at 2:45pm.  They somehow lure the young autistic outcast to campus (probably some girl pretending to like him (the wickedness of these people knows no bounds)).  He comes in an Uber.  He leaves the school.  Casually goes to get some Subway AND McDonalds.  Cops tackle him and arrest.  MKUltra programming and drugging ensue.  Kid gets a complicit (and effusively 'compassionate') attorney, pleads guilty to all counts (probably believes he did it).  Goes from poor kid picked on by kikes to public enemy number one.  He's facing the death penalty to pay the price for kike mischief.  

Shame on everyone participating in this.  Wretched, horrible human beings.  The truth is coming out about this, Aurora, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook...all of them...people are going to answer for this; because The People are waking up.


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show me the grief i'm supposed to acknowledge.

btw, this kike trope of 'meds' & the conflation of dissent with crazy is stale and lame.  not playing TPTB's game anymore.  they want to cycle through the hegilan dialectic on this, and i'm not standing for it (neither is janus).  it's obvious what they're trying to do, but since you're a naive little nitwit the whole thing no doubt exceeds your analytical capabilities.

as was said above, the shooting is reported to've happened at 2:50.  david hogg releases a white-knuckled account of his sheltering in place -- and in the recording says it's 9:30.  the school was scheduled to have a mass shooter drill that very day. several reports of multiple shooters.  first-hand accounts of shooters dressed in full tactical gear (how you gonna hide that in an Uber?).  125 pound, 5'5" manlet supposedly pulls it all off.  no footage, not a single frame of the shooter in action released (and the school is full of video cameras).  

i could go on, but i doubt it'd do you any good.  your masters have issued thought instructions and softunderbelly has predictably and pliantly complied.  you cannot think for yourself, and so it is only natural that you'd covet the faculty when observed in others.  but, softunderbelly, envy and spite do not become you -- janus insists that you improve.  from here on out, janus expects more of you; and he simply will not tolerate complacency on your behalf.  anymore of this blinkered naivate outta you and i'll give you the bidness.

in the meantime i want you to understand something, softunderbelly: you are indeed the softunderbelly of our democracy.  you represent a weakness in the structure.  your inability to function as an autonomous and individuated member of our e pluribus unum makes you a thoughtless automaton in the hands of tyrranical powers.  in other words, you are a blunt object utilized to do the bidding of evil minds.  janus therefore can maintain no pity for your position, pitiful and feebleminded though you are.


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They didn’t show Osama Bin Laden’s corpse either after we killed him.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


They didn’t show footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon on 9-11.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


They didn’t show any proof of the Tsarnaev Brothers’ involvement in the Boston bombing. That doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.


They haven’t shown any real evidence implicating the murderer in Vegas.  That doesn’t mean....


They didn’t..reveal what triggered Michael Hasting’s Benz to explode...That doesn’t mean...Wait...

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>>it's starting to become obvious that elite and jew are interchangeable terms -- when we trace-back and identify the wire pullers in this and every other instance reeking with tyrannical creep, we find a kike and a host of shabbas goy. 




You are deploying an over generalization logic fallacy.

In doing so, you are actually protecting the real puppet masters you ostensibly claim to want to "out."

In other words, you are promoting the Money Power's agenda to remain hidden from the public mind... and you are actively doing it.

BTW, this is probably their most important agenda...  and you are faithfully serving it...  and with dedication to boot!  You are such a faithful servant to the very people you claim to despise!  I'm not even sure Greece had a tragedy like this...

Fact: Most white people that won gold medals in the Winter Olympics were white. 

Does it follow that "white people" collectively win gold medals?  Where do I pick mine up?  That's sufficient evidence to prove the fallacy you are making to an honest person unblinded by prejudice.

Yes, the Rothschilds are demonic.  So is British Royalty.  So is Spanish Royalty.  So is the so-called "Black Nobility."

I shredded a similar argument made by Buckaroo Bonzai here:


"The Jews" is very poor language because it implies my Jewish grandmother neighbor is somehow involved and aware of the Money Power Sith Lord operations.  After all, she's one of "the Jews," right?

Now, "Supranational Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Global Fascists" is precise language.

I think the reason that so many people can't simply accept the obvious is that their subconscious simply feels better blaming nebulous "Jews" (my Jewish grandmother neighbor isn't scary and isn't likely to have a hit team of CIA/drug cartel/mobster/FBI black operators on hand to hurt you, right?) than actually blaming the specific actors who do control a hit teams of CIA/drug cartel/mobster/FBI black operators who might just take you out.

Then again, perhaps it is people who are unable to ratiocinate through the obvious that keeps truth-tellers like me safe...  if a movement every got started around the truth, as opposed to the disinfo ("blame your Jewish neighbor!"), then a person like me might have to worry a whole lot more.

Just so you know, the whole state of Israel is under Debt-Money Tyranny oppression engineered to enslave entire countries (including Israel) to inextinguishable debt.  The very few Money Power Sith Lords (composed of people claiming to be Jewish and other people not claiming to be Jewish) are oppressing the people in Israel through debt-money fraud the same way they are oppressing everyone else.

Israel: 18 families control 60% corporate equity (2:00m in)

Israeli economy is ready to COLLAPSE, MASS PANIC IN ISRAEL

Israelis rally for better economic conditions

Israel mass protests over rising living costs | Aug 2011 | BBC News

In case you don't comprehend the fraud that is Debt-Money Tyranny:

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."
~Lord Acton

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte

"Let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom."
~William Pitt, (referring to the inauguration of the first National Bank in the United States under Alexander Hamilton).

How To Be a Crook

Poverty - Debt Is Not a Choice

Renaissance 2.0 The Rise of [Debt-Money Monopolist] Financial Empire

Debunking Money

Krugman (and each MIT economist professor - THEY KNOW AND THEY OCCULT!) is a Goebbelsian propagandist as he covers the crimes of wolves with his fake sheep suit and lisp.

Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the money system!"

And It's Gone

People with good intentions but limited understanding are more dangerous than people with total ill will.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Although the so-called "moral issues" were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent."
~Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

"Our minds are the first bastion against such foreign ‘attacks’ and once the offenders have breached that they have unfettered access to the Heart and finally the Soul. Tragic situation for humanity.
~Jamie, Comment

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well, my friend, the criticisms you levy my way could just as easily be returned.  to begin with, you're yourself committing an equally facile logical fallacy.  in establishing a simplistic precept like 'not all jews are bad, ergo jews aren't bad' you miss the point entirely.  you for some reason presume my thinking is sourced in some sort of didactic axiom similar to your own; it is not my intention nor responsibility to function as a semitic apologist -- there are more than enough of those going round.  obviously, not all jews are bad (it goes without saying; which is why i didn't bother saying it).  but if we are to by this reductive platitude dismiss all inquiries into the JQ, we thereby expose ourselves to the peril represented in organized jewry; namely, that they exploit the western guilt-complex to excuse and exempt their perfidy and mendacity.  but the jewish manipulation of mass psychology works both ways -- internally and externally; in that they inculcate fear and paranoia within their own ranks while at the same time freighting gentiles with the burden of this mysterious phenomena -- antisemitism. 

prior to my intimate experience with these people, i would never have assumed that people like your grandmother or the humble jewish cab-driver were party to kike mendacity.  as far as your grandmother goes, i suppose i'll just have to take your word for it; but in my own experience i learned that organized jewry pierces even the lowliest hewbrew (like the cab driver) and snares him in its machinations.  the cab driver to whom i refer was caught, by me, taking notes detailing my comings and goings, things i'd said, and other observations...spooked me to the core.  but this scrutiny was in no way limited to this cab driver; i was a pariah among the kikes, and they never let me forget it for a minute. exactly why and for what reasons janus became a matter of curiosity for the kikes is hard to say; what i can say is that they successfully persecuted my entire family...down to my youngest son...all because kikes maintain an irrational bigotry against hetero wasps.  and it was through this revelation that i learned the trick: the whole rubric of 'anit-semitism' is simply a matter of projection -- it is kikes who're racist and intrinsically bigoted, hatred and racism being their raison d etre.

to extend this principal we must ask ourselves why, throughout the ages, have similar complaints been raised about these people in disparate places and among disparate peoples?  why is that?  is the whole world just anti-semitic? or is there some reason for the JQ being successively rehashed throughout the ages?  you quoted Napoleon, a man who would abide no bigotry whatsoever; but even he took measures against what any sensible person would esteem to be organized jewish perfidy.  

"[It is necessary to] reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilisation and to public order in society in all the countries of the world. It is necessary to stop the harm by preventing it; to prevent it, it is necessary to change the Jews. [...] Once part of their youth will take its place in our armies, they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French."

but, alas, Napoleon was not adequately familiar with his Bible, for the leopard cannot change its spots.  all attempts to integrate the jews into Western civilization have ended in ruin; all attempts to show them kindness only expose a nation to their insidious attack.  Whether we're talking about ancient Rome, Russia, England, Germany, Poland, Spain or the United States, the story is always the same -- and it is NOT a function of this inscrutable mystery 'anti-semitism'; it is because jews function as a state within a state.  Which makes them inherently traitorous.  

Their allegiance is, was and always will be to fellow jews.  The story of Jonathan Pollard being a recent example of this ghastly truth.   

Your line of reasoning effectively states that, 'i've picked up and handled snakes.  i was in the pet store once and took a ball-python into my arms.  therefore, snakes represent no danger whatsoever.  anyone who says a snake will bite by nature is a bigot and maintains some irrational hatred.  that being the case, we should encourage a brood of vipers to flourish in our living room.'  and while this example may seem extravagant, it isn't.  the proportion of gentle snakes to dangerous snakes is about the same proportion of good jews to pernicious kikes.


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i can't condemn all of any group...with that i'll just reference Rev. 2:9.

EVERYTHING you've said sums up the pic.  all of us are throw away's to these monsters.

some folks merely want their ears tickled.  they jump on the condemnation bandwagon with conjecture.  not a damn thing they can prove, nor will they expend a few keystrokes & apply logical reasoning.

the adoption/browder/magnitsky connection made my head spin!  why no numbers assigned to the EO's?

and yes it's the same group traumatizing the populace for centuries...the false ones.  1963 is hardwired on most memories.

i left you a link in chat that will leave you with WTF.

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Video testimony of student who heard shots while speaking to Cruz.

Masked man could have been anyone.

Cops standing down.

Impossible timeline.

No video.

Crisis actors pre-placed; hogg, chick w/shaved head.

Sick, ironical taunt that marjory stoneman douglas was a lefty against draining the swamp. (deciding factor)

Conclusion: Deep State operation.



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All Risk No Reward Oliver Klozoff Tue, 02/27/2018 - 07:08 Permalink

>>Conclusion: Deep State operation.<<

The "Deep State" consists of employees being paid to do a job.  They are bureaucrats that are led from the top down.

The top of the "Deep State" is controlled by the financiers that pay the bills... including their paychecks.

The "Deep State" is an effect.

One does not solve problems by focusing on effects.

One has a chance to solve problems if you understands cause and effect, focuses on finding the root cause, and then highlighting it to try and get some kind of resolution.

The root cause is the Supranational Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Global Fascist Empire.

That's what is called precise, communicative language.

It is not Orwellian programmed language that is too vague to convey any real information.

The Money Power financed the promotion of "New World Order."  They didn't do that because it was a threat, they did it because it is effectively a meaningless term that doesn't identify a root cause.

The Money Power also finances the "Deep State" narrative for the exact same reason.

The Money Power will never, ever, ever finance the "Supranational Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Global Fascist Empire" narrative, now will they?

I think you can figure out why, right?

But people love their meaningless, emotional satisfying undescriptive language.

"Everything that deceives can be said to enchant."

"We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How does ineffective language enchant you and why do you use it to deceive yourselves?

The truth is that most will lack the courage for self reflection.

"The truth will set you free, but it will make you miserable first."
~President James Garfield

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."
– Dresden James

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I will stand up for GUS100's comment.  That is "not" a pussified reaction.  You must figure out how to find a center point in yourself between straight out Terminator warrior and bleeding heart Mother Teresa.  If you cannot summon compassion for the messed up kid that did this you really cannot have a better society than you have today.  That said, the far other extreme of no boundary anything goes liberalism will not do either.  GUS100's comment was appropriate.  

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I bet he was overdosed with immunizations and that was his ADHD and all the other issues stemmed from that.  Bullying is common for those who can't respond with verbal jabs.  

Common for Doctors to do what they are told and then blow it off when they "learn" differently.  Most kids born between 1990 and 2005 were given too many immunizations too early... now the schedule is different.  But why change it, Hmmmm.

Regrets bullying indeed.  

These things don't happen in a vacuum.  Not terribly PC to say, but you keep supporting bullying and then cry cry cry when someone nukes you.  Poke that red bear... tick tock merica

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Agree in many ways- the actions are inexcusable, but society has also failed miserably in letting this kid fall through the cracks:

-Failure of national/state/regional mental health programs

-Failure of gun control laws to prevent semi-automatic weapons from getting into a clearly disturbed persons' hands

-Failure of FBI to investigate properly. Didn't see it mentioned, but they clearly missed this while they were fucking around with the Russia-gate bullshit-fest (biggest failure of all imo, and the leadership SHOULD resign- they failed to keep America safe while playing politics)

-Failure of local LEO to intervene in an ongoing school shooting


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Agreed.  He does not understand what he has done. 

I was severely bullied in high school.  I was very undersized, plus a speech impediment. No girlfriends, indeed, no real friends.  I came close to snapping several times.  If I had a gun at that point, don't know what I would have done.  No one had guns back then, there was no gun culture I had seen, and it never occurred to me to get a gun. 

Unless you are severely bullied, you cannot understand what it is like.  EVERY SINGLE DAY is HELL.  School is not school like you think it is.  School is where you go to be bullied and abused, and NO ONE STOPS IT.  I am not exaggerating.  You do not care about living.  Because you have been so beaten down by your fellow students, it is very hard to see them as fellow humans deserving of respect for their lives.   You are no longer a normal human.  You have been turned into a monster.  when you snap, you go after the nearest targets, because you believe all of humanity hates you. 

Some people recover as they get older.  Some people don't.    

3 decades later, I understand what this guy has done and why.  With no religion, no community, no family, no love, just enemies everywhere, his fate was sealed.  Sure, we all have to take responsibility for our actions.  But he had NO SUPPORT to pull him from the depths of his despair.  Even his brother admits to bullying him.  

Almost every single one of these shooters had mental illness.  Whether born that way, society did it to them, or more likely some combination of both, these incidents will go on.  Saying we all should be responsible for our actions sounds great, but it is meaningless in terms of solving this problem.

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