Trump: U.S. Should Execute Major Drug Dealers

Inspired by Singapore's policy of executing drug traffickers, President Trump is said to relish the idea of putting major dealers to death - who he is said to compare to serial killers, Axios reports. 

"He says that a lot," said a source who's spoken to Trump at length about the subject. "He says, 'When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem [the prime minister replies,] 'No. Death penalty'."

According to five sources who have spoken with Trump on the subject, it's no joke to the President - who says that a softer approach to drug reform where you show sympathy to the offenders "will never work."

Trump meets with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Trump feels that children need to be taught that they'll die if they fall into a life of drugs, and that drug dealers should be made to fear for their lives, according to the report - however he acknowledges that it would probably be near impossible to pass such a law in the United States. 

There are currently 33 countries for which drug crimes carry the death penalty - mostly located in Asia and the Middle East.


Axios reports that Kellyanne Conway - who leads the White House's anti-drug efforts - clarified Trump's position, saying that Trump is talking about high-volume dealers who are killing thousands of people. 

The point he's making, she says, is that some states execute criminals for killing one person but a dealer who brings a tiny quantity of fentanyl into a community can cause mass death in just one weekend, often with impunity.

"The president makes a distinction between those that are languishing in prison for low-level drug offenses and the kingpins hauling thousands of lethal doses of fentanyl into communities, that are responsible for many casualties in a single weekend."

Trump may back legislation for a five-year mandatory minimum sentence for traffickers dealing in as little as two grams of fentanyl - down from 40 grams for the same sentence. The DEA estimates that two grams is sufficient to kill people. 

  • Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, and much of it is manufactured in Chinese labs. It can be lethal in extremely small doses. Of the 64,000 people who died of drug overdoses in 2016, more than 20,000 overdosed on synthetic opioids like fentanyl, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse.

Conway thinks this type of policy would have widespread support. 

“There is an appetite among many law enforcement, health professionals and grieving families that we must toughen up our criminal and sentencing statutes to match the new reality of drugs like fentanyl, which are so lethal in such small doses,” she said.

Trump is reportedly discussing new policies with his advisors, including whether they may adopt some of Singapore's less "lethal" approaches to "zero tolerance" drug policies - including bringing more anti-drug education into schools. Both Kellyanne Conway and Melania Trump support introducing better drug education programs in schools aimed at prevention. 


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You would have to line up the heads of the Bush / Clinton crime family.

In the end you would just make it more profitable for the CIA traffickers. Best to legalize it all Mr Trump.  Reality is for those who can not handle drugs.  Drive the price down to the same as candy and let Darwin handle the rest.

Trump needs to get away from these military men that have set up a ring around him.

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GUS100CORRINA boattrash Mon, 02/26/2018 - 09:30 Permalink

Trump: U.S. Should Execute Major Drug Dealers

My response: How about we expand this action to include all people who have committed TREASON and who work in DOJ, US CONGRESS, US SENATE, FBI, CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT and intelligence agencies in general?


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Griffin MilwaukeeMark Mon, 02/26/2018 - 14:13 Permalink

That is a good point.

Some US banks have been working closely with Mexican drug dealers, amongst others.

This makes them a part of the operation, clearly complicit.

Are we going to line up the bankers in front of a firing squad ?


In my opinion, no government should ever execute people.  Civilised countries should look at executions as barbarism.

Which they clearly are.

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Rico boattrash Mon, 02/26/2018 - 08:36 Permalink

please explain the moral justification for your desire to murder everyone,  because I just don't get it..

As an individual do I have the moral right to murder or not? The gov rights are the delegated right of the people, thus only rights that the people have can be delegated to a fictitious entity called a govt. So how can it be morally wrong for me to murder someone,  but is morally ok for a fictitious entity called a govt to murder? How is this possible?

If the govt believes that it has the moral justification to murder then inversely it means that it is not morally wrong for anyone else to do the same...

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clade7 Rico Mon, 02/26/2018 - 08:55 Permalink


I am following your thought process here... Yes..a private citizen in good standing should be allowed to freely execute not only the dopioid dealers but also their own addicted children...Without any legal repurcussions..


I tell you opioid addict child, no matter who's to blame and how it happened, will destroy their entire extended Family...years upon years of pain and heartache..shit stolen, wealth squandered in 'treatment' programs... Wife crying at night?...Up 72hrs straight in a overdose situation?...Guilt and Shame?


Who the fuck needs this kind of trouble when a fellow has to earn a living and keep the lights on?


Forgive me, I am in a weak moment of despair...sometimes for a Husband and Father, murderous thought fantasies late at night are all the solace a guy has left...Theres no victim recompense...and by victim, I mean the Family...


You cant have anything nice or even go out to dinner if you got an Opioid addicted cant let down your guard for a minute or get a night of peaceful sleep...the damndest thing......Turn the Fathers in America loose with an open season and no limits to take out the predators? to think about...

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SirBarksAlot clade7 Mon, 02/26/2018 - 09:32 Permalink

I feel your pain.

Living on the border, I see the headlines, that aren't reported in the US, of what the cartels do in Mexico.  Common people come across the border who are terrified and won't speak of them.  They only say, "It's getting worse!!"

I believe the CIA is behind them.  I also believe that local government officials have been threatened by them to keep their sanctuary status.

If something isn't done, with real palpable fear-inducing legislation, they will soon take over control of all the local governments and then there will be nothing you can do about it.


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Malleus Maleficarum SirBarksAlot Mon, 02/26/2018 - 12:22 Permalink

"Will soon take control of the local governments?" They already have taken control! Cartels and police agencies work hand-in-hand. Who do you think guards drug shipments? Who do you think ensures money laundering investigations go nowhere? Who do you think provides the cartels with the names of snitches? Who do you think does hits for the cartels? 

In the US Prohibition Era, alcohol cartels and the gangsters who ran them were some of the biggest donors to anti-legalization politicians and the Temperance Movement. The same thing is true today, only on a much larger scale. The Prohibitionists did at least two things right: first, they followed proper legal protocol and amended the Constitution. Second, they had the common sense to call off the "experiment" when they realized it had failed and could never work. It only took them ten years to realize that the many negative effects of Prohibition were far worse than the original problem of a few drunkards. 

We've tried literally everything, save for removing the profit incentive. Severe punishment, asset "forfeiture," billions and billions of dollars wasted on "interdiction." We've turned the US into a police state. In Trump's remaining three years, I'm sure he'll try to one-up his idol, Duterte. Yet any drug you can imagine is plentiful, readily available, and cheap. In three years, when Trump leaves office and is replaced by the next, even worse statist creep, the drugs will still plentiful and cheap. 


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Malleus Maleficarum clade7 Mon, 02/26/2018 - 12:50 Permalink

If that's sarcasm, please forgive me. None of that is a good reason to continue digging our national grave, or for "conservatives like us" giving the government an even bigger blank check to plunder and murder! We "small-government conservatives" don't trust the government to do anything...except kill whomever they see fit! Man, oh man...

If you're serious, you should really try Al-Anon or the like because you sound co-dependent and burdened by control and parental failure issues. Do you think you're the only person who's lost a kid to drugs? Many of us have, and many of us have gone through that roller-coaster of emotions and anger. Very few of us saw that as a reason to start killing people. It won't bring your kid back, that's for sure.

And personally, I don't think any Drug War BS excuses justify murdering consenting adults for selling each other substances, and I don't think it justifies killing our own kids because we failed as parents in some ways. The first thing the addict's love ones must do is learn to let go. An addict will only be helped when they get help for themselves. Period. Pleading, bullying, threatening, cajoling, and on and on won't work. This tendency to act without thinking, in the heat of anger and at the height of "feelings," is why our nation is circling the bowl.

Even though increasingly insane Drug War tactics are almost never about actually helping addicts or solving the underlying social and economic problems, executions certainly won't help. We're willing to start killing each other and letting the government kill even more people than they already do, but we refuse to do the one thing that hasn't been tried and will almost certainly work: re-legalize the drugs, remove the lavish profits, and let nature run its course! With a few percent of the Billions of dollars saved from the costly failure of "interdiction" alone, all manner of help could be available for those addicts who come to their senses and seek it out!

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clade7 Malleus Maleficarum Mon, 02/26/2018 - 13:42 Permalink

Thank you...Nope, not sarcasm, experience..When it comes to opioid effects and aftermath, on a Familial level, 'Rational Thought' leaves the building...losing a kid quickly would be one thing, quick and painless, that I can deal with...


Its the Opioid addicted Kids not lost to death that you manage to keep alive that takes the extended toll on the Family, constant miserable cycle... ...Over and Over and Over...please pray for me...

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Rico Ajax-1 Mon, 02/26/2018 - 11:09 Permalink

Looking at nature, all creatures have a right to self defense. If an attacker is killed by a person exercising self defense, the moral culpability is on the attacker.

Is the soldier acting in self defense? Is there an invading army within the borders of the US?

Bombing wedding parties, funerals, hospitals and civilians is most definitely murder. You can put lipstick on a pig and call it 'justifiable homicide' all you want, but it doesn't change the fact we are committing murder, all day, everyday for decades. Regardless of orders, justifications or religious bullshit, it always comes down to one human pulling a trigger that ends another human's life...a person cannot hide behind the fact that they are playing dress-up as a soldier and it is all ok, or 'justified' as you put it - that is just bullshit to make you feel better about yourself,  make you feel like less of an asshole..

...our karmic butchers bill is coming due and we will deserve it all.

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I note a story on today about the real journalist who risked her life to tell us how an American Seal operation in Yemen resulted in a Blackhawk helicopter machine gunning a section of an entire town, killing five women and 10 children.

This was the first military operation authorized by President Trump, which was said to be a great success. At least that's what the government told us ... and the MSM reported as fact based on the government's version of the truth. The real truth gets buried. No "Sixty Minutes" piece on this "incident" (slaughter).

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Re: Our government/military - what they do vs. what we are told they did...

I note a story on today about a (real) journalist who risked her life to tell us how an American Seal operation in Yemen resulted in a Blackhawk helicopter machine gunning a section of an entire town, killing five women and 10 children.

This was the first military operation authorized by President Trump, which was said to be a great success. At least that's what the government told us ... and the MSM reported as fact based on the government's version of the truth. The real truth gets buried. No "Sixty Minutes" piece on this "incident" (slaughter).

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Dilluminati gatorengineer Mon, 02/26/2018 - 08:12 Permalink

He is a statement away for me anyway of being not wanted in office for another 4 years after his comments on gun control.  I have lost most if not all my respect for the guy with the real casual way the guy wants to cut a deal on the 2nd.  I'm open to new candidates on the right who have their thinking correct.  

I wonder if he has any real values?  His position on the 2nd is now a damn-near no go with him.  We need someone more committed to freedom.

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