Canary Island Of La Palma Rattled By Another Major Quake Swarm

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The Canary island of La Palma has been rattled by another swarm of earthquakes. This new swarm reignites fear that the Cumbre Vieja volcano could erupt just four months after a swarm of 200 earthquakes rocked the island.

According to the Express UK, the Spanish archipelago was struck by up to 70 small quakes, recorded between Monday and Wednesday, reaching between magnitude 1.5 and 2.6 on the Richter scale. Government officials announced more quakes were felt between 3 am and 6:30 am this morning at magnitudes of between 2.1 and 1.5. Most of them were located in the area of Los Canarios, in Fuencaliente, and in El Pueblo, Villa de Mazo, although they have also been registered in El Paso and Tazacorte.

The Canary government, however, is desperate to know why the earthquakes have begun again. They also want to know what could happen in the future.

statement by government bosses read:

“Given the increase in seismic activity recorded on the island of La Palma, the Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, in application of the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Care for Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA), has convened tomorrow Friday, February 16, a meeting of the Scientific Committee of Evaluation and Monitoring of Volcanic Phenomena.

“On the agenda of the meeting, which will be chaired by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Security, Blanca Delia Pérez, will be to discuss the precursors and parameters of seismic activity on the island in recent weeks; assess the activity and evolution forecast, and appoint the sole representative of the Steering Committee.

“The Scientific Committee for Evaluation and Monitoring of Volcanic Phenomena is formed, in addition to the Government of the Canary Islands and representatives of the General State Administration, by the National Geographic Institute (IGN); the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC); the Canarian Volcanological Institute (Involcan); the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME); State Meteorological Agency (AEMET); Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO); specialists of the two Canarian universities (ULPGC and ULL) and representatives of other prestigious institutions in the study and research of volcanology in the Canary Islands.”

As with every seismic event,  experts stressed there is no imminent danger of an eruption and say the movements that struck at a depth of between 14 and 30 kilometers are considered “normal” for a volcanic island. Nonetheless, La Palma is being monitored closely to detect every single movement, even though they have not been felt by the public.

Following the quakes in October, scientists stepped up monitoring in the Cumbre Vieja area with more seismic stations and GPS antennas, together with a continuous radon measurement station.


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The severity of the problem is not extreme wave height, but length. With such a massive water disruption, the wavelength of pulses is extreme, could be over a hundred miles for each wave. Florida could be overwashed from the atlantic to the gulf. Given the intensity of force, erosion could cut the state in half permanently. The piedmont could lose mass. Only the hand of the Lord has kept such things at bay for the short duration of our existence. Given the nearly unlimited potential for fatal cataclysms on our little world, there is no way we avoid destruction on an annual basis without unseen protection. Placement of the system, planets, sun, stars, and shape of physical laws has been carefully crafted for our habitation, and protection. 

We have even been protected from ourselves.

Stragetic nuclear warfare hasn't happened because the equipment simply won't respond to commands for launch. It's been tried. More than once. Not saying it will never happen, but it has been stopped before by forces beyond us. That will never be admitted publicly of course. There are those in the know that were there, off the record. It wasn't little green men either. 

As as aside, it is known what "UFO's" are. They are not biological creatures travelling the stars. The big lie is that forces involved would have the public believe that at any cost. As said before, the Vatican did not go to extreme lengths financially and legally, to build its infrafred telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona without a compelling reason. It had to be on Mt. Graham. They were adamant enough to fight the Indian tribes in court. So many unseen goings on. This is what happens in the information age; overload, confusion, exhaustion, surrender, apathy, and escape from reality in whatever "comforts" one can obtain. Sobriety is abandoned. Truth is the casualty. 

What we have is a situation well underway for absolute and total false reality to be comprehensively installed, the past being forever abandoned and forgotten. The great reveal is coming. People are going to want proof, and will be readily supplied with it. What is produced will be very real, but the story behind it a fiction. History will be rewritten. There will be no going back. Those who rebuke it will be targetted. Religions will be shattered. Faith in the one living God will plummet, those falling away will turn to a new kind of worship. Such further spread of darkness will usher in the physical manifestations. Things will walk the earth. There will be no weapon that can pierce them. Those are the days people will beg for death and not find it. Those who believe in the lie will believe in the darkness. Those who reject the lie will find themselves under the blood of the Lamb.

One way or another, that is the reckoning that will be accomplished. Some people need to see to believe. Some more than others. There will be plenty of signs and warnings. There already have been. The simple fact that only in this day do virtually all areas on earth have access to current events, instantaneously, brings attention to the character of foretold events. Only because of near universal access to world events, will everyone be privy to the information necessary to discern prophecy. That in itself is a huge marker of the season we occupy. 

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Extract from that near 18 year old article

Placing the results of the Cumbre Vieja model in its wider context, Dr Simon Day, and Post-doctoral Research Fellow at UCL, said:

'Anyone planning a holiday to the Canary Islands and the islanders themselves need not panic. Cumbre Vieja is not errupting so the short-term and medium-term risks are negligble.'

Dr Day continued:

' The collapse will occur during some future eruption after days or weeks of precursory deformation and earthquakes. An effective earthquake monitoring system could provide advanced warning of a likely collapse and allow early emergency management organisations a valuable window of time in which to plan and respond.’

' Eruptions of Cumbre Vieja occur at intervals of decades to a century or so and there may be a number of eruptions before its collapse. Although the year to year probability of a collapse is therefore low, the resulting tsunami would be a major disaster with indirect effects around the world. Cumbre Vieja needs to monitored closely for any signs of impending volcanic activity and for the deformation that would precede collapse.'

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"Eruptions of Cumbre Vieja occur at intervals of decades to a century or so and there may be a number of eruptions before its collapse. "

That's good scientific hedging (no insult intended).  Or, it may be sudden and catastrophic.  In any event, are the odds cumulative as time passes w/o a landslide?  Or is it a case of Pascal's wager--very slim (but non-zero) odds, but w/a hugely negative payoff?  We dont model such non-linear outcomes very well.    

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you_are_cleared_hot Dorado Wed, 02/28/2018 - 08:40 Permalink

Yeah, Discovery Channel years ago did a show on Mega Tsunamis and highlighted Cumbra Vieja in the Canary Islands. IF what they showed on the show really happens then Boston, MA all the way to Savannah, GA will be hit with 100ft tidal waves. The real question is how far inland with the sea reach. I couldn't give a rats ass about Boston, NYC, DC...just need to know how far west to drive.

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AntiSanta you_are_cleared_hot Sun, 03/04/2018 - 04:19 Permalink

Much further than you'd have to go to escape a tsunami generated by an earthquake, it appears. According to the models, the massive wave generated by the collapse would result in waves that are considerably longer than those generated by earthquakes. So the water would just keep on coming over the back of the water from the initial impact. In the Indonesia tsunami of 2004, it wasn't the FIRST wave that killed the most people, it was the subsequent waves that flowed over the water brought in by the initial tsunami, since they faced much lower friction.

So put the pedal to the metal and don't stop until the highway signs have town or landmark names with the word "mountain" in them, or until you find yourself atop a mountain and every other mountain in view is shorter and it's REALLY hard to breathe for lack of oxygen! Alternately you could grow a beard, construct a large, wooden boat, and begin collecting two of every animal... Try to get a male and a female of each - goof that up, and well, that's how the unicorns died out! :p

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Nothing to worry about and they don't know why all the EQs suddenly...  but they are watching it closely....  so that...   when the island sinks in a steaming mass of broiling lava, we can get it on tape.

Cloud9.5 Wed, 02/28/2018 - 08:42 Permalink

A ninety eight foot wave hitting the east coast of Florida would be interesting to say the least.  I wonder if we would get our feet wet up here on the ridge?

Surveyor 59 Wed, 02/28/2018 - 09:12 Permalink

6 hours to east coast. A warning, unless it happens at night. Then as millions pour water for their morning coffee, they get a few quadrillion more gallons than expected...oh the irony