Foreign Officials Discussed How To Manipulate "Naive" Jared Kushner

Just hours after Politico reported that White House senior advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner had been stripped of his top-level security clearance, the Washington Post dropped a bombshell report that purports to provide an unprecedented level of insight into why Kushner wasn't granted an exemption.

According to WaPo, officials in at least four countries have privately discussed how to manipulate Kushner by taking advantage of his "complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience." The story cited current and former US intelligence officials.


Kushner's family business, the Kushner Companies, was famously having money troubles tied to 666 Fifth Avenue, "the most expensive building ever purchased", in New York City at least. Though earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that the family business was planning to buy out Vornado Realty's stake in the building.

The officials - who were not named or - were from China, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Mexico.

White House officials, including National Security Advisor HR McMaster were reportedly uncomfortable about some of Kushner's contacts, and eventually worked out a system where any contacts he had with foreign officials were to be carefully monitored.

McMaster raised questions about some of Kushner's meetings, and why there weren't people with more foreign policy experience in the room with him.

Officials in the White House were concerned that Kushner was “naive and being tricked” in conversations with foreign officials, some of whom said they wanted to deal only with Kushner directly and not more experienced personnel, said one former White House official.

Kushner has an unusually complex set of business arrangements and foreign entanglements for a senior White House aide, experts have said. But his behavior while in office has only drawn more scrutiny and raised concerns that he would be unable to obtain a final security clearance, which he needs to perform the many jobs Trump has entrusted to him, from negotiating foreign trade deals to overseeing a Middle East peace process.

“We will not respond substantively to unnamed sources peddling second-hand hearsay with rank speculation that continue to leak inaccurate information,” said Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Kushner’s lawyer.

White House officials said McMaster was taken aback by some of Kushner’s foreign contacts.

“When he learned about it, it surprised him,” one official said. “He thought that was weird...It was an unusual thing. I don’t know that any White House has done it this way before.”

The official said that McMaster was “not concerned but wanted an explanation. It seemed unusual to him.”

In the months since, McMaster and Kushner have worked to coordinate so that the National Security Council is aware of Kushner’s contacts with foreign officials and so Kushner has access to the council’s country experts to prepare for meetings.

Of course, as is often the case in WaPo stories, a key piece of context is buried more than a dozen paragraphs deep: The notion that foreign governments routinely discuss how they can influence senior administration officials - not just Kushner.

Foreign governments routinely discuss ways they can influence senior officials in all administrations.

“Every country will seek to find their point of leverage,” said one person familiar with intelligence intercepts of foreign officials discussing Kushner.

But Kushner came to his position with an unusually complex set of business holdings and a family company facing significant debt issues.

WaPo also said officials from the UAE identified Kushner as particularly manipulable in the spring of 2017 because of his family’s search for investors in their real estate company.

Reports that the Kushners were close to a deal with Anbang, the giant Chinese conglomerate that was recently taken over by China's insurance regulator, for a deal involving 666 Fifth Ave, raised conflict of interest concerns last year. Though Kushner's repeated amendments to his security clearance filings don't look great in retrospect.

We now wait for a reaction from the White House - or possibly from Trump himself.


caconhma IridiumRebel Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:44 Permalink

Neither Kushner nor Trump families give a shit about the USA and its people.

Both these families including personally Trump are utterly compromised.

The Trump administration is in the Office for more than 1 year. What are the accomplishments? Well

  • More wars of aggression
  • More runaway government spendings and deficits
  • More goodies for WallStreet and MIC (including huge tax reductions for the top 0.1% of oligarchs)
  • More goodies for the Zionist Mafia and Israel at the expense of the US national  interests
  • More totalitarian state for fellow Americans
  • Lots of meaningless Tweeting

Now, ask yourself:

  • Who is Trump working for?
  • Did Trump do anything for you?


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MozartIII caconhma Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:53 Permalink

Your a tad emotional. Your list is somewhat correct but lacking many items. Another Soros spam attack. I know more will come!

Sadly I am not being paid like you are to make up faulty shit.

You are clearly working for Soro's!





Love to meet for a 1 on 1 personal meeting.





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Endgame Napoleon caconhma Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:59 Permalink

Work is not about family, even though the fake-feminist era has made the two issues symbiotic. Historically, Trump will be judged on his public policies, with family being like a features story in a high school newspaper—a way to add a dash of flavoring to the historical main dish, which is the work.

  1. Aggressive warsno, not so far, anyway, unless you count that one tarmac bombing in Syria with few (or no) human casualties;
  2. Deficit spendingyes, just like his predecessors and with tax-cut windfalls and child-tax-credit welfare going to the same old groups of favored citizens and noncitizens, namely citizens with money and often part-time-working citizen and non-citizen parents, with either spousal income or layers of monthly welfare for staying below the earned-income limit for the programs and now-doubled child-tax-credit welfare that used to max out at $6,444, while so many other underemployed citizens struggle to cover rent that absorbs more than half of their pay on one stream of earned-only income, but hey, single moms, working part time to stay below the earned-income limit for monthly welfare that covers their rent and groceries can finance more beachfront copulation with boyfriends in Florida, while married moms, working part time to add keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ money to a spousal income, can finance a kitchen remodel or another lengthy, excused babyvacation;
  3. Wall Street goodies — yes, but that would be the case with anyone holding the office, kid yourself not;
  4. Fostering good relations with Israel yes, but, Israel is a long-time ally of the USA and one of the few countries likely to have America’s back in any crisis, and they are a legit democracy, the only long-standing, stable democracy in the ME, not a mafia state;
  5. More deep state no, I don’t think so, certainly not compared to Obama’s deep-state apparatus, as revealed by Snowden; 
  6. Tweet paradeyes, but who cares since other presidents have used new forms of media to reach the public, like FDR with the then-new radio, and WWF-style Tweeting is entertaining without really hurting anything.

Trump is working for the USA, although his policies are more like the Uniparty politicians than his campaign rhetoric suggested.

Trump’s policies are not helping people like me, no, quite the opposite, but neither did the policies of past POTUSES that I voted for. It does look like the SCOTUS, with its new Trump-chosen member, decided not to put illegal aliens ahead of citizens in one ruling, which should help underemployed, male citizens whose wages have been falling for 40 years in the era of mass, welfare-supported immigration. Illegal aliens mostly compete with male citizens for jobs, driving wages down due to welfare for US-born kids that enables them to work ultra cheaply. It is given to illegal alien households with sole, male breadwinners, staying below the earned-income limit for welfare in traceable income. A reduction in illegal aliens competing for jobs does not really help single, childless, non-welfare-eligible, female citizens, living on earned-only income, competing with openly discriminatory and often frequently absentee crony-mom citizens in the many mom-gang jobs “voted best for moms.” Working moms can afford to work part time—officially and unofficially—for low pay due to spousal income and child tax credits, child support that covers their rent and child tax credits or monthly welfare that covers rent and groceries and refundable child-tax-credit welfare. When linked to work, monthly welfare, tax favoritism and tax welfare for womb-productive females drives down wages and hours for the many female citizens who must live on earned-only income. It enables moms to work for less, advantaging them with employers who tell childless, single women straight up that the moms “have somethin’ comin’ in,” making it easy for moms to accept low pay and part-time hours or low pay and extreme lenience for dramatic absenteeism. Government favoritism for the womb productive likewise encourages bold discrimination in the many workplaces staffed with 98% childbearing-aged moms, making the economy even more brutal for the non-womb-productive, single women than it already was, including the single moms with grown kids. Fake feminism is all about part-time work and womb productivity—current womb productivity, not past womb productivity—and this administration is just as committed to fake feminism as the past 3 Uniparty administrations.

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Freddie macholatte Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:22 Permalink

Wa PO the mouthpiece of the CIA/State Dept.

Jared Kushner-Soros-Netiyahoo-Mo$$ad.

Jared and Ivanka just want more shekels.  Don't they have to register as agents of I$rael?

Are t6he only members of teh Trump klan who have an allegiance to America - Baron and Melania?  No way she will let Donald force Baron to convert to Satanism.

Getting tired of Q anon, 10,000 indictments, Trumps/Mic/Bibi war in Syria, and the phony idea of white hats in the govt and military.  Until I see Clintons, Bushes, Soros, Obama, Sid Blumenthal, Sheriff Scott Isreali Isreal, Lois Lerner, Brennan, Mueller, Comey, McCain, Pelosi and all the criminals in jail plus dual agent Jared - then it is all talk. 

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Truth_Hoits Duc888 Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:15 Permalink

Well, you said it...must be true. Especially with the "day fucking one" at the end.


Besides, would a guy that wears a tinfoil hat lie?


cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, you say?


Being used by MOSSAD, possible...actual MOSSAD operative?  Nobody believes that...not even you.


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Blankone Duc888 Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:17 Permalink

Once again,this is a personal pick by Trump. He's only been in the position for about 1 week and already this. He is undermining the activities of another of Trumps high level people (Trump's closest).

"White House officials, including National Security Advisor HR McMaster were reportedly uncomfortable about some of Kushner's contacts, and eventually worked out a system where any contacts he had with foreign officials were to be carefully monitored."

And just like that McMaster (chosen by Trump) and "white house officials" have taken over and are effectively shutting down Trump's ability to set direction. Trump and his close advisor/administration leader have to satisfy this other group - a group headed up by someone chosen by Trump.

Add to that the report that Kushner has been denied access to sensitive information/data/communications. In other words, one of Trump's loyal main men has been shut out which also serves to shut out Trump.

And to justify their actions? All they needed to do is bring up that some foreign govt's may have discussed trying to manipulate him. I would expect all govt's discuss how to manipulate a new administration to get what they want. And now Trump has to get on his knees to beg and prove his boy can be trusted. Trump also has to submit to having his top people being escorted/shadowed to meetings and them having to report all communications and actions to a group that has taken a superior/senior authority position above the president. Trump's circus is fun to watch.

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Dilluminati Freddie Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:22 Permalink

I was listening to this on CSPAN tonight and thinking about younger people and how they are going to one day grow up to be POTUS, or how they will claw their way to the top of the corporate ladder, or how they'll get even with this or that person in the office, or I'll show them... cocka-doodle-doo screw you thinking.. young people thinking and you know I get a zen now from calculating my age from retirement, gardening, reading the news Zhedge, shooting at the range.. futzing around the house.. keeping an immaculate lawn.. And the ass kicker?? Time flies..

But most of this shit is amusing and the whole drama llama of it all is too much.

I'm starting to get to that point where I can go get the stuff I always wanted to get and know I'm as well prepared for retirement as anyone and have started hunting sizing down..

But the stupid shit?? That is young people shit.. I feel sorry for Baron and if Jared hadn't been all that.. for what really??  I don't know.. just a zen lately.. I know the date and it is close enough to start counting

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WTFUD Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:10 Permalink

Yeah, Kushy you little faggot, when you're doing the deals, you'll need Vicky Nudelman Nuland by your side, passing you notes. She's got your back, son, now get down to McDonalds and get me a quarter pounder with fries.

Freddie Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:25 Permalink

Well some Christians and Free Republic types may be waking up because I$rael aka country of Rothschild is taxing the largest church in Jerusalem.  These people hate Christians.  They helped kill 25 million Christians in Russia.

Someone on FR said Orthodox Jews treat Christians in I$rael like garbage. 

uhland62 Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:42 Permalink

Snoop, snoop, snoop, snoop, snoop, snoop, snoop:  

According to WaPo, officials in at least four countries have privately discussed how to manipulate Kushner ....

ISEEIT Tue, 02/27/2018 - 19:46 Permalink

Wow....What an amazing story!

I'm absolutely positive that 'foreign officials' would never,  EVER have discussed manipulating any of the 'serious' folk in the el bozo regime....

Otherwise the 'media' and our brave public servants in the intelligence agencies would have told is so....

It's true!

Don't believe me?

Ask snopes....


William Dorritt Tue, 02/27/2018 - 20:00 Permalink

There is always a way to compromise anyone, money, sex and power are three of them.

In the case of the world elite it's kiddie sex, something they can agree on with all of Islam.

richatstructure Tue, 02/27/2018 - 20:03 Permalink

. . . from negotiating foreign trade deals to overseeing a Middle East peace process.


. . . from negotiating foreign trade deals to overseeing a Middle East war process.

There,  fixed...

MuffDiver69 Tue, 02/27/2018 - 20:10 Permalink

It’s a good laugh to see these millennial hacks at Fake News purveyors like WaPo and NYT write this garbage over and literaly have a story with not one quote nor do they call any of the principles so they can go on record or as was standard deny this crap..the funnier thing is the millennial idiots who read this shit and probably don’t even know Obama’s right hand man and NSC advisor Ben Rhodes couldn’t get a National Security clearance and was an Art-n-Literature major...lulz