Jared Kushner Loses Access To Top Secret Intelligence

In a move that represents a serious blow to Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner's standing in the West Wing, Politico reports that all White House aides working on the highest-level interim security clearance were informed on Friday that they will have their clearance downgraded from "Top Secret/SCI-level" to "secret" - walling them off from the most sensitive information.


Many had expected that Trump would grant Kushner a waiver, even though Trump himself said Friday that he would let Chief of Staff John Kelly decide if such an exception should be granted. Friday's memo was not signed by Kelly.

The decision is the first major shakeup since the dismissal of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who was exposed for abusing both of his ex-wives. The FBI insinuated that it had informed the White House of Porter's conduct, appearing to contradict a timeline of events initially offered by Kelly.

The White House has been reticent about the downgrade:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to comment on Kushner’s clearance status at a briefing Tuesday.

"We actually haven’t commented on Jared’s issue indicated, but we have commented on his ability to do his job. Which, he’s a valued member of the team and he will continue to do the important work that he’s been doing since he’s started in the administration."

Kushner's attorney said the downgrade wouldn't impact Kushner's ability to continue to do his job.

Kushner’s attorney Abbe Lowell said in a statement that Kushner "has done more than what is expected of him in this process."

Lowell added that the changes would "not affect Mr. Kushner’s ability to continue to do the very important work he has been assigned by the president."

Indeed, media reports indicated that White House staffers were already exploring workarounds to help Kushner continue to handle his sizable West Wing portfolio - which includes several sensitive foreign policy issues - without having a top-level security clearance. Kelly also issued a statement last week saying any changes to security clearance wouldn't impact Kushner's ability to do his job.

"As I told Jared days ago, I have full confidence in his ability to continue performing his duties in his foreign policy portfolio including overseeing our Israeli-Palestinian peace effort and serving as an integral part of our relationship with Mexico," Kelly said in the statement.

The decision to downgrade staff still working on interim clearances indicates that Kelly is prepared to impose the same sort of discipline on the White House clearance process that he has tried to impose on the West Wing staff more broadly, Politico said.

"The American people deserve a White House staff that meets the highest standards and that has been carefully vetted - especially those who work closely with the president or handle sensitive national security information," Kelly told colleagues in a memo circulated on Feb. 16. "We should - and in the future, must - do better."

But no matter what workarounds the White House staff come up with, the fact remains that Kushner will no longer be able to sit in on his father-in-law's daily intelligence briefings, and myriad other meetings to which he previously had unfettered access.

It's hard to believe this change won't severely limit the influence he has on the president - even if he retains his senior advisor position.


new game waterwitch Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:45 Permalink

did you expect them to not have access? and even if they didn't, they do.

they know exactly wtf is going on. and trump is fake as a 3 dolla bill.

get over it. one big smoked 2 way mirrored charade...

swampers and swamp lite, and the supporting cast.

this is the majority playing r and d, red and blue flash cards for

all the peeps to follow and get upset and act out their own frustration

so as to be sooooo concerned. fukin joke...



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izzee Tue, 02/27/2018 - 16:10 Permalink

Dosen't Hillary and Obama and their  Main Crew still have TS Access?

Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Huma, Cheryl Mills?????


Peter K Tue, 02/27/2018 - 16:11 Permalink

Ben Rhodes never had a clearance and he had access to all TopSec info.


So it sounds like another circle jerk by Rino's and Deep State agianst VSG President Trump.


And he's still winning!

HedgeUrBet Tue, 02/27/2018 - 16:12 Permalink

Kushner and wife can go. I voted Trump. Not a dynasty. I have misgivings about the daughter and hubby after watching them hobnob with other elites, incl. the likes of Twitter and Facebook honchos.

Lumberjack Miffed Microbi… Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:23 Permalink

I agree. But, as I look at foreign policy move along (with wide open goggles and holding my nose once in awhile), It appears that some important and significant unexpected changes are happening.

Not sure what Jareds involvement is there, but it does appear he is not a threat as Hillary and company were (and somehow still are). 

The Clinton staff and associates  shouldn’t even be allowed to have the lowest level of clearance. If they retain theirs, then Jared should retain his.

just my useless thought’s. BTW, thanks for what you do, Miffed. May have a question about why benedryl has positive effects on some types of neuropathy (pain).


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ebear Miffed Microbi… Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:46 Permalink

"What I can't understand is with all trump's business savvy..."

Trump's legendary business savvy exists mainly in his own mind.  There are any number of business leaders with far more savvy than Trump, as demonstrated by the fact that they know better than to imagine their skills in business are somehow transferable to running a nation.

Trump reminds me of the doctor who built the house I once lived in.  Convinced that his professional acumen somehow qualified him as an architect, he designed a place with so many problems it would be tedious to list them all here.

I would argue that the only thing that makes Trump a politician is the fact that he's reneged on nearly every promise he made during his campaign.  In that sense, he's a  a true politician, but he's definitely no statesman.



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He may appear bumbling at times. But he is real and a serious thinker who genuinely is working in the best interest of the people (can’t please them all but he, under constant fire, Is knocking it out of the park).

I’d like to know what Ben Franklin would say, so I hired a psychic and channeled him. These were his exact words...

”I thank God himself personally and profusely every morning that Hillary lost”

Lj 😉


BTW, One of my old clients was a thoracic surgeon how retained me to design the power system a very large off grid home. He took my advice and spent 2 years going over the complex details. Then built the largest and most beautiful/ efficient off grid home (top 10) in the USA. 

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ebear Lumberjack Tue, 02/27/2018 - 18:38 Permalink

I'm sorry, but what exactly has he knocked out of the park?  Relations with Russia?  Bringing the troops home?  How's that wall coming along? 

I cite these as three major planks in his platform.  Sure there were others, but the state of the three I've mentioned are more than enough to give intelligent people pause, and you don't sound like a dummy, so what am I missing here?

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Lumberjack ebear Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

E Bear, Rasmussen seems to be fair when they do polls and reporting. Here is a list of accomplishments...


Looking back on President Donald Trump’s first year in office, he has compiled a shockingly strong record and long list of accomplishments. As was also the case with his rise to the presidency, President Trump has broken several records for a first-year commander-in-chief and fulfilled many of his key campaign promises.




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PitBullsRule Lumberjack Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:42 Permalink

You seem to be one stupid mother fucker, I bet you're queer too.

How do you think you benefit by Trump letting oil companies drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve?

Foreign oil companies can go in there and extract the oil and sell it on the international market to places like China. You get nothing, dipshit, how is that a benefit to you?

Do you see that he gave his top job to Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the largest oil company in the world? How did that benefit you asshole? Rex Tillerson benefits from Exxon Mobile being able to extract oil for practically nothing, and selling it to whoever has 55 bucks a barrel to hand them. Where in that deal do you benefit, asshole?

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ebear Lumberjack Tue, 02/27/2018 - 21:59 Permalink

The fact that he's given credit for dusting ISIS causes me to LOL.  He's done a few things listed there, but that isn't one of them.  For that you can thank the Syrian Army with Russian air and logistical support.

But hey, look at me, expecting a US president to actually live up to expectations.  WTF am I smoking, right?

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